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Land Administration and Practice in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Nissim, Roger
Land, Property & Construction in the People's Republic of China
Author/Editor: Walker, Anthony
The Landscape of Historical Memory: The Politics of Museums and Memorial Culture in Post–Martial Law Taiwan
Author/Editor: Kirk A. Denton
Landscapes Lost and Found
Author/Editor: Nicolson, Ken
Land-use Change
Author/Editor: Hill, R.D
Language in Hong Kong at Century's End
Author/Editor: Pennington, Martha C
Lao She in London
Author/Editor: Witchard, Anne
The Last Half Century of Chinese Overseas
Author/Editor: Sinn, Elizabeth
The Last of China's Literati
Author/Editor: Yung, Bell
Law, Morality and the Private Domain
Author/Editor: Wacks, Raymond
Law Relating to Banking in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Roebuck, Derek
Learning and Teaching in the Chinese Classroom
Author/Editor: Phillipson, Shane N.; Lam, Bick-har
Learning Diversity in the Chinese Classroom
Author/Editor: Phillipson, Shane N
Learning in Medical School
Author/Editor: Balla, John I
Learning Language Through Literature
Author/Editor: Falvey, Peter
Learning Language Through Literature in Secondary Schools
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Peter
Legal Discourse across Cultures and Systems
Author/Editor: Bhatia, Vijay K.; Candlin, Christopher N.; Engberg, Jan
Legal Issues for the Medical Practitioner
Author/Editor: Wong, David Sau-yan
Legal Research
Author/Editor: Cottrell, Jill
A Lifetime in Academia
Author/Editor: Huang, Rayson
Light and Shade
Author/Editor: Bard, Solomon Matthew
Light the Darkness
Author/Editor: Lui, Tai-lok
Linear Algebra and Geometry
Author/Editor: Leung, K.T
Linear Optimization in Applications
Author/Editor: Tang, S.L
Literary Theory Today
Author/Editor: Abbas, M.A
Liu Xiaobo, Charter 08 and the Challenges of Political Reform in China
Author/Editor: Béja, Jean-Philippe; Hualing, Fu; Pils, Eva
Locating Chinese Women: Historical Mobility between China and Australia
Author/Editor: Kate Bagnall ,Julia T. Martínez
The Lone Flag
Author/Editor: Reeves, John Pownall
Lugard in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Mellor, Bernard