Digital preservation is a global challenge that requires memory organizations to coordinate efforts and share best practices across international and organizational boundaries. As a nonprofit leader in this area, we are deeply engaged with the digital preservation community to support this work.

We recently strengthened our collaboration with the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), an international charitable foundation focused on digital preservation, by agreeing to host a US-based DPC-dedicated staff member who will lead a program of work for the Americas through our organization, ITHAKA. ITHAKA provides digital preservation and other infrastructure and advisory services for the global academic community, including Portico.

We are incredibly excited to play a role in supporting the DPC in this work. The digital preservation community will benefit from increased outreach and programming within and beyond the United States. The DPC press release provides additional details about their goals.

A new DPC-dedicated staff member will lead the program of work across the Americas, and recruitment will begin in the next few weeks. We encourage library and digital preservation leaders interested in the position to apply.

Read more about the US-based leadership position on ITHAKA.