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Narratives of Free Trade
Author/Editor: Johnson, Kendall
National Security and Fundamental Freedoms
Author/Editor: Fu, Hualing
Negotiating Inseparability in China: The Xinjiang Class and the Dynamics of Uyghur Identity
Author/Editor: Timothy Grose
New Asian Disorder: Rivalries Embroiling the Pacific Century
Author/Editor: Lowell Dittmer
The New Chinese Documentary Film Movement
Author/Editor: Berry, Chris; Lu, Xinyu; Rofel, Lisa
The New Legal Order in Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Wacks, Raymond
New Music in China and The C.C. Liu Collection at the University of Hong Kong
Author/Editor: Woo, Helen
New Peace County
Author/Editor: Ng, Peter Y.L
News under Fire
Author/Editor: Wei, Shuge
New Television, Globalisation, and the East Asian Cultural Imagination
Author/Editor: Keane, Michael; Fung, Anthony Y.H.; Moran, Albert
No Man an Island
Author/Editor: Udden, James
No Man an Island
Author/Editor: Udden, James
Not the Slightest Chance
Author/Editor: Banham, Tony
Nurturing Pillars of Society
Author/Editor: Lee, Francis Wing-lin