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Taalkundige Essays: n Gerf uit die vroegskemer
Author/Editor: Frank Hendricks
Teacher Education for Transformative Agency: Critical perspectives on design, content and pedagogy
Author/Editor: Carina America ,Nazeem Edwards ,Maureen Robinson
Teaching for Change: Essays on Pedagogy, Gender and Theology in Africa
Author/Editor: L. Juliana Claassens ,Charlene van der Walt ,Funlola O. Olojede
Teaching In and Beyond Pandemic Times
Author/Editor: Jonathan D Jansen ,Theola Farmer-Phillips
Author/Editor: WAM Carstens ,Kris van de Poel
There is no Supreme Constitution: A Critique of Statist-individualist Constitutionalism
Author/Editor: Koos Malan
Timing Grace: Reflections on the temporality of preaching
Author/Editor: Johan Cilliers
Transformational Infrastructure for Development of a Wellbeing Economy in Africa
Transforming Transformation in Research and Teaching at South African Universities
Author/Editor: Rob Pattman ,Ronelle Carolissen
Trek: Studies oor die Mobiliteit van die Pioniersbevolking aan die Kaap
Author/Editor: P.J. van der Merwe
Twyfelaars wat Glo: n Nederlands- Afrikaanse tweegesprek
Author/Editor: Hans Ester ,Chris van der Merwe