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100 Jahre Georgia Augusta Gottingensis - (K)ein Grund zum Feiern - Prosa und Dichtung über die Säkularfeier 1837
Author/Editor: Schreiner, Sonja
10 Análisis no-lineal de materiales compuestos mediante la teoría de mezclas serie-paralelo
Author/Editor: Martínez ,Xavier,Oller ,Sergio,Rastellini ,Fernando
11 Análisis numérico de la reparación y refuerzo de estructuras con FRP
Author/Editor: Oller ,Sergio,Molina ,Maritzabel,Vielma Carlos ,Juan,Martínez ,Xavier,Barbat H. ,Alex,Nallim ,Liz
11 Moral Neuroenhancement
Author/Editor: Earp D. ,Brian,Douglas ,Thomas,Savulescu ,Julian
1912-2012 El siglo de los comunistas chilenos
1914: Austria-Hungary, the Origins, and the First Year of World War I
Author/Editor: Bischof ,Günter,Karlhofe ,Ferdinand,Williamson, Jr. R. ,Samuel (Guest Editor)
1964 - das Jahr, mit dem "68" begann
The 2006 Military Takeover in Fiji : A Coup to End All Coups?
Author/Editor: Stewart Firth ,Firth,Fraenkel ,Jon,Brij ,V.Lal
20 Jahre Asylkompromiss : Bilanz und Perspektiven
21st Century Cooperation : Regional Public Goods, Global Governance, and Sustainable Development
3.1 Etica di impresa
Author/Editor: Ciappei, Cristiano,Ninci, Debora
38 Emperical Perspectives on Consciousness and its Relationship to Free Will and Moral Responsibility
Author/Editor: Levy ,Neil
3 The professional audiences of the Hippocratic Epidemics : Patient cases in Hippocratic scientific communication
Author/Editor: Thumiger ,Chiara
4000 Years of Migration and Cultural Exchange : The Archaeology of the Batanes Islands, Northern Philippines
Author/Editor: Bellwood , Peter,Dizon ,Eusebio
4.1 Il realismo strategico nel governo d'impresa
Author/Editor: Ciappei, Cristiano
60 Jahre Studium Generale und 20 Jahre Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft : Entstehung - Dokumente - Konzeptionen
Author/Editor: Robertson-von Trotha ,Caroline Y.
6 The user-friendly Galen : Ḥunayn ibn Isḥāq and the adaptation of Greek medicine for a new audience
Author/Editor: Vagelpohl ,Uwe
9 Reading Galen in Byzantium : The fate of Therapeutics to Glaucon
Author/Editor: Bouras-Vallianatos ,Petros