Portico is pleased to announce that it is preserving 25 million journal articles—and counting—through its E-Journal Preservation Service. The articles represent content from more than 287,000 volumes and more than one million journal issues.

This is a significant milestone for Portico and the library and publisher community that supports digital preservation. “It is quite remarkable to see the growth in the Portico archive over the last eight years,” commented Marilyn Geller, collection management librarian of Lesley University, an early Portico participant. “When it first started, the Portico system was an untested concept. But in the ensuing years, the system has proven successful and the organization has demonstrated that they can be trusted when unforeseen circumstances happen. We couldn’t be more pleased with Portico’s growth.”

Portico developed out of an urgent need for the preservation of a growing number of electronic journals. “As more journals moved online, the community was facing a preservation problem we had never known before,” noted Craig Van Dyck, vice president of global content management at Wiley. “Wiley was an early supporter of digital preservation, and was engaged with Portico’s development from the early days. We knew a collaborative effort between publishers and libraries was necessary to preserve this new medium, and Portico was just the kind of third party that was needed.”

Since 2005, the number of titles and types of content has grown significantly, as has participation, which now exceeds 1,000 libraries and publishers. Nearly 17,000 e-journals, more than 220,000e-books, and 72 digitized historical collections have been entrusted to Portico for long-term preservation. The articles, books, and digital collections currently preserved in the archive translate to nearly 415 million files and 60 terabytes of content.

“We continue to look for ways to extend our service to the community,” said Kate Wittenberg, managing director, Portico. “The growth of the archive underscores the demand for electronic content and the need to securely preserve it.”