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Titles (941) Information
2011 Supplement to The American Indian Law Deskbook
Author/Editor: Conference of Western Attorneys General, CWAG
About the Dead
Author/Editor: Mossotti, Travis
Author/Editor: Monica L. Smith
Across the Shaman's River: John Muir, the Tlingit Stronghold, and the Opening of the North
Author/Editor: Daniel Lee Henry
Activist WPA, The
Author/Editor: Adler-Kassner, Linda
Adapting to the Land: A History of Agriculture in Colorado
Author/Editor: John F. Freeman ,Mark E. Uchanski
Adventures in Eating
Author/Editor: Haines, Helen R.; Sammells, Clare A
African Renaissance
Author/Editor: MOYỌ OKEDIJI
After Dark: The Nocturnal Urban Landscape and Lightscape of Ancient Cities
Author/Editor: Nancy Gonlin ,Meghan E. Strong
After Monte Albán
Author/Editor: Blomster, Jeffrey P
After Plato: Rhetoric, Ethics, and the Teaching of Writing
After the Public Turn
Author/Editor: Farmer, Frank
Agency in Ancient Writing
Author/Editor: Englehardt, Joshua
Alaska Codfish Chronicle: A History of the Pacific Cod Fishery in Alaska
Author/Editor: James Mackovjak
The Alaska Constitution
Author/Editor: State of Alaska
Alaska Herring History: The Story of Alaska’s Herring Fisheries and Industry
Author/Editor: James Mackovjak
Alaska in the Progressive Age: A Political History, 1896 to 1916
Author/Editor: THOMAS ALTON
Alaska Native Games and How to Play Them: Twenty-five Contests that Survived the Ages
Alaska on the Go: Exploring the Alaska Marine Highway System with Children
Author/Editor: Erin Kirkland
Alaska Politics and Public Policy: The Dynamics of Beliefs, Institutions, Personalities, and Power
Author/Editor: Clive S. Thomas ,Laura C. Savatgy ,Kristina Klimovich
Alaska's Daughter
Author/Editor: Pinson, Elizabeth
Alaska's Greatest Outdoor Legends: Colorful Characters Who Built the Fishing and Hunting Industries
Alas Poor Ghost
Author/Editor: Bennett, Gillian
All That Divides Us
Author/Editor: Benedict, Elinor
Along Navajo Trails
Author/Editor: Evans, Will; Woods, Susan; Mcpherson, Robert
An Alternate Pragmatism for Going Public
Author/Editor: Webber, Jim
Alternative Pathways to Complexity
Author/Editor: Lane F. Fargher,Verenice Y. Heredia Espinoza
Always a Cowboy
Author/Editor: Bagley, Will
American Indian Law Deskbook, Fourth Edition
Author/Editor: Conference of Western Attorneys General, Conference of Western Attorneys General; Myers, Hardy; Smith, Clay
An American Provence
Author/Editor: Huber, Thomas P
American Women in World War I
Author/Editor: Gavin, Lettie
America's Switzerland
Author/Editor: Pickering, James H
Ancient Households of the Americas
Author/Editor: Douglass, John G.; Gonlin, Nancy; Gonlin, Nancy
Ancient Households on the North Coast of Peru
Author/Editor: Ilana Johnson,David Pacifico,Robyn E. Cutright
Ancient Maya Commerce
Author/Editor: SCOTT R. HUTSON
Ancient Southwestern Mortuary Practices
Author/Editor: James T. Watson ,Gordon F. M. Rakita
Ancient Zapotec Religion
Author/Editor: Lind, Michael
Anguish Of Snails
Author/Editor: Toelken, Barre
Anguyiim Nalliini/Time of Warring: The History of Bow-and-Arrow Warfare in Southwest Alaska
Author/Editor: Alice Rearden ,Marie Meade ,Muriel,Howard Amos ,David Chanar ,Alice Fredson ,Veronica Kaganak ,Monica Shelden ,Sophie Shield ,Ann Fienup-Riordan
Animals and Inequality in the Ancient World
Author/Editor: Arbuckle, Benjamin S.; McCarty, Sue Ann
Author/Editor: Savich, Zach
Anonimo Mexicano
Author/Editor: Crapo, Richley; Glass-Coffin, Bonnie
The Anthropological Study of Class and Consciousness
Author/Editor: Durrenberger, E. Paul
The Anthropology of Labor Unions
Author/Editor: Durrenberger, E. Paul; Reichart, Karaleah S
Anthropology without Informants
Author/Editor: Freeman, L. G
Anthropomorphic Imagery in the Mesoamerican Highlands: Gods, Ancestors, and Human Beings
Author/Editor: Brigitte Faugère,Christopher S. Beekman
Anthropomorphizing the Cosmos
Author/Editor: Rice, Prudence M
Apocalyptic Anxiety
Author/Editor: ANTHONY AVENI
The Apotheosis of Janaab' Pakal
Author/Editor: Aldana, Gerardo
Applied Pedagogies
The Arapaho Language
Author/Editor: Cowell, Andrew; Moss Sr., Alonzo
Arc and the Sediment
Author/Editor: Allen-Yazzie, Christine
Archaeological Approaches to Market Exchange in Ancient Societies
Author/Editor: Garraty, Christopher P.; Stark, Barbara L
Archaeological Landscapes on the High Plains
Author/Editor: Scheiber, Laura L.; Clark, Bonnie J
Archaeological Perspectives on Warfare on the Great Plains
Author/Editor: Clark, Andrew; Bamforth, Douglas
Archaeological Variability and Interpretation in Global Perspective
The Archaeology of Class War
Author/Editor: Larkin, Karin; McGuire, Randall H
The Archaeology of Greater Nicoya: Two Decades of Research in Nicaragua and Costa Rica
Author/Editor: Larry Steinbrenner ,Alexander Geurds ,Geoffrey G. McCafferty ,Silvia Salgado
The Archaeology of Large-Scale Manipulation of Prey
Author/Editor: Carlson, Kristen; Bement, Leland C
The Archaeology of Medieval Islamic Frontiers
Author/Editor: Eger, A. Asa
The Archaeology of Regional Interaction
Author/Editor: Hegmon, Michelle
Archaeology of the Night
Author/Editor: Gonlin, Nancy; Nowell, April
The Archaeology of Wak'as
Author/Editor: Bray, Tamara L
Archaeology without Borders
Author/Editor: McBrinn, Maxine E.; Webster, Laurie D.; Carrera, Eduardo Gamboa
Archaeometallurgy in Mesoamerica
Author/Editor: Shugar, Aaron N.; Simmons, Scott E
Armor & Ornament
Author/Editor: Christopher Lee Miles
Around the Texts of Writing Center Work
Author/Editor: R. MARK HALL
Arthur Carhart
Author/Editor: Wolf, Tom
As Precious as Blood
Author/Editor: Steven C. Schulte
Assessing the Teaching of Writing
Author/Editor: Dayton, Amy E
Assignments across the Curriculum
Author/Editor: Melzer, Dan
Attu Boy: A Young Alaskan's WWII Memoir
Author/Editor: Nick Golodoff
Author/Editor: Haswell, Janis; Haswell, Richard
Aztec Ceremonial Landscapes
Author/Editor: Carrasco, Davíd
Aztec Philosophy
Author/Editor: Maffie, James
Barbed Voices
Author/Editor: ARTHUR A. HANSEN
Basic K'ichee' Grammar
Author/Editor: James L. Mondloch
Bear River
Author/Editor: Denton, Craig
The Beast
Author/Editor: Lindsey, Benjamin B.; O'Higgins, Harvey J
Beautiful Flesh
Author/Editor: Stephanie G’Schwind
Beautiful Lesson of the I
Author/Editor: Brent, Frances
Before the Manifesto
Author/Editor: Milewski
Author/Editor: Mar Ka
Beneath These Red Cliffs
Author/Editor: Holt, Ronald L
Best Backpacking Trips in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado
Author/Editor: White, Mike; Lorain, Douglas
Between Pulpit and Pew
Author/Editor: Reeve, W. Paul; Van Wagenen, Michael Scott
Between Talk And Teaching
Author/Editor: Black, Laurel
Beyond Conversation: Collaboration and the Production of Writing
Author/Editor: WILLIAM DUFFY
Beyond Postprocess
Author/Editor: Dobrin, Sidney I.; Rice, J.A.; Vastola, Michael
Beyond the Betrayal: The Memoir of a World War II Japanese American Draft Resister of Conscience
Author/Editor: Yoshito Kuromiya ,Arthur A. Hansen
The Biggest Damned Hat: Tales from Alaska's Territorial Lawyers and Judges
Author/Editor: Pamela CRAVEZ
The Big Wild Soul of Terrence Cole: An Eclectic Collection to Honor Alaska’s Public Historian
Author/Editor: Frank Soos ,Mary Ehrlander
Big Wonderful
Author/Editor: Holdsworth, Kevin
Black Hills Forestry
Author/Editor: Freeman, John F
Black or Right: Anti/Racist Campus Rhetorics
Author/Editor: Louis M. Maraj
Blue Heron
Author/Editor: Robinson, Elizabeth
Bodies of Knowledge: Embodied Rhetorics in Theory and Practice
Body My House
Author/Editor: Crumbley, Paul; Gantt, Patricia M
Books, Bluster, and Bounty
Author/Editor: Swetnam, Susan H
Borgo Of The Holy Ghost
Author/Editor: Mcleod, Stephen
Author/Editor: Pettem, Silvia
Bound by Steel and Stone: The Colorado-Kansas Railway and the Frontier of Enterprise in Colorado, 1890-1960
The Boys of Winter
Author/Editor: Sanders, Charles J
Brenda Is in the Room and Other Poems
Author/Editor: Teicher, Craig Morgan
Bridging the Gaps
Author/Editor: Zborover, Danny; Kroefges, Peter
Bridging the Multimodal Gap
Author/Editor: Khadka, Santosh; Lee, J. C
Brigham Young's Homes
Author/Editor: Whitley, Colleen
Brigham Young, the Quorum of the Twelve, and the Latter-Day Saint Investigation of the Mountain Meadows Massacre
Author/Editor: Alexander, Thomas G
Building a Resilient Twenty-First-Century Economy for Rural America
Author/Editor: Don E. Albrecht
Building Fires in the Snow: A Collection of Alaska LGBTQ Short Fiction and Poetry
Author/Editor: martha amore ,lucian childs
Building The Goodly Fellowship Of Faith
Author/Editor: Quinn, Frederick
Building Writing Center Assessments That Matter
Author/Editor: Schendel, Ellen; Macauley, William J
Burning Daylight
Author/Editor: Jack London
The Business
Author/Editor: Lenox, Stephanie
Cabin 135: A Memoir of Alaska
Cabin, Clearing, Forest
Author/Editor: Zach Falcon
Cabin Stories: The Best of Dark Winter Nights: True Stories from Alaska
Author/Editor: Rob Prince
Came Men on Horses
Author/Editor: Hoig, Stan
A Caring Approach in Nursing Administration
Author/Editor: Nyberg, Jan J
The Carnegie Maya III
Author/Editor: Weeks, John M
The Carnegie Maya IV
Author/Editor: Weeks, John M
Carrying the Word
Author/Editor: Rostas, Susanna
Castle Valley America
Author/Editor: Taniguchi, Nancy
Cemeteries Gravemarkers
Author/Editor: Meyer, Richard
Centaur, The
Author/Editor: Swenson, May
Center Will Hold
Author/Editor: Pemberton, Michael
Changing of Knowledge in Composition
Author/Editor: Massey, Lance; Gephardt, Richard C
Changing the Subject: A Theory of Rhetorical Empathy
Chasing Literacy
Author/Editor: Keller, Daniel
Children's Folklore
Author/Editor: Sutton-Smith, Brian
Chol (Mayan) Folktales
Author/Editor: Nicholas A. Hopkins,J. Kathryn Josserand,Ausencio (Chencho) Cruz Guzmán
A Chorus of Cranes
Author/Editor: Johnsgard, Paul A
Chuj (Mayan) Narratives: Folklore, History, and Ethnography from Northwestern Guatemala
Author/Editor: Nicholas A. Hopkins
Circulation, Writing, and Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Gries, Laurie; Brooke, Collin Gifford
City of Life, City of Death
Author/Editor: Michelson, Max
The City She Was
Author/Editor: Giménez Smith, Carmen; Giménez Smith, Carmen
Ciulirnerunak Yuuyaqunak/Do Not Live Without an Elder: The Subsistence Way of Life in Southwest Alaska
Author/Editor: Alice Rearden ,Ann Fienup-Riordan
Civic Engagement in Global Contexts: International Education, Community Partnerships, and Higher Education
Classic Maya Polities of the Southern Lowlands
Author/Editor: Marken, Damien B.; Fitzsimmons, James L
Class in the Composition Classroom
Author/Editor: Carter, Genesea M.; Thelin, William H
Class Not Dismissed
Author/Editor: Aveni, Anthony
Clever Maids, Fearless Jacks, and a Cat: Fairy Tales from a Living Oral Tradition
Author/Editor: Anita Best,Martin Lovelace,Pauline Greenhill,Graham Blair
Coal in our Veins
Author/Editor: Thomas, Erin Ann
Coffee and Community
Author/Editor: Lyon, Sarah
Author/Editor: Abeyta, Aaron
Cold Latitudes
Author/Editor: Rosemary McGuire
Collected Leonard J Arrington Mormon History Lectures
Author/Editor: Special, Usu Special Collections
College Writing and Beyond
Author/Editor: Beaufort, Anne
Author/Editor: Abbott, Carl; Leonard, Stephen J.; Noel, Thomas J
Author/Editor: Noel, Thomas J.; Smith, Duane A
Colorado Day by Day
Author/Editor: Derek R. Everett
Colorado Flora
Author/Editor: Weber, William A.; Wittmann, Ronald C
Colorado Flora
Author/Editor: Weber, William A.; Wittmann, Ronald C
Colorado's Japanese Americans
Author/Editor: Hosokawa, Bill
Colorado Water Law for Non-Lawyers
Author/Editor: Jones, P. Andrew; Cech, Tom
Colorado Women
Author/Editor: Beaton, Gail M
Coloring the Universe: An Insider's Look at Making Spectacular Images of Space
Author/Editor: Travis A. Rector ,Kimberly Arcand ,Megan Watzke
Coming Out of Nowhere: Alaska Homestead Poems
Author/Editor: Linda Schandelmeier
Coming To Terms
Author/Editor: Lynne, Patricia
Commoner Ritual and Ideology in Ancient Mesoamerica
Author/Editor: Gonlin, Nancy; Lohse, Jon C
Common Ground
Author/Editor: Kikumura-Yano, Akemi; Hirabayashi, Lane Ryo; Hirabayashi, James A
Communities and Households in the Greater American Southwest
Author/Editor: Stokes, Robert J
Communities of Ludlow: Collaborative Stewardship and the Ludlow Centennial Commemoration Commission
Author/Editor: Fawn-Amber Montoya ,Karin Larkin
Community-Based Monitoring in the Arctic
Author/Editor: Finn Danielsen ,Noor Johnson ,Olivia Lee ,Maryann Fidel ,Lisbeth Iversen ,Michael K. Poulsen ,Hajo Eicken ,Ania Albin ,Simone G. Hansen
Compelled to Write
Author/Editor: Wallace, David L
Composing Media Composing Embodiment
Author/Editor: Arola, Kristin L; Wysocki, Anne
Composing Research
Author/Editor: Johanek, Cindy
Composition in the Age of Austerity
Composition, Rhetoric, and Disciplinarity
Author/Editor: Malenczyk, Rita; Miller-Cochran, Susan; Wardle, Elizabeth
Composition Studies As A Creative Art
Author/Editor: Bloom, Lynn
Conceding Composition
Author/Editor: Skinnell, Ryan
Conceptions of Literacy: Graduate Instructors and the Teaching of First-Year Composition
Confronting the Good Death
Author/Editor: Michael S. Bryant
Connecting Alaskans: Telecommunications in Alaska from Telegraph to Broadband
Author/Editor: Heather E. Hudson
Conquered Conquistadors
Author/Editor: Asselbergs, Florine
Constructions of Time and History in the Pre-Columbian Andes
Author/Editor: Swenson, Edward; Roddick, Andrew
Contemporary Archaeologies of the Southwest
Author/Editor: Walker, William; Venzor, Kathryn R.; Venzor, Kathryn R
Contested Waters
Author/Editor: Summitt, April R
Cool Plants for Cold Climates: A Garden Designer's Perspective
Author/Editor: BRENDA C. ADAMS
Cooperation and Collective Action
Author/Editor: Carballo, David M
The Coronado Expedition to Tierra Nueva
Author/Editor: Flint, Richard; Flint, Shirley Cushing
Cosmology, Calendars, and Horizon-Based Astronomy in Ancient Mesoamerica
Author/Editor: Dowd, Anne S.; Milbrath, Susan
CounterStories from the Writing Center
Cowboy Life
Author/Editor: Savage Jr., William W.; Savage, William W
Coyote Steals Fire
Author/Editor: Shoshone Nation, Northwestern
Crafting Presence
Author/Editor: NICOLE B. WALLACK
Creating Dialogues
Author/Editor: Hanne Veber,Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen
Creative Alaska: A Ten-Year Retrospective of Support for Alaska Artists, 2004-2013
Author/Editor: SVEN D. HAAKANSON JR. ,AMY F. STEFFIAN ,Diane Kaplan ,Jayson Smart ,Gary H. Holthaus
The Creatures at the Absolute Bottom of the Sea
Author/Editor: Rosemary McGuire
Creatures Of Habitat
Author/Editor: Hengesbaugh, Mark
Critical Norths: Space, Nature, Theory
Author/Editor: sarah jaquette ray ,kevin maier
Crossing Borders, Drawing Boundaries
Crossing Divides
Crossroads of Culture
Author/Editor: Colwell, Chip; Nash, Stephen E.; Holen, Steven R
Cultures In Conflict
Author/Editor: Hallwas, John; Launius, Roger
Damming Grand Canyon
Author/Editor: Boyer, Diane E; Webb, Robert H
Dangerous Writing
Author/Editor: Scott, Tony
The Dawn of Industrial Agriculture in Iowa: Anthropology, Literature, and History
Author/Editor: E. Paul Durrenberger
Decisions, Agency, and Advising
Deep Freeze
Author/Editor: Belanger, Dian Olson
Author/Editor: Quentin Thomas Wells
Defining, Locating, and Addressing Bullying in the WPA Workplace
Author/Editor: Elder, Cristyn L.; Davila, Bethany
Author/Editor: Nelson, Sarah M.; Carillo, Richard F.; Clark, Bonnie J
The Denver Artists Guild
Author/Editor: Cuba, Stan
Denver Inside and Out
Author/Editor: Colorado Historical Society, Jeanne E
Denver Landmarks and Historic Districts
Author/Editor: Thomas J. Noel,Nicholas J. Wharton,John Hickenlooper
Denver's Lakeside Amusement Park
Author/Editor: David Forsyth,Thomas J. Noel
Desegregation State: College Writing Programs after the Civil Rights Movement
Designing Experimental Research in Archaeology
Author/Editor: Ferguson, Jeffrey R
Detachment from Place: Beyond an Archaeology of Settlement Abandonment
Author/Editor: Maxime Lamoureux-St-Hilaire,Scott Macrae
Dialectical Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Mccomiskey, Bruce
Dialogue with Europe, Dialogue with the Past
Author/Editor: Olko, Justyna; Sullivan, John; Szeminski, Jan
Different Roads
Author/Editor: Meredith, Larry
Dinéjí Na`nitin
Author/Editor: McPherson, Robert S
Disaster At The Colorado
Author/Editor: Baley, Charles
Discord And Direction
Author/Editor: Mcgee, Sharon James; Handa, Carolyn
Discursive Ideologies
Author/Editor: Knoblauch, C. H
Disrupting the Center: A Partnership Approach to Writing Across the University
Distant Islands
Author/Editor: DANIEL H. INOUYE
Diverse by Design
Author/Editor: Schroeder, Christopher
Diversity in Open-Air Site Structure across the Pleistocene/Holocene Boundary
Author/Editor: Kristen A. Carlson ,Leland C. Bement
The Divided Dominion
Author/Editor: Schmidt, Ethan A
Dos Mundos
Author/Editor: Baker, Richard
Dr. Charles David Spivak
Author/Editor: Abrams, Jeanne
Drivers of Landscape Change in the Northwest Boreal Region
Author/Editor: Amanda L. Sesser ,Aimee P. Rockhill ,Dawn R. Magness ,Donald Reid ,John DeLapp ,Philip J. Burton ,Eric Schroff ,Valerie Barber ,Carl Markon
During-the-Event: a novel
Author/Editor: ROGER WALL
Dynamics Of Folklore
Author/Editor: Toelken, Barre
Early Holistic Scoring of Writing: A Theory, a History, a Reflection
Early Hominin Paleoecology
Author/Editor: Sponheimer, Matt; Lee-Thorp, Julia A.; Reed, Kaye E
The Eastern San Juan Mountains
Author/Editor: Blair, Rob; Bracksieck, George
Eben Smith: The Dean of Western Mining
Author/Editor: DAVID FORSYTH
The Echo of Ice Letting Go
The Ecology of Pastoralism
Author/Editor: Kardulias, P. Nick
Economies of Writing
The Egyptian Mummies and Coffins of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science: History, Technical Analysis, and Conservation
Author/Editor: Michele L. Koons,Caroline Arbuckle MacLeod
Elizabeth Bishop
Author/Editor: Fortuny, Kim
Elusive Unity
Author/Editor: Armstrong-Fumero, Fernando
The Embodied Playbook
Author/Editor: Rifenburg, J. Michael
Embracing Watershed Politics
Author/Editor: Schlager, Edella; Blomquist, William
Emma Lee
Author/Editor: Brooks, Juanita
The Emotional and Priestly Logic of Plural Marriage
Author/Editor: Flake, Kathleen
Emotional and Priestly Logic of Plural Marriage, The
Author/Editor: Flake, Kathleen
Encounter with the Plumed Serpent
Author/Editor: Gabina Aurora Perez Jimenez
The End of Time
Author/Editor: Aveni, Anthony
Ends of the Earth: Poems
Enduring Legacies
Author/Editor: Aldama, Arturo J.; Facio, Elisa; Maeda, Daryl
Energy Impacts: A Multidisciplinary Exploration of North American Energy Development
Author/Editor: Jeffrey B. Jacquet,Julia H. Haggerty,Gene L. Theodori
Engaged Archaeology in the Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico
Author/Editor: Kelley A. Hays-Gilpin ,Sarah A. Herr ,Patrick D. Lyons
English Composition As A Happening
Author/Editor: Sirc, Geoffrey
Entangled: People and Ecological Change in Alaska's Kachemak Bay
Environmental Politics and Policy in the West, Revised Edition
Author/Editor: Smith, Zachary A.; Freemuth, John
Environmental Politics and Policy in the West, Third Edition
Author/Editor: Zachary A. Smith,John Freemuth
An Epidemic of Rumors
Author/Editor: Lee, Jon D
Epiphany in the Wilderness
Author/Editor: KAREN R. JONES
Equipping Technical Communicators for Social Justice Work: Theories, Methodologies, and Pedagogies
Escape Velocity
Author/Editor: BONNIE ARNING
Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia
Author/Editor: Hornborg, Alf; Hill, Jonathan D
Even Cowboys Carry Cell Phones
Author/Editor: Milbrodt, Teresa
Everyday Writing Center
Author/Editor: Geller, Anne Ellen; Eodice, Michele; Condon, Frankie
The Evolution of Ceramic Production Organization in a Maya Community
Author/Editor: Arnold, Dean E
Exit Theater
Author/Editor: MIKE LALA
Explanation Points
Author/Editor: Gallagher, John R; DeVoss, Dànielle Nicole
The Explorer's Guide to Death Valley National Park, Fourth Edition
Author/Editor: T. Scott Bryan,Betty Tucker-Bryan
The Explorer's Guide to Death Valley National Park, Third Edition
Author/Editor: Bryan, T. Scott; Tucker-Bryan, Betty
Exploring and Mapping Alaska: The Russian America Era, 1741-1867
Exploring Cause and Explanation
Author/Editor: Cynthia L. Herhahn,Ann F. Ramenofsky
Exploring Composition Studies
Author/Editor: Ritter, Kelly; Matsuda, Paul Kei
Exploring Desert Stone
Author/Editor: Madsen, Steven K
Exploring Folk Art
Author/Editor: Jones, Michael
Exposé of Polygamy
Author/Editor: Stenhouse, Fanny; DeSimone, Linda
Facing the Center
Author/Editor: Denny, Harry C
Fairy Tale Films
Author/Editor: Greenhill, Pauline; Matrix, Sidney Eve
Faith and Doubt as Partners in Mormon History
Author/Editor: Prince, Gregory A
Faithful Transgressions In The American West
Author/Editor: Bush, Laura
Family System
Author/Editor: Christian, Jack
Fanning the Sacred Flame
Author/Editor: Boxt, Matthew A.; Dillon, Brian D
Farm: A Multimodal Reader
Author/Editor: Joyce Kinkead ,Evelyn Funda ,Lynne S. McNeill
Feminist Rhetorical Resilience
Author/Editor: Flynn, Elizabeth A; Sotirin, Patricia; Brady, Ann
A Field Guide to Snow
Author/Editor: MATTHEW STURM
Field Guide to the Lichens of White Rocks
Author/Editor: Erin A. Tripp
Field Of Dreams
Author/Editor: O'Neill, Peggy
Fierce Climate, Sacred Ground: An Ethnography of Climate Change in Shishmaref, Alaska
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Marino
The Fierce Tribe
Author/Editor: Weems, Mickey
Fighter in Velvet Gloves: Alaska Civil Rights Hero Elizabeth Peratrovich
Author/Editor: Annie Boochever ,Roy Peratrovich Jr.
Fighter in Velvet Gloves: Study Guide
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Peratrovich ,Boochever Annie ,Roy Peratrovich Jr.
Finding Solace in the Soil: An Archaeology of Gardens and Gardeners at Amache
Author/Editor: Bonnie J. Clark
Finding True North: First-Hand Stories of the Booms that Built Modern Alaska
Author/Editor: Molly Rettig
Fire Management in the American West
Author/Editor: Hudson, Mark
First Person Squared
Author/Editor: Day, Kami; Eodice, Michele
First Time Up
Author/Editor: Dethier, Brock
The Flowering Thorn
Author/Editor: Mckean, Thomas
Folk Culture in the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Blank, Trevor J
Folk Groups And Folklore Genres
Author/Editor: Oring, Elliott
Folk Groups And Folklore Genres Reader
Author/Editor: Oring, Elliott
Folklore and Social Media
Author/Editor: Andrew Peck,Trevor J. Blank
Folklore and the Internet
Author/Editor: Blank, Trevor J
Author/Editor: Sherman, Sharon R.; Koven, Mikel J
Folklore in Utah
Author/Editor: Stanley, David
The Folklore Muse
Author/Editor: de Caro, Frank
Folklore Rules
Author/Editor: McNeill, Lynne S.; McNeill, Lynne S
The Folkloresque
Author/Editor: Foster, Michael Dylan; Tolbert, Jeffrey A
The Folklorist in the Marketplace: Conversations at the Crossroads of Vernacular Culture and Economics
Author/Editor: Willow G. Mullins,Puja Batra-Wells
Following Tradition
Author/Editor: Bronner, Simon
Foraging in the Past
Author/Editor: Lemke
Forced Out: A Nikkei Woman’s Search for a Home in America
Author/Editor: JUDY Y. KAWAMOTO
Forest Conservation in the Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Sample, V. Alaric; Bixler, R. Patrick; Miller, Char
A Forest of History: The Maya after the Emergence of Divine Kingship
Author/Editor: Travis W. Stanton ,M. Kathryn Brown
Forjando Patria
Author/Editor: Gamio, Manuel; Gamio, Manuel
From Military to Academy: The Writing and Learning Transitions of Student-Veterans
From Redstone to Ludlow
Author/Editor: Munsell, F. Darrell
From the Ground Up
Author/Editor: Whitley, Colleen
Frontiers in Colorado Paleoindian Archaeology
Author/Editor: Brunswig, Robert H.; Pitblado, Bonnie L
Furthest Ecology
Author/Editor: Fagin, Adam
Gambling Debt
Author/Editor: E. Paul Durrenberger
Gambling on Ore
Author/Editor: Curtis, Kent
Gendered Labor in Specialized Economies
Author/Editor: Sophia E. Kelly,Traci Ardren
Generation Vet
Author/Editor: Doe, Sue; Langstraat, Lisa
Genre Across The Curriculum
Author/Editor: Herrington, Anne; Moran, Charles
Genre And The Invention Of The Writer
Author/Editor: Bawarshi, Anis
Genre and the Performance of Publics
The Geography of Water
Author/Editor: Mary Emerick
George W. Bush's Healthy Forests
Author/Editor: Vaughn, Jacqueline; Cortner, Hanna
The Geysers of Yellowstone, Fifth Edition
Author/Editor: Bryan, T. Scott
The Geysers of Yellowstone, Fourth Edition
Author/Editor: Bryan, T. Scott
Ghosts And The Japanese
Author/Editor: Iwasaka, Michiko; Toelken, Barre
Glass, Light, and Electricity
Global Perspectives on Landscapes of Warfare
Go East, Young Man
Author/Editor: Francaviglia, Richard
Going North Thinking West
Author/Editor: Peckham, Irvin
Going Public
Author/Editor: Rose, Shirley K.; Weiser, Irwin
Gold Metal Waters: The Animas River and the Gold King Mine Spill
Author/Editor: Brad T. Clark ,Pete McCormick
Good God but You Smart!
Author/Editor: Stanford, Nichole E
Good Water
Author/Editor: Holdsworth, Kevin
Go Play Outside!: Tips, Tricks, and Tales from the Trails
Author/Editor: Nancy Fresco ,Elizabeth Cable ,Molly Cable ,Jay Cable
The Gospel of Progressivism
Author/Editor: Laugen, R. Todd
Governors and the Progressive Movement
Author/Editor: Berman, David R
Grasses of Colorado
Author/Editor: Shaw, Robert B
Grasses of the Intermountain Region
Author/Editor: Anderton, Laurel K.; Barkworth, Mary E
Great Basin National Park
Author/Editor: Baker, Gretchen M
The Greater Chaco Landscape: Ancestors, Scholarship, and Advocacy
The Great Maya Droughts in Cultural Context
Author/Editor: Iannone, Gyles
The Great Unknown
Author/Editor: Robinson, Greg
Guide to College Writing Assessment
Author/Editor: O'Neill, Peggy; Moore, Cindy; Huot, Brian
A Guide to Peril Strait and Wrangell Narrows, Alaska
Author/Editor: William Morgan Hopkins
Hammered Dulcimer
Author/Editor: Williams, Lisa
Hard as the Rock Itself
Author/Editor: Robertson, David
Hard Driving: The 1908 Auto Race From New York to Paris
Author/Editor: Dermot Cole
Haunting Experiences
Author/Editor: Goldstein, Diane; Grider, Sylvia; Thomas, Jeannie Banks
Author/Editor: Bilgere, George
Healing Logics
Author/Editor: Brady, Erika
Hear Him Roar
Author/Editor: Wingfield, Andrew
Helen Ring Robinson
Author/Editor: Pascoe, Pat
Hell Or High Water
Author/Editor: Adams, Eilean
Hemming Flames
Author/Editor: Patricia Colleen Murphy,Stephen Dunn
Heritage Keywords
Author/Editor: Lafrenz Samuels, Kathryn; Rico, Trinidad
Herndon Davis
Author/Editor: Leavitt, Craig; Noel, Thomas J
The Hidden Inequities in Labor-Based Contract Grading
Author/Editor: Ellen C. Carillo
Hidden Out in the Open
Author/Editor: Martinelli, Phylis Cancilla; Varela-Lago, Ana
High Plains Horticulture
Author/Editor: Freeman, John F
Highway 12
Author/Editor: Probasco, Christian
High Wide And Handsome
Author/Editor: Webb, Roy
Hinterland Households
Author/Editor: Douglass, John G
Historical and Archaeological Perspectives on the Itzas of Petén, Guatemala
Author/Editor: Rice, Prudence M.; Rice, Don S
Historicizing Fear: Ignorance, Vilification, and Othering
Author/Editor: Travis D. Boyce,Winsome M. Chunnu
Histories of Infamy
Author/Editor: Roa-de-la-Carrera, Cristián A
A History of Gold Dredging in Idaho
Author/Editor: Spence, Clark C
History Of Louisa Barnes Pratt
Author/Editor: Ellsworth, S. George
A History of Mortgage Banking in the West
Author/Editor: Rosser, E. Michael; Sanders, Diane M
The History of the Death Penalty in Colorado
Author/Editor: MICHAEL L. RADELET,Helen PreJean
History of Utah Radicalism
Author/Editor: McCormick, John S.; Sillito, John R
History Of Utah's American Indians
Author/Editor: Cuch, Forrest
Hosea Stout
Author/Editor: Prince, Stephen L
Hospitality and Authoring
Author/Editor: Haswell, Richard; Haswell, Janis
House of Sugar, House of Stone
Author/Editor: EMILY PÉREZ,Stephanie G’Schwind,Donald Revell
The House on Lemon Street
Author/Editor: Rawitsch, Mark
How Humans Cooperate
Author/Editor: Richard E. Blanton,Lane F. Fargher
How to Lobby Alaska State Government
Author/Editor: Clive S. Thomas
How Writing Faculty Write
Author/Editor: Tulley, Christine E
Human Adaptation in Ancient Mesoamerica
Author/Editor: Gonlin, Nancy; French, Kirk D
Human Being Songs: Northern Stories
Author/Editor: Jean Anderson
Human No More
Author/Editor: Whitehead, Neil L.; Wesch, Michael
Hungry Moon
Author/Editor: Goodman, Henrietta
Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology of the Colorado High Country
Author/Editor: Stiger, Mark
Identity, Development, and the Politics of the Past
Author/Editor: DANIEL BAUER
Identity Papers
Author/Editor: Williams, Bronwyn T
Identity Politics of Difference: The Mixed-Race American Indian Experience
Author/Editor: Michelle R. Montgomery
Idolatry and the Construction of the Spanish Empire
Author/Editor: Mina García Soormally
I Follow in the Dust She Raises
Author/Editor: Linda Martin
I Hope I Join the Band
Author/Editor: Condon, Frankie
Imagined States
Author/Editor: Del Giudice, Luisa
Imperial Peripheries in the Neo-Assyrian Period
Implementing the Endangered Species Act on the Platte Basin Water Commons
Author/Editor: Freeman, David M
In Another Time
Author/Editor: Schindler, Harold
An Inca Account of the Conquest of Peru
Author/Editor: Yupanqui, Titu Cusi
The Incas
Author/Editor: Davies, Nigel
Incidence of Travel
Author/Editor: Jerry D. Moore
An Inconstant Landscape
Indians and Mestizos in the Lettered City
Author/Editor: Duenas, Alcira; Dueñas, Alcira
Indian Self Rule
Author/Editor: Philp, Kenneth
Indigenous Bodies, Maya Minds
Author/Editor: C. James Mackenzie
Indigenous Dance and Dancing Indian
Author/Editor: Krystal, Matthew
In-laws and Outlaws
Author/Editor: Gordon, Sarah Barringer
Innocents on the Ice
Author/Editor: Behrendt, John C
Innovative Approaches to Teaching Technical Communication
Author/Editor: Bridgeford, Tracy; Kitalong, Karla Saari; Selfe, Dickie
Inside Ancient Kitchens
Author/Editor: Klarich, Elizabeth A
Insignia of Rank in the Nahua World
Author/Editor: Olko, Justyna
Instead of Dying
Author/Editor: Haldeman, Lauren
Institutional Ethnography
Author/Editor: LaFrance, Michelle
Interaction and Connectivity in the Greater Southwest
Author/Editor: Harry, Karen; Roth, Barbara J
The Internationalization of US Writing Programs
Author/Editor: Rose, Shirley K.; Weiser, Irwin
Interpreting the Legacy: John Neihardt and Black Elk Speaks
Interregional Interaction in Ancient Mesoamerica
Author/Editor: Englehardt, Joshua; Carrasco, Michael D
Interrogating Gendered Pathologies
In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
Author/Editor: Lewis, Wallace G
In the Quiet Season and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Martha Amore
In the Realm of Nachan Kan
Author/Editor: Masson, Marilyn A
Author/Editor: Imbriglio, Catherine
Into the Night
Author/Editor: Adams, Rick; Adams, Rick A
An Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
Author/Editor: Haines, David
Invasion and Transformation
Author/Editor: Brienen, Rebecca P.; Jackson, Margaret A.; Brienen, Rebecca Parker
The Invasion of Indian Country in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Fixico, Donald; Fixico, Donald Lee
Inventing the World Grant University
Author/Editor: Fraiberg, Steven; Wang, Xiqiao; You, Xiaoye
In Wild Trust: Larry Aumiller's Thirty Years Among the McNeil River Brown Bears
Author/Editor: Jeff Fair ,Larry Aumiller ,Douglas Chadwick
Island of Grass
Author/Editor: Wohl, Ellen E
I Thought There Would Be More Wolves: Poems
Author/Editor: SARA RYAN
Ivory and Paper: Adventures In and Out of Time
Author/Editor: RAY HUDSON
I Won't Stay Indian, I'll Keep Studying
Author/Editor: Stocker, Karen
Japanese American Resettlement through the Lens
Author/Editor: Hirabayashi, Lane Ryo; Shimada, Kenichiro
Japanese Brazilian Saudades
Author/Editor: López-Calvo, Ignacio
Japanese Demon Lore
Author/Editor: Reider, Noriko
Jesus in America and Other Stories from the Field
Author/Editor: Gould, Claudia
Joking Asides
Author/Editor: Oring, Elliott
Joseph Morris
Author/Editor: Anderson, C. Leroy
Journey Of Navajo Oshley
Author/Editor: Mcpherson, Robert
Junius And Joseph
Author/Editor: Wicks, Robert; Foister, Fred R
Just Between Us
Author/Editor: david mcelroy
Key Theoretical Frameworks
Author/Editor: Haas, Angela M.; Eble, Michelle F
Keywords in Creative Writing
Author/Editor: Bishop, Wendy; Starkey, David
Keywords in Writing Studies
Author/Editor: Heilker, Paul; Vandenberg, Peter
A King Salmon Journey
Author/Editor: Debbie S. Miller ,John H. Eiler ,Jon Van Zyle
The Kiss of Death: Contagion, Contamination, and Folklore
Author/Editor: Andrea Kitta
The Kowoj
Author/Editor: Rice, Prudence M.; Rice, Don S
Kukulcan's Realm
Author/Editor: Masson, Marilyn; Peraza Lope, Carlos
La Consentida
Author/Editor: Hepp, Guy David
A Ladder of Cranes
Author/Editor: Tom Sexton
The Lame God
Author/Editor: McLatchey, M. B
A Lamp Brighter than Foxfire
Author/Editor: Nicholson, Andrew S
A Land Made from Water
Author/Editor: Crifasi, Robert R
Land, Politics, and Memory in Five Nija'ib' K'iche' Títulos
Author/Editor: Matsumoto, Mallory
Landscape Of Desire
Author/Editor: Gordon, Greg
Landscaping on the New Frontier
Author/Editor: Meyer, Susan E.; Kjelgren, Roger K.; Morrison, Darrel G
A Language and Power Reader
Author/Editor: Eddy, Robert; Villanueva, Victor
The Lapidary's Nosegay
Author/Editor: Candland, Lara
The Last Stand of the Pack
Author/Editor: Gulliford, Andrew; Wolf, Tom; Carhart, Arthur
Late Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers and Farmers of the Jornada Mogollon
Author/Editor: Rocek, Thomas R.; Kenmotsu, Nancy A
Leaders of the Mexican American Generation
Author/Editor: Quiroz, Anthony
Learning from the Lived Experiences of Graduate Student Writers
Leavetakings: Essays
Author/Editor: Corinna Cook
Leave The Dishes In The Sink
Author/Editor: Thorne, Alison
Lee's Ferry
Author/Editor: Reilly, P. T.; Webb, Robert H
Legacies of Space and Intangible Heritage
Author/Editor: Fernando Armstrong-Fumero,Julio Hoil Gutierrez
Legend Tripping: A Contemporary Legend Casebook
Author/Editor: Lynne S. McNeill ,Elizabeth Tucker
Leisure and Death
Author/Editor: Kaul, Adam; Skinner, Jonathan
The Lesser Fields
Author/Editor: Schlegel, Rob
Letters from the Headwaters
Author/Editor: Abeyta, Aaron
Li Bai Rides a Celestial Dolphin Home
Author/Editor: Tom Sexton
Life and Times of a Big River: An Uncommon Natural History of Alaska's Upper Yukon
Author/Editor: PETER J. MARCHAND
Life at Swift Water Place: Northwest Alaska at the Threshold of European Contact
Author/Editor: Douglas D. Anderson ,Wanni W. Anderson
Life beyond the Boundaries
Author/Editor: Harry, Karen; Herr, Sarah
Life on the Rocks
Author/Editor: Smith, Bruce L
Life's a Dream (La Vida es Sueño)
Author/Editor: Calderón de la Barca, Pedro; Calderón de la Barca, Pedro
Like the Hajis of Meccah and Jerusalem
Author/Editor: Francaviglia, Richard
Listening For A Life
Author/Editor: Sawin, Patricia
Listening to Cougar
Author/Editor: Bekoff, Marc; Lowe, Cara Blessley; Lowe, Cara Blessley
Listening to Our Elders
Author/Editor: Blackmon, Samantha; Kirklighter, Cristina; Parks, Steve
The Lisu
Author/Editor: Zack, Michele
Literacy, Sexuality, Pedagogy
Author/Editor: Alexander, Jonathan
Lithic Technologies in Sedentary Societies
Author/Editor: Horowitz, Rachel A.; McCall, Grant S
Little Whale: A Story of the Last Tlingit War Canoe
Author/Editor: Roy A. Peratrovich Jr.
Living Folklore
Author/Editor: Sims, Martha; Stephens, Martine
Living Folklore, 2nd Edition
Author/Editor: Sims, Martha; Stephens, Martine
Living with Stories
Author/Editor: Schneider, William
The Logan Notebooks
Author/Editor: Lindenberg, Rebecca
The Lords of Lambityeco
Author/Editor: Lind, Michael; Urcid, Javier; Urcid, Javier
Lousy Sex
Author/Editor: Callahan, Gerald N
Author/Editor: Christopher J Johnson
Lucy's Dance
Author/Editor: Deb Vanasse ,Nancy E. Slagle
Lynching in Colorado, 1859-1919
Author/Editor: Stephen J. Leonard
Machine Scoring of Student Essays
Author/Editor: Ericsson, Patricia Freitag; Haswell, Richard
Madame Chair
Author/Editor: Westwood, Richard
Made of Salmon: Alaska Stories from the Salmon Project
Author/Editor: NANCY LORD
The Madrid Codex
Author/Editor: Vail, Gabrielle; Aveni, Anthony
Author/Editor: BRANDON KRIEG
Making an American Workforce
Author/Editor: Montoya, Fawn-Amber
Making Matters: Craft, Ethics, and New Materialist Rhetorics
Author/Editor: LEIGH GRUWELL
The Making of an Ecologist: My Career in Alaska Wildlife Management and Conservation
Author/Editor: David R. Klein ,Karen Brewster
Making Progress: Programmatic and Administrative Approaches for Multimodal Curricular Transformation
Author/Editor: LOGAN BEARDEN
Making the White Man's West
Author/Editor: Jason E. Pierce
Mammals of Colorado, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Armstrong, David M.; Fitzgerald, James P.; Meaney, Carron A
Man in the Moon
Author/Editor: G'Schwind, Stephanie
Manual of Grasses for North America
Author/Editor: Barkworth, Mary E.; Anderton, Laurel K.; Capels, Kathleen M
Manufactured Light
Author/Editor: Emiliano Gallaga M.,Marc G. Blainey
The Man Who Thought He Owned Water
Author/Editor: d'Elgin, Tershia
Mapping Racial Literacies: College Students Write about Race and Segregation
Author/Editor: SOPHIE R. BELL
Married to the Empire: Three Governors' Wives in Russian America 1829-1864
Marrow of Human Experience, The
Author/Editor: Wilson, William; Rudy, Jill Terry
Mary's Wild Winter Feast
Author/Editor: Hannah Lindoff ,Nobu Koch ,Clarissa Rizal
Materializing Ritual Practices
Author/Editor: Lisa M. Johnson ,Rosemary A. Joyce
Material Relations
Author/Editor: Hendon, Julia A.; Joyce, Rosemary A.; Lopiparo, Jeanne
Maya Creation Myths
Author/Editor: Knowlton, Timothy
Maya Daykeeping
Author/Editor: Weeks, John M.; Sachse, Frauke; Prager, Christian M
Maya Narrative Arts
Author/Editor: Karen Bassie-Sweet,Nicholas A. Hopkins
Maya Potters' Indigenous Knowledge
Author/Editor: Arnold, Dean E
Maya Worldviews at Conquest
Author/Editor: Cecil, Leslie G.; Pugh, Timothy W
The Meaningful Writing Project
Meaning of Folklore
Author/Editor: Bronner, Simon J.; Dundes, Alan
The Mechanics of Optimism
Author/Editor: Safford, Jeffrey J
Melting the Ice Curtain: The Extraordinary Story of Citizen Diplomacy on the Russia-Alaska Frontier
Author/Editor: David Ramseur
Memory Traces
Author/Editor: Kristan-Graham, Cynthia; Amrhein, Laura M
The Menial Art of Cooking
Author/Editor: Graff, Sarah R.; Rodríguez-Alegría, Enrique
Mercury and the Making of California
Author/Editor: Johnston, Andrew Scott
Method and Theory in Paleoethnobotany
Author/Editor: Marston, John M.; d'Alpoim Guedes, Jade; Warinner, Christina
Mexico's Indigenous Communities
Author/Editor: Ruiz Medrano, Ethelia
Microhistories of Composition
The Minuses
Author/Editor: JAMI MACARTY
A Mission for Development
Author/Editor: Garlitz, Richard
Mixtec Evangelicals
Author/Editor: Mary I. O’Connor
Mobility and Migration in Ancient Mesoamerican Cities
Author/Editor: M. Charlotte Arnauld,Christopher Beekman,Grégory Pereira
Mobility Work in Composition
The Montana Vigilantes 1863–1870
Author/Editor: Dillon, Mark C
More than a Moment: Contextualizing the Past, Present, and Future
Author/Editor: STEVEN D. KRAUSE
More Than God Demands: Politics and Influence of Christian Missions in Northwest Alaska, 1897-1918
Author/Editor: Anthony Urvina ,Sally Urvina
Mormon Battalion
Author/Editor: Ricketts, Norma
Mormonism's Last Colonizer
Author/Editor: Smart, William B
Mormon Midwife
Author/Editor: Smart, Donna
Mormon Passage of George D. Watt
Author/Editor: Watt, Ronald G
Mormon Trail, The
Author/Editor: Hill, William
Mormon Vanguard Brigade Of 1847
Author/Editor: Barney, Ronald
The Mountaineer Site: A Folsom Winter Camp in the Rockies
Author/Editor: Brian N. Andrews ,David J. Meltzer ,Mark Stiger ,Richard J. Anderson ,Andrew R. Boehm ,Christy E. Briles ,Katherine A. Cross ,Steven D. Emslie ,Meti
A Mountain of Paper
Author/Editor: Arrington, Carl; Madsen, Susan Arrington
Mountain Witches: Yamauba
Author/Editor: Noriko Tsunoda Reider
Movement, Connectivity, and Landscape Change in the Ancient Southwest
Author/Editor: Nelson, Margaret C.; Strawhacker, Colleen A.; Nelson, Margaret Cecile
Mrs. Ramsay's Knee
Author/Editor: Anderson, Idris
Mule Deer
Author/Editor: Austin, Dennis D
Multilingual Writers and Writing Centers
Author/Editor: Rafoth, Ben
Multimodal Composing
Author/Editor: Sabatino, Lindsay A.; Fallon, Brian
My Life On Mountain Railroads
Author/Editor: Gould, William
My Many Selves
Author/Editor: Booth, Wayne C
The Myth of Quetzalcoatl
Author/Editor: Austin, Alfredo López
The Myths of the Popol Vuh in Cosmology, Art, and Ritual
Author/Editor: Holley Moyes ,Allen J. Christenson ,Frauke Sachse
Naming What We Know
Author/Editor: Adler-Kassner, Linda; Wardle, Elizabeth
Naming What We Know, Classroom Edition: Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies
National Healing
Author/Editor: Hurlbert, Claude
Native Pathways
Author/Editor: Hosmer, Brian; O'Neill, Colleen
Natural-Born Proud
Author/Editor: Martin Jr., S.R
The Nature of Hope
Author/Editor: Miller, Char; Crane, Jeff
Nature's Burdens
Author/Editor: Daniel Nelson
Navajo Textiles
Necessary Light
Author/Editor: Fargnoli, Patricia
Neck of the World
Author/Editor: Rzicznek, F. Daniel
Negotiation within Domination
Author/Editor: Ruiz Medrano, Ethelia; Kellogg, Susan
The Neo-Indians
Author/Editor: Galinier, Jacques; Molinié, Antoinette
Neoliberalism and Commodity Production in Mexico
Author/Editor: Weaver, Thomas; Greenberg, James B.; Alexander, William L
Networks of Power
Author/Editor: Schortman, Edward; Urban, Patricia; Urban, Patricia A
Neurobehavioral Anatomy, Third Edition
Author/Editor: Filley, Christopher M.; Filley, Christopher M
New Approaches to Teaching Folk and Fairy Tales
Author/Editor: Jones, Christa; Schwabe, Claudia
Newe Hupia
Author/Editor: Crum, Beverly; Crum, Earl; Dayley, Jon P
New Mexico and the Pimería Alta
Author/Editor: John G. Douglass,William M. Graves
The New Religious Image of Urban America, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Zepp Jr., Ira G.; Zepp, Ira G
A New Writing Classroom
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Patrick
Next Steps
Author/Editor: Bird, Barbara; Downs, Doug; McCracken, I. Moriah
Next Time We Strike
Author/Editor: Powell, Allan
Night and Darkness in Ancient Mesoamerica
Author/Editor: Nancy Gonlin ,David M. Reed
Night Burial
Noise From The Writing Center
Author/Editor: Boquet, Elizabeth
No Place To Call Home
Author/Editor: Lyman, Edward; Payne, Susan Ward; Ellsworth, S. George
North American Monsters: A Contemporary Legend Casebook
Author/Editor: David J. Puglia
Northern Garden Symphony: Combining Hardy Perennials for Blooms All Season
Northern Navajo Frontier 1860 1900
Author/Editor: Mcpherson, Robert
Nowhere Near the Line
Author/Editor: Elizabeth H. Boquet
Nunakun-gguq Ciutengqertut/They Say They Have Ears Through the Ground: Animal Essays from Southwest Alaska
Author/Editor: Ann Fienup-Riordan ,Alice Rearden ,Marie Meade ,David Chanar ,Rebecca Nayamin ,Corey Joseph
Author/Editor: Watson, Jean
Objects of Survivance: A Material History of the American Indian School Experience
Obsidian Reflections
Author/Editor: Carballo, David M.; Levine, Marc
Ode to the Heart Smaller than a Pencil Eraser
Author/Editor: Igloria, Luisa A
Of Corpse
Author/Editor: Narvaez, Peter
Of Darkness and Light: Poems by Kim Cornwall
Old Blue's Road
Author/Editor: Whiteside, James
Old Deseret Live Stock Company
Author/Editor: Frischknecht, W. Dean
Old Woman with Berries in Her Lap
Author/Editor: Vivian Faith Prescott
Olmec Lithic Economy at San Lorenzo
Author/Editor: Kenneth Hirth ,Ann Cyphers
On Being Human
Author/Editor: Wilson, William
On Being Maya and Getting By
Author/Editor: SARAH R. TAYLOR
The Once and Future Silver Queen of the Rockies
Author/Editor: Bradley, Christine; Smith, Duane A
Once Upon A Virus
Author/Editor: Goldstein, Diane
One Side By Himself
Author/Editor: Barney, Ronald
On Location
Author/Editor: Spigelman, Candace; Grobman, Laurie
On Teacher Neutrality: Politics, Praxis, and Performativity
On the Plains, and Among the Peaks: or, How Mrs. Maxwell Made Her Natural History Collection: by Mary Dartt
Author/Editor: Mary Dartt ,JULIE MCCOWN
The Open Hand
Author/Editor: Kroll, Barry M
Oral Patterns of Performance
Author/Editor: Toelken, Barre
Ores to Metals
Author/Editor: Fell Jr., James E
Organic Writing Assessment
Author/Editor: Broad, Bob; Adler-Kassner, Linda; Alford, Barry
Origins of the Ñuu
Author/Editor: Kowalewski, Stephen A.; Balkansky, Andrew K.; Stiver Walsh, Laura R
Origins of the Ñuu
Author/Editor: Kowalewski, Stephen A.; Balkansky, Andrew K.; Stiver Walsh, Laura R
Our Body of Work: Embodied Administration and Teaching
Our Perfect Wild: Ray & Barbara Bane's Journeys and the Fate of Far North
Author/Editor: Kaylene Johnson-Sullivan ,Ray Bane
Outcomes Book
Author/Editor: Harrington, Susanmarie; Rhodes, Keith; Fischer, Ruth
Out in the Center
Author/Editor: Denny, Harry C.; Mundy, Robert; Naydan, Liliana M
Out of Style
Author/Editor: Butler, Paul G
Out Of The Black Patch
Author/Editor: Carmack, Noel; Davidson, Karen
Out Of The Ordinary
Author/Editor: Walker, Barbara
Outside in the Interior: An Adventure Guide for Central Alaska, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Kyle Joly
Over the Range
Author/Editor: Francaviglia, Richard V
Over The Rim
Author/Editor: Smart, William
Author/Editor: Jeremy Pataky
Owl Question
Author/Editor: Shearin, Faith
The Owl Was a Baker’s Daughter
Author/Editor: Gillian Cummings
The Owl Was a Baker’s Daughter
Author/Editor: Cummings, Gillian
Pansy's History
Author/Editor: Gordon, Margaret E.P.; Bushman, Claudia L
Parallel Worlds
Author/Editor: Hull, Kerry M.; Carrasco, Michael D
Passage to Wonderland
Author/Editor: Amundson, Michael A
Passions Pedagogies and 21st Century Technologies
Author/Editor: Hawisher, Gail
Patron Gods and Patron Lords
Author/Editor: JOANNE P. BARON
Peculiar Portrayals
Author/Editor: Decker, Mark T.; Austin, Michael
Pedro Pino
Author/Editor: Hart, E. Richard
Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers
Author/Editor: McKinney, Jackie Grutsch
Persistent Progressives
Author/Editor: Freeman, John F
Personal Effects
Author/Editor: Holdstein, Deborah
Picture Man: The Legacy of Southeast Alaska Photographer Shoki Kayamori
Author/Editor: Shoki Kayamori ,MARGARET THOMAS
Pioneering Conservation in Alaska
Author/Editor: Ken Ross
Place the Headstones Where They Belong
Author/Editor: Fleek, Sherman L
Placing John Haines
Author/Editor: James Perrin Warren
Placing the Academy
Author/Editor: Sinor, Jennifer; Kaufman, Rona
Planting the Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Clary-Lemon, Jennifer
Plantlore/Dena'ina K'et'una: An Ethnobotany of the Dena'ina People of Southcentral Alaska
Plash & Levitation
Author/Editor: Adam Tavel
Plato's Breath
Author/Editor: Freisinger, Randall
Playing Dead
Author/Editor: Miller, Montana
Playing from Memory
Author/Editor: Milofsky, David
Pleas and Petitions: Hispano Culture and Legislative Conflict in Territorial Colorado
Author/Editor: Virginia Sánchez,Ken Salazar
Plural Wife
Author/Editor: Allred, Mabel Finlayson; Bradley, Martha Sonntag
The Poetics of Processing: Memory Formation, Identity, and the Handling of the Dead
Author/Editor: Anna J. Osterholtz
Poets On Place
Author/Editor: Pfefferle, W. T
Points of Departure
Author/Editor: Serviss, Tricia; Jamieson, Sandra
Pole Raising and Speech Making
Author/Editor: Eastman Attebery, Jennifer
Political Landscapes of Capital Cities
Author/Editor: Christie, Jessica Joyce; Bogdanovic, Jelena; Guzmán, Eulogio
Political Strategies in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica
Author/Editor: Sarah Kurnick,Joanne Baron
Politics, Labor, and the War on Big Business
Author/Editor: Berman, David R
The Politics of Writing Studies
Author/Editor: Samuels, Robert
Polity and Ecology in Formative Period Coastal Oaxaca
Author/Editor: Joyce, Arthur A
Polygamy on the Pedernales
Author/Editor: Johnson, Melvin C
The Polygamy Question
Author/Editor: Janet Bennion,Lisa Fishbayn Joffe
Post-Manifesto Polygamy
Author/Editor: Snyder, LuAnn Faylor; Snyder, Phillip A
Post-Truth Rhetoric and Composition
Author/Editor: Mccomiskey, Bruce
Practically Joking
Author/Editor: Marsh, Moira
Prairie Ghost
Author/Editor: McCabe, Richard E.; Reeves, Henry M.; O'Gara, Bart W
Predicting the Past
Author/Editor: MacKinnon, William P
A Prehistory of South America
Author/Editor: Moore, Jerry D
Presumed Incompetent
Author/Editor: Gutiérrez y Muhs, Gabriella; Niemann, Yolanda Flores; González, Carmen G
Presumed Incompetent II: Race, Class, Power, and Resistance of Women in Academia
Privacy Matters: Conversations about Surveillance within and beyond the Classroom
Private, the Public, and the Published
Author/Editor: Couture, Barbara; Kent, Thomas
The Problem with Education Technology
Author/Editor: Ben Fink,Robin Brown
Process and Meaning in Spatial Archaeology
Author/Editor: Eric E. Jones,John L. Creese
Process This
Author/Editor: Dejoy, Nancy
Profiting from the Peak: Landscape and Liberty in Colorado Springs
Author/Editor: John Harner
The Prophecy of Enoch as Restoration Blueprint
Author/Editor: Givens, Terryl
Prophet, Pariah, and Pioneer
Author/Editor: Maca, Allan; Folan, William; Reyman, Jonathan
Proverbs Are The Best Policy
Author/Editor: Mieder, Wolfgang
Provocations of Virtue
Author/Editor: Duffy, John
Public Performances
Author/Editor: Santino, Jack
Pueblos, Plains, and Province: New Mexico in the Seventeenth Century
Author/Editor: JOSEPH P. SÁNCHEZ
Pueblos within Pueblos
Author/Editor: Johnson, Benjamin
Qanemcit Amllertut/Many Stories to Tell: Tales of Humans and Animals from Southwest Alaska
Author/Editor: Alice Rearden ,Marie Meade ,Ann Fienup-Riordan
Queerly Centered: LGBTQA Writing Center Directors Navigate the Workplace
Quetzalcoatl and the Irony of Empire
Author/Editor: Carrasco, Davíd
Racing Translingualism in Composition: Toward a Race-Conscious Translingualism
Author/Editor: TOM DO ,KAREN ROWAN
Radicalism in the Mountain West, 1890-1920
Author/Editor: Berman, David R
Radical Writing Center Praxis
Author/Editor: Greenfield, Laura
Rainbow Bridge
Author/Editor: Hassell, Hank
The Rain Gods’ Rebellion: The Cultural Basis of a Nahua Insurgency
Author/Editor: James M. Taggart
Reading and Writing Instruction in the Twenty-First Century: Recovering and Transforming the Pedagogy of Robert Scholes
Author/Editor: ELLEN C. CARILLO
Reading Chinese Fortune Cookie
Author/Editor: Mao, LuMing
Rearticulating Writing Assessment for Teaching and Learning
Author/Editor: Huot, Brian
Reclaiming Accountability
Recollections of Past Days
Author/Editor: Petree, Sandra Ailey
Reconsidering No Man Knows My History
Author/Editor: Bringhurst, Newell
(Re)Considering What We Know: Learning Thresholds in Writing, Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy
Re-Creating Primordial Time
Author/Editor: Vail, Gabrielle; Hernández, Christine
Redefining Roles: The Professional, Faculty, and Graduate Consultant’s Guide to Writing Centers
Refiguring Prose Style
Author/Editor: Johnson, T.R.; Pace, Tom
Reflection In The Writing Classroom
Author/Editor: Yancey, Kathleen
Reformers, Teachers, Writers
Author/Editor: Lerner, Neal
Reframing Writing Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning
Author/Editor: Adler-Kassner, Linda; O'Neill, Peggy
Reinventing The University
Author/Editor: Schroeder, Christopher
Reinventing (with) Theory in Rhetoric and Writing Studies: Essays in Honor of Sharon Crowley
Relating to Rock Art in the Contemporary World
Author/Editor: Liam M. Brady,Paul S.C. Taçon
Relational Identities and Other-than-Human Agency in Archaeology
Author/Editor: Eleanor Harrison-Buck,Julia A. Hendon
Religion, History, and Place in the Origin of Settled Life
Author/Editor: Hodder, Ian
Religion, Politics, and Sugar
Author/Editor: Godfrey, Matthew
Relocating Authority
Author/Editor: Mira Shimabukuro
A Remarkable Curiosity
Author/Editor: Milanich, Jerald T
Remembering Lucile
Author/Editor: Polly E. Bugros McLean
Remembering the Dead in the Ancient Near East
Author/Editor: Porter, Benjamin W.; Boutin, Alexis T
Re/Orienting Writing Studies
Author/Editor: Banks, William P.; Cox, Matthew B.; Dadas, Caroline
Representation and Rebellion
Author/Editor: Rees, Jonathan H
Author/Editor: Mao, LuMing; Young, Morris
Representing Aztec Ritual: Performance, Text, and Image in the Work of Sahagun
Author/Editor: Eloise Quiñones Keber
Reprogrammable Rhetoric: Critical Making Theories and Methods in Rhetoric and Composition
Repurposing Composition
Author/Editor: Stenberg, Shari J
Researching Writing: An Introduction to Research Methods
Author/Editor: Joyce Kinkead
Reshaping New Spain
Author/Editor: Ruiz Medrano, Ethelia
Reshaping the World: Debates on Mesoamerican Cosmologies
Author/Editor: Ana Díaz
Retelling Trickster in Naapi's Language
Author/Editor: Nimachia Howe
Retention and Resistance
Author/Editor: Powell, Pegeen Reichert
Retention, Persistence, and Writing Programs
Return to Ixil: Maya Society in an Eighteenth-Century Yucatec Town
Author/Editor: Mark Christensen,Matthew Restall
Revelation, Resistance, and Mormon Polygamy
Author/Editor: Smith, Merina
Author/Editor: Harris, Joseph
Rewriting: How to Do Things with Texts, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Joseph Harris
Rewriting Maya Religion: Domingo de Vico, K’iche’ Maya Intellectuals, and the Theologia Indorum
Author/Editor: Garry G. Sparks
Re/Writing the Center
Author/Editor: Lawrence, Susan; Zawacki, Terry Myers
Rhetorical Speculations
Author/Editor: Sundvall, Scott
Rhetoric and Guns
A Rhetoric of Reflection
Author/Editor: Yancey, Kathleen
Rhetoric, Technology, and the Virtues
Author/Editor: Colton, Jared S.; Holmes, Steve
Rhetor Response
Author/Editor: Khost, Peter H
Risk Communication and Miscommunication
Author/Editor: Boiarsky, Carolyn
Rituals and Sisterhoods: Single Women's Households in Mexico, 1560–1750
Author/Editor: Amos Megged
Rituals of the Past
River Flowing From The Sunrise
Author/Editor: Aton, James M; McPherson, Robert
The River Knows Everything
Author/Editor: Aton, James M
Rocky Mountain Mammals
Author/Editor: Armstrong, David M
Roll Away Saloon
Author/Editor: Paulsen, Deirdre
A Roof Over My Head
Author/Editor: Jean Calterone Williams
Roughly For the North
Route for the Overland Stage
Author/Editor: Petersen, Jesse G
Ruins of the Past
Author/Editor: Stanton, Travis W.; Magnoni, Aline
Sacred Darkness
Author/Editor: Moyes, Holley
The San Luis Valley, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Simmons, Virginia McConnell
Santa Rita del Cobre
Author/Editor: Huggard, Christopher J.; Humble, Terrence M
Author/Editor: Cash, Marie Romero
Saying And Silence
Author/Editor: Farmer, Frank
Scared Text
Author/Editor: Baus, Eric
Scavengers: Stories
Science, Bread, and Circuses
Author/Editor: Schrempp, Gregory
The Science of Synthesis
Author/Editor: Hammond, Debora
A Seal Named Patches
Author/Editor: Roxanne Beltran ,Patrick Robinson
Search For A Common Language
Author/Editor: Graulich, Melody; Crumbley, Paul
Season of Terror
Author/Editor: Price, Charles F
The Secret Life of a Black Aspie: A Memoir
Author/Editor: ANAND PRAHLAD
Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth
Author/Editor: Steenburgh, Jim
Securing a Place for Reading in Composition
Author/Editor: Carillo, Ellen C
Seeking Conflict in Mesoamerica: Operational, Cognitive, and Experiential Approaches
Author/Editor: Shawn G. Morton,Meaghan M. Peuramaki-Brown
Self+Culture+Writing: Autoethnography for/as Writing Studies
Serendipity in Rhetoric, Writing, and Literacy Research
Author/Editor: Goggin, Maureen Daly; Goggin, Peter N
Serenity and Severity
Author/Editor: Caleb Seeling
Seven Demon Stories from Medieval Japan
Author/Editor: Noriko T. Reider
Seward's Folly: A New Look at the Alaska Purchase
Author/Editor: Lee A. Farrow
Shared Space
Author/Editor: Griffith, James
Shem Pete's Alaska: The Territory of the Upper Cook Inlet Dena'ina
Author/Editor: James Kari ,James A. Fall ,Shem Pete ,Daniel Alex ,Mike Alex ,Nickafor Alexan ,Emma Alexie ,Alexandra Allowan ,Tommy Allowan
She Took Off Her Wings And Shoes
Author/Editor: Bishop, Suzette
Shorty's Yarns
Author/Editor: Siems, Bill
Shoshonean Peoples and the Overland Trail
Author/Editor: Saunders Jr., Richard; Morgan, Dale L; Smoak, Gregory
Sin Eaters: Stories
Sites of Insight
Author/Editor: Lough, James; Smith, Christie
Situating Portfolios
Author/Editor: Yancey, Kathleen
Sixteen Teachers Teaching: Two-Year College Perspectives
Skywatching in the Ancient World
Author/Editor: Ruggles, Clive; Urton, Gary; Urton, Gary
Slender Man Is Coming
Author/Editor: Trevor J. Blank,Lynne S. McNeill
Snow Leopard
Author/Editor: Hunter, Don
Social Change and the Evolution of Ceramic Production and Distribution in a Maya Community
Author/Editor: Arnold, Dean E
Soils, Climate and Society
Author/Editor: Wingard, John D.; Hayes, Sue Eileen
Sojourning in Disciplinary Cultures
Author/Editor: Mathison, Maureen
Author/Editor: Henderson, Derek
Sorcery in Mesoamerica
Author/Editor: Jeremy D. Coltman,John M.D. Pohl
So They Understand
Author/Editor: Schneider, William
Southeastern Mesoamerica: Indigenous Interaction, Resilience, and Change
Author/Editor: Whitney A. Goodwin,Erlend Johnson,Alejandro J. Figueroa
Southern Paiute
Author/Editor: Hebner, Logan
Space-Time Perspectives on Early Colonial Moquegua
Author/Editor: Rice, Prudence M
Speaking Up, Speaking Out: Lived Experiences of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty in Writing Studies
Spirit Lands of the Eagle and Bear: Numic Archaeology and Ethnohistory in the Rocky Mountains and Borderlands
Author/Editor: Robert H. Brunswig
Staging Migrations toward an American West
Author/Editor: Effinger-Crichlow, Marta
Standing at the Threshold: Working through Liminality in the Composition and Rhetoric TAship
Starting from Loomis and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Kashiwagi, Hiroshi; Yamamura, Tim
State of Change
Author/Editor: Daum, Courtenay W.; Duffy, Robert; Straayer, John A
Still Life with Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Gries, Laurie
Still, the Small Voice
Author/Editor: Mould, Tom
Stones, Bones, and Profiles
Author/Editor: Marcel Kornfeld,Bruce B. Huckell
Stone Tools and the Evolution of Human Cognition
Author/Editor: Nowell, April; Davidson, Iain
Stories in Stone
Stories of Becoming: Demystifying the Professoriate for Graduate Students in Composition and Rhetoric
Stories of Our Lives
Author/Editor: de Caro, Frank
Stubborn Gal: The True Story of an Undefeated Sled Dog Racer
Author/Editor: Dan O’Neill ,Klara Maisch
Study of the Raft
Author/Editor: Leonora Simonovis
Style and the Future of Composition Studies
Subjects and Narratives in Archaeology
Author/Editor: Van Dyke, Ruth M.; Bernbeck, Reinhard
The Sun God and the Savior
Author/Editor: Stresser-Péan, Guy
Author/Editor: Cotler, T. Zachary
Author/Editor: Morehart, Christopher T.; De Lucia, Kristin
Survivance, Sovereignty, and Story
Author/Editor: King, Lisa; Gubele, Rose; Anderson, Joyce Rain
Surviving Sudden Environmental Change
Author/Editor: Jago Cooper
Sustainability and Water Management in the Maya World and Beyond
Sweeping the Way
Author/Editor: DiCesare, Catherine
Taken from the Paradise Isle
Author/Editor: Kim, Heidi
Tales of Canyonlands Cowboys
Author/Editor: Negri, Richard
Talking Back: Senior Scholars and Their Colleagues Deliberate the Past, Present, and Future of Writing Studies
The Tanana Chiefs: Native Rights and Western Law
Author/Editor: William Schneider ,Kevin Illingworth ,Will Mayo ,Natasha Singh ,Thomas Alton
Teaching Composition As A Social Process
Author/Editor: Mccomiskey, Bruce
Teaching Professional and Technical Communication
Author/Editor: Bridgeford, Tracy
Teaching Readers in Post-Truth America
Author/Editor: ELLEN C. CARILLO
A Teaching Subject
Author/Editor: Harris, Joseph
Teaching Subject, A
Author/Editor: Harris, Joseph
Teaching With Student Texts
Author/Editor: Harris, Joseph; Miles, John D; Paine, Charles
Teaching Writing through the Immigrant Story
A Tenderfoot in Colorado
Author/Editor: Townshend, Richard Baxter
Tender the Maker
Author/Editor: Hutchins, Christina
Teotihuacan and Early Classic Mesoamerica: Multiscalar Perspectives on Power, Identity, and Interregional Relations
Author/Editor: Claudia García-Des Lauriers ,Tatsuya Murakami
Author/Editor: Lee, Jongsoo; Brokaw, Galen
Author/Editor: Baquedano, Elizabeth
Thanks for Watching: An Anthropological Study of Video Sharing on YouTube
Author/Editor: Patricia G. Lange
"The Only True People"
Author/Editor: Bethany J. Beyyette,Lisa J. LeCount
These "Thin Partitions"
Author/Editor: Joshua D. Englehardt,Ivy A. Rieger
"The Touch of Civilization"
Author/Editor: Steven Sabol
Thiefing a Chance
Author/Editor: Prentice, Rebecca
Thinking Globally, Composing Locally
Author/Editor: Rice, Rich; St.Amant, Kirk
Threadbare: Class and Crime in Urban Alaska
Author/Editor: MARY KUDENOV
Three Comedies
Author/Editor: Racz, G; Racz, Gregary J
Through Their Eyes: A Community History of Eagle, Circle, and Central
Author/Editor: Michael Koskey ,Laurel Tyrrell ,Varpu Lotvonen
Through the Schoolhouse Door
Author/Editor: Bowman, Paddy; Hamer, Lynne
Thunder Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Author/Editor: Ariel de Vidas, Anath
Timberline U.S.A
Author/Editor: Williams, Donald
Tomorrow's Living Room
Author/Editor: Whitmarsh, Jason
Tongass Odyssey: Seeing the Forest Ecosystem through the Politics of Trees : a biologist’s memoir
Author/Editor: John Schoen
Toward a Conceptual Framework for the Study of Folklore and the Internet
Author/Editor: Blank, Trevor J
Toward an Anti-Capitalist Composition
Toward Translingual Realities in Composition
Author/Editor: Bou Ayash, Nancy
Tradition in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Blank, Trevor J.; Howard, Robert Glenn
The Trail of Gold and Silver
Author/Editor: Smith, Duane A
Transformations: Change Work across Writing Programs, Pedagogies, and Practices
Author/Editor: Ruecker, Todd
Transient Landscapes
Author/Editor: Wohl, Ellen E
Transitions and Transformations
Author/Editor: Elizabyth A. Hiscox
Translingual Pedagogical Perspectives: Engaging Domestic and International Students in the Composition Classroom
Transnational Writing Program Administration
Author/Editor: Martins, David S
Tutoring Second Language Writers
Twenty-One Genres and How to Write Them
Author/Editor: Dethier, Brock
The Two Standards
Author/Editor: Winterer, Heather
The Two Taríacuris and the Early Colonial and Prehispanic Past of Michoacán
Author/Editor: David L. Haskell
Uncertain Times
Author/Editor: Durrenberger, E. Paul
Under Construction
Author/Editor: Farris, Christine; Anson, Chris M
Unfortunate Emigrants
Author/Editor: Johnson, Kristin
Unitary Caring Science: Philosophy and Praxis of Nursing
Author/Editor: Jean Watson
Unsettling Assumptions
Author/Editor: Greenhill, Pauline; Tye, Diane
Update Culture and the Afterlife of Digital Writing
Author/Editor: JOHN R. GALLAGHER
Upper Level Disturbances
Author/Editor: Goodan, Kevin
Upsetting Composition Commonplaces
Author/Editor: Barnard, Ian
Uranium Frenzy
Author/Editor: Ringholz, Raye
Usable Pasts
Author/Editor: Tuleja, Tad
Utah in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Cannon, Brian Q.; Embry, Jessie L
Author/Editor: Babcock, Thomas F
The Verging Cities
Author/Editor: Scenters-Zapico, Natalie
Very Like a Whale
Author/Editor: White, Edward M.; Elliot, Norbert; Peckham, Irvin
Voice in the Wilderness
Author/Editor: Austin, Michael
Voices from Vilcabamba
Author/Editor: Bauer, Brian S.; Halac-Higashimori, Madeleine; Cantarutti, Gabriel E
The Wake of the Unseen Object: Travels through Alaska's Native Landscapes
Author/Editor: Tom Kizzia
Warrior Ways
Author/Editor: Eliason, Eric A.; Tuleja, Tad
Washakie Letters Of Willie Ottogary
Author/Editor: Kreitzer, Matthew
Water and Climate in the Western United States
Author/Editor: Lewis Jr., William M
Water & Climate/Western U.S
Author/Editor: Lewis, W
Water-Efficient Landscaping in the Intermountain West
Author/Editor: Kratsch, Heidi
Water Mask
Author/Editor: MONICA DEVINE
Water the Rocks Make
Author/Editor: David McElroy
Water Wise
Author/Editor: Mee, Wendy
Ways to the West
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Tim
We are Starved
Author/Editor: Kryah, Joshua
Wearing Culture
Author/Editor: Orr, Heather; Looper, Matthew
Weathering the Storm
Author/Editor: Matzen Jr., Richard N.; Abraham, Matthew
We Remain Traditional
Author/Editor: Chan, Sylvia
The Western San Juan Mountains
Author/Editor: Blair, Rob; Casey, Tom Ann; Romme, William H
Western Weird
Author/Editor: Todd, Mark
Westwater Lost and Found
Author/Editor: Milligan, Mike
What Every Senior Needs To.
Author/Editor: Nora, J
What Goes Around Comes Around
Author/Editor: Lau, Kimberly; Tokofsky, Peter; Winick, Stephen
What's True in Mormon Folklore?
Author/Editor: Wilson, William
What We Are Becoming
Author/Editor: Giberson, Gregory A.; Moriarty, Thomas A
What We Really Value
Author/Editor: Broad, Bob
When Our Words Return
Author/Editor: Schneider, William
Where She Always Was
Author/Editor: Lindsay, Frannie
Where the Red-Winged Blackbirds Sing: The Akimel O’odham and Cycles of Agricultural Transformation in the Phoenix Basin
Author/Editor: JENNIFER BESS
Who Owns This Text?
Author/Editor: Haviland, Carol Peterson; Mullin, Joan A
Whose Goals Whose Aspirations
Author/Editor: Fishman, Stephen
Why Dogs Stopped Flying
Author/Editor: Brewer, Kenneth
Why Those Who Shovel Are Silent: A History of Local Archaeological Knowledge and Labor
Author/Editor: Allison Mickel
Wicked, Incomplete, and Uncertain
Author/Editor: Swarts, Jason
Wide Rivers Crossed
Author/Editor: Wohl, Ellen E
Widow's Tale, A
Author/Editor: Hatch, Charles
Wildcat Women: Narratives of Women Breaking Ground in Alaska's Oil and Gas Industry
Author/Editor: Carla Williams ,Julia Feuer-Cotter ,Dermot Cole
Wildflowers of the Mountain West
Author/Editor: Anderson, Richard M.; Gunnell, Jay Dee; Goodspeed, Jerry L
Wildlife on the Wind
Author/Editor: Smith, Bruce L
Wild Rivers, Wild Rose
Winter Carnival in a Western Town
Author/Editor: Gabbert, Lisa
Winter Quarters
Author/Editor: Ward, Maurine
Wiring The Writing Center
Author/Editor: Hobson, Eric
With the Wind and the Waves: A Guide to Mental Health Practices in Alaska Native Communities
Author/Editor: Ray M. Droby
Wives, Mothers, and the Red Menace
Author/Editor: Brennan, Mary
Woman Of The River
Author/Editor: Westwood, Richard
Woman Prime
Author/Editor: GAIL C. DIMAGGIO
Women In Utah History
Author/Editor: Scott, Patricia Lyn; Thatcher, Linda
Women of the West
Author/Editor: Caleb Seeling
Women’s Ways of Making
Woody Plants of Utah
Author/Editor: Van Buren, Renee; Cooper, Janet G.; Shultz, Leila M
Words and Worlds Turned Around
Author/Editor: Tavárez, David
The Working Lives of New Writing Center Directors
Working on the Railroad, Walking in Beauty
Author/Editor: Youngdahl, Jay
Working with Faculty Writers
Author/Editor: Geller, Anne Ellen; Eodice, Michele
The Work of Teaching Writing: Learning from Fiction, Film, and Drama
Author/Editor: JOSEPH HARRIS
Worldviews And The American West
Author/Editor: Stewart, Polly
Worldviews of the Greenlanders: An Inuit Arctic Perspective
Author/Editor: Birgitte Sonne
Worth Their Salt Too
Author/Editor: Whitley, Colleen
WPAs in Transition
Author/Editor: Wooten, Courtney Adams; Babb, Jacob; Ray, Brian
The Writer's Style: A Rhetorical Field Guide
Author/Editor: Paul Butler
Writing across Contexts
Author/Editor: Yancey, Kathleen; Robertson, Liane; Taczak, Kara
Writing Across Cultures
Writing Across Difference: Theory and Intervention
Writing at the State U
Author/Editor: Isaacs, Emily
Writing Centers and the New Racism
Author/Editor: Greenfield, Laura; Rowan, Karen
Author/Editor: Strachan, Wendy
Writing Majors
Author/Editor: Giberson, Greg; Nugent, Jim; Ostergaard, Lori
Writing New Media
Author/Editor: Wysocki, Anne
Writing Program Architecture
Author/Editor: Finer, Bryna Siegel; White-Farnham, Jamie
Writing Their Bodies: Restoring Rhetorical Relations at the Carlisle Indian School
Author/Editor: SARAH KLOTZ
Writing With Elbow
Author/Editor: Belanoff, Pat
Wyoming Revisited
Author/Editor: Amundson, Michael A
Yellowcake Towns
Author/Editor: Amundson, Michael A
Yellowstone National Park
Author/Editor: BRADLY J. BONER
Yellowstone Wildlife
Author/Editor: Johnsgard, Paul A
Yungcautnguuq Nunam Qainga Tamarmi/All the Land's Surface is Medicine: Edible and Medicinal Plants of Southwest Alaska
Author/Editor: Ann Fienup-Riordan ,Alice Rearden ,Marie Meade ,Kevin Jernigan ,Kevin Jernigan ,Jacqueline Cleveland ,Sharon Birzer ,Richard W. Tyler
Zorba's Daughter
Author/Editor: Murawski, Elisabeth