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Gamle Norge and Nineteenth-Century British Women Travellers in Norway
Author/Editor: Kathryn Walchester
Gaucho Dialogues on Leadership and Management
Gender, Sexuality and Feminism in Pakistani Urdu Writing
Author/Editor: Amina Yaqin
A Genealogy of Method: Anthropology’s Ancestors and the Meaning of Culture
Author/Editor: Sondra L. Hausner
General and Periodic Crises of Overproduction
Author/Editor: Jean Lescure ,D’Maris Coffman ,Ali Kabiri ,Nicholas Di Liberto ,Nicholas Di Liberto
George Eliot's Grammar of Being
Author/Editor: Melissa Anne Raines
George Orwell’s Commander in Spain: The Enigma of Georges Kopp
Author/Editor: Marc Wildemeersch
Global Connections and Emerging Inequalities in Europe: Perspectives on Poverty and Transnational Migration
Author/Editor: Deema Kaneff,Frances Pine
Global Green Shift: When Ceres Meets Gaia
Author/Editor: JOHN A. MATHEWS
Globalization and Challenges to Building Peace
Globalization, Nationalism and the Text of ‘Kichaka-Vadha’: The First English Translation of the Marathi Anticolonial Classic, with a Historical Analysis of Theatre in British India
Author/Editor: Rakesh H. Solomon
Globalization, the Human Condition and Sustainable Development in the Twenty-first Century: Cross-national Perspectives and European Implications
Author/Editor: Arno Tausch,Almas Heshmati
Globalizing India: Perspectives from Below
Global Villages: Rural and Urban Transformations in Contemporary Bulgaria
Author/Editor: Ger Duijzings
Gothic Kernow: Cornwall as Strange Fiction
Author/Editor: Tanya Krzywinska ,Ruth Heholt
The Gothic Literature and History of New England: Secrets of the Restless Dead
Author/Editor: Faye Ringel
Gothic Travel through Haunted Landscapes: Climates of Fear
Author/Editor: Lucie Armitt ,Scott Brewster
Govind Narayan's Mumbai: An Urban Biography from 1863
Author/Editor: Murali Ranganathan,Gyan Prakash
Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna, Princess Isabel and the Ending of Servile Labour in Russia and Brazil
Author/Editor: Shane O’Rourke
Grand-Guignol Cinema and the Horror Genre: Sinister Tableaux of Dread, Corporeality and the Senses
Author/Editor: Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare
'Grease Is the Word': Exploring a Cultural Phenomenon
Author/Editor: Oliver Gruner ,Peter Krämer
The Great Illustrators of Edgar Allan Poe
Author/Editor: Tony Magistrale ,Jessica Slayton
Guardians of the Jesus Gene
Author/Editor: PETER R. HALL
A Guide to Marx's 'Capital' Vols I–III
Author/Editor: Kenneth Smith
A Guide to What's Wrong with Economics
Author/Editor: Edward Fullbrook
Gulf Gothic: Mexico, the U.S. South and La Llorona’s Undead Voices
Author/Editor: Dolores Flores-Silva ,Keith Cartwright