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Abandoned to Ourselves
Author/Editor: Meyers, Peter A
Above the Land
Author/Editor: Agoos, Julie
Abraham Joshua Heschel
Author/Editor: Kaplan, Edward K; Dresner, Samuel H
Abraham's Children
Author/Editor: Clark, Kelly J
Abram Tertz and the Poetics of Crime
Author/Editor: Nepomnyashchy, Catharine Theimer
Absence of Mind
Author/Editor: Robinson, Marilynne
Absorbing Perfections
Author/Editor: Idel, Moshe
Accessible Connecticut
Author/Editor: Groce, Nora Ellen; Kaplan, Lawrence C.; Kaplan, Josiah David
According to Our Hearts
Author/Editor: Onwuachi-Willig, Angela
Across Legal Lines
Acting White
Author/Editor: Buck, Stuart
The Action to the Word
Author/Editor: Young, David
The Action to the Word: Structure and Style in Shakespearean Tragedy
Author/Editor: David Young
Adam Smith's Pluralism
Author/Editor: Weinstein, Jack Russell
Adolescence and Youth in Early Modern England
Author/Editor: Ben-Amos, Ilana Krausman
Adolescent Risk Behaviors
Author/Editor: Wolfe, David A.; Jaffe, Peter G.; Crooks, Claire V
Author/Editor: Adonis
Adoption, Identity, and Kinship
Author/Editor: Wegar, Katarina
Author/Editor: Jäger, Lorenz; Spencer, Stewart
Advice for Callow Jurists and Gullible Mendicants on Befriending Emirs
Author/Editor: Adam Sabra,Steven Angle,Karuna Mantena,Andrew March,Paulina Ochoa,Ian Shapiro
Author/Editor: Daly, John A
The Aeneid
Author/Editor: Vergil
Affairs of Honor
Author/Editor: Freeman, Joanne B
Affirmative Action and Justice
Affirmative Action Around the World
Author/Editor: Sowell, Thomas
Author/Editor: Bird, Tim; Marshall, Alex
African Americans and Africa
Author/Editor: Blyden, Nemata Amelia Ibitayo
The African Colonial State in Comparative Perspective
Author/Editor: Young, Crawford
The African Shore
Author/Editor: Rey Rosa, Rodrigo
African States since Independence
Author/Editor: Christensen, Darin; Laitin, David D
After the Fires
Author/Editor: Wallace, Linda L
Against the Academics
Author/Editor: Augustine, Saint
Against the Profit Motive
Author/Editor: Parrillo, Nicholas R
Against War and Empire
Author/Editor: Whatmore, Richard
Author/Editor: Outka, Gene
Agents and Victims in South China
Author/Editor: Siu, Helen F
Age of Delirium
Author/Editor: Satter, David
The Age of Doubt
Author/Editor: Lane, Christopher
The Age of Reform, 1250-1550
Author/Editor: Ozment, Steven
The Ages of American Law
Author/Editor: Gilmore, Grant
Aggression in Personality Disorders and Perversions
Author/Editor: KERNBERG, OTTO F
Aggressivity, Narcissism, and Self-Destructiveness in the Psychotherapeutic Rela
Author/Editor: Kernberg, Otto
Author/Editor: Krystal, Arthur
Agrarian Studies
Author/Editor: Scott, James C.; Bhatt, Nina
AIDS Law Today
Author/Editor: Burris, Scott; Dalton, Harlon L.; Miller, Judith Leonie
Air Pollution's Toll on Forests and Crops
Author/Editor: El-Ashry, Mohamed T.; MacKenzie, James J
Alexander to Constantine
Author/Editor: Meyers, Eric M.; Chancey, Mark A
Alfred Kazin
Author/Editor: Cook, Richard M
Alfred Kazin's Journals
Author/Editor: Cook, Richard M
Alfred Stieglitz
Author/Editor: Rose, Phyllis
Alfred Stieglitz: Taking Pictures, Making Painters
Author/Editor: PHYLLIS ROSE
Alger Hiss and the Battle for History
Author/Editor: Jacoby, Susan
Author/Editor: Evans, Martin; Phillips, John
All Can Be Saved
Author/Editor: Schwartz, Stuart B
Allies for Armageddon
Author/Editor: Clark, Victoria
Allies in Crisis
Author/Editor: Sherwood, Elizabeth D
All the Trees of the Forest
Author/Editor: Tal, Alon
The Allure of the Archives
Author/Editor: Farge, Arlette
Amazon Expeditions
Author/Editor: Colinvaux, Paul
Ambition, A History
Author/Editor: King, William C
The American Census
Author/Editor: Anderson, Margo J
The American Census
Author/Editor: Anderson, Margo J
The American Classics
Author/Editor: Donoghue, Denis
American Dharma
Author/Editor: Gleig, Ann
The American Dream vs. The Gospel of Wealth
Author/Editor: Garfinkle, Norton
American Elites
Author/Editor: Lerner, Robert; Nagai, Althea K.; Rothman, Stanley
The American Far West in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Pomeroy, Earl
American Georgics
Author/Editor: Hagenstein, Edwin C; Donahue, Brian; Gregg, Sara M
The American Illness
Author/Editor: Buckley, F. H
American Intellectuals and African Nationalists, 1955-1970
Author/Editor: Staniland, Martin
American Judaism
Author/Editor: Sarna, Jonathan D
American Judaism
Author/Editor: Sarna, Jonathan D
The American Jury System
Author/Editor: Jonakait, Randolph N
American Law in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Friedman, Lawrence M
American Lynching
Author/Editor: Rushdy, Ashraf H. A
The American Mind
Author/Editor: Commager, Henry Steele
The American Paradox
Author/Editor: Myers, David G
The American Play
Author/Editor: Robinson, Marc
American Poetry
Author/Editor: Blasing, Mutlu K
American Poetry: The Rhetoric of Its Forms
American Politics in the Early Republic
Author/Editor: Sharp, James Roger
An American Seafarer in the Age of Sail
Author/Editor: Burg, B. R
American Sympathy
Author/Editor: Crain, Caleb
The American West
Author/Editor: Hine, Robert V.; Faragher, John Mack
American Zion
Author/Editor: Shalev, Eran
America's Congress
Author/Editor: Mayhew, David R
America’s Inadvertent Empire
Author/Editor: Odom, William E.; Dujarric, Robert
America’s Inadvertent Empire
Author/Editor: Odom, William E.; Dujarric, Robert
The Americas in the Modern Age
Author/Editor: Langley, Lester D
America’s Religious Wars
Author/Editor: Sands, Kathleen M
America’s Religious Wars
Author/Editor: Sands, Kathleen M
America the Possible
Author/Editor: Speth, James Gustave
America through Russian Eyes, 1874-1926
Author/Editor: Hasty, Olga Peters; Fusso, Susanne
Amistad's Orphans
Author/Editor: Lawrance, Benjamin N
Among the Gentiles
Author/Editor: Johnson, Luke Timothy
Amritsar 1919
Author/Editor: Wagner, Kim
The Anatomy of Influence
Author/Editor: Bloom, Harold
Ancient Christian Martyrdom
Author/Editor: Moss, Candida R
Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: Martin, Thomas R
Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: Martin, Thomas R
Ancient Music Adapted to Modern Practice
Author/Editor: Vicentino, Nicola; Palisca, Claude V
The Ancient Oracles
Author/Editor: Stoneman, Richard
Ancient Rome
Author/Editor: Martin, Thomas R
The Ancient Synagogue
Author/Editor: Levine, Lee I
Andre Gide
Author/Editor: Pollard, Patrick
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Author/Editor: Snelson, John
Andrew Marvell
Author/Editor: Smith, Nigel
Andy Warhol
Author/Editor: Danto, Arthur C
Anger: The Conflicted History of an Emotion
The Anglo-Saxon World
Author/Editor: Higham, Nicholas; Ryan, M. J
Anna and Tranquillo
Author/Editor: Kenneth Stow
Anna Freud
Author/Editor: Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth
Anna Karenina in Our Time
Author/Editor: Morson, Gary Saul
Anne Boleyn
Author/Editor: Bernard, G.W
Another Kind of War
Author/Editor: Lynn, John A
The Anthology of Rap
Author/Editor: Bradley, Adam; DuBois, Andrew
The Anti-Enlightenment Tradition
Author/Editor: Sternhell, Zeev
The Anti-Imperial Choice
Author/Editor: Petrovsky-Shtern, Yohanan
The Anti-Marcos Struggle
Author/Editor: Thompson, Mark R
Author/Editor: Galston, William A
Antony and Cleopatra
Author/Editor: Shakespeare, William; Raffel, Burton
Apocalypse as Holy War
Author/Editor: Wasserman, Emma
Apocalypse as Holy War: Divine Politics and Polemics in the Letters of Paul
The App Generation
Author/Editor: Gardner, Howard; Davis, Katie
The Arab Center
Author/Editor: Muasher, Marwan
Arabic Second Language Acquisition of Morphosyntax
Author/Editor: Alhawary, Mohammad T
Author/Editor: Mackintosh-Smith, Tim
Arcadian America
Author/Editor: Sachs, Aaron
Archaeology at La Isabela
Author/Editor: Deagan, Kathleen; Cruxent, José María
The Archaeology of Athens
Author/Editor: Camp, John M
The Archaeology of Jerusalem
Author/Editor: Galor, Katharina; Bloedhorn, Hanswulf
The Arch Conjuror of England
Author/Editor: Parry, Glyn
Arendt, Camus, and Modern Rebellion
Author/Editor: Isaac, Jeffrey C
Argentina's Lost Patrol
Author/Editor: Moyano, María José
Arguing About War
Author/Editor: Walzer, Michael
Arguing Revolution
Author/Editor: Khilnani, Sunil
Arguing with Lacan
Author/Editor: Smith, Joseph H
An Argument for Mind
Author/Editor: Kagan, Jerome
Aristocratic Vice
Author/Editor: Andrew, Donna T
Armed Martial Arts of Japan
Author/Editor: Hurst I, G
Arming Slaves
Author/Editor: Brown, Christopher Leslie; Morgan, Philip D
Arms and Influence
Author/Editor: Schelling, Thomas C
Artful History: A Practical Anthology
Author/Editor: Aaron Sachs,John Demos
Articulate Flesh
Author/Editor: Woods, Gregory
Artisanal Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Bertucci, Paola
Artisanal Enlightenment: Science and the Mechanical Arts in Old Regime France
Author/Editor: Paola Bertucci
The Artist and the Warrior
Author/Editor: Rabb, Theodore K
The Artist’s Reality
Author/Editor: Rothko, Mark; Rothko, Christopher
The Artist’s Reality
Author/Editor: Rothko, Mark; Rothko, Christopher
The Art of Non-conversation
Author/Editor: Johnson, Marysia
The Art of Not Being Governed
Author/Editor: Scott, James C
The Art of Peacemaking
Author/Editor: Bibó, István; Dénes, Iván Z
The Art of the Bribe
Author/Editor: JAMES HEINZEN
The Arts and the Creation of Mind
Author/Editor: Eisner, Elliot W
Ascending India and Its State Capacity
As If Silent and Absent
Author/Editor: Toledano, Ehud R
Aspects of Aristocracy
Author/Editor: Cannadine, David
Aspects of Aristocracy: Grandeur and Decline in Modern Britain
Aspects of Schenkerian Theory
Author/Editor: Beach, David W
At Empire's Edge
Author/Editor: Jackson, Robert B
Atheist Delusions
Author/Editor: Hart, David Bentley
At Home in the Law
Author/Editor: Suk, Jeannie
Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
Author/Editor: Eltis, David; Richardson, David
The Atomic Bomb and the Origins of the Cold War
Author/Editor: Craig, Campbell; Radchenko, Sergey S
At the Creation of a New Germany
Author/Editor: McGhee, George
At the End of an Age
Author/Editor: Lukacs, John
At the Margins
Author/Editor: Edwards, George C. III
At the Origins of Modern Atheism
Author/Editor: Buckley, Michael J
Auden and Christianity
Author/Editor: Kirsch, Arthur
Auschwitz and After
Author/Editor: Delbo, Charlotte
Author/Editor: Schui, Florian
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Author/Editor: Franklin, Benjamin; Labaree, Leonard W.; Ketcham, Ralph L
Auto Mania
Author/Editor: McCarthy, Tom
Author/Editor: Lawrence, Haworth
Averting Extinction
Author/Editor: Clark, Susan G