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Tactics and the Experience of Battle in the Age of Napoleon
Author/Editor: Muir, Rory
The Tainos
Author/Editor: Rouse, Irving
Tainted Glory in Handel's Messiah
Author/Editor: Marissen, Michael
The Tainted Muse
Author/Editor: Brustein, Robert
Talent Wants to Be Free
Author/Editor: Lobel, Orly
The Tale of Kiêu
The Talking Book
Author/Editor: Callahan, Allen Dwight
Talking with Sartre
Author/Editor: Gerassi, John
Talking with Young Children About Adoption
Author/Editor: Watkins, Mary; Fisher, Susan
The Taming of the Demons
Author/Editor: Dalton, Jacob P
The Taming of the Shrew
Author/Editor: Shakespeare, William; Raffel, Burton
Author/Editor: Gigante, Denise
Taste of Freedom
Author/Editor: Bradford, Helen
Taxation and Democracy
Author/Editor: Steinmo, Sven
Teaching Hospitals and the Urban Poor
Author/Editor: Ginzberg, Eli
Teaching Problems and the Problems of Teaching
Author/Editor: Lampert, Magdalene
Technology and Agricultural Development in Pre-War Japan
Author/Editor: Francks, Penelope
Technology, Globalization, and Sustainable Development
Author/Editor: Ashford, Nicholas A.; Hall, Ralph P
The Tempest
Author/Editor: Shakespeare, William; Raffel, Burton
The Ten Commandments
Author/Editor: Coogan, Michael
Author/Editor: Potter, John
Ten Popes Who Shook the World
Author/Editor: Duffy, Eamon
Terror by Quota
Author/Editor: Gregory, Paul R
The Terror Courts
Author/Editor: Bravin, Jess
Author/Editor: Davidson, Fred; Lynch, Brian K
Texts from the Time of Nebuchadnezzar
Author/Editor: Weisberg, David B
Author/Editor: Hall, Elizabeth Berglund; Theobald, Anne; Hall, Mark Andrew
Thank You, St. Jude
Author/Editor: Orsi, Robert A
Theater of the Avant-Garde, 1890-1950
Author/Editor: Cardullo, Bert; Knopf, Robert
The Theatre We Worked For
Author/Editor: Bogard, Travis; Bryer, Jackson
The Theban Plays of Sophocles
Author/Editor: Sophocles
Thematic Catalogue of the Works of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Author/Editor: Helm, E. Eugene
Then I Was Black
Author/Editor: Jung, Courtney
Theodore Roosevelt
Author/Editor: Hawley, Joshua
Theologians Under Hitler
Author/Editor: Ericksen, Robert P
Theology, History, and Culture
Author/Editor: Niebuhr, H. Richard; Johnson, William Stacy
Theology in America
Author/Editor: Holifield, E. Brooks
Theoretical Inquiry
Author/Editor: Quigley, Austin E
Theory of Literature
Author/Editor: Fry, Paul H
A Theory of Militant Democracy
Author/Editor: Kirshner, Alexander S
The Theory That Would Not Die
Author/Editor: McGrayne, Sharon B
The Therapeutic Alliance
Author/Editor: Meissner, W
Thinking Ecologically
Author/Editor: Chertow, Marian R.; Esty, Daniel C
Thinking in Circles
Author/Editor: Douglas, Mary
This Seat of Mars
Author/Editor: Carlton, Charles
Thomas Aquinas
Author/Editor: Turner, Denys
Thomas Cranmer
Author/Editor: MacCulloch, Diarmaid
Thomas Gray
Author/Editor: Mack, Robert L
Thomas More
Author/Editor: Martz, Louis L
Thoreau’s Ecstatic Witness
Author/Editor: Hodder, Alan D
Thoreau's Morning Work
Author/Editor: Peck, H. Daniel
Those Who Write for Immortality
Author/Editor: H. J. JACKSON
Three Faces of Imperialism
Author/Editor: Darby, Phillip
Through a Screen Darkly
Author/Editor: Bayles, Martha
Author/Editor: van Schaik, Sam
Tight Lines
The Tilted Playing Field
Author/Editor: Uviller, H. Richard
Time and the Shape of History
Author/Editor: Corfield, Penelope J
Time for Telling Truth is Running Out
Author/Editor: Schwarcz, Vera
Time No Longer
Author/Editor: Smith, Patrick
Tocqueville and His America
Author/Editor: Kaledin, Arthur
To Do No Harm
Author/Editor: Apfel, Roberta; Fisher, Susan
Too Much to Know
Author/Editor: Blair, Ann M
Totalitarianism and the Modern Conception of Politics
Author/Editor: Halberstam, Michael
Totally Unofficial
Author/Editor: Lemkin, Raphael; Frieze, Donna-Lee
Author/Editor: Josipovici, Gabriel
Touring Gotham’s Archaeological Past
Author/Editor: Wall, Diana diZerega; Cantwell, Anne-Marie
Toward a Democratic Science
Author/Editor: Brown, Richard Harvey
Toward Another Shore
Author/Editor: Kelly, Aileen M
Toward Perpetual Peace and Other Writings on Politics, Peace, and History
Author/Editor: Kant, Immanuel; Kleingeld, Pauline
The Townshend Moment
Author/Editor: Griffin, Patrick
Toxic Bodies
Author/Editor: Langston, Nancy
Trade Secrets
Author/Editor: Ben-Atar, Doron S
Traditions and Renewals
Author/Editor: Borroff, Marie
The Tragedy of Cambodian History
Author/Editor: Chandler, David P
The Tragedy of Child Care in America
Author/Editor: Zigler, Edward; Marsland, Katherine; Lord, Heather
The Tragedy of William Jennings Bryan
Author/Editor: Magliocca, Gerard N
Tragic Drama and the Family
Author/Editor: SIMON, BENNETT
Author/Editor: Gombrowicz, Witold
Transference Neurosis and Psychoanalytic Experience
Author/Editor: REED, GAIL S
Transient Apostle
Author/Editor: Luckritz Marquis, Timothy
Transmitting Jewish Traditions
Author/Editor: Elman, Yaakov; Gershoni, Israel
Author/Editor: Tilney, Nicholas L
Trauma and Mastery in Life and Art
Author/Editor: Rose, Gilbert J
Treacherous Alliance
Author/Editor: Parsi, Trita
Author/Editor: Kaddour, Hédi
The Treasures of Darkness
Author/Editor: Jacobsen, Thorkild
Treasures of the Earth
Author/Editor: Ali, Saleem H
Trent 1475
Author/Editor: Hsia, R. Po-chia
Trials of Desire
Author/Editor: Ferguson, Margaret W
Author/Editor: West, Nigel; Tsarev, Oleg
The Triumph of Provocation
Author/Editor: Mackiewicz, Józef
The Trouble with City Planning
Author/Editor: Ford, Kristina
The Trouble with Ed Schools
Author/Editor: Labaree, David F
The Trouble with Friendship
Author/Editor: DeMott, Benjamin
True Blue
Author/Editor: Cozza, Carm; Odermatt, Rick
True Friendship
Author/Editor: Ricks, Christopher
The True History of Merlin the Magician
Author/Editor: Lawrence-Mathers, Anne
The Trumpet
Author/Editor: Wallace, John; McGrattan, Alexander
Truth or Beauty
Author/Editor: Orrell, David
Truth or Economics
Author/Editor: Markovits, Richard S
Tsuda Umeko and Women's Education in Japan
Author/Editor: Rose, Barbara
Tuned In and Fired Up
Author/Editor: Intrator, Sam M
Author/Editor: Greenberg, Edward S.; Grunberg, Leon; Moore, Sarah
Turkey, Islam, Nationalism, and Modernity
Author/Editor: Findley, Carter V
Twelfth Night
Author/Editor: Shakespeare, William; Raffel, Burton
Twelve American Voices
Author/Editor: Hauck, Maurice Cogan; MacDougall, Kenneth; Isay, David
Twelve Turning Points of the Second World War
Author/Editor: Bell, P. M. H
The Two Reformations
Author/Editor: Oberman, Heiko A.; Weinstein, Donald
Two Treatises of Government and A Letter Concerning Toleration
Author/Editor: Locke, John; Shapiro, Ian
Two Worlds of Judaism
Author/Editor: Liebman, Charles S.; Cohen, Steven M
Types of Christian Theology
Author/Editor: Frei, Hans W.; Hunsinger, George; Placher, William C
The Tyranny of the Moderns
Author/Editor: Urbinati, Nadia