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Accommodating Revolutions
Author/Editor: Tillson, Albert H
Activism and the American Novel
Author/Editor: Romero, Channette
Acts of Narrative Resistance
Author/Editor: Beard, Laura J
African Impressions: How African Worldviews Shaped the British Geographical Imagination across the Early Enlightenment
African Musicians in the Atlantic World: Legacies of Sound and Slavery
Author/Editor: Mary Caton Lingold
After Apartheid
Author/Editor: Shapiro, Ian; Tebeau, Kahreen
After August: Blues, August Wilson, and American Drama
Author/Editor: Patrick Maley
The Afterlives of Animals
Author/Editor: Alberti, Samuel J. M. M
After Print: Eighteenth-Century Manuscript Cultures
Author/Editor: Rachael Scarborough King
Against Better Judgment: Irrational Action and Literary Invention in the Long Eighteenth Century
Against the Hounds of Hell: A Life of Howard Thurman
An Age of Hubris: Colonialism, Christianity, and the Xhosa in the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Timothy Keegan
The Alchemy of Conquest: Science, Religion, and the Secrets of the New World
Author/Editor: Ralph Bauer
The Algerian New Novel
All the Devils Are Here: American Romanticism and Literary Influence
Author/Editor: DAVID GREVEN
Almost Hemingway: The Adventures of Negley Farson, Foreign Correspondent
Author/Editor: Rex Bowman ,Carlos Santos
Ambivalent Miracles
Author/Editor: Wadsworth, Nancy D
Amelioration and Empire
Author/Editor: Dierksheide, Christa
American Abolitionism
Author/Editor: Harrold, Stanley
American Autopia: An Intellectual History of the American Roadside at Midcentury
American Dreams: Opportunity and Upward Mobility
Author/Editor: Guian McKee ,Cristina Lopez-Gottardi Chao
American Iconographic
Author/Editor: Hawkins, Stephanie L
American Imperialism's Undead
Author/Editor: Dalleo, Raphael
The American Liberty Pole: Popular Politics and the Struggle for Democracy in the Early Republic
Author/Editor: SHIRA LURIE
The American Revolution and the Habsburg Monarchy
Author/Editor: Jonathan Singerton
American Road Narratives
Author/Editor: Brigham, Ann
America's Wetland
Author/Editor: Sawyer, Roy T
The Angel out of the House
Author/Editor: Elliott, Dorice Williams
Answer at Once
Author/Editor: Powell, Katrina M
Answering the Call of the Court
Author/Editor: Baird, Vanessa A
The Antagonist Principle
Author/Editor: Poston, Lawrence
Anthropocene Fictions
Author/Editor: Trexler, Adam
Armed Citizens: The Road from Ancient Rome to the Second Amendment
Author/Editor: Noah Shusterman
Army Spouses: Military Families during the Global War on Terror
Author/Editor: Morten G. Ender
The Arresting Eye
Author/Editor: Huh, Jinny
Artistic Ambassadors
Author/Editor: Roberts, Brian Russell
At Home and Astray
Author/Editor: Howell, Philip
At Home with Apartheid
Author/Editor: Ginsburg, Rebecca
Avoiding War with China
Bacchus and Civic Order
Author/Editor: Tlusty, B. Ann
Backstage in the Novel
Author/Editor: Saggini, Francesca
Bad Men: Creative Touchstones of Black Writers
Author/Editor: Howard Rambsy II
Barbaric Culture and Black Critique
Author/Editor: Wheelock, Stefan M
Basura: Cultures of Waste in Contemporary Spain
Author/Editor: SAMUEL AMAGO
Bathed in Blood
Author/Editor: Proctor, Nicolas W
Battle over the Bench
Author/Editor: Steigerwalt, Amy
Beastly Natures
Author/Editor: Brantz, Dorothee
Beautiful Deceptions
Author/Editor: Schweighauser, Philipp
Becoming Men of Some Consequence
Author/Editor: Ruddiman, John A
Bedazzled Saints: Catacomb Relics in Early Modern Bavaria
Author/Editor: Noria K. Litaker
Before American History: Nationalist Mythmaking and Indigenous Dispossession
Author/Editor: Christen Mucher
Being Apart
Author/Editor: Parris, LaRose T
Be It Ever So Humble
Author/Editor: MacKenzie, Scott R
The Belle Créole
Between Sovereignty and Anarchy
Author/Editor: Griffin, Patrick; Ingram, Robert G.; Onuf, Peter S
Between the Novel and the News
Author/Editor: Edelstein, Sari
Bewildered Travel
Author/Editor: Ruf, Frederick J
Beyond 1776: Globalizing the Cultures of the American Revolution
Beyond the Royal Gaze
Author/Editor: Kodesh, Neil
The Big House after Slavery
Author/Editor: Morsman, Amy Feely
Black Aesthetics and the Interior Life
Black Landscapes Matter
Author/Editor: Walter Hood ,Grace Mitchell Tada
Blue Laws and Black Codes
Author/Editor: Wallenstein, Peter
Bodies and Bones
Author/Editor: Shields, Tanya L
Body and Soul
Author/Editor: Cox, Robert S
Bound for Work: Labor, Mobility, and Colonial Rule in Central Mozambique, 1940-1965
Author/Editor: Zachary Kagan Guthrie
The Bourgeois Interior
Author/Editor: Brown, Julia Prewitt
Break and Flow: Hip Hop Poetics in the Americas
Author/Editor: Charlie D. Hankin
Bridges to Memory
Author/Editor: Bellamy, Maria Rice
Bringing Race Back In
Author/Editor: Stout, Christopher T
Broken Government: Bridging the Partisan Divide
Author/Editor: William J. Antholis ,Larry J. Sabato
Brothers Born of One Mother
Author/Editor: LeMaster, Michelle
Buddha in the Marketplace: The Commodification of Buddhist Objects in Tibet
Building Charleston
Author/Editor: Hart, Emma
Building Natures
Author/Editor: Daniel, Julia
The Cacophony of Politics: Northern Democrats and the American Civil War
The Camaro in the Pasture
Author/Editor: Riley, Robert B
Capital and Convict: Race, Region, and Punishment in Post–Civil War America
Author/Editor: Henry Kamerling
Caribbean Jewish Crossings: Literary History and Creative Practice
Author/Editor: Sarah Phillips Casteel,Heidi Kaufman
Caribbean Literature and the Public Sphere
Author/Editor: Dalleo, Raphael
Caribbean Perspectives on Modernity
Author/Editor: Fumagalli, Maria Cristina
The Case for Identity Politics: Polarization, Demographic Change, and Racial Appeals
Author/Editor: Christopher T. Stout
Cautio Criminalis, or a Book on Witch Trials
Author/Editor: Spee, Friedrich
The Celebrated Elizabeth Smith: Crafting Genius and Transatlantic Fame in the Romantic Era
Author/Editor: Lucia McMahon
Character and Mourning: Woolf, Faulkner, and the Novel Elegy of the First World War
Author/Editor: Erin Penner
Characters of Blood
Author/Editor: Bernier, Celeste-Marie
Chiefs, Priests, and Praise-Singers
Author/Editor: MacGaffey, Wyatt
Children of the Raven and the Whale: Visions and Revisions in American Literature
Author/Editor: Caroline Chamberlin Hellman
Christian Fundamentalism and the Culture of Disenchantment
Author/Editor: Maltby, Paul
Cities of Affluence and Anger
Author/Editor: Hefner, Peter J
The Citizenship Revolution
Author/Editor: Bradburn, Douglas
Citizens of a Common Intellectual Homeland
Author/Editor: Mattes, Armin
Citizens of Convenience
Author/Editor: LAWRENCE B. A. HATTER
The Civil War Political Tradition: Ten Portraits of Those Who Formed It
Author/Editor: Paul D. Escott
Cli-Fi and Class: Socioeconomic Justice in Contemporary American Climate Fiction
Author/Editor: Debra J. Rosenthal ,Jason de Lara Molesky
Climate Change and Original Sin: The Moral Ecology of John Milton's Poetry
Author/Editor: Katherine Cox
Close Kin and Distant Relatives
Author/Editor: Morris, Susana M
Collateral Damage: Women Write about War
Author/Editor: Bárbara Mujica
The Collected Essays of Josephine J. Turpin Washington: A Black Reformer in the Post-Reconstruction South
Author/Editor: RITA B. DANDRIDGE
Collegiate Republic
Author/Editor: Sumner, Margaret
Colonizing the Past: Mythmaking and Pre-Columbian Whites in Nineteenth-Century American Writing
Author/Editor: EDWARD WATTS
The Color of Power
Author/Editor: Douzet, Frédérick
Colossal Ambitions: Confederate Planning for a Post–Civil War World
Author/Editor: Adrian Brettle
Coming to Terms with Democracy
Author/Editor: Foletta, Marshall
Communication: Getting the Message Across
Author/Editor: Nicole Hemmer
Community-Based Collaboration
Author/Editor: Dukes, E. Franklin; Firehock, Karen E.; Birkhoff, Juliana E
Composing Cultures
Author/Editor: Aronoff, Eric
Comrade Sister: Caribbean Feminist Revisions of the Grenada Revolution
Author/Editor: Laurie R. Lambert
Conceived in Crisis: The Revolutionary Creation of an American State
Author/Editor: Christopher R. Pearl
Confederate Visions
Author/Editor: Binnington, Ian
Consuming Visions
Author/Editor: Conde, Maite
Contemporary Francophone African Writers and the Burden of Commitment
Author/Editor: Cazenave, Odile; Célérier, Patricia
Contesting Slavery
Author/Editor: Hammond, John Craig; Mason, Matthew
Contract and Consent
Author/Editor: Pole, J. R
Cornelia Hahn Oberlander
Author/Editor: Herrington, Susan
Cosmopolitan Patriots
Author/Editor: Ziesche, Philipp
Cotton's Queer Relations
Author/Editor: Bibler, Michael P
The Cowboy Capitalist
Author/Editor: van van Onselen, Charles
Author/Editor: Butler, Jeffrey; Elphick, Richard; Hopkins, Jeannette
Creating the British Atlantic
Author/Editor: Greene, Jack P
Creole Drama
Author/Editor: Braun, Juliane
Crime and Culture in Early Modern Germany
Author/Editor: Wiltenburg, Joy
Criminal Cities: The Postcolonial Novel and Cathartic Crime
Author/Editor: MOLLY SLAVIN
Criminal Injustice
Author/Editor: McNair, Glenn
Crossing the Boundaries of Belief
Author/Editor: Corpis, Duane J
Crossing the Line
Author/Editor: Ward, Candace
Crossing the River Styx: The Memoir of a Death Row Chaplain
Author/Editor: Russ Ford ,Charles Peppers ,Todd C. Peppers
Crucible of the Civil War
Author/Editor: Ayers, Edward L.; Gallagher, Gary W.; Torget, Andrew J
Cuba and the Fall
Author/Editor: González, Eduardo
Cultural Entanglements: Langston Hughes and the Rise of African and Caribbean Literature
Author/Editor: Shane Graham
A Cultural History of Underdevelopment
Author/Editor: John Patrick Leary
Culture and Liberty in the Age of the American Revolution
Author/Editor: Rozbicki, Michal Jan
Dancing with Disaster
Author/Editor: Rigby, Kate
Dandyism: Forming Fiction from Modernism to the Present
Author/Editor: LEN GUTKIN
Danger Sound Klaxon!: The Horn That Changed History
Author/Editor: MATTHEW F. JORDAN
A Deed So Accursed
Author/Editor: Finnegan, Terence
Designing Dixie
Author/Editor: Hillyer, Reiko
Desire and the Ascetic Ideal: Buddhism and Hinduism in the Works of T. S. Eliot
Author/Editor: EDWARD UPTON
Detached America
Author/Editor: Jacobs, James A
The Devil's Art: Divination and Discipline in Early Modern Germany
Different Shades of Green
Author/Editor: Caminero-Santangelo, Byron
Difficult Reading: Frustration and Form in Anglophone Caribbean Fiction
Author/Editor: Jason R. Marley
Digitizing Faulkner: Yoknapatawpha in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Theresa M. Towner
Disaster Writing
Author/Editor: Anderson, Mark D
Dishonored Americans: The Political Death of Loyalists in Revolutionary America
Author/Editor: Timothy Compeau
Distant Revolutions
Author/Editor: Roberts, Timothy Mason
Disturbers of the Peace
Author/Editor: Josephs, Kelly Baker
Diversity Matters
Author/Editor: Haire, Susan B.; Moyer, Laura P
Does Privilege Prevail?: Litigation in High Courts across the Globe
Author/Editor: Stacia L. Haynie ,Kirk A. Randazzo ,Reginald S. Sheehan
Doing Justice to Mercy
Author/Editor: Rothchild, Jonathan; Boulton, Matthew Myer; Jung, Kevin
Domestic Captivity and the British Subject, 1660–1750
Author/Editor: Catherine Ingrassia
The Dooleys of Richmond
Do You Hear in the Mountains... and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Bey, Maïssa
Drawing Liberalism: Herblock’s Political Cartoons in Postwar America
Drawing the Line
Author/Editor: Fowler, Doreen
Driven to the Field: Sharecropping and Southern Literature
Author/Editor: David A. Davis
Dueling Cultures, Damnable Legacies: Southern Violence and White Supremacy in the Civil War Era
Author/Editor: James Hill Welborn III
Dunmore's New World
Author/Editor: David, James Corbett
The Dynamics of Genre
Author/Editor: Liddle, Dallas
Author/Editor: Frankétienne
Early Modern Virginia
Author/Editor: Bradburn, Douglas; Coombs, John C
Earnestly Contending
Author/Editor: Bruce, Dickson D
East-West Exchange and Late Modernism: Williams, Moore, Pound
Author/Editor: Zhaoming Qian
Ecocritical Theory
Author/Editor: Goodbody, Axel; Rigby, Kate
The Educational Legacy of Woodrow Wilson
Author/Editor: Axtell, James
Edwidge Danticat: The Haitian Diasporic Imaginary
Author/Editor: Nadège T. Clitandre
The Eighteenth Centuries: Global Networks of Enlightenment
The Elections of 2020
Author/Editor: Michael Nelson
Elizabeth Bishop in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Cleghorn, Angus; Hicok, Bethany; Travisano, Thomas
Elizabeth Bishop's Brazil
Author/Editor: BETHANY HICOK
Elizabeth Fox-Genovese: Paternalism's Daughter
Author/Editor: Deborah A. Symonds
Elusive Equality
Author/Editor: Littlejohn, Jeffrey L.; Ford, Charles H
Elusive Origins
Author/Editor: Miller, Paul B
Emily Davies
Author/Editor: Murphy, Ann B.; Raftery, Deirdre
Empires of the Imagination
Author/Editor: Kastor, Peter J.; Weil, François
Empiricist Devotions
Author/Editor: Courtney Weiss Smith
Encountering the Secular
Author/Editor: Atchley, J. Heath
The Enemy Within
Author/Editor: Smith, Michael Thomas
Environmental Design: Architecture, Politics, and Science in Postwar America
Author/Editor: Avigail Sachs
The Equality of Believers
Author/Editor: Elphick, Richard
Era of Experimentation
Author/Editor: Peart, Daniel
Eric Williams and the Anticolonial Tradition
Author/Editor: St. Pierre, Maurice
Erotic Citizens: Sex and the Embodied Subject in the Antebellum Novel
Ersatz America
Author/Editor: Mark, Rebecca
Essays from the Edge
Author/Editor: Jay, Martin
Establishing Religious Freedom
Author/Editor: Buckley, Thomas E
"Esteemed Bookes of Lawe" and the Legal Culture of Early Virginia
Author/Editor: Warren M. Billings,Brent Tarter
European Friends of the American Revolution
Author/Editor: Andrew J. O’Shaughnessy ,John A. Ragosta ,Marie-Jeanne Rossignol
Evangelical Gothic: The English Novel and the Religious War on Virtue from Wesley to Dracula
Author/Editor: Christopher Herbert
Evergreen Ash: Ecology and Catastrophe in Old Norse Myth and Literature
Author/Editor: Christopher Abram
The Evil Necessity
Author/Editor: Brunsman, Denver
Evil People
Author/Editor: Dillinger, Johannes
Exemplary England: Historical Inquiry and Literary Recompense in Pope, Gray, and Richardson
Author/Editor: Sarabeth Grant
Exhibiting Slavery
Author/Editor: Halloran, Vivian Nun
Exodus Politics
Author/Editor: Patterson, Robert J
Experiencing Empire
Author/Editor: Patrick Griffin
Experiencing William James
Author/Editor: Campbell, James
Facing Freedom
Author/Editor: Thorp, Daniel B
Failed Frontiersmen
Author/Editor: Donahue, James J
Faith and Race in American Political Life
Author/Editor: Jacobson, Robin Dale; Wadsworth, Nancy D
Faith, Race, and the Lost Cause: Confessions of a Southern Church
Author/Editor: Christopher Alan Graham ,Melanie Mullen
Fake It: Fictions of Forgery
Author/Editor: Mark Osteen
Falling Short: The Bildungsroman and the Crisis of Self-Fashioning
Author/Editor: Aleksandar Stević
The False Cause: Fraud, Fabrication, and White Supremacy in Confederate Memory
Author/Editor: ADAM H. DOMBY
Family Matters
Author/Editor: Moreno, Marisel C
Fashion and Fiction
Author/Editor: Lauren S. Cardon
Fashioning Character: Style, Performance, and Identity in Contemporary American Literature
Author/Editor: Lauren S. Cardon
Fellow Travelers: How Road Stories Shaped the Idea of the Americas
Author/Editor: John Ochoa
The Field of Imagination
Author/Editor: Cleary, Scott M
Fighting Political Gridlock: How States Shape Our Nation and Our Lives
Author/Editor: DAVID J. TOSCANO ,Mark R. Warner
The Finger of God: Enoch Mgijima, the Israelites, and the Bulhoek Massacre in South Africa, Ed. REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: Robert R. Edgar
First in the Homes of His Countrymen
Author/Editor: Lydia Mattice Brandt
The First Republican Army
Author/Editor: JOHN H. MATSUI
The Five George Masons
Author/Editor: Pamela C. Copeland,Richard K. MacMaster
Fixing College Education
Author/Editor: Muscatine, Charles
Flights of Imagination
Author/Editor: Dümpelmann, Sonja
The Flirt's Tragedy
Author/Editor: Kaye, Richard A
Foreign Trends in American Gardens
Forms of Relation: Composing Kinship in Colonial Spanish America
Author/Editor: Matthew Goldmark
For the People, For the Country: Patrick Henry’s Final Political Battle
Author/Editor: John A. Ragosta
Founding Friendship
Author/Editor: Leibiger, Stuart
Four Fools in the Age of Reason: Laughter, Cruelty, and Power in Early Modern Germany
Framing the World
Author/Editor: Willoquet-Maricondi, Paula
Freedom Has a Face
Author/Editor: von von Daacke, Kirt
Freedom's Promise
Author/Editor: Regosin, Elizabeth
Freud and Augustine in Dialogue
Author/Editor: Parsons, William B
From Jamestown to Jefferson
Author/Editor: Rasor, Paul; Bond, Richard E
From Theology to Theological Thinking
Author/Editor: Lacoste, Jean-Yves
The Fuggers of Augsburg
Author/Editor: Häberlein, Mark
Fulfilling the Promise: Virginia Commonwealth University and the City of Richmond, 1968–2009
Author/Editor: John T. Kneebone,Eugene P. Trani
Garbage In, Garbage Out
Author/Editor: Thomson, Vivian E
The Garden in the Machine: Planning and Democracy in the Tennessee Valley Authority
Author/Editor: Avigail Sachs
Genealogies of Environmentalism
Author/Editor: Glacken, Clarence; Rajan, S. Ravi
Genre Theory and Historical Change
Author/Editor: John L. Rowlett
George Washington's Hair: How Early Americans Remembered the Founders
Author/Editor: KEITH BEUTLER
A German Barber-Surgeon in the Atlantic Slave Trade: The Seventeenth-Century Journal of Johann Peter Oettinger
Author/Editor: Craig Koslofsky,Roberto Zaugg
The Ghost behind the Masks
Author/Editor: Shaw, W. David
Giant's Causeway
Author/Editor: Chaffin, Tom
The Golden-Bristled Boar
Author/Editor: Greene, Jeffrey
The Grandees of Government
Author/Editor: Tarter, Brent
Greening the City
Author/Editor: Brantz, Dorothee; Dümpelmann, Sonja
Grief and Meter
Author/Editor: Sally Connolly
Guilty Pleasures
Author/Editor: McIntosh, Hugh
Gun Culture in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: LOIS G. SCHWOERER
The Haitian Declaration of Independence
The Haitian Revolution in the Literary Imagination
Author/Editor: Kaisary, Philip
Handcuffs and Chain Link: Criminalizing the Undocumented in America
Healthy Environments, Healing Spaces: Practices and Directions in Health, Planning, and Design
Henry Adams in Washington: Linking the Personal and Public Lives of America’s Man of Letters
Author/Editor: ORMOND SEAVEY
Hidden History
Author/Editor: Rainville, Lynn
High Courts in Global Perspective: Evidence, Methodologies, and Findings
Author/Editor: Nuno Garoupa ,Rebecca D. Gill ,Lydia B. Tiede
Author/Editor: Giliomee, Hermann
Historian in Chief
Author/Editor: Cotlar, Seth; Ellis, Richard J
Hometown Religion
Author/Editor: Luebke, David M
How Borges Wrote
Author/Editor: Balderston, Daniel
How Societies Are Born
Author/Editor: Vansina, Jan
Humboldt and Jefferson
Author/Editor: Rebok, Sandra
Ideas to Live For
Author/Editor: Gunn, Giles
I Die by This Country
Author/Editor: Zouari, Fawzia
The Illiberal Imagination: Class and the Rise of the U.S. Novel
Author/Editor: Joe Shapiro
The Illimitable Freedom of the Human Mind: Thomas Jefferson’s Idea of a University
Author/Editor: Andrew J. O’Shaughnessy
The Illusory Boundary
Author/Editor: Reuss, Martin; Cutcliffe, Stephen H
Imitation Nation: Red, White, and Blackface in Early and Antebellum US Literature
Immigration: Struggling over Borders
Author/Editor: Sidney M. Milkis ,David Leblang
Imperial Educación: Race and Republican Motherhood in the Nineteenth-Century Americas
Author/Editor: Thomas Genova
Independence without Freedom
Author/Editor: Ramazani, R. K
Indoor America: The Interior Landscape of Postwar Suburbia
Inkface: Othello and White Authority in the Era of Atlantic Slavery
Author/Editor: Miles P. Grier
Institutional Games and the U.S. Supreme Court
Author/Editor: Rogers, James R.; Flemming, Roy B.; Bond, Jon R
Interest and Connection in the Eighteenth Century: Hervey, Johnson, Smith, Equiano
Author/Editor: Jacob Sider Jost
Author/Editor: Roxanna Nydia Curto
In the Arena: A Memoir of Love, War, and Politics
Author/Editor: Chuck Robb
In the Hands of a Good Providence
Author/Editor: Thompson, Mary V
In the Hollow of the Wave
Author/Editor: Scott, Bonnie Kime
In the Red and in the Black
Author/Editor: Vause, Erika
Intimate Reconstructions
Author/Editor: Jones, Catherine A
Ireland and America: Empire, Revolution, and Sovereignty
Author/Editor: Patrick Griffin ,Francis D. Cogliano
The Irish and the Imagination of Race: White Supremacy across the Atlantic in the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Patrick R. O’Malley
Is Killing Wrong?
Author/Editor: Cooney, Mark
Italy and the Environmental Humanities: Landscapes, Natures, Ecologies
Author/Editor: Serenella Iovino,Enrico Cesaretti,Elena Past
Jeffersonians in Power
Author/Editor: Freeman, Joanne B.; Neem, Johann N
Jefferson on Display: Attire, Etiquette, and the Art of Presentation
Author/Editor: G. S. WILSON
Jefferson's Body
Jefferson vs. the Patent Trolls
Author/Editor: Matsuura, Jeffrey H
Joseph Addison: An Intellectual Biography
Author/Editor: Dan Poston
Journey on the James
Author/Editor: Swift, Earl
Journeys of the Slave Narrative in the Early Americas
Author/Editor: Aljoe, Nicole N.; Finseth, Ian
Keep On Keeping On
Author/Editor: Deborah E. McDowell,Brian J. Daugherity
The Key to the Door
Author/Editor: Maurice Apprey,Shelli M. Poe
Ladies and Gentlemen on Display
Author/Editor: Lewis, Charlene M. Boyer
Landscape and Images
Author/Editor: Stilgoe, John R
A Language of Things: Emanuel Swedenborg and the American Environmental Imagination
Author/Editor: DEVIN P. ZUBER
The Last Afrikaner Leaders
Author/Editor: Giliomee, Hermann
Law, Politics, and Perception
Author/Editor: Braman, Eileen
The Law School at the University of Virginia
Author/Editor: Philip Mills Herrington
Letters from Filadelfia: Early Latino Literature and the Trans-American Elite
Author/Editor: Rodrigo Lazo
Liberal Epic
Author/Editor: Adams, Edward
The Life and Undeath of Autonomy in American Literature
Author/Editor: Hamilton, Geoff
The Life of William Faulkner: The Past Is Never Dead, 1897-1934
Author/Editor: CARL ROLLYSON
Light and Liberty
Author/Editor: McDonald, Robert M. S
Lighting the Way: Federal Courts, Civil Rights, and Public Policy
Author/Editor: Douglas Rice
Limited Access: Transport Metaphors and Realism in the British Novel, 1740–1860
Author/Editor: Kyoko Takanashi
The Limits of Optimism
Author/Editor: Valsania, Maurizio
Lincoln's Dilemma
Author/Editor: Escott, Paul D
The Literatures of Spanish America and Brazil: From Their Origins through the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Earl E. Fitz
A Little Child Shall Lead Them: A Documentary Account of the Struggle for School Desegregation in Prince Edward County, Virginia
Living on Wilderness Time
Author/Editor: Walker, Melissa
Locating the Destitute
Author/Editor: Radović, Stanka
The Log Cabin: An American Icon
Looking for Other Worlds: Black Feminism and Haitian Fiction
Author/Editor: Régine Michelle Jean-Charles
Love and Depth in the American Novel: From Stowe to James
Author/Editor: ASHLEY C. BARNES
Loyal Protestants and Dangerous Papists
Author/Editor: Sutto, Antoinette
The Madisons at Montpelier
Author/Editor: Ketcham, Ralph
Magnificent Decay: Melville and Ecology
Author/Editor: Tom Nurmi
Making #Charlottesville: Media from Civil Rights to Unite the Right
Making the World Over: Confronting Racism, Misogyny, and Xenophobia in U.S. History
Author/Editor: R. MARIE GRIFFITH
Male Armor
Author/Editor: Adams, Jon Robert
Mapping Hispaniola: Third Space in Dominican and Haitian Literature
Author/Editor: Megan Jeanette Myers
Marching Masters
Author/Editor: Woodward, Colin Edward
Margaret Garner
Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer
Author/Editor: Major, Judith K
Market Aesthetics
Author/Editor: Machado Sáez, Elena
Marketing Analytics: Essential Tools for Data-Driven Decisions
Mathilde Blind
Author/Editor: James Diedrick
Melville’s Other Lives: Bodies on Trial in The Piazza Tales
Merely Judgment
Author/Editor: Sweet, Martin J
Migrant Modernism
Author/Editor: Brown, J. Dillon
The Mind of Thomas Jefferson
Author/Editor: Onuf, Peter S
Mind over Matter: Memory Fiction from Daniel Defoe to Jane Austen
Author/Editor: Sarah Eron
Mirrors of Memory
Author/Editor: White, James W
Mobilizing Opportunities
Author/Editor: Ramírez, Ricardo
Models and World Making: Bodies, Buildings, Black Boxes
Author/Editor: Annabel Jane Wharton
The Modern Portrait Poem
Author/Editor: Dickey, Frances
Monacan Millennium: A Collaborative Archaeology and History of a Virginia Indian People
Mongrel Nation
Author/Editor: Walker, Clarence E
Monumental Jesus: Landscapes of Faith and Doubt in Modern America
Author/Editor: Margaret M. Grubiak
More Things in Heaven and Earth: Shakespeare, Theology, and the Interplay of Texts
Author/Editor: Paul S. Fiddes
The Most Defiant Devil
Author/Editor: Dehler, Gregory J
The Most Segregated City in America
Author/Editor: Connerly, Charles E
Mourning El Dorado: Literature and Extractivism in the Contemporary American Tropics
Author/Editor: Charlotte Rogers
Mourning the Presidents: Loss and Legacy in American Culture
Author/Editor: Lindsay M. Chervinsky ,Matthew R. Costello
Mr. and Mrs. Dog
Author/Editor: McCaig, Donald
Museum Trouble
Author/Editor: Hoberman, Ruth
Narrating the Mesh: Form and Story in the Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Marco Caracciolo
Nationalizing France's Army
The Nation's Nature
Author/Editor: Drake, James D
The Natural, Moral, and Political History of Jamaica, and the Territories thereon Depending: From the First Discovery of the Island by Christopher Columbus to the Year 1746
Nature's Man
Author/Editor: Valsania, Maurizio
Navigating Neutrality: Early American Governance in the Turbulent Atlantic
Author/Editor: Sandra Moats
Neobaroque in the Americas
Author/Editor: Kaup, Monika
Neoliberal Nonfictions: The Documentary Aesthetic from Joan Didion to Jay-Z
Author/Editor: DANIEL WORDEN
Nervous Fictions: Literary Form and the Enlightenment Origins of Neuroscience
Author/Editor: JESS KEISER
Never Ask Permission
Author/Editor: Hitz, Mary Buford
The Newark Earthworks
Author/Editor: Lindsay Jones,Richard D. Shiels
A New Continent of Liberty: Eunomia in Native American Literature from Occom to Erdrich
The New Death
Author/Editor: James, Pearl
The New Dominion: The Twentieth-Century Elections That Shaped Modern Virginia
Author/Editor: John G. Milliken ,Mark J. Rozell
Newest Born of Nations: European Nationalist Movements and the Making of the Confederacy
Author/Editor: ANN L. TUCKER
New Woman Ecologies: From Arts and Crafts to the Great War and Beyond
A Notorious Woman
Author/Editor: Elizabeth J. Clapp
Novel Cultivations: Plants in British Literature of the Global Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Hope Chang
Novel Ventures
Author/Editor: Leah Orr
Of Courtiers and Princes: Stories of Lower Court Clerks and Their Judges
Author/Editor: Todd C. Peppers
Of Land, Bones, and Money: Toward a South African Ecopoetics
The Oglethorpe Plan
Author/Editor: Wilson, Thomas D
Old Dominion, New Commonwealth
Author/Editor: Heinemann, Ronald L.; Kolp, John G.; Parent, Anthony S
Old Fields
Author/Editor: Stilgoe, John R
Old World, New World
Author/Editor: Sadosky, Leonard J.; Nicolaisen, Peter; Onuf, Peter S
On Endings
Author/Editor: Grausam, Daniel
On the Trail of the D.C. Sniper
Author/Editor: Censer, Jack R
Organic Supplements: Bodies and Things of the Natural World, 1580–1790
Author/Editor: Miriam Jacobson,Julie Park
Orienting Virtue: Civic Identity and Orientalism in Britain’s Global Eighteenth Century
The Origins of African American Literature, 1680-1865
Author/Editor: Bruce, Dickson D
Ossianic Unconformities
Author/Editor: Gidal, Eric
Our Coquettes
Author/Editor: Braunschneider, Theresa
Outside the Wire
Author/Editor: Leche, Christine Dumaine
The Pagan Writes Back
Author/Editor: Ni, Zhange
Paine and Jefferson in the Age of Revolutions
Author/Editor: Newman, Simon P.; Onuf, Peter S
The Pan American Imagination
Author/Editor: Park, Stephen M
Parting Words: Victorian Poetry and Public Address
Author/Editor: JUSTIN A. SIDER
Partners or Rivals?
Author/Editor: Wilkinson, Betina Cutaia
A Passion for the Past
Author/Editor: Noël Hume, Ivor
Pathologies of Paradise
Author/Editor: Nair, Supriya M
Patriotism and Piety
Author/Editor: Den Hartog, Jonathan J
Patriots, Prostitutes, and Spies
Author/Editor: John M. Belohlavek
The Peaceful Transfer of Power: An Oral History of America’s Presidential Transitions
Author/Editor: David Marchick ,Alexander Tippett ,A. J. Wilson
Performance and Personhood in Caribbean Literature
Author/Editor: Jeannine Murray-Román
Performatively Speaking
Author/Editor: Rosenthal, Debra J
The Permanent Resident: Excavations and Explorations of George Washington’s Life
Author/Editor: PHILIP LEVY
Personal Business
Author/Editor: Hunt, Aeron
The Philip Roth We Don't Know: Sex, Race, and Autobiography
Author/Editor: Jacques Berlinerblau
The Physics of Possibility: Victorian Fiction, Science, and Gender
Author/Editor: Michael Tondre
Pilgrimage to Vallombrosa
Author/Editor: Elder, John
Pirating Fictions: Ownership and Creativity in Nineteenth-Century Popular Culture
Author/Editor: MONICA F. COHEN
A Place Called Ilda: Race and Resilience at a Northern Virginia Crossroads
Author/Editor: Tom Shoop
Plain Paths and Dividing Lines: Navigating Native Land and Water in the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake
Author/Editor: Jessica Lauren Taylor
Plotting Terror
Author/Editor: Scanlan, Margaret
The Poetic Justice: A Memoir
Author/Editor: John Charles Thomas
The Poetics of Ethnography in Martinican Narratives
Author/Editor: Kullberg, Christina
The Poetics of Poesis
Poetry and the Thought of Song in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Author/Editor: Helsinger, Elizabeth K
A Political Nation
Author/Editor: Gallagher, Gary W.; Shelden, Rachel A
Author/Editor: Rice, Alison
Popa Singer
Postcolonial Francophone Autobiographies
Author/Editor: Sankara, Edgard
Postcolonial Green
Author/Editor: Roos, Bonnie; Hunt, Alex
Postmodernism and the Revolution in Religious Theory
Author/Editor: Raschke, Carl
The Power of Negative Thinking
Author/Editor: Schreier, Benjamin
Power versus Liberty
Author/Editor: Read, James H
Practicing Democracy
Author/Editor: Peart, Daniel; Smith, Adam I. P
The Pragmatist Turn
Author/Editor: Gunn, Giles
The Preacher and the Politician
Author/Editor: Walker, Clarence E.; Smithers, Gregory D
Preserving the White Man's Republic: Jacksonian Democracy, Race, and the Transformation of American Conservatism
Author/Editor: Joshua A. Lynn
The Presidency and the American State: Leadership and Decision Making in the Adams, Grant, and Taft Administrations
Author/Editor: Stephen J. Rockwell
The Presidency: Facing Constitutional Crossroads
Primates in the Real World
Author/Editor: Montgomery, Georgina M
The Problem of Profit: Finance and Feeling in Eighteenth-Century British Literature
Author/Editor: Michael Genovese
The Problem with Rules: Essays on the Meaning and Value of Liberal Education
Prophetic Remembrance
Author/Editor: Still, Erica
Prose Immortality, 1711-1819
Author/Editor: Sider Jost, Jacob
Public Vows: Fictions of Marriage in the English Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Melissa J. Ganz
The Punitive Turn
Author/Editor: McDowell, Deborah E.; Harold, Claudrena N.; Battle, Juan
Quantitative Methods in the Humanities: An Introduction
Author/Editor: Claire Lemercier,Claire Zalc,Arthur Goldhammer
The Quebec Connection: A Poetics of Solidarity in Global Francophone Literatures
Author/Editor: Julie-Françoise Tolliver
The Queerness of Water: Troubled Ecologies in the Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: Jeremy Chow
Questioning Nature
Author/Editor: Melissa Bailes
Quirks of the Quantum
Author/Editor: Coale, Samuel Chase
Race Man
Author/Editor: Alexander, Ann Field
Race, Romance, and Rebellion
Author/Editor: O'Brien, Colleen C
Racism in American Public Life: A Call to Action
Radical Reform
Author/Editor: Beckel, Deborah
Radicals on the Road
Author/Editor: Schweizer, Bernard
Ralph Ellison and Kenneth Burke
Author/Editor: Crable, Bryan
Rambles of a Runaway from Southern Slavery
Author/Editor: Goings, Henry; Schermerhorn, Calvin; Plunkett, Michael
Raving at Usurers
Author/Editor: Dwight Codr
Reading Character after Calvin: Secularization, Empire, and the Eighteenth-Century Novel
Author/Editor: David Mark Diamond
Reading Contagion: The Hazards of Reading in the Age of Print
Author/Editor: ANNIKA MANN
Reading for the Law
Author/Editor: Krueger, Christine L
Reading Popular Newtonianism: Print, the Principia, and the Dissemination of Newtonian Science
Author/Editor: Laura Miller
Reading the Hindu and Christian Classics
Author/Editor: Clooney, Francis X
Reading Trauma Narratives
Author/Editor: Vickroy, Laurie
Reading with the Senses in Victorian Literature and Science
Author/Editor: David Sweeney Coombs
Rearing Wolves to Our Own Destruction
Author/Editor: Takagi, Midori
Reclaiming Nostalgia
Author/Editor: Ladino, Jennifer K
Reclaiming Patriotism
Author/Editor: Etzioni, Amitai
Recomposing Ecopoetics: North American Poetry of the Self-Conscious Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Lynn Keller
Reconstructing the Campus
Author/Editor: Cohen, Michael David
Reconstruction beyond 150: Reassessing the New Birth of Freedom
Author/Editor: Orville Vernon Burton ,J. Brent Morris
Redemption from Tyranny: Herman Husband's American Revolution
Author/Editor: BRUCE E . STEWART
Refiguring the Map of Sorrow
Author/Editor: Allister, Mark
Regenerating Romanticism: Botany, Sensibility, and Originality in British Literature, 1750–1830
Author/Editor: Melissa Bailes
Religious Freedom
Author/Editor: Ragosta, John A
Remaking Custom
Author/Editor: Pearson, Ellen Holmes
Replanting a Slave Society: The Sugar and Cotton Revolutions in the Lower Mississippi Valley
Author/Editor: Patrick Luck
The Republican Party in the Age of Roosevelt
Author/Editor: Rosen, Elliot A
Restoration Drama and the Idea of Literature
Rethinking Frank Lloyd Wright: History, Reception, Preservation
Rethinking Sincerity and Authenticity: The Ethics of Theatricality in Kant, Kierkegaard, and Levinas
Revolutionary Negotiations
Author/Editor: Sadosky, Leonard J
Revolutionary Prophecies: The Founders and America’s Future
Author/Editor: Robert M. S. McDonald,Peter S. Onuf
The Risen Phoenix
Author/Editor: Luis-Alejandro Dinnella-Borrego
Rival Visions: How Jefferson and His Contemporaries Defined the Early American Republic
Author/Editor: Dustin Gish,Andrew Bibby
Romantic Writing and the Empire of Signs
Author/Editor: Fang, Karen
Rome Reborn on Western Shores
Author/Editor: Shalev, Eran
Roosevelt, the Great Depression, and the Economics of Recovery
Author/Editor: Rosen, Elliot A
Rot, Riot, and Rebellion
Author/Editor: Bowman, Rex; Santos, Carlos
The Row House in Washington, DC: A History
Rumors of Revolution: Song, Sentiment, and Sedition in Colonial Louisiana
Author/Editor: Jennifer Tsien
A Saga of the New South
Author/Editor: BRENT TARTER
San Francisco
Author/Editor: Ponsi, Andrea
Sapphic Crossings: Cross-Dressing Women in Eighteenth-Century British Literature
Satan and Salem
Author/Editor: Ray, Benjamin C
Saul Steinberg’s Literary Journeys: Nabokov, Joyce, and Others
Saving Snakes: Snakes and the Evolution of a Field Naturalist
Author/Editor: Peeples, Edward H.; MacLean, Nancy
Scarecrows of Chivalry
Author/Editor: Gopinath, Praseeda
Schooling Jim Crow
Author/Editor: Driskell, Jay Winston
The Science of Religion in Britain, 1860-1915
Author/Editor: Wheeler-Barclay, Marjorie
Second Person Singular
Author/Editor: Harrington, Emily
Seeing Jefferson Anew
Author/Editor: Boles, John B.; Hall, Randal L
Segregation's Science
Author/Editor: Dorr, Gregory Michael
Semi-Detached Empire
Author/Editor: Kuchta, Todd
The Senate: From White Supremacy to Governmental Gridlock
Author/Editor: Daniel Wirls
A Separate Civil War
Author/Editor: Sarris, Jonathan Dean
Settler Jamaica in the 1750s
Author/Editor: JACK P. GREENE
Seven Virginians: The Men Who Shaped Our Republic
Author/Editor: John B. Boles
Sex and Sects: The Story of Mormon Polygamy, Shaker Celibacy, and Oneida Complex Marriage
Author/Editor: Stewart Davenport
Sex and the Citizen
Author/Editor: Smith, Faith L
Shaken Wisdom
Author/Editor: Onyeoziri, Gloria Nne
Shakespeare's Ocean
Author/Editor: Brayton, Dan
The Shortest Way with Defoe: Robinson Crusoe, Deism, and the Novel
Author/Editor: Michael B. Prince
Showdown in Virginia
Author/Editor: Freehling, William W.; Simpson, Craig M
Sifilografía: A History of the Writerly Pox in the Eighteenth-Century Hispanic World
Author/Editor: Juan Carlos González Espitia
Sight Correction: Vision and Blindness in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Author/Editor: CHRIS MOUNSEY
Singer of the Land of Snows: Shabkar, Buddhism, and Tibetan National Identity
Author/Editor: Rachel H. Pang
A Single, Numberless Death
Author/Editor: Nora Strejilevich,Cristina de la Torre
Sites of Southern Memory
Author/Editor: O'Dell, Darlene
The Sketch, the Tale, and the Beginnings of American Literature
Author/Editor: Lydia G. Fash
Skimpy Coverage: Sports Illustrated and the Shaping of the Female Athlete
Author/Editor: Bonnie M. Hagerman
The Sky of Our Manufacture
Author/Editor: Jesse Oak Taylor