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Abortion Services and Reproductive Justice in Rural South Africa
Author/Editor: Ulandi du Plessis ,Catriona Ida Macleod
Accented Futures
Author/Editor: Coetzee, Carli
Acts of Transgression
Author/Editor: Pather, Jay; Boulle, Catherine; Pather, Jay
African Archaeology Without Frontiers
Author/Editor: Kusimba, Chapurukha M; Tchandeu, Santores; Seidensticker, Dirk
African Ark: Mammals, landscape and the ecology of a continent
Author/Editor: Ara Monadjem ,Mike Unwin
African Dream Machines
Author/Editor: Nettleton, Anitra
African-Language Literatures
Author/Editor: Mhlambi, Innocentia Jabulisile
The African National Congress and the Regeneration of Political Power
Author/Editor: Booysen, Susan
Author/Editor: Nieftagodien, Noor; Bonner, Phil
And the Girls in their Sunday Dresses
Author/Editor: Mda, Zakes
Anxious Joburg: The inner lives of a global South city
Apartheid and the Making of a Black Psychologist
Author/Editor: Manganyi, N. Chabani
Archives of Times Past: Conversations about South Africa’s Deep History
Author/Editor: Cynthia Kros ,John Wright ,Mbongiseni Buthelezi ,Helen Ludlow
Babel Unbound: Rage, reason and rethinking public life
The Backroom Boy
Author/Editor: Mathebula, Mandla
Bafana Republic and Other Satires: A collection of monologues and revues
Author/Editor: Mike van Graan
Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto
Author/Editor: Horwitz, Simonne
Bats of Southern and Central Africa: A biogeographic and taxonomic synthesis, second edition, Ed. REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: Ara Monadjem,Peter John Taylor,F. P. D. (Woody) Cotterill,M. Corrie Schoeman
Becoming Men: Black masculinities in a South African township
Author/Editor: Malose Langa
Becoming Worthy Ancestors
Author/Editor: Mangcu, Xolela; Mangcu, Xolela; Masilela, Ntongela
Being Black in the World
Author/Editor: Manganyi, N. Chabani
Between Worlds
Author/Editor: Chisholm, Linda
Bill Freund: An historian’s passage to Africa
Author/Editor: BILL FREUND
Black X: Liberatory thought in Azania
Author/Editor: Tendayi Sithole
Bones and Bodies: How South African Scientists Studied Race
Author/Editor: ALAN G. MORRIS
The Bram Fischer Waltz
Author/Editor: Kalmer, Harry
BRICS and the New American Imperialism: Global rivalry and resistance
Author/Editor: Vishwas Satgar
Bury Me at the Marketplace
Author/Editor: Manganyi, N. Chabani; Attwell, David
Bushman Letters
Author/Editor: Wessels, Michael
Can Themba: The Making and Breaking of the Intellectual Tsotsi, a Biography
Author/Editor: Siphiwo Mahala
Cape Radicals
Author/Editor: Soudien, Crain
Capitalism’s Crises
Author/Editor: Satgar, Vishwas; Satgar, Vishwas; Carroll, William K
Capitalism’s Crises: Class struggles in South Africa and the world
Author/Editor: Vishwas Satgar
Changing Space, Changing City
Author/Editor: Ahmad, Peter; Badenhorst, Willem; Beavon, Keith
Children in Mind: Their mental health in today’s world and what we can do to help them
Author/Editor: Jenny Perkel
Citizen and Pariah: Somali Traders and the Regulation of Difference in South Africa
Author/Editor: Vanya Gastrow
Civilising Grass
Author/Editor: Cane, Jonathan
Climate Change
Author/Editor: Scholes, Bob; Scholes, Mary; Lucas, Mike
The Climate Crisis
Author/Editor: Satgar, Vishwas; Martínez Abarca, Mateo; Acosta, Alberto
Colour, Class and Community - The Natal Indian Congress, 1971-1994
Author/Editor: Ashwin Desai ,Goolam Vahed
The Colour of Our Future
Author/Editor: Mangcu, Xolela; Mangcu, Xolela; Jablonski, Nina G
Competition Law and Economic Regulation in Southern Africa
Author/Editor: Klaaren, Jonathan; Paelo, Anthea; Robb, Genna
Composing Apartheid
Author/Editor: Allen, Lara; Baines, Gary; Byerly, Ingrid
Conspicuous Consumption in Africa
Author/Editor: Posel, Deborah; Posel, Deborah; van Wyk, Ilana
Contradicting Maternity
Author/Editor: Long, Carol
Conversations with Bourdieu
Author/Editor: Burawoy, Michael; von Holdt, Karl
Corrupted: A study of chronic dysfunction in South African universities
Cuba and Africa, 1959-1994: Writing an alternative Atlantic history
Customs and Beliefs of the |xam, Ed. REV - Revised, 2
Author/Editor: Jeremy C. Hollmann
Dance of the Dung Beetles
Author/Editor: Byrne, Marcus; Lunn, Helen
Death and Compassion
Author/Editor: Wylie, Dan
Death and Compassion: The Elephant in Southern African Literature
Author/Editor: Dan Wylie
Decolonisation in Universities
Author/Editor: Jansen, Jonathan; Jansen, Jonathan; Mbembe, Achille
Decolonising the Human: Reflections from Africa on difference and oppression
Dintshontsho Tsa Bo – Juliuse Kesara
Author/Editor: SOL T. PLAATJE
The Disorder of Things
Author/Editor: Masterson, John
Doing Plays for a Change: Five Works
Author/Editor: Maishe Maponya ,Ian Steadman
Dominance and Decline
Author/Editor: Booysen, Susan
Dorothea Bleek
Author/Editor: Weintroub, Jill
Do South Africans Exist?
Author/Editor: Chipkin, Ivor
Dress as Social Relations
Author/Editor: Viestad, Vibeke Maria
Early Detection and Intervention in Audiology: An African perspective
Author/Editor: Katijah Khoza-Shangase ,Amisha Kanji
Eating from One Pot
Author/Editor: Mosoetsa, Sarah
Author/Editor: Bonner, Phil; Nieftagodien, Noor
Elephant management
Author/Editor: Scholes, Robert J.; Scholes, Robert J.; Mennell, Kathleen G
English-isiZulu / isiZulu-English Dictionary
Author/Editor: Doke, C.M.; Vilakazi, Benedict Wallet; Malcolm, D. M
Author/Editor: Nuttall, Sarah
Ethnographies of Power: Working Radical Concepts with Gillian Hart
Author/Editor: Sharad Chari ,Mark Hunter ,Melanie Samson
Facets of Power
Author/Editor: Saunders, Richard; Saunders, Richard; Chiponda, Melanie
Fees Must Fall
Author/Editor: Booysen, Susan; Booysen, Susan; Godsell, Gillian
Fight for Democracy
Author/Editor: Daniels, Glenda
The First Ethiopians
Author/Editor: van Wyk Smith, Malvern
Five Hundred Years Rediscovered
Author/Editor: Swanepoel, Natalie; Esterhuysen, Amanda; Esterhuysen, Amanda
Fools, Bells and the Habit of Eating
Author/Editor: Mda, Zakes
Forgotten World
Author/Editor: Delius, Peter; Maggs, Tim; Schoeman, Alex
From Tools to Symbols
Author/Editor: d’Errico, Francesco; d’Errico, Francesco; Backwell, Lucinda
Fundamentals of Human Embryology
Author/Editor: Allan, John; Kramer, Beverley
Gaze Regimes
Author/Editor: Mistry, Jyoti; Schuhmann, Antje; Annas, Max
Gerard Sekoto: ‘I am an African’
Author/Editor: N Chabani Manganyi ,Es’kia Mphahlele
Go Home or Die Here
Author/Editor: Hassim, Shireen; Kupe, Tawana; Worby, Eric
Good Jew, Bad Jew: Racism, anti-Semitism and the assault on meaning
Author/Editor: Steven Friedman
Governance and the postcolony
Author/Editor: Everatt, David; Everatt, David; Latib, Salim
Governing Complex City-Regions in the Twenty-First Century: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa
Author/Editor: Philip Harrison
Healing the Exposed Being
Author/Editor: Thornton, Robert
Hidden Histories of Gordonia
Author/Editor: Legassick, Martin
How I Lost My Mother: A story of life, care and dying
Author/Editor: LESLIE SWARTZ
In India and East Africa E-Indiya nase East Africa: A travelogue in isiXhosa and English
Author/Editor: D.D.T. Jabavu,Cecil Wele Manona,Tina Steiner,Mhlobo W. Jadezweni,Catherine Higgs,Evan M. Mwangi
Inkondlo kaZulu
In the Balance: The Case for a Universal Basic Income in South Africa and Beyond
Author/Editor: HEIN MARAIS
In the Shadow of Policy
Author/Editor: Hebinck, Paul; Cousins, Ben; Hebinck, Paul
The Intrapreneur’s Journey: Empowering Employees to Drive Growth
Author/Editor: Hugh Molotsi ,Mjumo Mzyece ,Ogundiran Soumonni ,Jeff Zias
I Want to Go Home Forever
Author/Editor: Landau, Loren; Pampalone, Tanya; Landau, Loren
Labour Beyond Cosatu
Author/Editor: Bezuidenhout, Andries; Tshoaedi, Malehoko; Bezuidenhout, Andries
Land, Chiefs, Mining
Author/Editor: Manson, Andrew; Mbenga, Bernard
Land, Law and Chiefs in Rural South Africa: Contested histories and current struggles
Author/Editor: William Beinhart ,Rosalie Kingwill ,Gavin Capps
Lie on your wounds
Author/Editor: Hook, Derek; Sobukwe, Robert
Like Family
Author/Editor: Jansen, Ena
A Long Way Home
Author/Editor: Beinart, William; Charlton, Julia; Coplan, David
Losing the Plot
Author/Editor: de Kock, Leon
Love, Crime and Johannesburg
Author/Editor: ; Purkey, Malcolm; Steinberg, Carol
Lover of His People
Author/Editor: Molema, Seetsele Modiri
Author/Editor: Huffmann, Thomas
Marxisms in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Bond, Patrick; Burawoy, Michael; Cock, Jacklyn
Mbeki and After
Author/Editor: Calland, Richard; Duncan, Jane; Friedman, Steven
Memory Against Forgetting
Author/Editor: Bernstein, Rusty
Metal that Will not Bend
Author/Editor: Forrest, Kally
Mfecane Aftermath
Author/Editor: Hamilton, Carolyn; Hamilton, Carolyn; Dowson, Thomas
Author/Editor: Kani, John
Molecular Medicine for Clinicians
Author/Editor: Mendelow, Barry; Ramsay, Michèle; Chetty, Nanthakumarn
Monarchs, Missionaries and African Intellectuals: African Theatre and the Unmaking of Colonial Marginality
Mooi Street and Other Moves
Author/Editor: Slabolepszy, Paul
Motswasele II
Author/Editor: L.D. RADITLADI
Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication
Author/Editor: Kaschula, Russell; Maseko, Pamela; Wolff, H. Ekkehard
The Musical Instruments of the Indigenous People of South Africa
Author/Editor: Kirby, Percival
My Life and Valley Song: Two Plays
Author/Editor: Athol Fugard
Nations's Bounty
Author/Editor: Mgqwetho, Nontsizi; Opland, Jeff
Natures of Africa
Author/Editor: Moolla, F. Fiona; Moolla, F. Fiona; Caminero-Santangelo, Byron
New South African Review 1
Author/Editor: Atkinson, Doreen; Bruce, David; Butler, Anthony
New South African Review 2
Author/Editor: Attwell, William; Bank, Leslie; Naidoo, Prishani
New South African Review 3
Author/Editor: Allais, Stephanie; Attwell, William; Booysen, Susan
New South African Review 4
Author/Editor: Ballard, Clare; Bawa, Ahmed; Claassens, Aninka
New South African Review 5
Author/Editor: Khadiagala, Gilbert M.; Naidoo, Prishani; Pillay, Devan
New South African Review 6
Author/Editor: Khadiagala, Gilbert; Mosoetsa, Sarah; Pillay, Devan
Nothing but the Truth
Author/Editor: Kani, John
One Hundred Years of the ANC
Author/Editor: April, Thozama; Badsha, Omar; Barchiesi, Franco
One Virus, Two Countries: What COVID-19 Tells Us About South Africa
Organise or Die?
Author/Editor: Botiveau, Raphaël
The Origins of Non-Racialism
Author/Editor: Everatt, David
Orlando West, Soweto
Author/Editor: Nieftagodien, Noor; Gaule, Sally
Our Changing World-View: Ten Lectures on Recent Movements of Thought in Science, Economics, Education, Literature and Philosophy
Author/Editor: Saul Dubow ,J. C. Smuts ,Robert Broom ,J. P. Dalton ,John F. V. Phillips ,J. Y. T. Greig ,T. J. Haarhoff ,C. S. Richards ,H. S. Frankel
Our Lady of Benoni
Author/Editor: Mda, Zakes
Parrots of Africa, Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands
Author/Editor: Perrin, Mike
Patrick van Rensburg: Rebel, visionary and radical educationist, a biography
Author/Editor: Kevin Shillington
Pelong ya Ka
Penny Siopis
Author/Editor: Olivier, Gerrit; Olivier, Gerrit; De Angelis, Alessandra
The People’s Paper
Author/Editor: Christison, Grant; Landau, Paul; Limb, Peter
The People’s Paper: A centenary history and anthology of Abantu-Batho
Author/Editor: PETER LIMB
Picturing Change
Author/Editor: Schmahmann, Brenda
Place of Thorns
Author/Editor: Moloi, Tshepo
Politics and Community-Based Research
Author/Editor: Bénit-Gbaffou, Claire; Charlton, Sarah; Didier, Sophie
Politics and Community-Based Research: Perspectives from Yeoville Studio, Johannesburg
Popular Politics and Resistance Movements in South Africa
Author/Editor: Beinart, William; Brown, Julian; Carson, Tracy
Power and Loss in South African Journalism: News in the age of social media
Author/Editor: Glenda Daniels
Power in Action
Author/Editor: Friedman, Steven
Practical Anatomy: The human body dissected, second edition, Ed. REV - Revised, 2
Precarious Power: Compliance and discontent under Ramaphosa’s ANC
Author/Editor: SUSAN BOOYSEN
Prickly Pear
Author/Editor: Beinart, William
Print, Text and Book Cultures in South Africa
Author/Editor: Barnard, Rita; de Kock, Leon; Dick, Archie L
Prisoners of the Past: South African democracy and the legacy of minority rule
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in South Africa
Author/Editor: Del Fabbro, Giada; Eagle, Gillian; Esprey, Yvette
Psychological Assessment in South Africa
Author/Editor: Laher, Sumaya; Cockcroft, Kate; Amod, Zaytoon
Public Intellectuals in South Africa: Critical voices from the past
Author/Editor: Chris Broodryk
Race Otherwise
Author/Editor: Erasmus, Zimitri
Racism After Apartheid
Author/Editor: Satgar, Vishwas; Satgar, Vishwas; Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne
Regarding Muslims
Author/Editor: Baderoon, Gabeba
Remains of the Social
Author/Editor: Maurits van Bever Donker; Ross Truscott; Premesh Lalu
Richard Rive
Author/Editor: Viljoen, Shaun
Riding High
Author/Editor: Swart, Sandra
San Elders Speak: Ancestral knowledge of the Kalahari San
A Search for Origins
Author/Editor: Bonner, Phillip; Esterhuysen, Amanda; Jenkins, Trefor
Seeing and Knowing
Author/Editor: Blundell, Geoffrey; Chippindale, Christopher; Clottes, Jean
Seeking Sanctuary: Stories of Sexuality, Faith and Migration
Author/Editor: JOHN MARNELL
Selecting Immigrants
Author/Editor: Peberdy, Sally
Author/Editor: Mofokeng, Sophonia Machabe
Shadow of Liberation
Author/Editor: Padayachee, Vishnu; van Niekerk, Robert
Shadow State
Author/Editor: Chipkin, Ivor; Swilling, Mark; Bhorat, Haroon
Shakespeare and the Coconuts
Author/Editor: Distiller, Natasha
The Social and Political Thought of Archie Mafeje
Author/Editor: Bongani Nyoka
Sol Plaatje's Native Life in South Africa
Author/Editor: Remmington, Janet; Willan, Brian; Peterson, Bhekizizwe
Somewhere on the Border
Author/Editor: Akerman, Anthony
Author/Editor: ; Gibson, Angus; Jacobson, Ruth
South Africa and India
Author/Editor: Bénit-Gbaffou, Claire; Bonner, Phil; Datta, Pradip Kumar
South Africa's Suspended Revolution: Hopes and prospects
Author/Editor: ADAM HABIB
State Capture in South Africa: How and why it happened
The State of Secularism
Author/Editor: Leatt, Dhammamegha Annie
Stopping the Spies
Author/Editor: Duncan, Jane
Stranger at Home
Author/Editor: Neser, Ashlee
Structure, Meaning and Ritual in the Narratives of the Southern San
Author/Editor: Hewitt, Roger
Students Must Rise
Author/Editor: Heffernan, Anne; Nieftagodien, Noor; Heffernan, Anne
Suddenly the Storm
Author/Editor: Slabolepszy, Paul
Tell Our Story: Multiplying voices in the news media
Termites of the Gods
Author/Editor: Mguni, Siyakha
These Potatoes Look Like Humans: The contested future of land, home and death in South Africa
Author/Editor: uMbuso weNkosi
Thinking Freedom in Africa
Author/Editor: Neocosmos, Michael
Ties that Bind
Author/Editor: Walsh, Shannon; Soske, Jon; Soske, Jon
Tin Bucket Drum
Author/Editor: Coppen, Neil
Transforming Research Methods in the Social Sciences
Author/Editor: Laher, Sumaya; Fynn, Angelo; Kramer, Sherianne
Transnational Families in Africa: Migrants and the role of Information Communication Technologies
Author/Editor: Maria C. Marchetti-Mercer ,Leslie Swartz ,Loretta Baldassar ,Gonzalo Bacigalupe
Traumatic Stress in South Africa
Author/Editor: Kaminer, Debbie; Eagle, Gillian
Troubling Images: Visual Culture and the Politics of Afrikaner Nationalism
Author/Editor: Foot Newton, Lara
Ukufa kukaShaka
Author/Editor: ; Coppen, Neil; Mthombeni, Mpume
Uncovering Memory: Filming in South Africa, Germany, Poland and Bosnia/Herzegovina
Author/Editor: TANJA SAKOTA
The Unresolved National Question in South Africa
Author/Editor: Webster, Edward; Webster, Edward; Webster, Edward
Violence, Slavery and Freedom between Hegel and Fanon
Author/Editor: Ulrike Kistner,Philippe Van Haute
Visionary Animal
Author/Editor: Ego, Renaud
Visualising China in Southern Africa: Biography, Circulation, Transgression
War Against Ourselves
Author/Editor: Cock, Jacklyn
We, the People
Author/Editor: Sachs, Albie
We Write What We Like
Author/Editor: Accone, Darryl; Cindi, Zithulele; Cooper, Saths
What is Slavery to Me?
Author/Editor: Dineo Gqola, Pumla
Why Men Hurt Women and Other Reflections on Love, Violence and Masculinity
Author/Editor: Kopano Ratele ,RAEWYN CONNELL
WITS: A University in the Apartheid Era
Author/Editor: MERVYN SHEAR ,Firoz Cachalia
WITS: The Early Years: A History of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, and its Precursors 1896-1939
Author/Editor: BRUCE K. MURRAY ,Keith Breckenridge
WITS: The 'Open' Years: A History of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 1939-1959
Author/Editor: BRUCE K. MURRAY ,Yunus Ballim
Working with Rock Art
Author/Editor: Agnew, Neville; Chippindale, Christopher; Deacon, Janette
The World Looks Like This From Here
Author/Editor: Ratele, Kopano
Writing the Ancestral River: A biography of the Kowie
Author/Editor: Jacklyn Cock
You Strike a Woman, You Strike a Rock / Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokotho: A play
Author/Editor: Phyllis Klotz ,Thobeka Maqhutyana ,Nomvula Qosha ,Poppy Tsira ,Sarah Roberts