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Aboriginal Relationships between Culture and Plant Life in the Upper Great Lakes Region
Academic Ableism
Author/Editor: Dolmage, Jay T
Acceptable Risks
Author/Editor: Heimann, C. F. Larry
The Accidental Teacher
Author/Editor: Lehmann, Annie L
The Accokeek Creek Site: A Middle Atlantic Seaboard Culture Sequence
Accustomed to Obedience?: Classical Ionia and the Aegean World, 480–294 BCE
Author/Editor: Joshua P. Nudell
Acting in Real Time
Author/Editor: Binnerts, Paul
Acting Like Men
Author/Editor: Bassi, Karen
Act Like A Man: Challenging Masculinities in American Drama
Author/Editor: Robert Vorlicky
Author/Editor: Zamir, Tzachi
Acts of Authority/Acts of Resistance
Author/Editor: Bhatia, Nandi
Acts of Conspicuous Compassion
Author/Editor: Moeschen, Sheila C
Acts of Gaiety
Author/Editor: Warner, Sara
Acts of Gaiety: LGBT Performance and the Politics of Pleasure
Author/Editor: SARA WARNER
Administering Justice: Placing the Chief Justice in American State Politics
The Administration of Rural Production in an Early Mesopotamian Town
Author/Editor: HENRY T. WRIGHT,Sandor Bökönyi,Kent V. Flannery,John Mayhall
Adoption in America
Author/Editor: Carp, E. Wayne
Advances in Titicaca Basin Archaeology–III
Author/Editor: Alexei Vranich,Elizabeth A. Klarich,Charles Stanish
Aesthetics of Discomfort
Author/Editor: Aldama, Frederick L; Lindenberger, Herbert S
The Aesthetics of Survival
Author/Editor: Rochberg, George; Bolcom, William
Affect, Animals, and Autists
Author/Editor: Carlson, Marla
Affirmative Action and Minority Enrollments in Medical and Law Schools
Author/Editor: Welch, Susan; Gruhl, John
Affirmative Action in Medicine
Author/Editor: Curtis, James L. (M.D.)
Africa in Translation
Author/Editor: Pugach, Sara
African Print Cultures
Author/Editor: Peterson, Derek; Newell, Steph; Hunter, Emma
Africa's World Cup
Author/Editor: Alegi, Peter; Bolsmann, Chris
After Disruption: A Future for Cultural Memory
Author/Editor: TREVOR OWENS
After Django
Author/Editor: Perchard, Tom
After Independence
Author/Editor: Barrington, Lowell W
The Afterlife of Greek and Roman Sculpture
Author/Editor: Stirling, Lea; Kristensen, Troels M
The Afterlife of Pope Joan
Author/Editor: Rustici, Craig M
After Live
Author/Editor: Sack, Daniel A
After the End of History
Author/Editor: Lane, Robert E
After the Nazi Racial State
Author/Editor: Chin, Rita; Fehrenbach, Heide; Eley, Geoff
Agricultural Intensification and Prehistoric Health in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico
Author/Editor: Denise C. Hodges,Kent V. Flannery
The Ait Ndhir of Morocco: A Study of the Social Transformation of a Berber Tribe
Alan Rudolph's Trouble in Mind: Tampering with Myths
Author/Editor: Caryl Flinn
Algorithmic Composition
Author/Editor: Simoni, Mary; Dannenberg, Roger B
Alienation Effects
Author/Editor: Jakovljevic, Branislav
Alignment, Alliance, and American Grand Strategy
Author/Editor: Selden, Zachary
All International Politics Is Local
Author/Editor: Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede
Altering Party Systems
Author/Editor: Hug, Simon
Altruistically Inclined?
Author/Editor: Field, Alexander J
Ambition, Competition, and Electoral Reform
Author/Editor: Carson, Jamie L; Roberts, Jason M
America at Risk
Author/Editor: Faulkner, Robert; Shell, Susan M
America Beyond Black and White
Author/Editor: Fernandez, Ronald
American Audacity
Author/Editor: Benfey, Christopher
The American Automobile Industry: Rebirth or Requiem?
Author/Editor: Robert E. Cole
American Homes
Author/Editor: Ridge, Ryan
American Homes
Author/Editor: Ridge, Ryan
The Americanist
Author/Editor: Aaron, Daniel
American Jewish Identity Politics
Author/Editor: Moore, Deborah D
The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Amy E. Earhart ,Andrew Jewell
American Lobotomy
Author/Editor: Johnson, Jenell
American Poetry in Performance
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Tyler
American Power and International Theory at the Council on Foreign Relations, 1953-54
Author/Editor: David M. McCourt
American Prophet
Author/Editor: Richardson, Peter
American Public Opinion on the Iraq War
Author/Editor: Holsti, Ole Rudolf
Americans, Congress, and Democratic Responsiveness
Author/Editor: Jones, David R; McDermott, Monika L
American Socialist Triptych
Author/Editor: Van Wienen, Mark
The American Stravinsky
Author/Editor: Murchison, Gayle
The American Stravinsky
Author/Editor: Murchison, Gayle
The American Voter Revisited
Author/Editor: Lewis-Beck, Michael S.; Norpoth, Helmut; Jacoby, William
The American Wife
Author/Editor: Ford, Elaine
America's Japan and Japan's Performing Arts
Author/Editor: Thornbury, Barbara E
Among the Lowest of the Dead
Author/Editor: Von Drehle, David
Anatomizing Civil War
Author/Editor: Dinter, Martin
Anatomy of a Civil War
Author/Editor: Gurses, Mehmet
Anatomy of a Civil War
Author/Editor: Gurses, Mehmet
Ancient Law, Ancient Society
Author/Editor: Kehoe, Dennis P.; McGinn, Thomas
Angry Public Rhetorics
Author/Editor: Condit, Celeste Michelle
Animal Acts
Author/Editor: Chaudhuri, Una; Hughes, Holly
Anne Carson
Author/Editor: Wilkinson, Joshua M
An Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Painting Catalogues and Related Texts
Author/Editor: Hin-cheung Lovell
Anonymous Connections
Author/Editor: Choi, Tina Y
Another Part of a Long Story
Author/Editor: King, William D
Anti-Imperialist Modernism
Author/Editor: Balthaser, Benjamin
Antiquarianism and Intellectual Life in Europe and China, 1500-1800
Author/Editor: Miller, Peter N; Louis, Francois
Antisthenes of Athens
Author/Editor: Prince, Susan
Appropriation and Representation: Feng Menglong and the Chinese Vernacular Story
Author/Editor: Shuhui Yang
Archaeological Investigations in Northeastern Xuzestan, 1976
Author/Editor: Henry T. Wright,Mohammed Ismael Bayani,Haydeh Eqbal,Yahya Kossary,Richard W. Redding,Mansur Sajjidi,Elahe Shahideh,Henry T. Wright,Ismael Yaghma’i
Archaeological Settlement Pattern Data from the Chalco, Xochimilco, Ixtapalapa, Texcoco and Zumpango Regions, Mexico
Author/Editor: Jeffrey R. Parsons,Keith W. Kintigh,Susan A. Gregg
An Archaeological Survey of the Keban Reservoir Area of East-Central Turkey
The Archaeology of the Sierra Blanca Region of Southeastern New Mexico
Archimedes and the Roman Imagination
Author/Editor: Jaeger, Mary
Architecture and Modern Literature
Author/Editor: Spurr, David A
Architecture and Modern Literature
Author/Editor: Spurr, David
Archives, Documentation, and Institutions of Social Memory
Author/Editor: Blouin, Francis X.; Rosenberg, William G
Archiving Sovereignty
Author/Editor: Motha, Stewart
Are We Not New Wave?
Author/Editor: Cateforis, Theo
Are We There Yet?
Author/Editor: Byerly, Alison
Arguments with Silence
Author/Editor: Richlin, Amy
Art and the Market
Author/Editor: Goodwin, Craufurd D
Artaud and His Doubles
Author/Editor: Jannarone, Kimberly
Arthur Miller's America
Author/Editor: Brater, Enoch
Arthur Miller's Global Theater
Author/Editor: Brater, Enoch
The Art of Economic Persuasion
Author/Editor: Davis, Patricia A
Asian American X
Author/Editor: Han, Arar; Hsu, John
As If
Author/Editor: Blau, Herbert
Atrocity, Deviance, and Submarine Warfare
Author/Editor: Ben-Yehuda, Nachman
The Augustinian Epic, Petrarch to Milton
Author/Editor: Warner, J. Christopher
Autistic Disturbances
Author/Editor: Rodas, Julia M
Automobiles and the Future: Competition, Cooperation, and Change
Author/Editor: Robert E. Cole
Available Surfaces
Author/Editor: Hummer, T.R
The Avant-Garde and the Popular in Modern China
Author/Editor: Luo, Liang
Baby Ninth Amendments: How Americans Embraced Unenumerated Rights and Why It Matters
Backlash Against the ADA
Author/Editor: Krieger, Linda Hamilton
A Bad and Stupid Girl
Author/Editor: McGarry, Jean
Bad Boys
Author/Editor: Ferguson, Ann Arnett
Bad Chaucer: The Great Poet’s Greatest Mistakes in the Canterbury Tales
Author/Editor: Tison Pugh
Baghdad Bulletin
Author/Editor: Enders, David
Banking on Reform
Author/Editor: Bernhard, William T
Barack Obama's America
Author/Editor: White, John Kenneth
Baroque Horrors
Author/Editor: Castillo, David
A Beckett Canon
Author/Editor: Cohn, Ruby
Becoming a Nazi Town
Author/Editor: Imhoof, David
Before Norms
Author/Editor: Jackman, Robert W.; Miller, Ross Alan
The Behavioral Origins of War
Author/Editor: Bennett, D. Scott; Stam III, Allan C
Being Human during COVID
Author/Editor: Kristin Ann Hass
The Best of Pickering
Author/Editor: Pickering, Sam
The Best of the Grammarians
Author/Editor: Schironi, Francesca
Between a River and a Mountain
Author/Editor: Wehrle, Edmund F
Between Military Rule and Democracy
Author/Editor: Gürsoy, Yaprak
Between National Socialism and Soviet Communism
Author/Editor: Holian, Anna
Between the Middle East and the Americas
Author/Editor: Shohat, Ella; Alsultany, Evelyn
Between Two Plenums: China’s Intraleadership Conflict, 1959–1962
Author/Editor: Ellis Joffe
Beyond Berlin
Author/Editor: Rosenfeld, Gavriel D.; Jaskot, Paul B
Beyond Busing
Author/Editor: Dimond, Paul R
Beyond Groupthink
Author/Editor: 't Hart, Paul; Stern, Eric; Sundelius, Bengt
Beyond Notation
Author/Editor: Kim, Rebecca Y
Beyond Sputnik
Author/Editor: Neal, Homer Alfred; Smith, Tobin; McCormick, Jen
Beyond the Bauhaus
Author/Editor: Barnstone, Deborah Ascher
Beyond the Bauhaus
Author/Editor: Barnstone, Deborah Ascher
Beyond the Death of God: Religion in 21st Century International Politics
Author/Editor: Simone Raudino ,Patricia Sohn
Beyond the Makerspace: Making and Relational Rhetorics
Biblical Judgments: New Legal Readings in the Hebrew Bible
Author/Editor: Daphne Barak-Erez
A Bibliography of Chinese Language Materials on the People's Communes
Author/Editor: Wei-yi Ma
Big Digital Humanities
Author/Editor: Svensson, Patrik
Big Digital Humanities
Author/Editor: Svensson, Patrik
The Biological and Social Analyses of a Mississippian Cemetery from Southeast Missouri: The Turner Site, 23BU21A
Author/Editor: THOMAS K. BLACK III
The Biopolitics of Disability
Author/Editor: Mitchell, David T
The Birth of the Archive
Author/Editor: Friedrich, Markus
Bits and Pieces: Screening Animal Life and Death
Author/Editor: Sarah O’Brien
Black America in the Shadow of the Sixties
Author/Editor: Lang, Clarence
The Black Arts Enterprise and the Production of African American Poetry
Author/Editor: Rambsy, Howard
Black Cultural Life in South Africa
Author/Editor: Saint, Lily
Black Cultural Traffic
Author/Editor: Elam, Harry J.; Jackson, Kennell
Black Eggs: Poems by Kurihara Sadako
The Black Musician and the White City
Author/Editor: Absher, Amy
Blood Libel
Author/Editor: Johnson, Hannah
Blues, How Do You Do?
Author/Editor: O'Connell, Christian
Bluestocking Feminism and British-German Cultural Transfer, 1750-1837
Author/Editor: Johns, Alessa
Bodies and Ruins
Author/Editor: Crew, David
Bodies in Commotion
Author/Editor: Sandahl, Carrie; Auslander, Philip
Bodies of Modernism
Author/Editor: Linett, Maren
The Body of Poetry
Author/Editor: Finch, Annie Ridley Crane
Body Parts of Empire
Author/Editor: Balce, Nerissa
Book of the Disappeared: The Quest for Transnational Justice
Author/Editor: Jennifer Heath ,Ashraf Zahedi
Borrowing Credibility
Author/Editor: Grittersová, Jana
Boundaries of the Text: Epic Performances in South and Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger,Laurie J. Sears
Brandishing the First Amendment
Author/Editor: Piety, Tamara
Breaking Ground
Author/Editor: Cohen, Getzel M.; Joukowsky, Martha Sharp
Bridges to Cuba/Puentes a Cuba
Author/Editor: Behar, Ruth
Bridging the Information Gap
Author/Editor: Ringe, Nils; Victor, Jennifer N; Carman, Christopher J
Britain and World Power since 1945
Author/Editor: McCourt, David M
The British Blues Network
Author/Editor: Kellett, Andrew
Broadway Rhythm
Author/Editor: Symonds, Dominic
Brokers and Bureaucrats
Author/Editor: Frye, Timothy M
Brushed in Light: Calligraphy in East Asian Cinema
Author/Editor: Markus Nornes
The Buddhist Poetry of the Great Kamo Priestess: Daisaiin Senshi and Hosshin Wakashu
Author/Editor: Edward Kamens
Building a New Biocultural Synthesis
Author/Editor: Goodman, Alan H.; Leatherman, Thomas Leland
Building Character
Author/Editor: Cook, Amy
Building Tall
Author/Editor: Tishman, John L; Shachtman, Tom
Building the Cold War Consensus
Author/Editor: Fordham, Benjamin
Bulldaggers, Pansies, and Chocolate Babies
Author/Editor: Wilson, James F
Bulldaggers, Pansies, and Chocolate Babies: Performance, Race, and Sexuality in the Harlem Renaissance
Author/Editor: James F. Wilson
Butch Queens Up in Pumps
Author/Editor: Bailey, Marlon M
Butterfly, the Bride
Author/Editor: Weisbrod, Carol
Bytes and Backbeats
Author/Editor: Savage, Steve
Campaign Dynamics
Author/Editor: Carsey, Thomas M
Campaign Finance and Political Polarization
Author/Editor: La Raja, Raymond J; Schaffner, Brian F
Campaign Finance and Political Polarization
Author/Editor: La Raja, Raymond J; Schaffner, Brian F
Campaign Reform
Author/Editor: Bartels, Larry M.; Lewis, Lynn Vavreck
Candidates, Congress, and the American Democracy
Author/Editor: Fowler, Linda
Capitalism, Not Globalism
Author/Editor: Clark, William Roberts
Capital, the State, and War
Author/Editor: Anievas, Alexander
Capitol Investments
Author/Editor: Parker, Glenn R
The Captive Stage
Author/Editor: Jones, Douglas A
Capturing Campaign Effects
Author/Editor: Johnston, Richard G. C.; Johnston, Richard G. C
Career Patterns in the Ch’ing Dynasty: The Office of the Governor General
Author/Editor: Raymond W. Chu,William G. Saywell
Caribou Hunting in the Upper Great Lakes: Archaeological, Ethnographic, and Paleoenvironmental Perspectives
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Sonnenburg,Ashley K. Lemke,John M. O’Shea
Carrots, Sticks, and Ethnic Conflict
Author/Editor: Esman, Milton J.; Herring, Ronald J
The Case for the Prosecution in the Ciceronian Era
Author/Editor: Alexander, Michael C
Catching Up with the Competition
Author/Editor: Hoekman, Bernard M.; Zarrouk, Jamel
Category 5
Author/Editor: Howard, Judith A.; Zebrowski, Ernest
Cattle Bring Us to Our Enemies
Author/Editor: McCabe, J. Terrence
The Causes of Human Behavior
Author/Editor: Mohr, Lawrence B
Cave Hollow, An Ozark Bluff-Dweller Site
Author/Editor: HORACE MINER
The Celebration of Death in Contemporary Culture
Author/Editor: Khapaeva, Dina
Centaurs and Amazons
Author/Editor: duBois, Page
Central Documents and Politburo Politics in China
Author/Editor: Kenneth Lieberthal,James Tong,Sai-cheung Yeung
A Century of November
Author/Editor: Wetherell, W. D
Ceremony and Power
Author/Editor: Sumi, Geoffrey
The Challenge of Hegemony
Author/Editor: Lobell, Steven E
The Challenge of Regulating Managed Care
Author/Editor: Billi, John Eugene (MD); Agrawal, Gail Bopp (JD
Chamber Music
Author/Editor: Radice, Mark A
Chang Ch???un-ch???iao and Shanghai???s January Revolution
Author/Editor: Andrew G. Walder
Change and the Persistence of Tradition in India: Five Lectures
Author/Editor: Richard L. Park,John K. Musgrave,George B. Simmons,Thomas R. Trautmann
The Changing Face of Economics
Author/Editor: Colander, David; Holt, Richard P. F.; Rosser, J. Barkley (Jr.)
The Changing Face of Representation
Author/Editor: Fridkin, Kim; Kenney, Patrick
Changing Hands
Author/Editor: Capuano, Peter
Changing Paths
Author/Editor: Houtzager, Peter P.; Moore, Michael
Changing Places
Author/Editor: Murdock, Caitlin
Chaos Theory in the Social Sciences
Author/Editor: Kiel, L. Douglas; Elliott, Euel W
Character Is Destiny
Author/Editor: Lees, Andrew (Dr.)
Charles Ludlam Lives!
Author/Editor: Edgecomb, Sean
Chasing Greatness: On Russia's Discursive Interaction with the West over the Past Millennium
Author/Editor: Anatoly Reshetnikov
The Chatter of the Visible
Author/Editor: McBride, Patrizia C
Chen Jiongming and the Federalist Movement
Author/Editor: Chen, Leslie H. Dingyan
The Cherokees of Tuckaleechee Cove
Author/Editor: Jon Marcoux,Kandace D. Hollenbach,Boyce Driskell,Jessica L. Vavrasek,Judith A. Sichler,Jeremy Sweat,Katherine McMillan,Stephen Carmody,Phyllis Rigney,Erik Johanson
Chic Ironic Bitterness
Author/Editor: Magill, R. Jay
The Chief Concern of Medicine
Author/Editor: Schleifer, Ronald; Vannatta, Jerry
The Chief Justice
Author/Editor: Ward, Artemus; Danelski, David J
Childhood Years
Author/Editor: Tanizaki, Jun'ichiro
Author/Editor: Buoye, Thomas M.; Denton, Kirk; Dickson, Bruce
China and the West
Author/Editor: Saffle, Michael; Yang, Hon-Lun
China and the West
Author/Editor: Yang, Hon-Lun
China as Number One?: The Emerging Values of a Rising Power
Author/Editor: Yang Zhong ,Ronald F. Inglehart
China’s Allocation of Fixed Capital Investment, 1952–1957
Author/Editor: Chu-yuan Cheng
China’s Revolutions and Intergenerational Relations
Author/Editor: Martin King Whyte
Chinese and Japanese Music-Dramas
Author/Editor: J. I. Crump,William P. Malm
Chinese Communist Materials at the Bureau of Investigation Archives, Taiwan
Author/Editor: Peter Donovan,Carl E. Dorris,Lawrence R. Sullivan
Chinese Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy in the 1970s
Author/Editor: Allen S. Whiting
Chinese Dreams
Author/Editor: Hayot, Eric R. J
Choice-Free Rationality
Author/Editor: Grafstein, Robert
Choosing an Identity
Author/Editor: Chai, Sun-Ki
Christian Converts and Social Protests in Meiji Japan
The Chronological Position of the Hopewellian Culture in the Eastern United States
Author/Editor: JAMES B. GRIFFIN
Cicero's Use of Judicial Theater
Author/Editor: Hall, Jonathan
Cities in the Sea
Author/Editor: Stanton, Maura
Citizen Rauh
Author/Editor: Parrish, Michael E
Citizens and Groups in Contemporary China
Author/Editor: Victor C. Falkenheim
Civic Engagement in the Wake of Katrina
Author/Editor: Koritz, Amy; Sanchez, George J
Civic Engagement in the Wake of Katrina
Author/Editor: Koritz, Amy; Sanchez, George J
A Civil Economy
Author/Editor: Bruyn, Severyn T
Civilizing the Enemy
Author/Editor: Jackson, Patrick Thaddeus
Classical Spies
Author/Editor: Allen, Susan H
Classics, the Culture Wars, and Beyond
Author/Editor: Adler, Eric
Classifying the Zhuangzi Chapters
Author/Editor: Liu Xiaogan
Clio's Other Sons
Author/Editor: Dillery, John D
Coalition Politics and Cabinet Decision Making
Author/Editor: Kaarbo, Juliet
Collateral Damage: The Influence of Political Rhetoric on the Incorporation of Second-Generation Americans
Author/Editor: SEAN RICHEY
Collective Decision Making in Rural Japan
Author/Editor: Robert C. Marshall
Colonialism, Antisemitism, and Germans of Jewish Descent in Imperial Germany
Author/Editor: Davis, Christian
Coloring Whiteness
Author/Editor: Carpenter, Faedra C
The Color of Representation
Author/Editor: Whitby, Kenny J
Coming After
Author/Editor: Notley, Alice
Commerce in Color
Author/Editor: Davis, James C
The Committee
Author/Editor: Marshall, Bryan W.; Wolpe, Bruce C
Common Law Judging
Author/Editor: Edlin, Douglas E
Communities and Law
Author/Editor: Barzilai, Gad
Community Identity and Archaeology
Author/Editor: Mac Sweeney, Naoíse
Compadre Colonialism: Studies in the Philippines under American Rule
Author/Editor: Norman G. Owen
Competitiveness Matters
Author/Editor: Howes, Candace; Singh, Ajit
Compound Containment: A Reigning Power's Military-Economic Countermeasures against a Challenging Power
Author/Editor: DONG JUNG KIM
A Computer Program for Monothetic Subdivisive Classification in Archaeology
Concerto for the Left Hand
Author/Editor: Davidson, Michael
Author/Editor: Tate, Katherine
Condition Red
Author/Editor: Komunyakaa, Yusef; Clytus, Radiclani
Conflicting Counsels to Confuse the Age: A Documentary Study of Political Economy in Qing China, 1644–1840
Author/Editor: Helen Dunstan
Conflict Resolution in the Twenty-first Century
Author/Editor: Bercovitch, Jacob; Jackson, Richard Dean Wells
Conflict, Security, Foreign Policy, and International Political Economy
Author/Editor: Brecher, Michael; Harvey, Frank P
Congo Style: From Belgian Art Nouveau to African Independence
Author/Editor: Ruth Sacks
The Congressional Black Caucus, Minority Voting Rights, and the U.S. Supreme Court
Author/Editor: Rivers, Christina
Congressional Communication
Author/Editor: Lipinski, Daniel
Congressional Parties, Institutional Ambition, and the Financing of Majority Control
Author/Editor: Heberlig, Eric S; Larson, Bruce A
Congress on Display, Congress at Work
Author/Editor: Bianco, William T
The Consciousness of the Litigator
Author/Editor: Graham, Duffy
Constituent Interests and U.S. Trade Policies
Author/Editor: Deardorff, Alan Verne; Stern, Robert Mitchell
Constituting Workers, Protecting Women
Author/Editor: Novkov, Julie
Consumption and Violence
Author/Editor: Sedlmaier, Alexander
Containing Health Care Costs in Japan
Author/Editor: Ikegami, Naoki; Campbell, John Creighton
Contemporary Mormon Pageantry
Author/Editor: Jones, Megan S
Contingent Encounters: Improvisation in Music and Everyday Life
Author/Editor: Dan DiPiero
Contributions to Michigan Archaeology
Conversations with Shotetsu
Author/Editor: Robert H. Brower,Steven D. Carter
Coping With Poverty
Author/Editor: Danziger, Sheldon; Lin, Ann Chih
Cops, Teachers, Counselors
Author/Editor: Maynard-Moody, Steven Williams; Musheno, Michael Craig
Coronavirus Politics: The Comparative Politics and Policy of COVID-19
Author/Editor: Scott L. Greer ,Elizabeth J. King ,Elize Massard da Fonseca ,André Peralta-Santos
The Corrigible and the Incorrigible
Author/Editor: Eghigian, Greg A
Corrupting Luxury in Ancient Greek Literature
Author/Editor: Gorman, Vanessa Barrett; Gorman, Robert
Author/Editor: Slane, Kathleen; Will, Elizabeth L
Cosmopolitanisms and the Jews
Author/Editor: Gelbin, Cathy; Gilman, Sander
Cosmopolitan Love: Utopian Vision in D. H. Lawrence and Eileen Chang
Author/Editor: Sijia Yao
Counterculture Kaleidoscope
Author/Editor: Zimmerman, Nadya
Counting the Tiger's Teeth
Author/Editor: Falola, Toyin
Courting Failure
Author/Editor: LoPucki, Lynn M
Creating Chaos Online: Disinformation and Subverted Post-Publics
Author/Editor: Asta Zelenkauskaitė
Creative Politics
Author/Editor: Beamer, Glenn Douglas
Critical Studies in Indian Grammarians I: The Theory of Homogeneity (Savar?ya)
Author/Editor: Madhav M. Deshpande
The Critics and the Prioress
Author/Editor: Johnson, Hannah; Blurton, Heather
A Crooked Line
Author/Editor: Eley, Geoff
Cross Purposes
Author/Editor: Abrams, Paula
The Cult of Statistical Significance
Author/Editor: McCloskey, Deirdre Nansen; Ziliak, Steve
Cultural Conundrums
Author/Editor: Barnes, Natasha
Cultural Histories of the Material World
Author/Editor: Miller, Peter N
Cultural Pluralism, Identity Politics, and the Law
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin; Kearns, Thomas R
The Cultural Politics of Slam Poetry
Author/Editor: Somers-Willett, Susan B. A
The Cultural Revolution: 1967 in Review
Author/Editor: Michel Oksenberg,Carl Riskin,Robert A. Scalapino,Ezra F. Vogel,Alexander Eckstein,Chang Chun-shu,James Crump,Rhoads Murphey
Cultural Struggles
Author/Editor: Conquergood, Dwight; Johnson, E. P
Cultural Values and Human Ecology in Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Karl L. Hutterer,A. Terry Rambo,George Lovelace
The Culture and Acculturation of the Delaware Indians
Culture Change in a Bedouin Tribe: The ‘arab al-?gerat, Lower Galilee, A.D. 1790-1977
Author/Editor: Rohn Eloul
Culture in the Anteroom
Author/Editor: von Moltke, Johannes; Gemünden, Gerd
The Culture of the Body
Author/Editor: Judovitz, Dalia
Cultures of Yusin
Author/Editor: Ryu, Youngju
Culture Wars and Enduring American Dilemmas
Author/Editor: Thomson, Irene Taviss
Curating Community
Author/Editor: Douglas, Stacy
Curbing Bailouts
Author/Editor: Rosas, Guillermo
Curious Attractions
Author/Editor: Spark, Debra
The Currency of Truth: Newsmaking and the Late-Socialist Imaginaries of China's Digital Era
Author/Editor: Emily H. C. Chua
Cutting Performances
Author/Editor: Harding, James M
Czars in the White House
Author/Editor: Vaughn, Justin S; Villalobos, Jose D
Author/Editor: Stein, Eric
Daily Life and Demographics in Ancient Japan
Author/Editor: William Wayne Farris
Author/Editor: Combs, Paul
Dances with Sheep: The Quest for Identity in the Fiction of Murakami Haruki
Author/Editor: Matthew Carl Strecher
Dark Matter
Author/Editor: Sofer, Andrew
The Deadlock of Democracy in Brazil
Author/Editor: Ames, Barry
Dean Worcester's Fantasy Islands
Author/Editor: Rice, Mark
Dear Wizard
Author/Editor: Delbanco, Nicholas
Debating Oaxaca Archaeology
Author/Editor: Joyce Marcus
Decentralization and Popular Democracy
Author/Editor: Faguet, Jean Paul
Decisiveness and Fear of Disorder: Political Decision-Making in Times of Crisis
Author/Editor: Julius Maximilian Rogenhofer
Author/Editor: Epstein, Marcy Joy; Pettway, Travar
Defacing Power
Author/Editor: Steele, Brent J
Defending Diversity
Author/Editor: Gurin, Patricia; Lehman, Jeffrey S.; Lewis, Earl
Defending the Holy Land
Author/Editor: Maoz, Zeev
Defensive Internationalism
Author/Editor: Bobrow, Davis B.; Boyer, Mark A
Defusing Democracy
Author/Editor: Boylan, Delia Margaret
Delegating Responsibility: International Cooperation on Migration in the European Union
Demanding Choices
Author/Editor: Bowler, Shaun; Donovan, Todd Andrew
Democracy and Institutions
Author/Editor: Crepaz, Markus M. L.; Koelble, Thomas Albert; Wilsford, David
Democracy, Dictatorship, and Term Limits
Author/Editor: Baturo, Alexander
Democracy, Electoral Systems, and Judicial Empowerment in Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Yadav, Vineeta; Mukherjee, Bumba
Democracy's Promise
Author/Editor: Wong, Janelle
Democracy without Associations
Author/Editor: Chhibber, Pradeep K
Democratic Laboratories
Author/Editor: Karch, Andrew
Democratic Peace
Author/Editor: Ish-Shalom, Piki
Democratization by Institutions
Author/Editor: Anderson, Leslie E
The Demography of the Semai Senoi
Author/Editor: ALAN G. FIX
Author/Editor: Musheno, Michael Craig; Ross, Susan M
The Deregulatory Moment?
Author/Editor: Boatright, Robert G
Destination Detroit: Discourses on the Refugee in a Post-Industrial City
Author/Editor: RASHMI LUTHRA
Developing Writers in Higher Education
Author/Editor: Gere, Anne R
Developing Writers in Higher Education
Author/Editor: Gere, Anne R
Development in Multiple Dimensions
Author/Editor: Lee, Alexander
The Development of Political Institutions: Power, Legitimacy, Democracy
Author/Editor: Federico Ferrara
Devils and Rebels
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Larry
The Dianshizhai Pictorial
Author/Editor: Xiaoqing, Ye
The Dictator's Dilemma at the Ballot Box: Electoral Manipulation, Economic Maneuvering, and Political Order in Autocracies
Author/Editor: Masaaki Higashijima
Digging for Gold: Papers on Archaeology for Profit
Author/Editor: William K. Macdonald
Digital Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Eyman, Douglas
Digital Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Eyman, Douglas
Digital Rubbish
Author/Editor: Gabrys, Jennifer
Digital Rubbish
Author/Editor: Gabrys, Jennifer
Digital Samaritans
Author/Editor: Ridolfo, Jim
Digital Samaritans
Author/Editor: Ridolfo, Jim
Digital Tools in Urban Schools
Author/Editor: Mahiri, Jabari
Digital Tools in Urban Schools
Author/Editor: Mahiri, Jabari
Disability in Twentieth-Century German Culture
Author/Editor: Poore, Carol
Disability Theory
Author/Editor: Siebers, Tobin Anthony
Disabled Veterans in History
Author/Editor: Gerber, David A
Disarmed Democracies
Author/Editor: Auerswald, David P
Discarded, Discovered, Collected
Author/Editor: Verhoogt, Arthur
Discipline and Desire
Author/Editor: Morrison, Elise
Discovering Addiction
Author/Editor: Campbell, Nancy D
Disruptions as Opportunities: Governing Chinese Society with Interactive Authoritarianism
Author/Editor: Taiyi Sun
Dissent in Dangerous Times
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin
The Distinction of Peace
Author/Editor: Goetze, Catherine
The Distinction of Peace
Author/Editor: Goetze, Catherine
Dividing Lines
Author/Editor: Williams, Andreá N
The DNA Mystique
Author/Editor: Nelkin, Dorothy; Lindee, M. Susan
Doctoral Dissertations on South Asia, 1966–1970: An Annotated Bibliography Covering North America, Europe, and Australia
Author/Editor: Frank Joseph Shulman
Doing Time on the Outside
Author/Editor: Braman, Donald
Author/Editor: Pinchbeck, Dan
Author/Editor: Pinchbeck, Dan
Double Jeopardy: A Critique of Seven Yüan Courtroom Dramas
Author/Editor: Ching-Hsi Perng
The Drama of the American Short Story, 1800-1865
Author/Editor: Collins, Michael J
The Dramaturgy of Senecan Tragedy
Author/Editor: Kohn, Thomas
Dreams for Dead Bodies
Author/Editor: Robinson, M. Michelle
Drones and Support for the Use of Force
Author/Editor: Walsh, James Igoe; Schulzke, Marcus
Drones and Support for the Use of Force
Author/Editor: Walsh, James Igoe; Schulzke, Marcus
Dying Inside
Author/Editor: Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin Dov; Crowder, Carla
Dynamics, Economic Growth, and International Trade
Author/Editor: Jensen, Bjarne Sloth; Wong, Kar-yiu
The Dynamics of European Integration: Causes and Consequences of Institutional Choices
Author/Editor: Thomas König
The Earliest Romans
Author/Editor: MacMullen, Ramsay
Early Communist China: Two Studies
Author/Editor: Ronald S. Suleski,Daniel H. Bays
Early Film Culture in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Republican China
Author/Editor: Yeh, Emilie Yueh-yu
Early Formative Pottery of the Valley of Oaxaca
Author/Editor: Kent V. Flannery,Joyce Marcus,William O. Payne,Kent V. Flannery,Joyce Marcus
Early Neolithic Settlement and Society at Olszanica
Author/Editor: Sarunas Milisauskas
Early Puebloan Occupations at Tesuque By-Pass and in the Upper Rio Grande Valley
Early Start
Author/Editor: Karch, Andrew
Early State Formation in Central Madagascar: An Archaeological Survey of Western Avaradrano
Eat What You Kill
Author/Editor: Regan, Milton C (Jr.)
Author/Editor: Thornber, Karen
Economic and Social Organization of a Complex Chiefdom: The Halelea District, Kaua’i, Hawaii
Author/Editor: TIMOTHY EARLE,Eliza H. Earle
Economic Exchange and Social Interaction in Southeast Asia: Perspectives from Prehistory, History, and Ethnography
Author/Editor: Karl L. Hutterer
Economic Interdependence and International Conflict
Author/Editor: Mansfield, Edward Deering; Pollins, Brian M
Economics as a Social Science
Author/Editor: Kamarck, Andrew M
The Economy of Communist China, 1949–1969
Author/Editor: Chu-yuan Cheng
The Economy of Prostitution in the Roman World
Author/Editor: McGinn, Thomas
Ecstatic Émigré
Author/Editor: Keelan, Claudia
Educated by Initiative
Author/Editor: Smith, Daniel A.; Tolbert, Caroline
Educated Youth and the Cultural Revolution in China
Author/Editor: Martin Singer
Effeminism: The Economy of Colonial Desire
Author/Editor: Revathi Krishnaswamy
Elections in Australia, Ireland, and Malta under the Single Transferable Vote
Author/Editor: Bowler, Shaun; Grofman, Bernard Norman
Elections in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan under the Single Non-Transferable Vote
Author/Editor: Grofman, Bernard Norman; Lee, Sung-Chull; Winckler, Edwin
Electoral Campaigns, Media, and the New World of Digital Politics
Author/Editor: David Taras ,Richard Davis
Electoral Incentives in Congress
Author/Editor: Carson, Jamie L; Sievert, Joel
The Electorate, the Campaign, and the Office
Author/Editor: Gronke, Paul
Elements for an Anthropology of Technology
Author/Editor: Pierre Lemonnier,John D. Speth
Ellery's Protest
Author/Editor: Solomon, Stephen D
Embedded Politics
Author/Editor: McDermott, Gerald Andrew
Embodied Archive: Disability in Post-Revolutionary Mexican Cultural Production
Author/Editor: Susan Antebi
Embodied Reckonings
Author/Editor: Son, Elizabeth
Embodying Black Experience
Author/Editor: Young, Harvey
Embroidering the Scarlet A
Author/Editor: Ellerby, Janet M
Emotional Reinventions
Author/Editor: Dawson, Melanie V
An Emotional State
Author/Editor: Parkinson, Anna M
Empire and Environment: Ecological Ruin in the Transpacific
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Santa Ana ,Heidi Amin-Hong ,Rina Garcia Chua ,Zhou Xiaojing
Empowering Exporters
Author/Editor: Gilligan, Michael J
The End of Normal
Author/Editor: Davis, Lennard
The Enduring Legacy: Structured Inequality in America's Public Schools
Author/Editor: Mark Ryan ,Secretary Leon Panetta
Engaging Classical Texts in the Contemporary World
Author/Editor: Pratt, Louise H.; Sampson, C. M
Envisioning Asia
Author/Editor: Roan, Jeanette
Envisioning Socialism
Author/Editor: Gumbert, Heather
Equal Justice in the Balance
Author/Editor: Lawson Mack, Raneta; Kelly, Michael J
Essays on the Modern Japanese Church: Christianity in Meiji Japan
Author/Editor: Yamaji Aizan,Graham Squires,Graham Squires,A. Hamish Ion
Ethical Programs
Author/Editor: Brown, James J
Ethical Programs
Author/Editor: Brown, James J
Ethnic Cues
Author/Editor: Barreto, Matt
Ethnic Diversity and the Control of Natural Resources in Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: A. Terry Rambo,Kathleen Gillogly,Karl L. Hutterer
Ethnic Drag: Performing Race, Nation, Sexuality in West Germany
Author/Editor: Katrin Sieg
The Ethnobotanical Laboratory at the University of Michigan
Author/Editor: MELVIN R. GILMORE
Euripides and the Instruction of the Athenians
Author/Editor: Gregory, Justina
European-Russian Power Relations in Turbulent Times
Author/Editor: Mai’a K. Davis Cross ,Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski
The European Union and the Rise of Regionalist Parties
Author/Editor: Jolly, Seth K
Evading the Patronage Trap: Interest Representation in Mexico
Evaluating Methodology in International Studies
Author/Editor: Harvey, Frank P.; Brecher, Michael
Everywoman Her Own Theology
Author/Editor: Smith, Martha N; Enszer, Julie R
Evita, Inevitably
Author/Editor: Graham-Jones, Jean
The Evolution of American Legislatures
Author/Editor: Squire, Peverill
Excavation at San José Mogote 1: The Household Archaeology
Author/Editor: Kent V. Flannery,Joyce Marcus,Kent V. Flannery,Joyce Marcus,Robert G. Reynolds
Excavations at Cerro Tilcajete: A Monte Albán II Administrative Center in the Valley of Oaxaca
Author/Editor: Kent V. Flannery,Joyce Marcus,Christina Elson
Excavations at San José Mogote 2: The Cognitive Archaeology
Author/Editor: Kent V. Flannery,Joyce Marcus,Chris L. Moser,Ronald Spores,Dudley M. Varner,Judith Francis Zeitlin,Robert N. Zeitlin
The Experience of Modernity
Author/Editor: Ng, Janet
Explorations in Early Southeast Asian History: The Origins of Southeast Asian Statecraft
Author/Editor: Kenneth R. Hall,John K. Whitmore
Extreme Pursuits
Author/Editor: Huggan, Graham
Ezra Pound and China
Author/Editor: Qian, Zhaoming
Fables of Representation
Author/Editor: Hoover, Paul
Facing It
Author/Editor: Chambers, Ross
Fairy Tales from Before Fairy Tales
Author/Editor: Ziolkowski, Jan M
Faith in Paper
Author/Editor: Cleland, Charles; Greene, Bruce R
Faith in the City
Author/Editor: Dillard, Angela Denise & Alan Wald
Fame, Money, and Power
Author/Editor: Lavelle, B. M
A Family of Gods
Author/Editor: McIntyre, Gwynaeth
The Fate of Law
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin; Kearns, Thomas R
Author/Editor: Feeley, Malcolm M.; Rubin, Edward L
The Female as Subject
Author/Editor: Kornicki, P.F.; Patessio, Mara; Rowley, G. G
The Feminist Spectator as Critic
Author/Editor: Dolan, Jill
Fictions of Affliction
Author/Editor: Holmes, Martha Stoddard
Field Manual of Michigan Flora
Author/Editor: Reznicek, Anton A; Voss, Edward G; Herbarium, U-M
Finance Capitalism Unveiled
Author/Editor: Deeg, Richard Edward
Financing Medicaid
Author/Editor: Rose, Shanna
Finding Italy
Author/Editor: Fletcher, Kristopher
Finding Voice
Author/Editor: Berman, Kim S
Finding Voice
Author/Editor: Berman, Kim S
The First Global Prosecutor
Author/Editor: Minow, Martha; True-Frost, C. C; Whiting, Alex
First Nationalism Then Identity: On Bosnian Muslims and Their Bosniak Identity
Author/Editor: Mirsad Kriještorac
The Floor in Congressional Life
Author/Editor: Taylor, Andrew
Floundering Stability: US Foreign Policy in Egypt
Author/Editor: Amir Magdy Kamel
Flourishing Thought
Author/Editor: Miller, Ruth A
Following in Footsteps or Marching Alone?: How Institutional Differences Influence Renewable Energy Policy
Author/Editor: Srinivas C. Parinandi
Foreign Policy and Congress
Author/Editor: Henehan, Marie T
Forging an Integrated Europe
Author/Editor: Frieden, Jeffry A.; Eichengreen, Barry
Forging the World
Author/Editor: Miskimmon, Alister; O'Loughlin, Ben; Roselle, Laura
Formative Mesoamerican Exchange Networks with Special Reference to the Valley of Oaxaca
Author/Editor: JANE W. PIRES-FERREIRA,B. J. Evans,Kent V. Flannery
Formative Years
Author/Editor: Stern, Alexandra Minna; Markel, Howard
Formulas for Motherhood in a Chinese Hospital
Author/Editor: Gottschang, Suzanne
The Fort Ancient Aspect: Its Cultural and Chronological Position in Mississippi Valley Archaeology
For the Civic Good
Author/Editor: Feinberg, Walter; Layton, Richard A
Foucault and the Government of Disability
Author/Editor: Tremain, Shelley Lynn
Foucault and the Government of Disability
Author/Editor: Tremain, Shelley Lynn
Four Jazz Lives
Author/Editor: Spellman, A.B
The Fourth Amendment: Original Understandings and Modern Policing
Author/Editor: Michael J. Z. Mannheimer
Fourth Revolution and the Bottom Four Billion: Making Technologies Work for the Poor
Author/Editor: Nir Kshetri
Fractured Borders
Author/Editor: DeShazer, Mary K
Fragments of Development
Author/Editor: Bergeron, Suzanne
Author/Editor: Miller, Elizabeth C