On August 5, Karen Hanson, Portico Senior Research Developer, is participating in “Making, Using, and Exploring Web Archives: Tales from Scholars & Practitioners,” a panel discussion in the Web Archiving and Digital Libraries virtual workshop. The presentation is part of the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) 2020.

The panel brings together practitioners from computer, library, and information sciences to discuss how web archiving has been applied to save complex digital objects such as e-books, source code and its contextual ephemera, and more. Panelists will discuss current developments, as well as the interoperability of web archiving technology and how it might help facilitate the reuse of web archives. Karen will share what we’ve learned from Portico’s participation in the Mellon-funded research project Enhancing Service to Preserve New Forms of Scholarship, which is exploring the preservation of enhanced monographs.

The session will be open to registrants of JCDL 2020. We look forward to a lively discussion!