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Alarums and Excursions
Author/Editor: Van Middelaar, Luuk
Analysing Corruption
Author/Editor: Hough, Dan
Behavioural Economics
Author/Editor: Mallard, Graham
Capitalism, Socialism and Property Rights
Author/Editor: Machaj, Mateusz
China's Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Summers, Tim
Civil Economy
Author/Editor: Bruni, Luigi; Zamagni, Stefano
Collective Bargaining and Gender Equality
Author/Editor: Pillinger, Jane; Wintour, Nora
The Contradictions of Capital in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Hudson, Pat; Tribe, Keith
Author/Editor: Kallis, Giorgos
Doreen Massey Critical Dialogues
Author/Editor: Werner, Marion; Peck, Jamie; Lave, Rebecca
The Doreen Massey Reader
Author/Editor: Christophers, Brett; Lave, Rebecca; Peck, Jamie
Driving Change
Author/Editor: Metz, David
The Economics of Airlines
Author/Editor: Bilotkach, Volodymyr
The Economics of Arms
Author/Editor: Hartley, Keith
The Economics of Cars
Author/Editor: Cassia, Fabio; Ferrazzi, Matteo
The Economics of Construction
Author/Editor: Gruneberg, Stephen; Francis, Noble
The Economics of Music
Author/Editor: Tschmuck, Peter
The Economy of the Gulf States
Author/Editor: Gray, Matthew
The Economy's Other Half
Author/Editor: Heintz, James
Europe and Northern Ireland's Future
Author/Editor: Murphy, Mary C
Europe's Brexit
Author/Editor: Oliver, Tim
Everyday Economics
Author/Editor: Coulter, Steve
The Federal Reserve and its Founders
Author/Editor: Naclerio, Richard A
Flawed Capitalism
Author/Editor: Coates, David
The Future of UK-China Relations
Author/Editor: Brown, Kerry
The Gig Economy
Author/Editor: De Ruyter, Alex; Brown, Martyn
The Indian Economy
Author/Editor: McCartney, Matthew
The Informal Economy
Author/Editor: Williams, Colin
The Italian Economy
Author/Editor: Zamagni, Vera
Karl Polanyi's Political and Economic Thought
Author/Editor: Dale, Gareth; Holmes, Christopher; Markantonatou, Maria
The Living Wage
Author/Editor: Hirsch, Donald; Valadez-Martinez, Laura
Author/Editor: Tallis, Raymond
Author/Editor: Mosselmans, Bert
The Market
Author/Editor: Watson, Matthew
The Money Laundering Market
Author/Editor: McCarthy, Killian J
The New Politics of Trade
Author/Editor: Young, Alasdair R
Of Time and Lamentation
Author/Editor: Tallis, Raymond
The Political Economy of Brexit
Author/Editor: Bailey, David; Budd, Leslie
The Political Economy of Housing Financialization
Author/Editor: Fuller, Gregory
Author/Editor: Fieschi, Catherine
Race and the Undeserving Poor
Author/Editor: Shilliam, Robbie
Reflections on the Future of the Left
Author/Editor: Coates, David
The Resource Curse
Author/Editor: Murshed, Syed Mansoob
Rethinking Global Labour
Author/Editor: Munck, Ronaldo
The Sex Economy
Author/Editor: O'Connor, Monica