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Cantonese Love Songs
Author/Editor: Morris, Peter
Cantonese Society in Hong Kong and Singapore
Author/Editor: Topley, Marjorie; DeBernardi, Jean
The Canton Trade
Author/Editor: Van Dyke, Paul A
Carl Crow - A Tough Old China Hand
Author/Editor: French, Paul
Cases on International Business and Finance in Japanese Corporations
Author/Editor: Misawa, Mitsura
A Catalogue of the Living Marine Bivalve Molluscs of China
Author/Editor: Bernard, F.R
Celebrity in China
Author/Editor: Edwards, Louise; Jeffreys, Elaine
A Century of Travels in China
Author/Editor: Kerr, Douglas
Change in Use of Land
Author/Editor: Lai, Lawrence Wai-chung; Ho, Daniel Chi-wing; Leung, Hing-fung
Changing Chinese Masculinities
Author/Editor: Louie, Kam
Changing Church and State Relations in Hong Kong, 1950-2000
Author/Editor: Leung, Beatrice
Changing Identities of the Southeast Asian Chinese Since World War II
Author/Editor: Cushman, Jennifer
Changing Rice Bowl: Economic Development and Diet in China
Author/Editor: Leppman, Elizabeth J
Changing the Curriculum
Author/Editor: Adamson, Bob
Author/Editor: Roebuck, Derek
Chiang Yee and His Circle: Chinese Artistic and Intellectual Life in Britain, 1930–1950
Author/Editor: Paul Bevan ,Anne Witchard ,Da Zheng
Author/Editor: Walker, Anthony
Author/Editor: Lagerwey, John
China Abroad
Author/Editor: Ho, Elaine Yee Lin; Kuehn, Julia
China and Capitalism
Author/Editor: Faure, David
China Bound and Unbound
Author/Editor: Wong, Frances
China's Energy Security in the Twenty-First Century: The Role of Global Governance and Climate Change
Author/Editor: Kaho Yu
China's English
Author/Editor: Adamson, Bob
China’s Foreign Places
Author/Editor: Nield, Robert
China’s Foreign Places
Author/Editor: Nield, Robert
China's Legal Awakening
Author/Editor: Lo, Carlos Wing-hung
China's Pan-Pearl River Delta
Author/Editor: Yeh, Anthony G. O.; Xu, Jiang
Chinese Art and Its Encounter with the World
Author/Editor: Clarke, David
Chinese Aspectual Particle le: A Comprehensive Guide
Author/Editor: Chungeng Zhu
Chinese Christians
Author/Editor: Smith, Carl T
Chinese Discourses on Happiness
Author/Editor: Gerda Wielander,Derek Hird
Chinese Ecocinema
Author/Editor: Lu, Sheldon H
The Chinese Exotic
Author/Editor: Khoo, Olivia
Chinese Fiction of the Cultural Revolution
Author/Editor: Yang, Lan
Chinese Ideas About Nature and Society
Author/Editor: Blanc, Charles Le
Chinese Indonesians in Post-Suharto Indonesia
Author/Editor: Chong, Wu-Ling
Chinese Landscape Painting as Western Art History
Author/Editor: Elkins, James
The Chinese Literati on Painting
Author/Editor: Susan Bush
A Chinese Melting Pot: Original People and Immigrants in Hong Kong’s First ‘New Town’
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Lominska Johnson,Graham E. Johnson
Chinese Opera
Author/Editor: Siu, Wang-Ngai
Chinese Overseas
Author/Editor: Tan, Chee-Beng
Christian Encounters with Chinese Culture
Author/Editor: Philip L. Wickeri
Christian Women in Chinese Society
Author/Editor: Wai Ching Angela Wong,Patricia P. K. Chiu
Cinema at the City's Edge
Author/Editor: Braester, Yomi; Tweedie, James
The Cinema of Feng Xiaogang
Author/Editor: Zhang, Rui
City Stage
Author/Editor: Ingham, Mike
City Voices
Author/Editor: Ingham, Michael
Civility and Its Development
Author/Editor: Schak, David C
The Civil Service in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Huque, Ahmed Shafiqul
The Classical Gardens of Shanghai
Author/Editor: Shelly Bryant
Classroom Management
Author/Editor: Hue, Ming-tak; Li, Wai-shing
Clinical Quiz in Emergency Medicine
Author/Editor: Shek, Kam Chuen; Kam, Chak Wah
Cognitive Neuroscience Studies of the Chinese Language
Author/Editor: Kao, Henry S.R
Collaborative Colonial Power
Author/Editor: Law, Wing Sang
Colonial Hong Kong and Modern China
Author/Editor: Lee, Pui-tak
Colonial Hong Kong in the Eyes of Elsie Tu
Author/Editor: Tu, Elsie
Colony, Nation, and Globalisation
Author/Editor: Tay, Eddie
Colours of Money, Shades of Pride
Author/Editor: Chiu, Fred Y.L
Comfort Women Activism: Critical Voices from the Perpetrator State
Author/Editor: Eika Tai
Common Careers, Different Experiences
Author/Editor: Venter, Katharine
Communication Disorders
Author/Editor: Zubrick, Ann
Conditional Spaces
Author/Editor: Tang, Denise Tse-Shang
Confucianism and Christianity
Author/Editor: Young, John D
Constancy of Purpose
Author/Editor: Evans, Dafydd Emrys
Construction Quality Management
Author/Editor: Tang, S.L
Consuming Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Mathews, Gordon
Contact Moments
Author/Editor: Suganuma, Katsuhiko
Contemporary Hong Kong Government and Politics
Author/Editor: Lam, Wai-man; Lui, Percy Luen-tim; Wong, Wilson
Contesting the Myths of Samurai Baseball
Author/Editor: Keaveney, Christopher T
Contours of Culture
Author/Editor: Goh, Robbie B.H
Contract Law in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Fisher, Michael J
Contract Law in Hong Kong : Introductory Guide
Author/Editor: Mau, Stephen D
Coping in Crisis
Author/Editor: Young, Katherine K.P
The Corals of Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Scott, P.J.B
Cornerstone Investors
Author/Editor: Espinasse, Philippe
Corporate Governance and Financial Reform in China's Transition Economy
Author/Editor: LENG, Jing
The Cosmopolitan Dream
Author/Editor: Derek Hird,Geng Song
Creativity and Academic Activism
Author/Editor: Morris, Meaghan
Crime and the Chinese Dream
Criminal Law in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Jackson, Michael
Critical Zone 1
Author/Editor: Tong, Q.S
Critical Zone 2
Author/Editor: Tong, Q.S
Critical Zone 3
Author/Editor: Kerr, Douglas
Cross-Dressing in Chinese Opera
Author/Editor: Li, Siu Leung
Crossing Oceans
Author/Editor: Brada-Williams, Noella
Cultural Studies and Cultural Industries in Northeast Asia
Author/Editor: Berry, Chris; Liscutin, Nicola; Mackintosh, Jonathan D
Current Concepts in Parasitology
Author/Editor: Ko, Ronald C
Curriculum Change and Innovation
Author/Editor: LO 羅耀珍, Yiu Chun; Yeung 楊思賢, Shirley S. Y.; Lam 林德成, John T. S
Curriculum, Schooling and Society in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Morris, Paul
Author/Editor: Broadhurst, Rod