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A Faith in Archaeological Science: Reflections on a Life
Author/Editor: Brothwell, Don
The Festivals of Opet, the Valley, and the New Year: Their Socio-Religious Functions
Author/Editor: Masashi Fukaya
The First Peoples of Oman: Palaeolithic Archaeology of the Nejd Plateau
Author/Editor: Rose, Jeffrey I.; Hilbert, Yamand· H.; Marks, Anthony E
The First Thousand Years of Glass-Making in the Ancient Near East: Compositional Analyses of Late Bronze and Iron Age Glasses
Author/Editor: Wendy Reade
Fish-Salting in the Northwest Maghreb in Antiquity: A Gazetteer of Sites and Resources
Author/Editor: Athena Trakadas
Flint Procurement and Exploitation Strategies in the Late Lower Paleolithic Levant: A View from Acheulo-Yabrudian Qesem Cave (Israel)
Author/Editor: Aviad Agam
Foragers in the middle Limpopo Valley: Trade, Place-making, and Social Complexity
Author/Editor: Tim Forssman
Forensic Archaeology: The Application of Comparative Excavation Methods and Recording Systems
Author/Editor: Laura Evis
Fores et Fenestrae: A Computational Study of Doors and Windows in Roman Domestic Space
Author/Editor: Lucia Michielin
æFor My Descendants and Myself, a Nice and Pleasant AbodeÆ û Agency, Micro-history and Built Environment
Author/Editor: Tagesson, G÷ran; Cornell, Per; Gardiner, Mark
For the Gods of Girsu: City-State Formation in Ancient Sumer
Author/Editor: Rey, SΘbastien
Fractures in Knapping
Author/Editor: Tsirk, Are
From Cambridge to Lake Chad: Life in archaeology 1956–1971
Author/Editor: Graham Connah
From Cambridge to Lake Chad: Life in archaeology 1956û1971
Author/Editor: Connah, Graham
From Cave to Dolmen: Ritual and symbolic aspects in the prehistory between Sciacca, Sicily and the central Mediterranean
Author/Editor: Domenica Gullì
From Edessa to Urfa: The Fortification of the Citadel
Author/Editor: Cristina Tonghini
From Hispalis to Ishbiliyya: The Ancient Port of Seville, from the Roman Empire to the End of the Islamic Period (45 BC - AD 1248)
Author/Editor: Cabrera Tejedor, Carlos
From Hydrology to Hydroarchaeology in the Ancient Mediterranean: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Author/Editor: Giovanni Polizzi ,Vincent Ollivier ,Sophie Bouffier
From Photography to 3D Models and Beyond: Visualizations in Archaeology
Author/Editor: Donald H. Sanders
From Ritual to Refuse: Faunal Exploitation by the Elite of Chinikihá, Chiapas, during the Late Classic Period
Author/Editor: Coral Montero López
From the Archaeological Record to Virtual Reconstruction: The Application of Information Technologies at an Iron Age Fortified Settlement (San Chuis Hillfort, Allande, Asturias, Spain)
Author/Editor: Juana Molina Salido
From the Fjords to the Nile: Essays in honour of Richard Holton Pierce on his 80th birthday
Author/Editor: Steiner, Pσl; Tsakos, Alexandros; Heldaas Seland, Eivind
The Function of the Roman Army in Southern Arabia Petraea
Author/Editor: Castro, Mariana
Funerary and Related Cups of the British Bronze Age
Author/Editor: Claire Copper ,Alex Gibson ,Deborah Hallam
Funerary Archaeology and Changing Identities: Community Practices in Roman-Period Sardinia
Author/Editor: Puddu, Mauro
Funerary Practices in the Second Half of the Second Millennium BC in Continental Atlantic Europe: From Belgium to the North of Portugal
Author/Editor: L. Nonat ,M.P. Prieto Martínez