The Digital Preservation Coalition is hosting the iPres conference in Glasgow from September 12-16, 2022. The Portico team is looking forward to joining the conference and participating in a lively exchange of ideas with the global digital preservation community.

Welcoming new colleagues to iPres

We’re proud to sponsor bursaries for conference attendees from underrepresented countries, expanding the cultural diversity of the iPres community. 

This year’s successful applicants are based at Busitema University in Uganda, LIA (Life in Abundance) in Kenya, and Bursa Uludag University in Turkey. We’re excited to learn from these preservationists who are attending the conference for the first time.

Sharing new research in conference sessions

Karen Hanson, Portico’s Senior Research Developer, will be participating in two sessions at iPres, both also available via webcast.

Preservation Strategies for New Forms of Scholarship
Part of the Innovation 5 session
Wednesday, September 14, 2:15-2:45 PM
Auditorium C/Webcast

Deb Verhoff, Digital Collections Manager, NYU Libraries
Karen Hanson, Senior Research Developer, Portico

The advance in technologies for publishing digital scholarship has outpaced the development of technologies for reliably preserving it. Authors and publishers are creating increasingly sophisticated products without realizing that some of their enhancement choices might put preservability—and valuable scholarship—at risk. In a project funded by the Mellon Foundation and led by NYU Libraries, a group of digital preservation institutions, libraries, and university presses collaborated to study examples of these dynamic forms of scholarship to determine they could be preserved in their current form and whether it would be possible to do this at scale. This paper will provide a summary of this project and key themes that could impact preservation of enhanced scholarly works.

How can bringing together the workflows of publishing and preservation lead to better, longer-term solutions that benefit both?: A panel with COPIM Work Package 7, the Embedding Preservability in New Forms of Scholarship Project (NYU), and Project JASPER
Part of the Resilience 3 session
Thursday, September 15, 2:30-3:15 PM
Auditorium C/Webcast

Dr. Miranda Barnes, Research Associate In Archiving & Preserving Open Access Books – COPIM Project, Loughborough University
Karen Hanson, Senior Research Developer, Portico
Alicia Wise, Executive Director, CLOCKSS

Rather than preservation and archiving being an afterthought for digitally published works, research is being done to explore how the concepts, processes, and requirements of preservation can be embedded into publishing, especially OA publishing. How might this be integrated further, and what benefits might extend to academics and researchers themselves? Often the difficulties or challenges of preservation result from scholarly research being generated and published without a preservation policy in mind, which can result in the knowledge becoming lost. This has a particularly emphasized effect upon smaller and scholar-led presses, who often do not have the inbuilt resilience typically provided by either a large business model or a memory institution, which can allow for archiving and preservation to occur procedurally. 

Our panel will consider the workflows involved, potential solutions, and what additional engagement may be necessary to increase awareness among publishers and researchers. COPIM’s Work Package 7 engages with complex digital OA monographs and the scholar-led publishing community. The Mellon-funded Embedding Preservability in New Forms of Scholarship project (NYU) embeds digital preservation experts with publishers from the beginning of the publishing process to help them to make choices that result in publications, including very complex ones, that can be preserved at scale. And Project JASPER works with small, independent OA journals to facilitate preservation.

You can now view the full iPres program. We look forward to connecting with you at the conference!