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Naar een algemeen etnisch minderheidsbeleid?
Author/Editor: Penninx ,R.
Naar een Europabrede Unie
Author/Editor: WRR
Naar een nieuwe sociale investeringsagenda: de toekomst van de Nederlandse verzorgingsstaat
Author/Editor: WRR/SER
Naar een vrijwel volledige arbeidsparticipatie
Author/Editor: Hazeu ,C.A.,Eggelte ,J.J.A.,Butter den ,F.A.G.
Naar nieuwe wegen in milieubeleid
Author/Editor: WRR
Nadenke oor 500 jaar se Reformatoriese teologie
Author/Editor: Van Wyk W.C. ,Ignatius (Natie)
Nako : Research and Conservation in the Western Himalayas
Author/Editor: Krist ,Gabriela
Name, Shame and Blame: Criminalising Consensual Sex in Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: Stewart ,Christine
Names in Focus: An Introduction to Finnish Onomastics
Author/Editor: Saarelma ,Minna,Sjöblom ,Paula,Ainiala ,Terhi
Narrative Concepts in the Study of Eighteenth-Century Literature
Author/Editor: Mäkikalli ,Aino,Steinby ,Liisa
Narratives of Low Countries History and Culture
Narratives of Place, Culture and Identity : Second-Generation Greek-Americans Return 'Home'
Author/Editor: Christou ,Anastasia
Narratology, Hermeneutics, and Midrash : Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Narratives from the Late Antiquity through to Modern Times
Author/Editor: Cordoni ,Constanza,Langer ,Gerhard
Narrow But Endlessly Deep: The struggle for memorialisation in Chile since the transition to democracy
Author/Editor: Read ,Peter,Wyndham ,Marivic
Nascita ed evoluzione del distretto orafo di Arezzo, 1947-2001
Author/Editor: Lazzeretti, Luciana
A National Asset: 50 Years of the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre
Nationale identiteit en meervoudig verleden
Author/Editor: Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid,Grever ,Maria,Ribbens ,Kees
Nationalepen zwischen Fakten und Fiktionen
Author/Editor: Detering ,Heinrich,Hoffmann ,Torsten,Pasewalck ,Silke,Pormeister ,Eve
National Language Planning and Language Shifts in Malaysian Minority Communities : Speaking in Many Tongues
National Reconviction Statistics and Studies in Europe = Nationale Rückfallstatistiken und -untersuchungen in Europa
Author/Editor: Albrecht, Hans-Jörg,Jehle, Jörg-Martin
Nation-Building as Necessary Effort in Fragile States
Author/Editor: Grotenhuis ,René
A Nation on the Line : Call Centers as Postcolonial Predicaments in the Philippines
Author/Editor: Padios ,Jan M.
NATO, Neutrality and National Identity: the case of Austria and Hungary
Author/Editor: Kovác ,András
Natural causes of language: Frames, biases, and cultural transmission
Author/Editor: Enfield ,N. J.
The Naturalist and his ‘Beautiful Islands’ Charles Morris Woodford in the Western Pacific
Author/Editor: Lawrence Russell ,David
Natur als Grenzerfahrung - Europäische Perspektiven der Mensch-Natur-Beziehung in Mittelalter und Neuzeit: Ressourcennutzung, Entdeckungen, Naturkatastrophen
Author/Editor: Kreye, Lars,Stühring, Carsten,Zwingelberg, Tanja
Natural Water Treatment Systems for Safe and Sustainable Water Supply in the Indian Context : Saph Pani
Nature, Nurture and Chance : The Lives of Frank and Charles Fenner
Author/Editor: Fenner ,Frank
The Nature of Northern Australia: its natural values, ecological processes and future prospects
Author/Editor: Nix ,Henry,Mackey ,Brendan,Traill ,Barry,Woinarski ,John
Natur und Gesellschaft - Perspektiven der interdisziplinären Umweltgeschichte
Author/Editor: Jakubowski-Tiessen, Manfred,Sprenger, Jana
Naturvetarna, ingenjörerna och valfrihetens samhälle: Rekrytering till teknik och naturvetenskap under svensk efterkrigstid
Author/Editor: Lövheim ,Daniel
Naval Leadership in the Atlantic World: The Age of Reform and Revolution, 1700–1850
Navigating Borders : Inside Perspectives on the Process of Human Smuggling into the Netherlands
Author/Editor: Liempt van ,Ilse
Navigating the Future: An Ethnography of Change in Papua New Guinea
Navigating the Kingdom of Night
Author/Editor: Matthews T ,Amy
Nazi Soundscapes : Sound, Technology and Urban Space in Germany, 1933-1945
Author/Editor: Birdsall ,Carolyn
Nederland als immigratiesamenleving
Author/Editor: WRR
Nederland en de Europese grondwet - 1
Author/Editor: Pelkmans ,Jacques,Sie Dhian Ho ,Monika
Nederland handelsland: het perspectief van de transactiekosten
Author/Editor: WRR
Nederland in de Wereld, De Wereld in Nederland: werkprogramma 2008-2010
Author/Editor: WRR
Nederland multicultureel en pluriform? : Een aantal conceptuele studies
Author/Editor: Lucassen ,Jan,Ruijter de ,Arie
Nederlandse elites in de twintigste eeuw : Continuïteit en verandering
Nederlands in het perspectief van uitspraakverwerving en contrastieve taalkunde
Author/Editor: Rasier ,Laurent,Heuven , Vincent van,Defrancq ,Bart,Hiligsmann ,Philippe
Negen muzen, tien geboden. Historische en methodologische gevalstudies over de interactie tussen literatuur en ethiek
Author/Editor: Biebuck ,Benjamin,Buelens ,Gert,Moor de ,Katrien,Keunen ,Bart,Martens ,Gunther,Praet ,Danny,Roose ,Alexander,Verbaal ,Wim
Negotiating the Sacred : Blasphemy and Sacrilege in a Multicultural Society
Author/Editor: Burns Coleman ,Elizabeth,White ,Kevin
Negotiating the Sacred II : Blasphemy and Sacrilege in the Arts
Author/Editor: Fernandes-Dias Suzette ,Maria,Burns Coleman ,Elizabeth
Negotiating Tradition - The pragmatics of international deliberations on Cultural Property
Author/Editor: Groth, Stefan
Negotiations of the 'New World' : The Omnipresence of 'Global' as a Political Phenomenon
Author/Editor: Selchow ,Sabine
Negro Soy Yo
Author/Editor: Perry D. ,Marc
Nervenschwäche und Krieg : Modernitätskritik und Krisenbewältigung in der Österreichischen Psychiatrie (1880-1920)
Author/Editor: Hofer ,Hans-Georg
Nessuna isola è un'isola
Author/Editor: Costa, Giorgio
The Netherlands and the Oil Crisis : Business as Usual
Author/Editor: Hellema ,Duco,Wiebes ,Cees,Witte ,Toby
The Netherlands Indies and the Great War, 1914-1918
Author/Editor: Dijk van ,Kees
Networked Governance of Freedom and Tyranny : Peace in Timor-Leste
Author/Editor: Braithwaite ,John,Charlesworth ,Hilary,Soares ,Adérito
Networks and institutions in Europe's emerging markets
Author/Editor: Schoenman ,Roger
Networks in the Russian Market Economy
Author/Editor: Lonkila ,Markku
Networks of Power : Political Relations in the Late Postclassic Naco Valley
Author/Editor: Schortman ,Edward,Urban ,Patricia
Neue alte Rassismen? : Differenz und Exklusion in Europa nach 1989
Neue Formen der Wissenschaftskommunikation - eine Fallstudienuntersuchung
Author/Editor: Hagenhoff, Svenja,Seidenfaden, Lutz,Ortelbach, Björn,Schumann, Matthias
Neue Inschriften von Olympia : Die ab 1896 veroffentlichten Texte
Author/Editor: Taeuber ,Hans,Siewert ,Peter
Neue Perspektiven im Vormundschafts- und Pflegschaftsrecht - 9. Göttinger Workshop zum Familienrecht 2010
Author/Editor: Coester-Waltjen, Dagmar,Lipp, Volker,Schumann, Eva,Veit, Barbara
Neuer Nationalismus im östlichen Europa : Kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven
Neue Wege beruflicher Qualifizierung zur Stärkung der wirtschaftlichen Prosperität : berufliche Bildung im Kontext des lebenslangen Lernens ; Herausforderungen an Staat und Unternehmen
Author/Editor: Rothe ,Georg
Neue Wege der Hochschulgovernance
Author/Editor: Lüde ,Rolf von
New Accountabilities, New Challenges
Author/Editor: Wanna ,John,Lindquist A. ,Evert,Marshall ,Penelope
The new aestheticism
Author/Editor: Joughin ,John J.,Malpas ,Simon
New Approaches to the Analysis of Jihadism : Online and Offline
Author/Editor: Lohlker ,Rüdiger
New Countries : Capitalism, Revolutions, and Nations in the Americas, 1750-1870
A New Dawn for the Second Sex
Author/Editor: Vintges ,Karen
New Directions for Law in Australia : Essays in Contemporary Law Reform
New Directions in Archaeological Science (TA28)
Author/Editor: Marwick ,Ben,Fairbairn ,Andrew,O'Connor ,Sue
New directions in corpus-based translation studies
Author/Editor: Fantinuoli ,Claudio,Pontrandolfo ,Gianluca,Sanz ,Zuriñe,Saridakis ,Ioannis E.,Serbina ,Tatiana,Uribarri ,Ibon,Zanettin ,Frederico,Zubillaga ,Naroa,Zanettin ,Federico,Doms ,Steven,Fantinuoli ,Claudio,Fotopoulou ,Angeliki,Lapshinova-Koltunski ,Ekaterina,Mou
New Directions in Dental Anthropology: Paradigms, methodologies and outcomes
Author/Editor: Kanazawa ,Eisaku,Townsend ,Grant,Takayama ,Hiroshi
A New Era? Timor-Leste after the UN
Author/Editor: Ingram ,Sue,Kent ,Lia,McWilliam ,Andrew
The New Eurocrats : National Civil Servants in EU Policymaking
Author/Editor: Geuijen ,Karin,'t Hart ,Paul,Princen ,Sebastiaan,Yesilkagit ,Kutsal
New forms of collaborative innovation and production on the internet - an interdisciplinary perspective
Author/Editor: Wittke, Volker,Hanekop, Heidemarie
New Germans, New Dutch : Literary Interventions
Author/Editor: Minnaard ,Liesbeth
A New Idea Each Morning: How food and agriculture came together in one international organisation
Author/Editor: Way ,Wendy
New Insights in the History of Interpreting
New Mana: Transformations of a Classic Concept in Pacific Languages and Cultures
Author/Editor: Matt Tomlinson,Kāwika Tengan P. ,Ty
New Mexico and the Pimería Alta : The Colonial Period in the American Southwest
Author/Editor: Douglass ,John,Graves ,William M.
New Mythological Figures in Spanish Cinema : Dissident Bodies under Franco
Author/Editor: Feenstra ,Pietsie
The New Pacific Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Fry ,Greg,Tarte ,Sandra
New Perspectives in Southeast Asian and Pacific Prehistory: Terra Australis 45
New perspectives on cohesion and coherence
New Perspectives on Games and Interaction
New Perspectives on Investment in Infrastructures
Author/Editor: Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid
The New Presence of China in Africa
New Publication Cultures in the Humanities: Exploring the Paradigm Shift
The New Russian Nationalism
Author/Editor: Kolstø ,Pal,Blakkisrud ,Helge
The New Second Generation in Switzerland: Youth of Turkish and Former Yugoslav Descent in Zurich and Basel
Author/Editor: Fibbi ,Rosita,Topgül ,Ceren,Ugrina ,Dusan
A New Social Question? : On Minimum Income Protection in the Postindustrial Era
Author/Editor: Marx ,Ive
New Sounds, New Stories : Narrativity in Contemporary Music
Author/Editor: Meelberg ,Vincent
Newton and the Netherlands : How Isaac Newton was Fashioned in the Dutch Republic
Author/Editor: Jorink ,E.,Maas ,A.
New Worlds from Below: Informal life politics and grassroots action in twenty-first-century Northeast Asia
Ngapartji Ngapartji: In turn, in turn: Ego-histoire, Europe and Indigenous Australia
Author/Editor: Castejon ,Vanessa,Cole ,Anna,Haag ,Oliver,Hughes ,Karen
NGOs and Political Change. A History of the Australian Council for International Development
Author/Editor: Kilby ,Patrick
NGOs and Post-Conflict Recovery : The Leitana Nehan Women?s Development Agency, Bougainville
Author/Editor: Ninnes Bert Jenkins ,Peter,Hakena ,Helen,Jenkins ,Bert
NGOs in India : The challenges of women's empowerment and accountability
Author/Editor: Kilby ,Patrick
Nicht auf Sand bauen – Herausforderungen für das soziale Engagement der Kirche in Burkina Faso
Author/Editor: Ouedraogo ,Isidore
Nichtregierungsorganisationen, soziale Bewegungen und Global Governance : Eine kritische Bestandsaufnahme
Author/Editor: Stickler ,Armin
Nieuwe kansen voor taalonderwijs aan anderstaligen
Author/Editor: Emmelot ,Y.,Schooten van ,E.,Timman ,Y.,Verhallen ,M.,Verhallen ,S.
Nieuwe spelers en andere zekerheden
Nieuw in Nederland : Feesten en rituelen in verandering
Author/Editor: Stengs ,Irene
Nikolaus II. Esterházy und die Kunst : Biografie eines manischen Sammlers
Author/Editor: Körner ,Stefan
The Nile: Natural and Cultural Landscape in Egypt : Proceedings of the International Symposium held at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, 22 & 23 February 2013
Author/Editor: Willems (Ed.) ,Harco,Dahms ,Jan-Michael
The Nimboran Language
Author/Editor: Anceaux ,J.
Nineteenth-Century Borneo
Author/Editor: Irwin ,G.
Nipisat - a Saqqaq culture site in Sisimiut, central West Greenland (Vol. 331)
Author/Editor: Anne Birgitte Gotfredsen,Tinna Møbjerg
Näkökulmia tilintarkastukseen ja arviointiin
Noble conceptions of politics in eighteenth-century Sweden (ca 1740–1790)
Author/Editor: Wolff ,Charlotta
Noblewomen, aristocracy and power in the twelfth-century Anglo-Norman realm
Author/Editor: Johns ,Susan M
Nocturnal Fabulations: Ecology, Vitality and Opacity in the Cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Author/Editor: Bordeleau ,Érik,Pape ,Toni,Rose-Antoinette ,Ronald,Szymanski ,Adam
Nodes of Contemporary Finnish Literature
Nog steeds een mirakel? De legitimiteit van het poldermodel in de eenentwintigste eeuw
Noise in and as music
Néologie canadienne de Jacques Viger : Manuscrits de 1810
Author/Editor: Viger ,Jacques,Blais ,Suzelle,Lapierre ,André
Nomads, Empires, States : Modes of Foreign Relations and Political Economy, Volume I
Author/Editor: van der Pijl ,Kees
Non-activiteit in de grootstedelijke gebieden in kaart gebracht
Author/Editor: Berg van den ,A.,Eijk van ,Th.,Misdorp ,P.
No news is bad news! The role of the media and news framing in embedding Europe - 20
Author/Editor: Vreese de ,C.H.
Nonhuman voices in Anglo-Saxon literature and material culture
Author/Editor: Paz ,James
Non-thermal Plasma Technology for the Improvement of Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine - A Review
Author/Editor: Cools ,Pieter,Vrekhem van ,Stijn,Ghobeira ,Rouba,Geyterand van ,Nathalie,Morent ,Rino
Nordic agriculture air and climate
Author/Editor: Antman ,Anne,Brubæk ,Stein,Andersen Hessellund ,Bente,Lindqvist ,Kajsa,Markus-Johansson ,Miriam,Sørensen ,Jacob,Teerikangas ,Jenny
Nordic best practices
Author/Editor: Hillgrén ,Anna,Bröckl ,Marika,Halonen ,Mikko
Nordic checklist food contact materials: Declaration of compliance and supporting documentation
Author/Editor: Fabech ,Bente,Li ,Ågot,Mikkelsen ,Bjørg,Norström Lagerstedt ,Åsa,Rajakangas ,Liisa,Sem ,Signe,Tollin ,Agneta,Virtanen ,Merja,Christiansen ,Mette,Furuhagen ,Christin,Guðjónsdóttir ,Katrín,Holm ,Mette,Håland Tesdal ,Julie,Jónsdóttir ,Ingibjörg,Kostamo ,Pirk
Nordic digital identification (eID)
Author/Editor: Hansteen ,Kjell,Ølnes ,Jon,Alvik ,Tor
Nordic Economic Policy Review
Author/Editor: Andersen M. ,Torben,Johnsen V. ,Julian,Løken V. ,Katrine,Holmlund ,Helena,Gupta Datta ,Nabanita,Christensen Jesper ,Bent,Bergh ,Andreas,Mollerstrom ,Johanna,Moene ,Kalle,Roine ,Jesper,Bratsberg ,Bernt,Roed ,Knut,Svarer ,Michael,Rosholm ,Michael,Takalo ,Tu
Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2012 : Integrating nutrition and physical activity
Author/Editor: Nordic Council of Ministers
Norge i Latin-Amerika : Forbindelser og forestillinger
Author/Editor: Marsteintredet ,Leiv
Northeast Migrants in Delhi : Race, Refuge and Retail
Author/Editor: McDuie-Ra ,Duncan
The Northernmost Ruins of the Globe (Vol. 329):Eigil Knuth's Archaeological Investigations in Peary Land and Adjacent Areas of High Arctic Greenland
Author/Editor: Bjarne Grønnow,Jens Fog Jensen
Norwegian–Russian political relations and Barents oil and gas developments
Author/Editor: Overland ,Indra,Krivorotov ,Andrey
Nostalgia for the Present : Ethnography and Photography in a Moroccan Berber Village
Author/Editor: Deseyn ,Bart,Crawford ,David,Bamouh ,Abdelkrim
Notities over een heroriëntatie van het kunstbeleid
Author/Editor: Kassies ,J.
No Truck with the Chilean Junta! : Trade Union Internationalism, Australia and Britain, 1973-1980
Author/Editor: Jones ,Ann
Not Written in Stone : Jews, Constitutions, and Constitutionalism in Canada
Author/Editor: Elazar J. ,Daniel,Brown ,Michael,Robinson ,Ira
Novel Districts: Critical Readings of Monika Fagerholm
The Novel Map : Space and Subjectivity in Nineteenth-Century French Fiction
Author/Editor: Bray ,Patrick
Novels, Histories, Novel Nations : Historical Fiction and Cultural Memory in Finland and Estonia
Now Peru Is Mine : The Life and Times of a Campesino Activist
Author/Editor: Llamojha Mitma ,Manuel,Heilman ,Jaymie Patricia
Når musikken gir mening.
Author/Editor: Christensen Wagle ,Torild
NS-Siedlungen in Wien
Author/Editor: Weinberger ,Ingeburg
Nuaulu Religious Practices; The frequency and reproduction of rituals in a Moluccan society
Author/Editor: Ellen ,Roy
Nuaulu Settlement and Ecology
Author/Editor: Ellen ,R.F.
Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation : Towards a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World?
Author/Editor: Lodgaard ,Sverre
Nuel Belnap on Indeterminism and Free Action
Numerical Modelling of Industrial Induction
Author/Editor: Bermudez ,A.,Gomez ,D.,Muniz ,M.C.,Salgado ,P.,Vazquez ,R.
Numinous Subjects : Engendering the Sacred in Western Culture, An Essay
Author/Editor: Tatman ,Lucy
The Nuremberg Trials: International Criminal Law Since 1945 : 60th Anniversary International Conference
Author/Editor: Reginbogin ,Herbert R.,Safferling ,Christoph
Nurse Writers of the Great War
Author/Editor: Hallett ,Christine E.
Nursing with a Message : Public Health Demonstration Projects in New York City
Author/Editor: D'Antonio ,Patricia
Nuussuarmiut (Vol. 345):Hunting families on the big headland
Author/Editor: Keld Hansen