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The Ebb of the Pink Tide: The Decline of the Left in Latin America
Author/Editor: Mike Gonzalez
Ecocide: A Short History of the Mass Extinction of Species
Author/Editor: Franz J. Broswimmer
Ecological Debt: Global Warming and the Wealth of Nations
Author/Editor: Andrew Simms
Econ-Art: Divorcing Art From Science in Modern Economics
Author/Editor: Rick Szostak
Economic and Monetary Sovereignty in 21st Century Africa
Author/Editor: Maha Ben Gadha ,Fadhel Kaboub ,Kai Koddenbrock ,Ines Mahmoud ,Ndongo Samba Sylla ,Prabhat Patnaik
Economic Liberalization and Political Violence: Utopia or Dystopia?
Author/Editor: Francisco Gutiérrez,Gerd Schönwälder,Einas Ahmed,Richard Banégas,Mauricio Barón,Jairo Baquero Melo,Frederick Golooba-Mutebi,Francisco Gutiérrez,Yao Kouman Adingra,Roland Marchal,Ramón Pajuelo Teves,Ricardo Peñaranda,Alain Toh
Economics After Capitalism: A Guide to the Ruins and a Road to the Future
Author/Editor: Derek Wall,David Bollier,Nandor Tanczos
Economics: A New Introduction
Author/Editor: HUGH STRETTON
The Economics of Killing: How the West Fuels War and Poverty in the Developing World
Author/Editor: Vijay Mehta
Economics Transformed: Discovering the Brilliance of Marx
The Educated Underclass: Students and the Promise of Social Mobility
Author/Editor: Gary Roth
Egypt: Contested Revolution
Author/Editor: Philip Marfleet
El Golpe: US Labor, the CIA, and the Coup at Ford in Mexico
Author/Editor: Rob McKenzie ,Patrick Dunne
Elinor Ostrom's Rules for Radicals: Cooperative Alternatives beyond Markets and States
Author/Editor: Derek Wall
Elite Capture: How the Powerful Took Over Identity Politics (And Everything Else)
Author/Editor: Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò
Elite Transition - Revised and Expanded Edition: From Apartheid to Neoliberalism in South Africa
Author/Editor: Patrick Bond
Ellen Wilkinson: From Red Suffragist to Government Minister
Author/Editor: Paula Bartley,Sarah Irving,Paul Le Blanc
Empire and the Bomb: How the U.S. Uses Nuclear Weapons to Dominate the World
Author/Editor: Joseph Gerson
The Empire at Home: Internal Colonies and the End of Britain
Author/Editor: James Trafford
Empire in Denial: The Politics of State-Building
Empire in the Age of Globalisation: US Hegemony and Neo-Liberal Disorder
Author/Editor: Ray Kiely
Empire of Knowledge: Culture and Plurality in the Global Economy
Author/Editor: Vinay Lal
Empire of Normality: Neurodiversity and Capitalism
Author/Editor: Robert Chapman
Empire of the Periphery: Russia and the World System
Author/Editor: Boris Kagarlitsky,Renfrey Clarke
Empire's Endgame: Racism and the British State
Author/Editor: Gargi Bhattacharyya,Adam Elliott-Cooper,Sita Balani,Kerem Nişancıoğlu,Kojo Koram,Dalia Gebrial,Nadine El-Enany,Luke de Noronha
Employment Rights, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: Richard W. Painter,Keith Puttick,Ann Holmes
Endless War?: Hidden Functions of the 'War on Terror'
Author/Editor: David Keen
The End of Development?: Modernity, Post-Modernity and Development
Author/Editor: Trevor Parfitt
The End of Jewish Modernity
Author/Editor: Enzo Traverso,David Fernbach
The End of Tolerance: Racism in 21st Century Britain
Author/Editor: ARUN KUNDNANI
Energy Revolutions: Profiteering versus Democracy
Author/Editor: David Toke
England's Discontents: Political Cultures and National Identities
Author/Editor: Mike Wayne
Enough: Why It's Time to Abolish the Super-Rich
Author/Editor: Luke Hildyard
Environmental Warfare in Gaza: Colonial Violence and New Landscapes of Resistance
Author/Editor: Shourideh C. Molavi ,Eyal Weizman
Epic Recession: Prelude to Global Depression
Author/Editor: Jack Rasmus
Eradicating Extreme Poverty: Democracy, Globalisation and Human Rights
Author/Editor: Xavier Godinot,Angela Cady,Andrew Hayes,Judith Stone
Erasing Iraq: The Human Costs of Carnage
Ere Roosevelt Came: A Record of the Adventures of the Man in the Cloak - A Pan-African Novel of the Global 1930s
Author/Editor: Duse Mohamed Ali ,Marina Bilbija ,Alex Lubin
Escape Routes: Control and Subversion in the Twenty-First Century
Ethnic Distinctions, Local Meanings: Negotiating Cultural Identities in China
Author/Editor: Mary Rack
Ethnicity and Nationalism: Anthropological Perspectives
Author/Editor: Thomas Hylland Eriksen,Vered Amit,Jon P. Mitchell
Ethnic Warfare in Sri Lanka and the UN Crisis
Author/Editor: William Clarance
Ethnography and Prostitution in Peru
Author/Editor: Lorraine Nencel
Europe and Its Shadows: Coloniality after Empire
Author/Editor: Hamid Dabashi
The European Radical Left: Movements and Parties since the 1960s
Author/Editor: Giorgos Charalambous
The European Union: A Critical Guide
Author/Editor: Steven P. McGiffen
The European Union and Turkish Accession: Human Rights and the Kurds
Author/Editor: Kerim Yildiz,Mark Muller,Noam Chomsky
European Union Foreign Policy: What It is and What It Does
Author/Editor: Hazel Smith
Europe Inc.: Regional & Global Restructuring and the Rise of Corporate Power
Author/Editor: Belén Balanyá,Ann Doherty,Olivier Hoedeman,Adam Ma’anit,Erik Wesselius
Europe’s Alliance with Israel: Aiding the Occupation
Author/Editor: David Cronin
Exodus From Empire: The Fall of America's Empire and the Rise of the Global Community
Author/Editor: Terrence E. Paupp
Explorations in Cultural History
Author/Editor: T.G. Ashplant,Gerry Smyth
Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide
Author/Editor: Vincent Liegey ,Anitra Nelson ,Jason Hickel
External Debt: Brazil and the International Financial Crisis
Author/Editor: Marcos Arruda,Peter Lenny