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Achieving Access to Justice in a Business and Human Rights Context: An Assessment of Litigation and Regulatory Responses in European Civil-Law Countries
Author/Editor: Virginie Rouas
The Afterlife of Apuleius
Anti-Communism in Britain During the Early Cold War: A Very British Witch Hunt
Author/Editor: Matthew Gerth
Becoming a Historian: An Informal Guide
Author/Editor: Penelope J. Corfield ,Tim Hitchcock
Before Grenfell: Fire, Safety and Deregulation in Twentieth-Century Britain
Author/Editor: Shane Ewen
Brave new world: Imperial and democratic nation-building in Britain between the wars
Author/Editor: Laura Beers,Geraint Thomas
Brazil: Essays on History and Politics
Author/Editor: Leslie Bethell
Children’s Experiences of Welfare in Modern Britain
Author/Editor: Siân Pooley ,Jonathan Taylor
Church and People in Interregnum Britain
Author/Editor: Fiona McCall
Cinemas and Cinema-Going in the United Kingdom: Decades of Decline, 1945–65
Author/Editor: Sam Manning
Civilian Specialists at War: Britain's Transport Experts and the First World War
Author/Editor: Christopher Phillips
The Clinical Legal Education Handbook
Author/Editor: Linden Thomas,Nick Johnson
Coal Country: The Meaning and Memory of Deindustrialization in Postwar Scotland
Author/Editor: Ewan Gibbs
Creative Spaces: Urban Culture and Marginality in Latin America
Author/Editor: Niall H.D. Geraghty,Adriana Laura Massidda
The Creighton Century, 1907-2007, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: David Bates ,Jennifer Wallis ,Jane Winters
Cultural Worlds of the Jesuits in Colonial Latin America
Author/Editor: Linda A. Newson
Cultures of Anti-Racism in Latin America and the Caribbean
Author/Editor: Peter Wade,James Scorer,Ignacio Aguiló
Dethroning historical reputations: universities, museums and the commemoration of benefactors
Author/Editor: Jill Pellew,Lawrence Goldman
Electronic Evidence
Author/Editor: Stephen Mason,Daniel Seng
Electronic Evidence and Electronic Signatures, Ed. 5
Author/Editor: Stephen Mason ,Daniel Seng
Electronic Evidence and Electronic Signatures, Ed. CMB - Combined volume, 5
Author/Editor: Stephen Mason ,Daniel Seng
Electronic Signatures in Law
Author/Editor: Stephen Mason
Empty Spaces: Perspectives on emptiness in modern history
Author/Editor: Courtney J. Campbell,Allegra Giovine,Jennifer Keating
Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights: (Neo)colonialism, Neoliberalism, Resistance and Hope
Author/Editor: Nancy Nicol,Adrian Jjuuko,Richard Lusimbo,Nick J. Mulé,Susan Ursel,Amar Wahab,Phyllis Waugh
European Religious Cultures: Essays offered to Christopher Brooke on the occasion of his eightieth birthday, Ed. DGO - Digital original
Author/Editor: Miri Rubin
European Religious Cultures: Essays offered to Christopher Brooke on the occasion of his eightieth birthday, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Miri Rubin
The Family Firm: monarchy, mass media and the British public, 1932-53
Author/Editor: Edward Owens
Freedom Seekers: Escaping from Slavery in Restoration London
Author/Editor: Simon P. Newman
Gender and Historiography: Studies in the earlier middle ages in honour of Pauline Stafford
Author/Editor: Janet L. Nelson,Susan Reynolds,Susan M. Johns
Gender, Emotions and Power, 1750–2020
Author/Editor: Hannah Parker ,Josh Doble
Gender in medieval places, spaces and thresholds
Author/Editor: Victoria Blud,Diane Heath,Einat Klafter
Giving Birth in Eighteenth-Century England
Author/Editor: Sarah Fox
The Glasgow Sugar Aristocracy: Scotland and Caribbean Slavery, 1775–1838
Author/Editor: Stephen Mullen
Healthcare in Ireland and Britain 1850-1970: Voluntary, regional and comparative perspectives
Author/Editor: Donnacha Seán Lucey,Virginia Crossman
A history of the French in London: liberty, equality, opportunity
Author/Editor: Debra Kelly,Martyn Cornick
A Horizon of (Im)possibilities: A Chronicle of Brazil’s Conservative Turn
Author/Editor: Katerina Hatzikidi ,Eduardo Dullo
Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in The Commonwealth
Author/Editor: Corinne Lennox,Matthew Waites
Individuals and Institutions in Medieval Scholasticism
Author/Editor: Antonia Fitzpatrick ,John Sabapathy
International Handbook on Clinical Tax Education
Author/Editor: Amy Lawton ,Annette Morgan ,David Massey ,Donovan Castelyn
Law, Humanities and the COVID Crisis
Author/Editor: Carl F. Stychin
London and beyond: Essays in honour of Derek Keene
Author/Editor: Matthew Davies,James A. Galloway
Magna Carta: history, context and influence
Author/Editor: Lawrence Goldman
Mapping Crisis: Participation, Datafication and Humanitarianism in the Age of Digital Mapping
Author/Editor: Doug Specht
The Margins of Late Medieval London, 1430-1540
Author/Editor: Charlotte Berry
Masculinity and Danger on the Eighteenth-Century Grand Tour
Author/Editor: Sarah Goldsmith
A Matter of Trust: Building Integrity into Data, Statistics and Records to Support the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals
Author/Editor: Anne Thurston
Medieval Londoners: essays to mark the eightieth birthday of Caroline M. Barron
Author/Editor: Elizabeth A. New,Christian Steer
Medieval Merchants and Money: Essays in Honour of James L. Bolton
Author/Editor: Martin Allen,Matthew Davies
Memory, Migration and (De)Colonisation in the Caribbean and Beyond
Author/Editor: Jack Webb,Rod Westmaas,Maria del Pilar Kaladeen,William Tantam
New World Objects of Knowledge: A Cabinet of Curiosities
Author/Editor: Mark Thurner ,Juan Pimentel
A Nicaraguan Exceptionalism? Debating the Legacy of the Sandinista Revolution
Author/Editor: Hilary Francis
Octavia Hill, social activism and the remaking of British society
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Baigent,Ben Cowell
People, Texts and Artefacts: Cultural Transmission in the Medieval Norman Worlds
Author/Editor: David Bates,Edoardo D’Angelo,Elisabeth van Houts
Persuasive Language in Cicero’s Pro Milone: A close reading and commentary
Pieter Geyl and Britain: Encounters, Controversies, Impact
Author/Editor: Stijn van Rossem ,Ulrich Tiedau
The Poets Laureate of the Long Eighteenth Century, 1668–1813: Courting the Public
Author/Editor: Leo Shipp
The Politics of Women's Suffrage: Local, National and International Dimensions
Author/Editor: Alexandra Hughes-Johnson ,Lyndsey Jenkins
Precarious Professionals: Gender, Identities and Social Change in Modern Britain
Author/Editor: Heidi Egginton ,Zoë Thomas
Profession and Performance: Aspects of oratory in the Greco-Roman world
Providing for the Poor: The Old Poor Law, 1750–1834
Author/Editor: Peter Collinge ,Louise Falcini
Provincialising nature: multidisciplinary approaches to the politics of the environment in Latin America
Author/Editor: Michela Coletta,Malayna Raftopoulos
Queer Between the Covers: Histories of Queer Publishing and Publishing Queer Voices
Author/Editor: Leila Kassir ,Richard Espley
Ravenna: its role in earlier medieval change and exchange
Author/Editor: Judith Herrin,Jinty Nelson
A return to the village: community ethnographies and the study of Andean culture in retrospective
Author/Editor: Francisco Ferreira,Billie Jean Isbell
Revisiting the Falklands-Malvinas Question: Transnational and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Author/Editor: Guillermo Mira ,Fernando Pedrosa
She said she was in the family way': Pregnancy and infancy in modern Ireland
Author/Editor: Elaine Farrell
The Signature in Law: From the Thirteenth Century to the Facsimile
Author/Editor: Stephen Mason
The Social and Political Life of Latin American Infrastructures
Author/Editor: Jonathan Alderman ,Geoff Goodwin
Star Chamber Matters: An Early Modern Court and Its Records
Author/Editor: K. J. Kesselring ,Natalie Mears
Supervivencia indígena en la Nicaragua colonial
Author/Editor: Linda A. Newson ,Adolfo Bonilla
Talking History: Seminar Culture at the Institute of Historical Research, 1921–2021
Author/Editor: David Manning
Thomas Frederick Tout (1855–1929): refashioning history for the twentieth century
Author/Editor: Caroline M. Barron,Joel T. Rosenthal
Unite, Proletarian Brothers!: Radicalism and Revolution in the Spanish Second Republic
Author/Editor: Matthew Kerry
Women and the Law
Author/Editor: Susan Atkins ,Brenda Hoggett