The Institute of Parasitology is preserving open access e-journals with Portico, ensuring that their content will be secure and available into the future.

Established in 1962, the Institute of Parasitology, Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences in České Budějovice, performs research on human and animal parasites at the organismal, cellular and molecular levels. Its mission is to acquire, advance, and disseminate knowledge of the biology and host relationships of parasitic protest and related eukaryotic microorganisms, helminths, and arthropods. The Institute pursues this goal through research, education and other activities at both the national and international levels. The results obtained have contributed to the prevention and control of human and animal parasitic diseases and have an impact on agriculture.

“Portico is enabling us to digitally preserve and reliably access our scientific journal focused on animal parasites,” said Tomas Scholz, Editor-in-Chief of Folia Parasitologica. “We much appreciate that Portico provides Folia Parasitologica, which is published by a non-commercial, non-profitable publisher, with reliable and cost-effective solution.”