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The Economics of Airlines
Author/Editor: Bilotkach, Volodymyr
The Economics of Arms
Author/Editor: Hartley, Keith
The Economics of Cars
Author/Editor: Cassia, Fabio; Ferrazzi, Matteo
The Economics of Construction
Author/Editor: Gruneberg, Stephen; Francis, Noble
The Economics of Music
Author/Editor: Tschmuck, Peter
The Economics of Oil and Gas
Author/Editor: XIAOYI MU
The Economy of the Gulf States
Author/Editor: Gray, Matthew
The Economy's Other Half
Author/Editor: Heintz, James
The Economy's Other Half: How Taking Gender Seriously Transforms Macroeconomics
Author/Editor: James Heintz
Europe and Northern Ireland's Future
Author/Editor: Murphy, Mary C
Europe and Northern Ireland's Future: Negotiating Brexit's unique case
Author/Editor: Mary C. Murphy,Erik Jones
European Studies: Past, Present, Future
Author/Editor: ERIK JONES
Europe's Brexit
Author/Editor: Oliver, Tim
Europe's Brexit: EU perspectives on Britain's vote to leave
Author/Editor: TIM OLIVER
Everyday Economics
Author/Editor: Coulter, Steve
Everyday Economics: A user's guide to the modern economy
Author/Editor: STEVE COULTER