Portico has made the content from two Open Access journals previously published by Sage Publications available through the Portico archive. The titles that have triggered are: Human Genomics and Proteomics and Journal of Dental Biomechanics.

The content for the volumes and issues listed below is no longer available through any online platform; therefore, it has “triggered” and is available via the Portico archive. These titles were published Open Access by Sage and will remain Open Access through Portico.

Title: Human Genomics and Proteomics 
•Trigger Date: November 24, 2015
•e-ISSN: 1757-4242
•Publisher: Sage Publications
•Portico Holdings Information: v. 1 (1), v.2 (1), v 3 (1)
•Publication Date Range: January 2009-September 2011
•Stable URL: http://portico.org/stable?cs=ISSN_17574242_11

Title: Journal of Dental Biomechanics
•Trigger Date: November 24, 2015
•e-ISSN: 1758-7360
•Publisher: Sage Publications
•Portico Holdings Information: v. 1 – v. 6
•Publication Date Range: 2010-2015
•Stable URL: http://portico.org/stable?cs=ISSN_17587360_11

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