Dr. Kay Dickersin and Ms. Mariyam Thohira of Johns Hopkins University are on a quest–one only possible in the 21st century. Their plan, to recover all papers once published in The Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials (OJCCT), has even garnered the attention of WIRED magazine.

The OJCCT was a groundbreaking publication, and one of the earliest scientific journals to be published exclusively online. But once it ceased publication, the OJCCT went entirely offline, leading to what could have been an irreversible loss of important papers and studies from over the years.

In the last few months, Portico has worked with Dr. Dickersin and Ms. Thohira to recover and preserve as much content from the OJCCT as possible, and in March we triggered this content, making it accessible to all. There is still more work to be done, though. While we have preserved and triggered the majority of the work OJCCT published, we have not yet located everything and we are asking the medical community to contribute to the search.

Read the WIRED piece to learn more about our work on the OJCCT and the collective effort many of us in the preservation community are undertaking every day to prevent the disappearance of scientific and scholarly research.