Portico is now providing access to content from 38 additional journals. These titles are no longer available through their publisher or a successor; therefore, they have “triggered” and are freely available to the community via the Portico archive. These titles were all originally published Open Access and will remain Open Access through Portico.

The key data about the triggered titles, including the stable URLs, are available in the De Gruyter and Dedicated Juncture Researcher’s Association spreadsheets (xlsx).

Manchester University Press

Manchester Medical Journal 
Electronic ISSN: 2059-7126
Publisher: Manchester University Press
Publication date range: 2016-2018
Portico stable URL: https://access.portico.org/stable?cs=ISSN_20597126

De Gruyter

Dedicated Juncture Researcher’s Association

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Portico ensures ongoing access to content that is no longer available through its original publisher or a successor. To date, we have triggered 182 items, 156 of them Open Access. View or download a full list of triggered content, or learn how to manage access to triggered content.

If you have any questions or comments about this trigger event, please contact us at support@portico.org.