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Gambling Debt
Author/Editor: E. Paul Durrenberger
Gambling on Ore
Author/Editor: Curtis, Kent
Gendered Labor in Specialized Economies
Author/Editor: Sophia E. Kelly,Traci Ardren
Generation Vet
Author/Editor: Doe, Sue; Langstraat, Lisa
Genre Across The Curriculum
Author/Editor: Herrington, Anne; Moran, Charles
Genre And The Invention Of The Writer
Author/Editor: Bawarshi, Anis
Genre and the Performance of Publics
The Geography of Water
Author/Editor: Mary Emerick
George W. Bush's Healthy Forests
Author/Editor: Vaughn, Jacqueline; Cortner, Hanna
The Geysers of Yellowstone, Fifth Edition
Author/Editor: Bryan, T. Scott
The Geysers of Yellowstone, Fourth Edition
Author/Editor: Bryan, T. Scott
Ghosts And The Japanese
Author/Editor: Iwasaka, Michiko; Toelken, Barre
Glass, Light, and Electricity
Go East, Young Man
Author/Editor: Francaviglia, Richard
Going North Thinking West
Author/Editor: Peckham, Irvin
Going Public
Author/Editor: Rose, Shirley K.; Weiser, Irwin
Gold Metal Waters: The Animas River and the Gold King Mine Spill
Author/Editor: Brad T. Clark ,Pete McCormick
Good God but You Smart!
Author/Editor: Stanford, Nichole E
Good Water
Author/Editor: Holdsworth, Kevin
Go Play Outside!: Tips, Tricks, and Tales from the Trails
Author/Editor: Nancy Fresco ,Elizabeth Cable ,Molly Cable ,Jay Cable
The Gospel of Progressivism
Author/Editor: Laugen, R. Todd
Governors and the Progressive Movement
Author/Editor: Berman, David R
Grasses of Colorado
Author/Editor: Shaw, Robert B
Grasses of the Intermountain Region
Author/Editor: Anderton, Laurel K.; Barkworth, Mary E
Great Basin National Park
Author/Editor: Baker, Gretchen M
The Greater Chaco Landscape: Ancestors, Scholarship, and Advocacy
The Great Maya Droughts in Cultural Context
Author/Editor: Iannone, Gyles
The Great Unknown
Author/Editor: Robinson, Greg
Guide to College Writing Assessment
Author/Editor: O'Neill, Peggy; Moore, Cindy; Huot, Brian
A Guide to Peril Strait and Wrangell Narrows, Alaska
Author/Editor: William Morgan Hopkins