Portico is now providing access to the digital journal Scholar Chatter, which published peer-reviewed articles from June 2020 through March 2022.

Its publisher, Scholar Chatter Society of Academic Publishers, dissolved as of March 31, 2022 and is no longer in business. Because the content is no longer available through the publisher or a successor, it has “triggered” and is now freely available to the community via the Portico archive. The content was originally published Open Access and will remain Open Access through Portico.

“Preserving with Portico has allowed our valuable content to remain accessible despite a disruption to our service. Portico has provided a critical service in preserving the scholarly record for the long term,” commented Julie Conzelmann, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Scholar Chatter.

Key data for this journal

Title: Scholar Chatter
Electronic ISSN: 2692-8426
Print ISSN: n/a
Publisher: Scholar Chatter Society of Academic Publishers
Publication date range: 2020 – v. 1 (0-2), 2021 – v. 2 (1-4)
Portico stable URL: https://access.portico.org/stable?cs=ISSN_26928426_1222

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