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The Sacredness of the Person
Author/Editor: Joas, Hans
Saints and Feasts of the Liturgical Year
Author/Editor: Tylenda, Joseph N
Salafism in Lebanon
Author/Editor: Rabil, Robert G
The Sanctity of Human Life
Author/Editor: Novak, David
Scandalous Politics
Author/Editor: Juliet F. Gainsborough
School's In
Author/Editor: Paul Manna
Science and Religion
Author/Editor: David Marshall
Sexual Ethics
Author/Editor: Todd A. Salzman
The Sexual Person
Author/Editor: Salzman, Todd A.; Lawler, Michael G
Sex, Violence, and Justice
Author/Editor: Kalbian, Aline H
Sin, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation
The Social Mission of the U.S. Catholic Church
Author/Editor: Curran, Charles E
A Song to My City
Author/Editor: Johnson, James Turner
Soviet Leaders and Intelligence
Author/Editor: Garthoff, Raymond L
Spanish as a Heritage Language in the United States
Author/Editor: Beaudrie, Sara M.; Fairclough, Marta
Spies, Patriots, and Traitors
Author/Editor: Daigler, Kenneth A
Spying in America
Author/Editor: Michael J. Sulick
Strategic Advantage
Author/Editor: Bruce Berkowitz
Strategic Challenges in the Baltic Sea Region
Author/Editor: Dahl, Ann-Sofie
Strategic Warning Intelligence
Author/Editor: Gentry, John A.; Gordon, Joseph S
Strategy, Evolution, and War
Author/Editor: Payne, Kenneth
Strategy in the Second Nuclear Age
Author/Editor: Yoshihara, Toshi; Holmes, James R
The Structures of Virtue and Vice
Author/Editor: DANIEL J. DALY
Subject Pronoun Expression in Spanish
Author/Editor: Carvalho, Ana M.; Orozco, Rafael; Shin, Naomi Lapidus
Surrogate Warfare
Author/Editor: Krieg, Andreas; Rickli, Jean-Marc
Sustaining Linguistic Diversity
Author/Editor: King, Kendall A.; Schilling-Estes, Natalie; Fogle, Lyn Wright