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The Ballad of the Lone Medievalist
Author/Editor: Kisha G. Tracy ,John P. Sexton
Author/Editor: Richard Owens
Barton Myers: Works of Architecture and Urbanism
Author/Editor: Kris Miller-Fisher ,Jocelyn Gibbs
Bathroom Songs: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick as a Poet
Author/Editor: Jason Edwards
Beowulf: A Translation
Author/Editor: Thomas Meyer
Beta Exercise: The Theory and Practice of Osamu Kanemura
Author/Editor: Marco Mazzi ,Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei ,Michiyo Miyake ,Nicholas Marshall
Between Species/Between Spaces: Art and Science on the Outer Cape
Author/Editor: Kendra Sullivan ,Dylan Gauthier
A Bibliography for After Jews and Arabs
Author/Editor: Ammiel Alcalay
Bigger Than You: Big Data and Obesity
Author/Editor: Katherine Behar
Blasting the Canon
Author/Editor: Ruth Kinna ,Süreyyya Evren
The Bodies That Remain
Author/Editor: Emmy Beber
Book of Anonymity
Author/Editor: Anon Collective
The Book / Or / The Woods
Author/Editor: Jeff T. Johnson
A Boy Asleep under the Sun: Versions of Sandro Penna
Author/Editor: Peter Valente
A Brief Genealogy of Jewish Republicanism: Parting Ways with Judith Butler
Author/Editor: Irene Tucker
Broken Narrative: The Politics of Contemporary Art in Albania
Author/Editor: Armando Lulaj ,Marco Mazzi ,Jonida Gashi
Broken Records
Author/Editor: Snežana Žabić
Broken Theory
Author/Editor: ALAN SONDHEIM
A Buddha Land in This World: Philosophy, Utopia, and Radical Buddhism
Author/Editor: Lajos Brons
Building Black: Towards Antiracist Architecture
Author/Editor: Elliot C. Mason
Bullied: The Story of an Abuse
Author/Editor: Jonathan Alexander
Burn after Reading: Vol. 1, Miniature Manifestos for a Post/medieval Studies + Vol. 2, The Future We Want: A Collaboration
Author/Editor: Eileen A. Joy ,Myra Seaman ,Jeffrey Jerome Cohen
By Kelman Out of Pessoa
Author/Editor: Doug Nufer