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Cairo: Images of Transition: Perspectives on Visuality in Egypt 2011-2013
Camp Comforts: Reparative Gay Literature in Times of AIDS
Author/Editor: Christian Lassen
The Camp, Housing, and the City: Berlin's Migrant Camp Accommodation after the »Long Summer of Migration«
Author/Editor: Christian Sowa
Campus Medius: Digital Mapping in Cultural and Media Studies
Author/Editor: Simon Ganahl
Care Home Stories: Aging, Disability, and Long-Term Residential Care
Author/Editor: Sally Chivers ,Ulla Kriebernegg
Care in Practice: On Tinkering in Clinics, Homes and Farms
Author/Editor: Annemarie Mol ,Ingunn Moser ,Jeannette Pols
Care - Vom Rande betrachtet: In welcher Gesellschaft wollen wir leben und sterben?
Author/Editor: Reimer Gronemeyer ,Patrick Schuchter ,Klaus Wegleitner
Caribbean Food Cultures: Culinary Practices and Consumption in the Caribbean and Its Diasporas
Author/Editor: Wiebke Beushausen ,Anne Brüske ,Ana-Sofia Commichau ,Patrick Helber ,Sinah Kloss
Caste and Equality: Friendship Patterns among Young Academics in Urban India
Author/Editor: Stephanie Stocker
Castoriadis: Denker der Revolution - Revolution des Denkens
Author/Editor: Alice Pechriggl
The Changing Leadership Roles of »Dedes« in the Alevi Movement: Ethnographic Studies on Alevi Associations in Turkey and Germany from the 1990s to the Present
Author/Editor: Deniz Coşan Eke
Chaos in the Contact Zone: Unpredictability, Improvisation and the Struggle for Control in Cultural Encounters
Author/Editor: Stephanie Wodianka ,Christoph Behrens
Choreographien der Homogenisierung: Zur Verkörperung von Gleichheiten in der Grundschule
Author/Editor: Valerie Riepe
Christliche Moral und koloniale Herrschaft in Togo: Die Missionskonzeption Franz Michael Zahns (1862-1900)
Author/Editor: Ohiniko M. Toffa
Chronotopes of the Uncanny: Time and Space in Postmodern New York Novels. Paul Auster's »City of Glass« and Toni Morrison's »Jazz«
Author/Editor: Petra Eckhard
City of Crisis: The Multiple Contestation of Southern European Cities
Author/Editor: Frank Eckardt ,Javier Ruiz Sánchez
Ciudadanos reemplazados por algoritmos
Author/Editor: Néstor García Canclini
Claiming Home: Migration Biographies and Everyday Lives of Queer Migrant Women in Switzerland
Author/Editor: Tina Büchler
Clash of Realities 2015/16: On the Art, Technology and Theory of Digital Games. Proceedings of the 6th and 7th Conference
Author/Editor: Clash of Realities
Climate Change Adaptation in South Korea: Environmental Politics in the Agricultural Sector
Author/Editor: Susann Schäfer
Climate Protection, Resource Efficiency, and Sustainable Engineering: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Design and Manufacturing Technology
Author/Editor: Ilona Horwath ,Swetlana Schweizer
Comfort in Contemporary Culture: The Challenges of a Concept
Author/Editor: Dorothee Birke ,Stella Butter
Coming of Age on the Streets of Java: Coping with Marginality, Stigma and Illness
Author/Editor: Thomas Stodulka
Common Image: Towards a Larger Than Human Communism
Author/Editor: Ingrid Hoelzl ,Rémi Marie
Communication of Love: Mediatized Intimacy from Love Letters to SMS. Interdisciplinary and Historical Studies
Author/Editor: Eva Lia Wyss
Companies in Peace Processes: A Guatemalan Case Study
Author/Editor: Ulrike Joras
Complicity: New Perspectives on Collectivity
Author/Editor: Gesa Ziemer
Computergrafik - Zur Geschichte und Produktionsästhetik synthetischer Bilder
Author/Editor: Carolin Scheler
Concepts of Urban-Environmental History
Author/Editor: Sebastian Haumann ,Martin Knoll ,Detlev Mares
Conflictividades interculturales: Demandas indígenas como crisis fructíferas
The Construction of Analogy-Based Research Programs: The Lock-and-Key Analogy in 20th Century Biochemistry
Author/Editor: Rebecca Mertens
Constructions of Cultural Identities in Newsreel Cinema and Television after 1945
Author/Editor: Kornelia Imesch ,Sigrid Schade ,Samuel Sieber
Contemporary Curating and Museum Education
Author/Editor: Carmen Mörsch ,Angeli Sachs ,Thomas Sieber
Contemporary PerforMemory: Dancing through Spacetime, Historical Trauma, and Diaspora in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Layla Zami
Contested Properties: Peoples, Plants and Politics in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Author/Editor: Britta Rutert
Contesting Visibility: Photographic Practices on the East African Coast
Author/Editor: Heike Behrend
Cool Istanbul: Urban Enclosures and Resistances
Author/Editor: Derya Özkan
The Cop and the Sociologist: Investigating Diversity in German Police Forces
Author/Editor: Barbara Thériault
Corona und andere Weltuntergänge: Apokalyptische Krisenhermeneutik in der modernen Gesellschaft
Author/Editor: Alexander-Kenneth Nagel
The Corporate Art Index: Twenty-One Ways to Work With Art
Author/Editor: Viviane Mörmann
Couchsurfing Cosmopolitanisms: Can Tourism Make a Better World?
Author/Editor: David Picard ,Sonja Buchberger
Courting Dissolution: Adumbration, Alterity, and the Dislocation of Sacrifice from Space to Image
Author/Editor: Michael Lent
Creating Communities: Towards a Description of the Mask-function in Literature
Author/Editor: Nourit Melcer-Padon
Creating Realities: Business as a Motif in American Fiction, 1865-1929
Author/Editor: Erhan ŞimŞek
Creative Resistance: Political Humor in the Arab Uprisings
Author/Editor: Sabine Damir-Geilsdorf ,Stephan Milich
The Creativity Complex: A Companion to Contemporary Culture
Author/Editor: Timon Beyes ,Jörg Metelmann
Crip-queere Körper: Eine kritische Phänomenologie des Theaters
Author/Editor: Mirjam Kreuser
Crisis civilizatoria: Experiencias de los gobiernos progresistas y debates en la izquierda latinoamericana
Crisis del multiculturalismo en América Latina: Conflictividad social y respuestas críticas desde el pensamiento político indígena
Crisis política en la Argentina: Memoria discursiva y componente emocional en el debate sobre la Reforma Previsional
Culinary Turn: Aesthetic Practice of Cookery
Author/Editor: Nicolaj van der Meulen ,Jörg Wiesel ,Anneli Käsmayr ,Raphaela Reinmann
Cultural Diversity in Motion: Rethinking Cultural Policy and Performing Arts in an Intercultural Society
Author/Editor: Özlem Canyürek
Cultural History in Europe: Institutions – Themes – Perspectives
Author/Editor: Jörg Rogge
Cultures of Economy in South-Eastern Europe: Spotlights and Perspectives
Author/Editor: Jurij Murašov ,Davor Beganović ,Andrea Lešić
The Cultures of Entanglement: On Nonhuman Life Forms in Contemporary Art
Author/Editor: Suzanne Anker ,Sabine Flach
Culture – Theory – Disability: Encounters between Disability Studies and Cultural Studies
Author/Editor: Anne Waldschmidt ,Hanjo Berressem ,Moritz Ingwersen
Curriculum und Mehrsprachigkeit: Planung und Gestaltung sprachlicher Identität in Luxemburg
Author/Editor: Sabrina Sattler
Curupira und Kohlenstoff: Eine praxistheoretische Revision Politischer Ontologie am Beispiel von Umweltschutz in Amazonien
Author/Editor: Michaela Meurer
Cybersicherheit in Innen- und Außenpolitik: Deutsche und britische Policies im Vergleich
Author/Editor: Stefan Steiger