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Macaronic Sermons
Author/Editor: Wenzel, Siegfried
Macaronic Sermons: Bilingualism and Preaching in Late-Medieval England
Author/Editor: Siegfried Wenzel
Mad at School
Author/Editor: Price, Margaret
Mad at School: Rhetorics of Mental Disability and Academic Life
Author/Editor: MARGARET PRICE,Tobin Siebers
Mad Heart Be Brave
Author/Editor: Ali, Mohammed Kazim
Mad Heart Be Brave: Essays on the Poetry of Agha Shahid Ali
Author/Editor: Kazim Ali
The Madisonian Turn
Author/Editor: Strom, Kaare; Bergman, Torbjörn
The Madisonian Turn: Political Parties and Parliamentary Democracy in Nordic Europe
Magellan Fallacy
Author/Editor: Lifshey, Adam
The Magellan Fallacy
Author/Editor: Lifshey, Adam
The Magellan Fallacy: Globalization and the Emergence of Asian and African Literature in Spanish
Author/Editor: Adam Lifshey
Majoritarian Cities
Author/Editor: Kraus, Neil
Majoritarian Cities: Policy Making and Inequality in Urban Politics
Author/Editor: Neil Kraus
Making Human
Author/Editor: Weinert, Matthew S
Making Human: World Order and the Global Governance of Human Dignity
Author/Editor: Matthew S. Weinert,Patrick Thaddeus Jackson
Making Israel
Author/Editor: Morris, Benny
Making Men Ridiculous
Author/Editor: Nappa, Christopher
Making Men Ridiculous: Juvenal and the Anxieties of the Individual
Author/Editor: Christopher Nappa
Making News at The New York Times
Author/Editor: Usher, Nikki
Making News at The New York Times
Author/Editor: Usher, Nikki
Making Security Social
Author/Editor: Eghigian, Greg A
Making Security Social: Disability, Insurance, and the Birth of the Social Entitlement State in Germany
Author/Editor: Greg Eghigian
Making Waves
Author/Editor: Peters, Scott M
Making Waves: Michigan’s Boat-Building Industry, 1865-2000
Author/Editor: SCOTT M. PETERS
Author/Editor: DeShazer, Mary K
Mammographies: The Cultural Discourses of Breast Cancer Narratives
Author/Editor: Mary K. DeShazer
Managing Motherhood, Managing Risk
Author/Editor: Allen, Denise Roth
Managing Motherhood, Managing Risk: Fertility and Danger in West Central Tanzania
Author/Editor: Denise Roth Allen
Manifesto for the Humanities
Author/Editor: Smith, Sidonie A
Manifesto for the Humanities
Author/Editor: Smith, Sidonie Ann
Manifesto for the Humanities: Transforming Doctoral Education in Good Enough Times
Author/Editor: Sidonie Smith
The Many Faces of Political Islam
Author/Editor: Ayoob, Mohammed
The Many Faces of Political Islam: Religion and Politics in the Muslim World
The Many Faces of Strategic Voting
Author/Editor: Aldrich, John H; Blais, André; Stephenson, Laura B
The Many Faces of Strategic Voting
Author/Editor: Aldrich, John H; Blais, André; Stephenson, Laura B
The Many Faces of Strategic Voting: Tactical Behavior in Electoral Systems Around the World
Author/Editor: Laura B. Stephenson,John H. Aldrich,André Blais
Mapping Michel Serres
Author/Editor: Abbas, Niran
Margaret Webster
Author/Editor: Barranger, Milly S
Margaret Webster: A Life in the Theater
Author/Editor: Milly S. Barranger
Market Dreams
Author/Editor: Weiner, Elaine Susan
Market Dreams: Gender, Class, and Capitalism in the Czech Republic
Author/Editor: Elaine Weiner
Markets and Cultural Voices
Author/Editor: Cowen, Tyler
Markets and Cultural Voices: Liberty vs. Power in the Lives of Mexican Amate Painters
Author/Editor: Tyler Cowen
Markets and Medicine
Author/Editor: Giaimo, Susan
Markets and Medicine: The Politics of Health Care Reform in Britain, Germany, and the United States
Author/Editor: Susan Giaimo
Mark One or More
Author/Editor: Williams, Kim M
Mark One or More: Civil Rights in Multiracial America
Author/Editor: Kim M. Williams
The Martian's Daughter
Author/Editor: Whitman, Marina
The Martian's Daughter: A Memoir
Author/Editor: Marina von Neumann Whitman
Martin Luther King
Author/Editor: Hodgson, Godfrey
Marx Went Away--But Karl Stayed Behind
Author/Editor: Humphrey, Caroline
Material Witness
Author/Editor: Leigh, Ted
Material Witness: The Selected Letters of Fairfield Porter
Author/Editor: Ted Leigh,David Lehman,Justin Spring
Materia Magica
Author/Editor: Wilburn, Andrew T
Materia Magica: The Archaeology of Magic in Roman Egypt, Cyprus, and Spain
Author/Editor: Andrew T. Wilburn
Measurement of Nontariff Barriers
Author/Editor: Deardorff, Alan Verne; Stern, Robert Mitchell
The Measure of Manliness
Author/Editor: Bourrier, Karen
The Measure of Manliness: Disability and Masculinity in the Mid-Victorian Novel
The Media Players
Author/Editor: Wittek, Stephen
The Media Players: Shakespeare, Middleton, Jonson, and the Idea of News
Mediating Culture in the Seventeenth-Century German Novel: Eberhard Werner Happel, 1647-1690
Author/Editor: Gerhild Scholz Williams
Mediating Culture in the Seventeenth-Century German Novel
Author/Editor: Williams, Gerhild Scholz
The Media Welfare State
Author/Editor: Mjøs, Ole J; Syvertsen, Trine; Moe, Hallvard
The Media Welfare State
Author/Editor: Mjøs, Ole J; Syvertsen, Trine; Moe, Hallvard
The Media Welfare State: Nordic Media in the Digital Era
Author/Editor: Trine Syvertsen,Gunn Enli,Ole J. Mjøs,Hallvard Moe
Medieval Jerusalem
Author/Editor: Lassner, Jacob
Medieval Jerusalem: Forging an Islamic City in Spaces Sacred to Christians and Jews
Author/Editor: Jacob Lassner
Medieval Women and Their Objects
Author/Editor: Bradbury, Nancy; Adams, Jennifer
Melancholy, Love, and Time
Author/Editor: Toohey, Peter G
Melancholy, Love, and Time: Boundaries of the Self in Ancient Literature
Author/Editor: Peter Toohey
Memories of the Revolution
Author/Editor: Hughes, Holly; Tropicana, Carmelita; Dolan, Jill
Memories of the Revolution: The First Ten Years of the WOW Café Theater
Author/Editor: Holly Hughes,Carmelita Tropicana,Jill Dolan,Jill Dolan,David Román
The Merchant of Prato's Wife
Author/Editor: Crabb, Ann Morton
The Merchant of Prato's Wife: Margherita Datini and Her World, 1360-1423
Author/Editor: Ann Crabb
Mergers of Teaching Hospitals in Boston, New York, and Northern California
Author/Editor: Kastor, John Alfred
The Metanarrative of Blindness
Author/Editor: Bolt, David
The Metanarrative of Blindness: A Re-reading of Twentieth-Century Anglophone Writing
Author/Editor: DAVID BOLT
Author/Editor: Aldama, Frederick L
Mex-Ciné: Mexican Filmmaking, Production, and Consumption in the Twenty-first Century
Author/Editor: Frederick Luis Aldama
Michigan Ferns and Lycophytes
Author/Editor: Palmer, Daniel D
Michigan Ferns and Lycophytes: A Guide to Species of the Great Lakes Region
Author/Editor: Daniel D. Palmer
Author/Editor: Muse, John H
Microdramas: Crucibles for Theater and Time
Author/Editor: John H. Muse
Middle Class Union
Author/Editor: Robbins, Mark W
Middle Class Union: Organizing the ‘Consuming Public’ in Post-World War I America
Author/Editor: Mark W. Robbins
Millennial Reflections on International Studies
Author/Editor: Brecher, Michael; Harvey, Frank P
Minority Parties in U.S. Legislatures
Author/Editor: Clark, Jennifer
Minority Parties in U.S. Legislatures: Conditions of Influence
Author/Editor: Jennifer Hayes Clark,Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier,David Canon
Miranda's Waning Protections
Author/Editor: White, Welsh S
Miranda's Waning Protections: Police Interrogation Practices after Dickerson
Author/Editor: Welsh S. White
The Mirror Diary
Author/Editor: Hongo, Garrett
The Mirror Diary: Selected Essays
Author/Editor: Garrett Hongo
Miss Kansas City
Author/Editor: Frank, Joan
Mixed-Member Electoral Systems in Constitutional Context
Author/Editor: Batto, Nathan F; Huang, Chi; Tan, Alexander C
Mixed-Member Electoral Systems in Constitutional Context: Taiwan, Japan, and Beyond
Author/Editor: Nathan F. Batto,Chi Huang,Alexander C. Tan,Gary W. Cox
Modeling and Interpreting Interactive Hypotheses in Regression Analysis
Author/Editor: Franzese, Robert J; Kam, Cindy
The Modern Legislative Veto
Author/Editor: Berry, Michael J
The Modern Legislative Veto: Macropolitical Conflict and the Legacy of Chadha
Author/Editor: Michael J. Berry
Monetary Divergence
Author/Editor: Bearce, David
Monetary Divergence: Domestic Policy Autonomy in the Post-Bretton Woods Era
Author/Editor: David H. Bearce,Edward Mansfield,Lisa Martin
Monetary Politics
Author/Editor: Oatley, Thomas H
Monetary Politics: Exchange Rate Cooperation in the European Union
Author/Editor: Thomas H. Oatley
Money, Mandates, and Local Control in American Public Education
Author/Editor: Shelly, Bryan
Mongrel Nation
Author/Editor: Dawson, Ashley
Mongrel Nation: Diasporic Culture and the Making of Postcolonial Britain
Author/Editor: Ashley Dawson
Monstrous Kinds
Author/Editor: Bearden, Elizabeth
The Morality of Laughter
Author/Editor: Buckley, F. H
More Secure, Less Free?
Author/Editor: Sidel, Mark
More Secure, Less Free?: Antiterrorism Policy & Civil Liberties after September 11
Author/Editor: Mark Sidel
The Most Noble of People
Author/Editor: Coope, Jessica
The Most Noble of People: Religious, Ethnic, and Gender Identity in Muslim Spain
Author/Editor: Jessica A. Coope
A Mouth Sweeter Than Salt
Author/Editor: Falola, Toyin
A Mouth Sweeter Than Salt: An African Memoir
Author/Editor: TOYIN FALOLA
Moving Beyond Prozac, DSM, and the New Psychiatry
Author/Editor: Lewis, Bradley
Moving Beyond Prozac, DSM, and the New Psychiatry: The Birth of Postpsychiatry
Author/Editor: BRADLEY LEWIS
Mr. Democrat
Author/Editor: Scroop, Daniel Mark
Mr. Democrat: Jim Farley, the New Deal and the Making of Modern American Politics
Author/Editor: Daniel Scroop
Mrs. Shipley's Ghost
Author/Editor: Kahn, Jeffrey
Mrs. Shipley's Ghost: The Right to Travel and Terrorist Watchlists
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Kahn
Much Ado about Culture
Author/Editor: Acheson, Archibald Lloyd Keith; Maule, Christopher John
Much Ado about Culture: North American Trade Disputes
Author/Editor: Keith Acheson,Christopher Maule
Murder Most Queer
Author/Editor: Schildcrout, Jordan
Murder Most Queer: The Homicidal Homosexual in the American Theater
Author/Editor: Jordan Schildcrout,Jill Dolan,David Román
Murder Scenes
Author/Editor: Elder, Sace
Murder Scenes: Normality, Deviance, and Criminal Violence in Weimar Berlin
Author/Editor: Sace Elder
Music in American Crime Prevention and Punishment
Author/Editor: Hirsch, Lily E
Music Is My Life
Author/Editor: Stein, Daniel
Music Is My Life: Louis Armstrong, Autobiography, and American Jazz
Author/Editor: Daniel Stein
Music on the Move
Muslims in a Post-9/11 America
Author/Editor: Gillum, Rachel M
Muslims in a Post-9/11 America: A Survey of Attitudes and Beliefs and Their Implications for U.S. National Security Policy
Author/Editor: Rachel M. Gillum
¡Muy Pop!
Author/Editor: Aldama, Frederick L; Stavans, Ilan
¡Muy Pop!
Author/Editor: Aldama, Frederick L; Stavans, Ilan
¡Muy Pop!: Conversations on Latino Popular Culture
Author/Editor: Ilan Stavans,Frederick L. Aldama
My Body Politic
Author/Editor: Linton, Simi
My Body Politic: A Memoir
Author/Editor: SIMI LINTON
My Life as a Filmmaker
Author/Editor: Yamamoto, Satsuo
My Life as a Night Elf Priest
Author/Editor: Nardi, Bonnie
My Life as a Night Elf Priest: An Anthropological Account of World of Warcraft
Author/Editor: Bonnie A. Nardi
The Myopia and Other Plays by David Greenspan
Author/Editor: Greenspan, David; Robinson, Marc
Myst and Riven
Author/Editor: Wolf, Mark J
Myst and Riven
Author/Editor: Wolf, Mark J
Myst and Riven: The World of the D'ni
Author/Editor: Mark J. P. Wolf
The Myths of Fiction
Author/Editor: Cueva, Edmund
The Myths of Fiction: Studies in the Canonical Greek Novels
Author/Editor: Edmund P. Cueva