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Parrots of Africa, Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands
Author/Editor: Perrin, Mike
Parrots of Africa, Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands: Biology, ecology and conservation
Penny Siopis
Author/Editor: Olivier, Gerrit; Olivier, Gerrit; De Angelis, Alessandra
Penny Siopis: Time and Again
Author/Editor: Gerrit Olivier
The People’s Paper
Author/Editor: Christison, Grant; Landau, Paul; Limb, Peter
The People’s Paper: A centenary history and anthology of Abantu-Batho
Author/Editor: PETER LIMB
Picturing Change
Author/Editor: Schmahmann, Brenda
Picturing Change: Curating visual culture at post-apartheid universities
Author/Editor: Brenda Schmahmann
Place of Thorns
Author/Editor: Moloi, Tshepo
Place of Thorns: Black political protest in Kroonstad since 1976
Author/Editor: Tshepo Moloi
Politics and Community-Based Research
Author/Editor: Bénit-Gbaffou, Claire; Charlton, Sarah; Didier, Sophie
Popular Politics and Resistance Movements in South Africa
Author/Editor: Beinart, William; Brown, Julian; Carson, Tracy
Power in Action
Author/Editor: Friedman, Steven
Power in Action: Democracy, citizenship and social justice
Prickly Pear
Author/Editor: Beinart, William
Prickly Pear: A Social History of a Plant in the Eastern Cape
Print, Text and Book Cultures in South Africa
Author/Editor: Barnard, Rita; de Kock, Leon; Dick, Archie L
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in South Africa
Author/Editor: Del Fabbro, Giada; Eagle, Gillian; Esprey, Yvette
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in South Africa: Contexts, theories and applications
Author/Editor: Cora Smith,Glenys Lobban,Michael O’Loughlin
Psychological Assessment in South Africa
Author/Editor: Laher, Sumaya; Cockcroft, Kate; Amod, Zaytoon
Psychological Assessment in South Africa: Research and applications
Author/Editor: Sumaya Laher,Kate Cockcroft