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Narratives and Journeys in Rock Art: A Reader
Author/Editor: Nash, George; Mazel, Aron
The Nature and Origin of the Cult of Silvanus in the Roman Provinces of Dalmatia and Pannonia
Author/Editor: Perini?, Ljubica
Naturvorstellungen im Altertum: Schilderungen und Darstellungen von Natur im Alten Orient und in der griechischen Antike
Author/Editor: Florian Schimpf ,Dominik Berrens ,Katharina Hillenbrand ,Tim Brandes ,Carrie Schidlo
The Neglected Goat: A New Method to Assess the Role of the Goat in the English Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Lenny Salvagno
Nel regno del fango: speleoarcheologia della Grotta di Polla (Salerno, Italia): Risultati delle prime campagne di scavo
Author/Editor: Antonella Minelli ,Sandra Guglielmi
Neolithic and Bronze Age Studies in Europe: From Material Culture to Territories: Proceedings of the XVIII UISPP World Congress (4-9 June 2018, Paris, France) Volume 13 Session I-4
Author/Editor: Marie Besse ,François Giligny
The Neolithic Cemetery at Tell el-Kerkh
Author/Editor: Akira Tsuneki ,Naoko Hironaga ,Sari Jammo ,Sean P. Dougherty ,Ken-ichiro Hisada ,Yuko Miyauchi ,Yuki Tatsumi ,Minoru Yoneda ,Yu Itahashi
The Neolithic Lithic Industry at Tell Ain El-Kerkh: Excavation Reports of Tell el-Kerkh, Northwestern Syria 1
Author/Editor: Akira Tsuneki ,Jamal Hydar ,Makoto Arimura
The Neolithic Settlement of Aknashen (Ararat valley, Armenia): Excavation seasons 2004-2015
Author/Editor: Ruben Badalyan ,Christine Chataigner ,Armine Harutyunyan
Networks and Monumentality in the Pacific: Proceedings of the XVIII UISPP World Congress (4-9 June 2018, Paris, France) Volume 7 Session XXXVIII
Author/Editor: Aymeric Hermann ,Frédérique Valentin ,Christophe Sand ,Emilie Nolet
Networks of trade in raw materials and technological innovations in Prehistory and Protohistory: an archaeometry approach: Proceedings of the XVII UISPP World Congress (1–7 September 2014, Burgos, Spain) Volume 12/Session B34
Author/Editor: Davide Delfino ,Paolo Piccardo ,João Carlos Baptista
New Advances in the History of Archaeology: Proceedings of the XVIII UISPP World Congress (4-9 June 2018, Paris, France) Volume 16 (Sessions Organised by the History of Archaeology Scientific Commission at the XVIII World UISPP)
Author/Editor: Sophie A. de Beaune ,Alessandro Guidi ,Oscar Moro Abadía ,Massimo Tarantini
New Agendas in Remote Sensing and Landscape Archaeology in the Near East: Studies in Honour of Tony J. Wilkinson
Author/Editor: Dan Lawrence ,Mark Altaweel ,Graham Philip
New Approaches to Disease, Disability and Medicine in Medieval Europe
Author/Editor: Erin Connelly ,Stefanie Künzel
New Approaches to the Archaeology of Beekeeping
Author/Editor: David Wallace-Hare
New Frontiers in Archaeology: Proceedings of the Cambridge Annual Student Archaeology Conference 2019
Author/Editor: Kaercher, Kyra; Arntz, Monique; Bomentre, Nancy
New Global Perspectives on Archaeological Prospection: 13th International Conference on Archaeological Prospection, 28 August – 1 September 2019, Sligo – Ireland
Author/Editor: James Bonsall
New Home, New Herds: Cuman Integration and Animal Husbandry in Medieval Hungary from an Archaeozoological Perspective
Author/Editor: Kyra Lyublyanovics
New Perspectives on the Bronze Age: Proceedings of the 13th Nordic Bronze Age Symposium held in Gothenburg 9th to 13th June 2015
Author/Editor: Sophie Bergerbrant ,Anna Wessman
New Perspectives on the Harappan Culture in Light of Recent Excavations at Rakhigarhi: 2011–2017, Volume 1: Bioarchaeological Research on the Rakhigarhi Necropolis: Symposium Proceedings of the 6th International Congress of The Society of South Asian Arch
Author/Editor: Vasant Shinde ,Dong Hoon Shin ,Banani Bhattacharyya ,Nilesh Jadhav ,Yongjun Kim
Ánforas vinarias de Hispania Citerior-Tarraconensis (s. I a.C.– I d.C.): Caracterización arqueométrica
Author/Editor: Verònica Martínez Ferreras
┴nforas vinarias de Hispania Citerior-Tarraconensis (s. I a.C.û I d.C.)
Author/Editor: Martφnez Ferreras, Ver≥nica
Non-Intrusive Methodologies for Large Area Urban Research
Author/Editor: I. P. Haynes ,T. Ravasi ,S. Kay ,S. Piro ,P. Liverani
No Place Like Home: Ancient Near Eastern Houses and Households
Author/Editor: Laura Battini ,Aaron Brody ,Sharon R. Steadman
Normative, Atypical or Deviant? Interpreting Prehistoric and Protohistoric Child Burial Practices
Author/Editor: Eileen Murphy ,Mélie Le Roy
Not just Porridge: English Literati at Table
Author/Editor: Francesca Orestano ,Michael Vickers
The Not Very Patrilocal European Neolithic: Strontium, aDNA, and Archaeological Kinship Analyses
Author/Editor: Bradley E. Ensor
NVMINA MAGNA: Roma e il culto dei Grandi Dei di Samotracia
Author/Editor: Cruccas, Emiliano