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Wachstumsgesetz oder Kurzungstendenz?: Gedachtnispsychologische Erkenntnisse zu den inhaltlichen Uberhangen in den synoptischen Paralleltraditionen, Vol. 104
Author/Editor: Torben Plitt
Wat valt er eigenlijk te begrijpen?: Een essay voor Beethovenliefhebbers en Schonberghaters
Author/Editor: Pieter Bergé
The Weeping Rock: Revisiting Niobe through 'Paragone', 'Pathosformel' and Petrification, Vol. 17
Author/Editor: Barbara Baert
What about Enthusiasm? A Rehabilitation: Pentecost, Pygmalion, 'Pathosformel', Vol. 13
Author/Editor: Barbara Baert
When Gods Speak to Men: Divine Speech according to Textual Sources in the Ancient Mediterranean Basin, Vol. 289
Author/Editor: Stéphanie Anthonioz ,Alice Mouton ,Daniel Petit
Who's Who around Deir el-Medina: Untersuchungen zur Organisation, Prosopographie und Entwicklung des Versorgungspersonals fur die Arbeitersiedlung und das Tal der Konige, Vol. 31
Author/Editor: Kathrin Gabler
Why Read the Bible in the Original Languages?
Author/Editor: Takamitsu Muraoka
William Whiston and the Apostolic Constitutions: Completing the Reformation
Author/Editor: PAUL R. GILLIAM III
Wisdom of Ben Sira
Author/Editor: Takamitsu Muraoka
With Gentleness and Respect: Pauline and Petrine Studies in Honor of Troy W. Martin, Vol. 40
Wohltatigkeit im antiken und spatantiken Christentum, Vol. 16
Author/Editor: Andreas Müller
Women and Power in Hellenistic Poetry, Vol. 26
Author/Editor: M.A. Harder ,J.J.H. Klooster ,R.F. Regtuit ,G.C. Wakker
Worked Animal Bone of the Neolithic North Aegean, Vol. 59
Author/Editor: Jarrad W. Paul
Writing, Rewriting, and Overwriting in the Books of Deuteronomy and the Former Prophets: Essays in Honor of Cynthia Edenburg, Vol. 304