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War and Peace in the Worlds of Rudolf H. Sauter: A Cultural History of a Creative Life
Author/Editor: Jeffrey S. Reznick
War, Genocide and Cultural Memory: The Waffen-SS,1933 to Today
Author/Editor: Claus Bundgård Christensen ,Niels Bo Poulsen ,Peter Scharff Smith
Water Diplomacy in Action: Contingent Approaches to Managing Complex Water Problems
Author/Editor: Shafiqul Islam,Kaveh Madani,Shafiqul Islam
Water Security in the Middle East: Essays in Scientific and Social Cooperation
Author/Editor: Jean Axelrad Cahan,Shafiqul Islam
W. E. B. Du Bois’ Africa: Scrambling for a New Africa
Author/Editor: Taharka Adé
W. H. Davies: Essays on the Super-Tramp Poet
Author/Editor: Rory Waterman
When Business Harms Human Rights: Affected Communities that Are Dying to Be Heard
Why Europe Was First: Social Change and Economic Growth in Europe and East Asia 1500-2050
Author/Editor: Erik Ringmar
Why the Economists Got It Wrong: The Crisis and Its Cultural Roots
Why the World Economy Needs a Financial Crash and Other Critical Essays on Finance and Financial Economics
Wildlife Documentaries in Southern Africa: From East to South
Author/Editor: Ian Glenn
William Blake as Natural Philosopher, 1788-1795
Author/Editor: Joseph Fletcher
William Morris and the Uses of Violence, 1856–1890
Author/Editor: Ingrid Hanson
Wittgenstein and Modernist Fiction: The Language of Acknowledgment
Author/Editor: Greg Chase
Wittgenstein and the Life We Live with Language
Author/Editor: Lars Hertzberg
Wittgenstein, Human Beings and Conversation
Author/Editor: David Cockburn
Wittgenstein Rehinged
Author/Editor: Annalisa Coliva
Wittgenstein, Scepticism and Naturalism: Essays on the Later Philosophy
Author/Editor: Marie McGinn
Wittgenstein’s Critique of Russell’s Multiple Relation Theory of Judgement
Author/Editor: James R. Connelly
Wittgenstein’s Remarks on Colour: A Commentary and Interpretation
Author/Editor: Andrew Lugg
Wollstonecraft and Religion
Author/Editor: Brenda Ayres
The Woman Who Knew What She Wanted
Author/Editor: William Coles
The Woman Who Made Men Cry
Author/Editor: William Coles
The Woman Who Was the Desert Dream
Author/Editor: William Coles
Women, Gender and Everyday Social Transformation in India
Author/Editor: Kenneth Bo Nielsen,Anne Waldrop
The World as It Goes: A Comedy
Author/Editor: Hannah Cowley ,William D. Brewer
The World of Wu Zhao: Annotated Selections from Zhang Zhuo’s Court and Country
Author/Editor: N. Harry Rothschild
World Trade and Investment Law Reimagined: A Progressive Agenda for an Inclusive Globalization
Author/Editor: Alvaro Santos,Chantal Thomas,David Trubek,David Kennedy
Worst-Case Economics: Extreme Events in Climate and Finance
The WTO and its Development Obligation: Prospects for Global Trade
Author/Editor: Elimma C. Ezeani