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Christian Origins and the New Testament in the Greco-Roman Context: Essays in Honor of Dennis R. MacDonald
Author/Editor: Margaret Froelich,Michael Kochenash,Thomas E. Phillips,Ilseo Park
Christian Origins and the New Testament in the Greco-Roman Context
Classical Greek Models of the Gospels and Acts
Classical Greek Models of the Gospels and Acts: Studies in Mimesis Criticism
Author/Editor: Mark G. Bilby,Michael Kochenash,Margaret Froelich
Connecting Faith and Science
Connecting Faith and Science: Philosophical and Theological Inquiries
Author/Editor: Matthew Nelson Hill,Wm. Curtis Holtzen
Converting American Buddhism: Second-Generation Buddhist Americans, Orientalism, and the Politics of Family Religion
Author/Editor: Drew Baker
Greco-Roman and Jewish Tributaries to the New Testament: Festschrift in Honor of Gregory J. Riley
Author/Editor: Christopher S. Crawford
In Spirit and in Truth
In Spirit and in Truth: Philosophical Reflections on Liturgy and Worship
Author/Editor: Wm. Curtis Holtzen,Matthew Nelson Hill
The Integration of Faith and Learning Among Collegiate Theatre Artists
Author/Editor: Tirrell, Jeffrey
The Integration of Faith and Learning Among Collegiate Theatre Artists: A Hermeneutical Phenomenological Study
Author/Editor: Jeffrey W. Tirrell
Listening Again to the Text: New Testament Studies in Honor of George Lyons
Author/Editor: Richard P. Thompson
Navigating Religious Difference in Spiritual Care and Counseling: Essays in Honor of Kathleen J. Greider
Author/Editor: Jill L. Snodgrass
Partners with God
Partners with God: Theological and Critical Readings of the Bible in Honor of Marvin A. Sweeney
Author/Editor: Shelley L. Birdsong,Serge Frolov
Prophetic Voices on Middle East Peace
Prophetic Voices on Middle East Peace: A Jewish, Christian, and Humanist Primer on Colonialism, Zionism, and Nationalism in the Middle East
Author/Editor: Thomas E. Phillips,Peter J. Miano,Jason Mitchell
Qol Tamid
Qol Tamid: The Shofar in Ritual, History, and Culture
Author/Editor: Jonathan L. Friedmann,Joel Gereboff
Racial Reconciliation and Privilege: The Debate Within the Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Regional Conferences
Author/Editor: Winsley B. Hector
Rhythms of Religious Ritual: The Yearly Cycles of Jews, Christians, and Muslims
Author/Editor: Kathy Black,Bishop Kyrillos,Jonathan L. Friedmann,Tamar Frankiel,Hamid Mavani,Jihad Turk
Scripturalizing Educational Elitism
Author/Editor: McGinnis, Kevin
Scripturalizing Educational Elitism: Social Formation, Mythmaking, and Symbolic Labor in Origen
Author/Editor: Kevin McGinnis
The Theme of Deception in the Book of Revelation
Author/Editor: Tipvarakankoon, Wiriya
The Theme of Deception in the Book of Revelation: Bringing Early Christian and Contemporary Thai Culture into Dialogue
Author/Editor: Wiriya Tipvarakankoon
What’s True about Christianity?: An Introduction to Christain Faith and Practice
Author/Editor: Don Thorsen