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The Early and Late Roman Rural Cemetery at Nemesbőd (Vas County, Hungary)
Author/Editor: Gábor Ilon ,Judit Kvassay
The Early and Late Roman Rural Cemetery at Nemesb?d (Vas County, Hungary)
Author/Editor: Ilon, Gßbor; Kvassay, Judit
Early Farming in Dalmatia: Pokrovnik and Danilo Bitinj: two Neolithic villages in south-east Europe
Author/Editor: Andrew Moore ,Marko Menđušić ,Lawrence Brown ,Sue Colledge ,Robert Giegengack ,Thomas Higham ,Vladimir Hršak ,Anthony Legge ,Drago Marguš
The Early Iron Age Metal Hoard from the Al Khawd Area (Sultan Qaboos University), Sultanate of Oman
Early Maritime Cultures in East Africa and the Western Indian Ocean: Papers from a conference held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (African Studies Program) 23-24 October 2015, with additional contributions
Author/Editor: Akshay Sarathi
Early Mesolithic Technical Systems of Southern France and Northern Italy: An investigation into Sauveterrian lithic technical systems
Author/Editor: Davide Visentin
Early Neolithic, Iron Age and Roman settlement at Monksmoor Farm, Daventry, Northamptonshire
Author/Editor: Preece, Tracy
Easter Island Archaeology/Arqueologia en Rapa Nui (Isla de Pascua): A Tribute to Daniel Schávelzon on the 30th anniversary of the Center for Urban Archaeology at the University of Buenos Aires/Homenaje a Daniel Schávelzon a los treinta años del Centro de
Author/Editor: Mario Silveira
Eastern Han (AD 25-220) Tombs in Sichuan
Author/Editor: Chen, Xuan
Eastern Roman Mounted Archers and Extraordinary Medico-Surgical Interventions at Paliokastro in Thasos Island during the ProtoByzantine Period: The Historical and Medical History Records and the Archaeo-Anthropological Evidence
Author/Editor: Anagnostis P. Agelarakis
Eastern Sudan in its Setting: The archaeology of a region far from the Nile Valley
Author/Editor: Andrea Manzo
Ecclesiastical Landscapes in Medieval Europe: An Archaeological Perspective
Author/Editor: Sßnchez-Pardo, JosΘ Carlos; Marron, Emmet; ?iplic, Maria Crεngaci
Egil’s Saga: Traditional evidence for Brúnanburh compared to Literary, Historic and Archaeological Analyses
Author/Editor: John R. Kirby
Egitto, Iraq ed Etruria nelle fotografie di John Alfred Spranger: Viaggi e ricerche archeologiche (1929-1936)
Author/Editor: Stefano Anastasio ,Barbara Arbeid
Egypt 2015: Perspectives of Research: Proceedings of the Seventh European Conference of Egyptologists (2nd-7th June, 2015, Zagreb – Croatia)
Author/Editor: Mladen Tomorad ,Joanna Popielska-Grzybowska
Egypt and Austria XII - Egypt and the Orient: The Current Research
Author/Editor: Tomorad, Mladen
Egyptian and Imported Pottery from the Red Sea port of Mersa Gawsis, Egypt
Author/Editor: Wallace-Jones, Sally
Egyptian Cultural Identity in the Architecture of Roman Egypt (30 BC-AD 325)
Author/Editor: Abdelwahed, Youssri Ezzat Hussein
Egyptian Predynastic Anthropomorphic Objects: A study of their function and significance in Predynastic burial customs
Author/Editor: Ryna Ordynat
Egypt in Croatia: Croatian Fascination with Ancient Egypt from Antiquity to Modern Times
Author/Editor: Tomorad, Mladen
El comercio tardoantiguo (ss.IV-VII) en el Noroeste peninsular a través del registro cerámico de la ría de Vigo
Author/Editor: Adolfo Fernández
El comercio tardoantiguo (ss.IV-VII) en el Noroeste peninsular a travΘs del registro cerßmico de la rφa de Vigo
Author/Editor: Fernßndez, Adolfo
Elements of Continuity: Stone Cult in the Maltese Islands
Author/Editor: George Azzopardi
ElijahÆs Cave on Mount Carmel and its Inscriptions
Author/Editor: Ovadiah, Asher; Rosario, Pierri
Elijah’s Cave on Mount Carmel and its Inscriptions
Author/Editor: Asher Ovadiah ,Rosario Pierri
El instrumental de pesca en el Fretum Gaditanum (siglos V a.C. - VI d.C.): Análisis tipo-cronológico y comparativa atlántico-mediterránea
Author/Editor: José Manuel Vargas Girón
Elis 1969: The Peneios Valley Rescue Excavation Project
Author/Editor: Ellis Jones, John; Kouka, Ourania
El Palacio: Historiography and new perspectives on a pre-Tarascan city of northern Michoacán, Mexico
Author/Editor: Marion Forest
El renacer de los Reyes: Imagen, contexto y significado del friso de Balamkú, Campeche, México
Author/Editor: Daniel Salazar Lama
El Sur de la Península Ibérica y el Mediterráneo Occidental: relaciones culturales en la segunda mitad del II milenio a.C.
Author/Editor: Juan Manuel Garrido Anguita
El tesoro de Regina Turdulorum (Casas de Reina, Badajoz)
Author/Editor: David Martínez Chico
Encounters, Excavations and Argosies: Essays for Richard Hodges
Author/Editor: John Mitchell ,John Moreland ,Bea Leal
Enemy – Stranger – Neighbour: The Image of the Other in Moche Culture
Author/Editor: Janusz Z. Wołoszyn
Enfoques metodológicos en el estudio de los asentamientos fortificados de la edad del hierro: Aproximación teórica a la metodología de estudio sobre la defensa del territorio en la Prehistoria Final Europea
Author/Editor: Óscar Rodríguez-Monterrubio
The Enigmatic World of Ancient Graffiti: Rock Art in Chukotka. The Chaunskaya Region, Russia
Author/Editor: Margarita A. Kir’yak (Dikova)
En Sofφa mathitΘfsantes: Essays in Byzantine Material Culture and Society in Honour of Sophia Kalopissi-Verti
Author/Editor: Diamanti, Charikleia; Vassiliou, Anastasia
En Sofía mathitéfsantes: Essays in Byzantine Material Culture and Society in Honour of Sophia Kalopissi-Verti
Author/Editor: Charikleia Diamanti ,Anastasia Vassiliou ,Smaragdi Arvaniti
Entre reyes y campesinos: Investigaciones arqueológicas en la antigua capital maya de Tamarindito
Author/Editor: Markus Eberl ,Claudia Marie Vela González
Environment and Religion in Ancient and Coptic Egypt: Sensing the Cosmos through the Eyes of the Divine: Proceedings of the 1st Egyptological Conference of the Hellenic Institute of Egyptology: 1-3 February 2017
Author/Editor: Alicia Maravelia ,Nadine Guilhou
Environment, Archaeology and Landscape: Papers in honour of Professor Martin Bell
Author/Editor: Catherine Barnett ,Thomas Walker
Ephyra-Epirus: The Mycenaean Acropolis: Results of the Excavations 1975-1986 and 2007-2008
Author/Editor: Thanasis J. Papadopoulos ,Evangelia Papadopoulou
Epigraphy in the Digital Age: Opportunities and Challenges in the Recording, Analysis and Dissemination of Inscriptions
Author/Editor: Isabel Velázquez Soriano ,David Espinosa Espinosa
Epigraphy of Art: Ancient Greek Vase-Inscriptions and Vase-Paintings
Author/Editor: Dimitrios Yatromanolakis
Essai bibliographique sur l’archéologie francophone de la Mésoamérique: Bibliographical essay upon the French-speaking contributions to Mesoamerican archaeology; Ensayo bibliográfico sobre la arqueología francófona de Mesoamérica
Author/Editor: Eric Taladoire
Estudio antropológico de las estructuras cefálicas en una colección osteológica procedente de Chinchero (Perú)
Author/Editor: José I. Herrera Ureña
Estudios antracológicos en los espacios de combustión del Alero Deodoro Roca – Ongamira (Córdoba)
Author/Editor: Andrés Ignacio Robledo
Estudios para la configuración de las facies cerámicas altoimperiales en el Sur de la Península Ibérica
Author/Editor: P. Ruiz Montes ,Mª V. Peinado Espinosa ,Mª I. Fernández García
Estudios para la configuracio?n de las facies cera?micas altoimperiales en el Sur de la Peni?nsula Ibe?rica
Author/Editor: Montes, P. Ruiz; Peinado Espinosa, Ma. V.; Fernßndez Garcφa, Ma. I
Estudios sobre el África romana: Culturas e Imaginarios en transformación
Author/Editor: Fabiola Salcedo Garcés ,Estefanía Benito Lázaro ,Sergio España-Chamorro
Etnicidad vs. Aculturación: Las necrópolis castellanas de los siglos V-VI d.C. y el asentamiento visigodo en la Península Ibérica. Una mirada desde la meseta sur
Author/Editor: Rafael Barroso Cabrera
EurASEAA14 Volume I: Ancient and Living Traditions: Papers from the Fourteenth International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists
Author/Editor: Helen Lewis
EurASEAA14 Volume II: Material Culture and Heritage: Papers from the Fourteenth International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists
Author/Editor: Helen Lewis
Europa Postmediaevalis 2018: Post-medieval pottery between (its) borders
Author/Editor: Gabriela Blažková ,Kristýna Matějková
Europa Postmediaevalis 2020: Post-Medieval Pottery in the Spare Time
Author/Editor: Gabriela Blažková ,Kristýna Matìjková
Europa Postmediaevalis 2022: Connections and Networking
Author/Editor: Gabriela Blažková ,Kristýna Matějková ,Tânia Manuel Casimiro ,Ricardo Costeira da Silva
Everyday Life in the Ice Age: A New Study of Our Ancestors
Author/Editor: Elle Clifford ,Paul Bahn
Evolution of a Community: The Colonisation of a Clay Inland Landscape: Neolithic to post-medieval remains excavated over sixteen years at Longstanton in Cambridgeshire
Author/Editor: Samantha Paul ,John Hunt
The Evolution of Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscapes: from Danubian Longhouses to the Stone Rows of Dartmoor and Northern Scotland
Author/Editor: Alexander Carnes
Ex Asia et Syria: Oriental Religions in the Roman Central Balkans
Author/Editor: Gavrilovi? Vitas, Nade₧da
Excavaciones en el baptisterio del conjunto eclesiástico de Son Peretó (Manacor, Mallorca, islas Baleares): Siglos V-VIII d. C.
Author/Editor: Mateu Riera Rullan ,Miguel Ángel Cau Ontiveros ,Magdalena Salas Burguera ,Llorenç Alapont Martín ,Bernat Burgaya Martínez ,Miquel Àngel Capellà Galmés ,Iván Fernàndez Pino ,Teresa Marot Salsas
Excavation, Analysis and Interpretation of Early Bronze Age Barrows at Guiting Power, Gloucestershire
Author/Editor: Marshall, Alistair
Excavation of Later Prehistoric and Roman Sites along the Route of the Newquay Strategic Road Corridor, Cornwall
Author/Editor: Jones, Andy M
Excavation of the Late Saxon and Medieval Churchyard of St MartinÆs, Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Author/Editor: Soden, Iain
Excavation of the Late Saxon and Medieval Churchyard of St Martin’s, Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Author/Editor: Iain Soden ,Trevor Anderson ,Ceridwen Boston ,Paul Blinkhorn ,Andy Chapman ,Geoff Egan ,Tora Hylton ,Amir Bassir ,Olly Dindol
Excavations at Chester. Medieval and Post-Medieval Development within the Northern and Eastern Suburbs to c. 1900
Author/Editor: Leigh Dodd
Excavations at Chester. The Northern and Eastern Roman Extramural Settlements
Author/Editor: Dodd, Leigh
Excavations at King's Low and Queen's Low: Two Early Bronze Age barrows in Tixall, North Staffordshire
Author/Editor: Gary Lock ,Dick Spicer ,Winston Hollins ,members of the Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society
Excavations at Redhouse, Adwick Le Street, Doncaster: Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman Occupation
Author/Editor: Tracy Preece ,Richard Brigstock ,Andy Chapman ,Chris Chinnock ,Chris Cumberpatch ,Nathaniel L. Erb-Satullo ,Val Fryer ,Rebecca Gordon ,Tora Hylton
Excavations at Stanground South, Peterborough: Prehistoric, Roman and Post-Medieval Settlement along the Margins of the Fens
Author/Editor: William A Boismier ,Edmund Taylor ,Yvonne Wolframm-Murray ,Theodora Anastasidou ,Philip Armitage ,Rob Atkins ,Michael Bamforth ,C.R. Batchelor ,Anwe
Excavations at the Mycenaean Cemetery at Aigion û 1967
Author/Editor: Papadopoulos, Thanasis I.; Papadopoulou, Evangelia
Excavations at the Mycenaean Cemetery at Aigion – 1967: Rescue Excavations by the late Ephor of Antiquities, E. Mastrokostas
Author/Editor: Thanasis I. Papadopoulos ,Evangelia Papadopoulou-Chrysikopoulou
Execution by Styrax in Ancient Thasos
Author/Editor: Anagnostis P. Agelarakis
Experiencing Etruscan Pots: Ceramics, Bodies and Images in Etruria
Author/Editor: Lucy Shipley
Experiencing the Frontier and the Frontier of Experience: Barbarian perspectives and Roman strategies to deal with new threats
Author/Editor: Rubel, Alexander; Vo▀, Hans-Ulrich
Experimental Archaeology: Making, Understanding, Story-telling
Author/Editor: Souyoudzoglou-Haywood, Christina; O'Sullivan, Aidan