The Portico archive now hosts the content from Effective Clinical Practice, a journal published by the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine and the Alliance of Community Health Plans from 1998 to 2002.  

The journal published peer-reviewed articles with practical information to help clinicians and other health care professionals improve the health and quality of life of individual patients and populations. Indexed in Medline, it published influential research such as Wagner’s chronic care model.

The content for this title will no longer be available through the platform of the American College of Physicians; therefore, it has “triggered” and is available to the community via the Portico archive. This journal is freely available through Portico.

Portico ensures ongoing access to content that is no longer available through its original publisher or a successor. To date, we have triggered 125 titles, 103 of them open access. A full list of triggered content is available to view or download.

The key facts about this trigger event are below.

Title: Effective Clinical Practice
Trigger date: 1/7/20
Print ISSN: 1099-8128
Electronic ISSN: 1538-9685
Publisher: American College of Physicians
Publication date range: 1998-2002
Portico stable URL:

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