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Abruptly Dogen
Author/Editor: kidder smith
Alternative Historiographies of the Digital Humanities
Author/Editor: Dorothy Kim ,Adeline Koh
The Angels Won't Help You
Author/Editor: M.H. Bowker
Anglo-Saxon(ist) Pasts, postSaxon Futures
Author/Editor: Donna Beth Ellard
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Jerome Cohen
Anthropocene Unseen: A Lexicon
Author/Editor: Cymene Howe ,Anand Pandian
Antiracism Inc.: Why the Way We Talk about Racial Justice Matters
Author/Editor: Felice Blake ,Paula Ioanide ,Alison Reed
Bathroom Songs: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick as a Poet
Author/Editor: Jason Edwards
Beowulf: A Translation
Author/Editor: Thomas Meyer
Book of Anonymity
Author/Editor: Anon Collective
Broken Narrative: The Politics of Contemporary Art in Albania
Author/Editor: Armando Lulaj ,Marco Mazzi ,Jonida Gashi
Broken Theory
Author/Editor: ALAN SONDHEIM
A Buddha Land in This World: Philosophy, Utopia, and Radical Buddhism
Author/Editor: Lajos Brons
Building Black: Towards Antiracist Architecture
Author/Editor: Elliot C. Mason
Bullied: The Story of an Abuse
Author/Editor: Jonathan Alexander
The Christian Economy of the Early Medieval West: Towards a Temple Society
Author/Editor: Ian Wood
Clinical Encounters in Sexuality: Psychoanalytic Practice and Queer Theory
Author/Editor: Noreen Giffney ,Eve Watson
Closer to Dust
Author/Editor: Sara A. Rich
Come As You Are, After Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
Author/Editor: Jonathan Goldberg
Complementary Modernisms in China and the United States: Art as Life/Art as Idea
Author/Editor: 张謇,布鲁斯·罗伯逊,Zhang Jian ,Robertson Bruce
Covert Plants: Vegetal Consciousness and Agency in an Anthropocentric World
Author/Editor: Prudence Gibson ,Baylee Brits
A Credible Utopia: Essays on Selected Films of Werner Schroeter
Author/Editor: Peter Valente
The Critique of Digital Capitalism: An Analysis of the Political Economy of Digital Culture and Technology
Author/Editor: Michael Betancourt
The Dark Posthuman: Dehumanization, Technology, and the Atlantic World
Author/Editor: Stephanie Polsky
Derrida and Queer Theory
Author/Editor: Christian Hite
The Digital Humanist: A Critical Inquiry
Author/Editor: Domenico Fiormonte ,Teresa Numerico ,Francesca Tomasi ,Desmond Schmidt ,Christopher Ferguson
dis/cord: Thinking Sound through Agential Realism
Author/Editor: Kevin Toksöz Fairbairn
Diseases of the Head: Essays on the Horrors of Speculative Philosophy
Author/Editor: Matt Rosen
Disrupting the Digital Humanities
Disturbing Times: Medieval Pasts, Reimagined Futures
Author/Editor: Catherine E. Karkov ,Anna Kłosowska ,Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei
Echoes of No Thing: Thinking between Heidegger and Dōgen
Author/Editor: Nico Jenkins
Fascism, Vulnerability, and the Escape from Freedom: Readings to Repair Democracy
Author/Editor: C. Jon Delogu
Follow for Now, Volume 2: More Interviews with Friends and Heroes
Author/Editor: Roy Christopher
Geographies of Identity: Narrative Forms, Feminist Futures
Author/Editor: JILL DARLING
Going Postcard: The Letter(s) of Jacques Derrida
Author/Editor: Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei
The Guerrilla Is Like a Poet – Ang Gerilya Ay Tulad ng Makata
Author/Editor: Craig Dworkin
Homeland Fascism: Corporatist Government in the New American Century
Author/Editor: Herman Schwendinger ,Julia Schwendinger ,Jeff Shantz
How We Write: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blank Page
The Imagery of Interior Spaces
Author/Editor: Dominique Bauer ,Michael J. Kelly
Inefficient Mapping: A Protocol for Attuning to Phenomena
Author/Editor: Linda Knight
Knocking the Hustle: Against the Neoliberal Turn in Black Politics
Author/Editor: LESTER K. SPENCE
Lapidari 1: Texts
Author/Editor: Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei
Last Year at Betty and Bob's: An Actual Occasion
Author/Editor: Sher Doruff
Leper Creativity: Cyclonopedia Symposium
Author/Editor: Ed Keller ,Nicola Masciandaro ,Eugene Thacker
Letters on the Autonomy Project
Manifesto for Living in the Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Katherine Gibson ,Deborah Bird Rose ,Ruth Fincher
The Map and the Territory
Author/Editor: M. Munro
Medieval Disability Sourcebook: Western Europe
Author/Editor: Cameron Hunt McNabb
Mineral Policies
Author/Editor: Marko Stamenkoviç
Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices
Author/Editor: Ida Bencke ,Jørgen Bruhn
My Phone Lies to Me: Fake News Poetry Workshops As Radical Digital Media Literacy Given the Fact of Fake News
Author/Editor: ALEXANDRA JUHASZ ,Alexandra Juhasz ,Tara McPherson ,Margaret Rhee
Northeastern Asia and the Northern Rockies: Treasures from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Daryl S. Paulson Collection
Author/Editor: Stephen Little ,T. Lawrence Larkin
Notes on Trumpspace: Politics, Aesthetics, and the Fantasy of Home
Author/Editor: David Markus
Nothing As We Need It: A Chimera
Author/Editor: Daniela Cascella
Nubian Proverbs (Fadijja/Mahas)
Author/Editor: Maher Habbob
Obiter Dicta
Author/Editor: Erick Verran
Out of Place: Artists, Pedagogy, and Purpose
Author/Editor: Tim Doud ,Zoë Charlton
paq'batlh: The Klingon Epic
Author/Editor: FLORIS SCHÖNFELD ,MARC OKRAND ,DeSDu’ jen puqloD
The Penetrated Male
Author/Editor: Jonathan Kemp
Pitch and Revelation: Reconfigurations of Reading, Poetry, and Philosophy through the Work of Jay Wright
Author/Editor: Will Daddario ,Matthew Goulish
Porno-Graphics and Porno-Tactics: Desire, Affect, and Representation in Pornography
Author/Editor: Eirini Avramopoulou ,Irene Peano
Post Memes: Seizing the Memes of Production
Author/Editor: Alfie Bown ,Dan Bristow
Queer Ancient Ways: A Decolonial Exploration
Author/Editor: ZAIRONG XIANG
Queer and Bookish: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick as Book Artist
Author/Editor: Jason Edwards
Author/Editor: Marko Stamenkoviç
The Retro-Futurism of Cuteness
Author/Editor: Jen Boyle ,Wan-Chuan Kao
The Romanian Sentiment of Being
Author/Editor: Constantin Noica ,Octavian,Elena Gabor
Something More Splendid Than Two
Author/Editor: josé rivers alfaro
Speaking for the Social: A Catalog of Methods
Author/Editor: Hannah Knox ,Gemma John
Speculative Medievalisms: Discography
Author/Editor: The Petropunk Collective
Static Palace
Author/Editor: Leora Fridman
Still Life: Notes on Barbara Loden's "Wanda" (1970)
Author/Editor: Anna Backman Rogers
Styling Sagaciousness: Oh Great No!
Author/Editor: Joseph Nechvatal
Suture: Trauma and Trans Becoming
Author/Editor: KJ Cerankowski
Sweet Spots: Writing the Connective Tissue of Relation
Testing Knowledge: Toward an Ecology of Diagnosis, Preceded by the Dingdingdong Manifesto
Author/Editor: Katrin Solhdju ,Alice Rivières
Trickbox of Memory: Essays on Power and Disorderly Pasts
Author/Editor: Felicitas Macgilchrist ,Rosalie Metro
Turkish Voices
Urban Interactions: Communication and Competition in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Michael J. Kelly ,Michael Burrows
Vera Lex Historiae?: Constructions of Truth in Medieval Historical Narrative
Author/Editor: Catalin Taranu ,Michael J. Kelly
Warez: The Infrastructure and Aesthetics of Piracy
Author/Editor: Martin Paul Eve
Wonder, Horror, Mystery: Letters on Cinema and Religion in Malick, Von Trier, and Kieślowski
Author/Editor: Morgan Meis ,J.M. Tyree
Works for Works, Book 1: Useless Beauty
Author/Editor: Gavin Keeney
Wound Building: Dispatches from the Latest Disasters in UK Poetry
Author/Editor: Danny Hayward