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Laboratories of Learning: Social Movements, Education and Knowledge-Making in the Global South
Author/Editor: Mario Novelli ,Birgül Kutan ,Patrick Kane ,Adnan Çelik ,Tejendra Pherali ,Saranel Benjamin
Labour and the Challenges of Globalization: What Prospects For Transnational Solidarity?
Author/Editor: Andreas Bieler,Ingemar Lindberg,Devan Pillay,Samir Amin
Labour Revolt in Britain 1910-14
Author/Editor: Ralph Darlington
Land, Law and Environment: Mythical Land, Legal Boundaries
Author/Editor: Allen Abramson,Dimitrios Theodossopoulos
Landmines and Unexploded Ordnance: A Resource Book
Author/Editor: Rae McGrath
Landscape, Memory and History: Anthropological Perspectives
Author/Editor: Pamela J. Stewart,Andrew Strathern
Language and Hegemony in Gramsci
Author/Editor: Peter Ives
Language, Resistance and Revival: Republican Prisoners and the Irish Language in the North of Ireland
Author/Editor: Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh
Language Wars: The Role of Media and Culture in Global Terror and Political Violence
Author/Editor: Jeff Lewis
The Last Drop: The Politics of Water
Author/Editor: Mike Gonzalez,Marianella Yanes
The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story
Author/Editor: Ramzy Baroud,Ilan Pappe,Daniela Loffreda
The Latino Question: Politics, Labouring Classes and the Next Left
Author/Editor: Armando Ibarra,Alfredo Carlos,Rodolfo D. Torres,Christine Neumann-Ortiz
Law and Marxism: A General Theory
Author/Editor: Evgeny B. Pashukanis,Barbara Einhorn,Chris Arthur
Law of Accumulation and Breakdown of the Capitalist System
Author/Editor: HENRYK GROSSMANN,Jairus Banaji,Tony Kennedy
Learning Disobedience: Decolonizing Development Studies
Author/Editor: Amber Murrey ,Patricia Daley
Learning Politics From Sivaram: The Life and Death of a Revolutionary Tamil Journalist in Sri Lanka
Author/Editor: Mark P. Whitaker
Learning Whiteness: Education and the Settler Colonial State
Author/Editor: Arathi Sriprakash ,Sophie Rudolph ,Jessica Gerrard
The Left Behind: Reimagining Britain's Socially Excluded
Author/Editor: James Morrison
The Left in China: A Political Cartography
Author/Editor: Ralf Ruckus
The Left in History: Revolution and Reform in Twentieth-Century Politics
Author/Editor: Willie Thompson
Left Populism in Europe: Lessons from Jeremy Corbyn to Podemos
Author/Editor: Marina Prentoulis
Leila Khaled: Icon of Palestinian Liberation
Author/Editor: Sarah Irving
Leon Trotsky: Writings in Exile
Author/Editor: LEON TROTSKY,Kunal Chattopadhyay,Paul Le Blanc
Lessons in Organising: What Trade Unionists Can Learn from the War on Teachers
Author/Editor: Gawain Little ,Ellie Sharp ,Howard Stevenson ,David Wilson
Let Them Eat Crypto: The Blockchain Scam That's Ruining the World
Author/Editor: Peter Howson
Let Them Eat Junk: How Capitalism Creates Hunger and Obesity
Author/Editor: Robert Albritton
Life on the Outside
Author/Editor: Øivind Fuglerud
Life Without Money: Building Fair and Sustainable Economies
Author/Editor: Anitra Nelson,Frans Timmerman
The Limits to Citizen Power: Participatory Democracy and the Entanglements of the State
Author/Editor: Victor Albert,Vered Amit,Jamie Cross,Christina Garsten
Limits to Culture: Urban Regeneration vs. Dissident Art
Author/Editor: Malcolm Miles
Little America: Australia, the 51st State
Author/Editor: ERIK PAUL
Locating Cultural Creativity
Author/Editor: John Liep
Long Road to Harpers Ferry: The Rise of the First American Left
Author/Editor: Mark A. Lause
Long Time Passing: Mothers Speak About War and Terror
Looking for Harlem: Urban Aesthetics in African-American Literature
Author/Editor: Maria Balshaw
Looking to London: Stories of War, Escape and Asylum
Author/Editor: Cynthia Cockburn
Losing Control: Global Security in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Paul Rogers
Losing Control: Global Security in the Twenty-first Century, Ed. 4
Author/Editor: Paul Rogers
Lost in Work: Escaping Capitalism
Author/Editor: Amelia Horgan
Lost Worlds: Latin America and the Imagining of Empire
Author/Editor: KEVIN FOSTER
The Lure of the City: From Slums to Suburbs
Author/Editor: Austin Williams,Alastair Donald