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Ladies and Gentlemen on Display
Author/Editor: Lewis, Charlene M. Boyer
Landscape and Images
Author/Editor: Stilgoe, John R
A Language of Things: Emanuel Swedenborg and the American Environmental Imagination
Author/Editor: DEVIN P. ZUBER
The Last Afrikaner Leaders
Author/Editor: Giliomee, Hermann
Law, Politics, and Perception
Author/Editor: Braman, Eileen
The Law School at the University of Virginia
Author/Editor: Philip Mills Herrington
Letters from Filadelfia: Early Latino Literature and the Trans-American Elite
Author/Editor: Rodrigo Lazo
Liberal Epic
Author/Editor: Adams, Edward
The Life and Undeath of Autonomy in American Literature
Author/Editor: Hamilton, Geoff
The Life of William Faulkner: The Past Is Never Dead, 1897-1934
Author/Editor: CARL ROLLYSON
Light and Liberty
Author/Editor: McDonald, Robert M. S
Lighting the Way: Federal Courts, Civil Rights, and Public Policy
Author/Editor: Douglas Rice
Limited Access: Transport Metaphors and Realism in the British Novel, 1740–1860
Author/Editor: Kyoko Takanashi
The Limits of Optimism
Author/Editor: Valsania, Maurizio
Lincoln's Dilemma
Author/Editor: Escott, Paul D
The Literatures of Spanish America and Brazil: From Their Origins through the Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Earl E. Fitz
A Little Child Shall Lead Them: A Documentary Account of the Struggle for School Desegregation in Prince Edward County, Virginia
Living on Wilderness Time
Author/Editor: Walker, Melissa
Locating the Destitute
Author/Editor: Radović, Stanka
The Log Cabin: An American Icon
Looking for Other Worlds: Black Feminism and Haitian Fiction
Author/Editor: Régine Michelle Jean-Charles
Love and Depth in the American Novel: From Stowe to James
Author/Editor: ASHLEY C. BARNES
Loyal Protestants and Dangerous Papists
Author/Editor: Sutto, Antoinette