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Magna Carta: history, context and influence
Author/Editor: Lawrence Goldman
Mapping Crisis: Participation, Datafication and Humanitarianism in the Age of Digital Mapping
Author/Editor: Doug Specht
The Margins of Late Medieval London, 1430-1540
Author/Editor: Charlotte Berry
Masculinity and Danger on the Eighteenth-Century Grand Tour
Author/Editor: Sarah Goldsmith
A Matter of Trust: Building Integrity into Data, Statistics and Records to Support the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals
Author/Editor: Anne Thurston
Medieval Londoners: essays to mark the eightieth birthday of Caroline M. Barron
Author/Editor: Elizabeth A. New,Christian Steer
Medieval Merchants and Money: Essays in Honour of James L. Bolton
Author/Editor: Martin Allen,Matthew Davies
Memory, Migration and (De)Colonisation in the Caribbean and Beyond
Author/Editor: Jack Webb,Rod Westmaas,Maria del Pilar Kaladeen,William Tantam