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Race and the Politics of Welfare Reform
Author/Editor: Schram, Sanford F.; Soss, Joe Brian; Fording, Richard Carl
Race, Liberalism, and Economics
Author/Editor: Colander, David; Prasch, Robert E.; Sheth, Falguni A
Race, Republicans, and the Return of the Party of Lincoln
Author/Editor: Philpot, Tasha
Racial Union
Author/Editor: Novkov, Julie
Racial Union: Law, Intimacy, and the White State in Alabama, 1865-1954
Author/Editor: Julie Novkov
The Rag-Picker's Guide to Poetry
Author/Editor: Wilner, Eleanor; Manning, Maurice
The Rag-Picker's Guide to Poetry: Poems, Poets, Process
Author/Editor: Eleanor Wilner,Maurice Manning
Reading after Actium
Author/Editor: Nappa, Christopher
Reading after Actium: Vergil's Georgics, Octavian, and Rome
Author/Editor: Christopher Nappa
Reading for the Planet
Author/Editor: Moraru, Christian
Reading for the Planet: Toward a Geomethodology
Author/Editor: Christian Moraru
The Real and the Sacred
Author/Editor: Gatrall, Jefferson J
The Real and the Sacred: Picturing Jesus in Nineteenth-Century Fiction
Realism and Institutionalism in International Studies
Author/Editor: Brecher, Michael; Harvey, Frank P
Reality Principles
Author/Editor: Blau, Herbert
Reality Principles: From the Absurd to the Virtual
Author/Editor: Herbert Blau
Rebel Dance, Renegade Stance
Author/Editor: Vaughan, Umi
Rebel Dance, Renegade Stance: Timba Music and Black Identity in Cuba
Author/Editor: Umi Vaughan
Rebellious Civil Society
Author/Editor: Ekiert, Grzegorz; Kubik, Jan
Rebellious Civil Society: Popular Protest and Democratic Consolidation in Poland, 1989-1993
Author/Editor: Grzegorz Ekiert,Jan Kubik
Reckoning with Spirit in the Paradigm of Performance
Author/Editor: Dox, Donnalee
Recording Village Life
Author/Editor: Cromwell, Jennifer
Recording Village Life: A Coptic Scribe in Early Islamic Egypt
Author/Editor: Jennifer A. Cromwell
Recycling Land
Author/Editor: Geltman, Elizabeth Glass
Recycling Land: Understanding the Legal Landscape of Brownfield Development
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Glass Geltman
Refining Child Pornography Law
Author/Editor: Hessick, Carissa B
Refining Child Pornography Law: Crime, Language, and Social Consequences
Author/Editor: Carissa Byrne Hessick
Reframing Screen Performance
Author/Editor: Baron, Cynthia; Carnicke, Sharon Marie
Regional Economic Institutions and Conflict Mitigation
Author/Editor: Haftel, Yoram Z
Regional Economic Institutions and Conflict Mitigation: Design, Implementation, and the Promise of Peace
Author/Editor: YORAM Z. HAFTEL
The Regional Roots of Russia's Political Regime
Author/Editor: Reisinger, William M; Moraski, Bryon J
Regulatory Barriers and the Principle of Non-discrimination in World Trade Law
Author/Editor: Cottier, Thomas; Mavroidis, Petros Constantinos; Blatter, Patrick
Regulatory Barriers and the Principle of Non-discrimination in World Trade Law: Past, Present, and Future
Author/Editor: Thomas Cottier,Petros C. Mavroidis,Patrick Blatter
Reinventing the State
Author/Editor: Wise, Carol
Reinventing the State: Economic Strategy and Institutional Change in Peru
Author/Editor: Carol Wise
Religion and Spanish Film
Author/Editor: Scarlett, Elizabeth
Religion and Spanish Film: Luis Buñuel, the Franco Era, and Contemporary Directors
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Scarlett
Reluctant Partners
Author/Editor: Brown, Andrew Gardner
Reluctant Partners: A History of Multilateral Trade Cooperation, 1850-2000
Author/Editor: ANDREW G. BROWN
Remaking the Democratic Party
Author/Editor: Dowe, Pearl K; Walton, Hanes; Allen, Josephine
Remaking the Democratic Party: Lyndon B. Johnson as a Native-Son Presidential Candidate
Author/Editor: Hanes Walton Jr.,Pearl K. Ford Dowe,Josephine A. V. Allen
The Remarkable Rise of Transgender Rights
Author/Editor: Taylor, Jami K.; Haider-Markel, Donald P.; Lewis, Daniel C
Remembering Tanizaki Jun’ichiro and Matsuko
Author/Editor: Chambers, Anthony Hood
Remembering Tanizaki Jun’ichiro and Matsuko
Author/Editor: Chambers, Anthony Hood
Remembering Tanizaki Jun’ichiro and Matsuko: Diary Entries, Interview Notes, and Letters, 1954-1989
Author/Editor: Anthony H. Chambers
Remembering to Live
Author/Editor: Hay, M. Cameron
Remembering to Live: Illness at the Intersection of Anxiety and Knowledge in Rural Indonesia
Author/Editor: M. Cameron Hay
Representation Rights and the Burger Years
Author/Editor: Maveety, Nancy L
The Republican Aventine and Rome’s Social Order
Author/Editor: Mignone, Lisa
The Republican Aventine and Rome’s Social Order
Author/Editor: Mignone, Lisa
Research Confidential
Author/Editor: Hargittai, Eszter
Research Confidential: Solutions to Problems Most Social Scientists Pretend They Never Have
Research Guide to Japanese Film Studies
Author/Editor: Nornes, Abé Markus; Gerow, Aaron
Researching Black Communities
Author/Editor: Jackson, James S; Caldwell, Cleopatra H; Sellers, Sherrill L
Researching Black Communities: A Methodological Guide
Author/Editor: James S. Jackson,Cleopatra Howard Caldwell,Sherrill L. Sellers
Resident Alien
Author/Editor: Ali, Mohammed Kazim
Resident Alien: On Border-crossing and the Undocumented Divine
Author/Editor: Kazim Ali
The Resonance of Unseen Things
Author/Editor: Lepselter, Susan
The Resonance of Unseen Things: Poetics, Power, Captivity, and UFOs in the American Uncanny
Author/Editor: Susan Lepselter
Responsive Democracy
Author/Editor: Baum, Jeeyang R
Responsive Democracy: Increasing State Accountability in East Asia
Author/Editor: Jeeyang Rhee Baum
Rethinking Sustainability
Author/Editor: Harris, Jonathan Mark
The Return of Ideology
Author/Editor: Chen, Cheng
The Return of Ideology: The Search for Regime Identities in Postcommunist Russia and China
Author/Editor: Cheng Chen
Revels in Madness
Author/Editor: Thiher, Allen
Revels in Madness: Insanity in Medicine and Literature
Author/Editor: Allen Thiher
Rhetorical Code Studies
Author/Editor: Brock, Kevin
Rhetorical Code Studies: Discovering Arguments in and around Code
Author/Editor: Kevin Brock
The Rhetoric of Law
Author/Editor: Sarat, Austin; Kearns, Thomas R
Rhymin' and Stealin'
Author/Editor: Williams, Justin A
Rhymin' and Stealin': Musical Borrowing in Hip-Hop
Author/Editor: Justin A. Williams
Rhythm Is Our Business
Author/Editor: Determeyer, Eddy
Rhythm Is Our Business: Jimmie Lunceford and the Harlem Express
Rhythms of the Afro-Atlantic World
Author/Editor: Nwankwo, Ifeoma C; Diouf, Mamadou
Rhythms of the Afro-Atlantic World: Rituals and Remembrances
Rights Enabled
Author/Editor: Heyer, Katharina C
Rights Enabled: The Disability Revolution, from the US, to Germany and Japan, to the United Nations
Author/Editor: Katharina Heyer
The Rise of the African Novel
Author/Editor: Ngugi, Mukoma Wa
The Rise of the African Novel: Politics of Language, Identity, and Ownership
Author/Editor: Mukoma Wa Ngugi
The Rise of the Representative
Author/Editor: Squire, Peverill
The Rise of the Representative: Lawmakers and Constituents in Colonial America
Author/Editor: Peverill Squire
Rising Powers and Foreign Policy Revisionism
Author/Editor: Thies, Cameron G; Nieman, Mark David
Rising Powers and Foreign Policy Revisionism: Understanding BRICS Identity and Behavior Through Time
Risk Criticism
Author/Editor: Wallace, Molly
Risk Criticism: Precautionary Reading in an Age of Environmental Uncertainty
Author/Editor: Molly Wallace
Risk Culture
Author/Editor: Fichtelberg, Joseph
Risk Culture: Performance and Danger in Early America
Rival Claims
Author/Editor: Lacina, Bethany
Rival Claims: Ethnic Violence and Territorial Autonomy under Indian Federalism
Author/Editor: Bethany Lacina
Robert Hayden
Author/Editor: Goldstein, Laurence; Chrisman, Robert
Robert Hayden: Essays on the Poetry
Author/Editor: Laurence Goldstein,Robert Chrisman
Robert Hayden in Verse
Author/Editor: Smith, Derik
Robert Hayden in Verse: New Histories of African American Poetry and the Black Arts Era
Author/Editor: Derik Smith
Rogues and Early Modern English Culture
Author/Editor: Dionne, Craig; Mentz, Steve
The Role of the Judge in International Trade Regulation
Author/Editor: Cottier, Thomas; Mavroidis, Petros Constantinos; Blatter, Patrick
The Role of the Judge in International Trade Regulation: Experience and Lessons for the WTO
Author/Editor: Thomas Cottier,Petros C. Mavroidis,Patrick Blatter
Roman Artists, Patrons, and Public Consumption
Author/Editor: Longfellow, Brenda; Perry, Ellen
Roman Artists, Patrons, and Public Consumption: Familiar Works Reconsidered
Author/Editor: Brenda Longfellow,Ellen E. Perry
Roman Siege Warfare
Author/Editor: Levithan, Josh
Russia's Legal Fictions
Author/Editor: Murav, Harriet