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Titles start with T (16,623) Information
T-26 Light Tank
Author/Editor: Zaloga, Steve-Morshead, Henry
Series Title: New Vanguard
Author/Editor: Tucker-Jones, Anthony; Hemingway, David Lee
T-34/76 Medium Tank 1941-45
Author/Editor: Zaloga, Steven
Series Title: New Vanguard
T-34-85 Medium Tank 1944-94
Author/Editor: Zaloga, Steve
Series Title: New Vanguard
T-34-85 Vs M26 Pershing
Author/Editor: Zaloga, Steve.
T-34 in Action
Author/Editor: Drabkin, Artem-Sheremet, Oleg
Author/Editor: Anthony Tucker-Jones
T-62 Main Battle Tank 1965-2005
Author/Editor: Zaloga, Steve.-Bryan, Tony
Series Title: New Vanguard
T-72 Main Battle Tank 1974-93
Author/Editor: Zaloga, Steve
Series Title: New Vanguard
T-80 Standard Tank
Author/Editor: Steven Zaloga
Series Title: New Vanguard
Taalbewust beroepsonderwijs
Author/Editor: Tiba Bolle; Inge van Meelis
Taalproblemen van nu
Author/Editor: Simon Burgers
Author/Editor: Taks, Henny-Verbruggen, Katja
Series Title: Taaltalent
Author/Editor: Verbruggen, Katja-Taks, Henny
Series Title: Taaltalent
Author/Editor: Verbruggen, Katja-Taks, Henny-Jacobs, Eefke
Series Title: Taaltalent
Taaltalent deel 1
Author/Editor: Henny Taks; Katja Verbruggen
Taaltalent deel 2
Author/Editor: Katja Verbruggen; Henny Taks
Taaltalent deel 3
Author/Editor: Katja Verbruggen; Henny Taks; Eefke Jacobs
Tabby Cats
Author/Editor: Murray, Julie
Series Title: Animal Kingdom
Author/Editor: Rose Publishing
The Tabernacle of Exodus As a Work of Art
Author/Editor: Schmidt, Maurice
Tabernacle of Hate, 2nd ed
Author/Editor: Noble, Kerry; Rosenfeld, Jean.
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
Author/Editor: Venes, Donald
Series Title: STAT!Ref Electronic Medical Library.
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
Author/Editor: Taber, Clarence Wilbur-Venes, Donald
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
Author/Editor: Venes, Donald-Taber, Clarence Wilbur
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 22th ed
Author/Editor: Venes, Donald.
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 23e
Author/Editor: Venes, Donald
Taber's Quick Reference for Cardiology and Pulmonology
Author/Editor: F.A. Davis
Taber's® Quick Reference for Rehabilitation Professionals
Author/Editor: Venes, Donald-F.A. Davis Company
Tab Hunter Confidential, 1st pbk. ed
Author/Editor: Hunter, Tab; Muller, Eddie.
Tabish Khair
Author/Editor: Gámez-Fernández, Cristina M.; Dwivedi, O. P.
Author/Editor: Whiteman, Bruce
Tableaux de voyage I
Author/Editor: Heine, Heinrich-David, Claude
Series Title: Säkularausgabe : Werke, Briefwechsel, Lebenszeugnisse
Tableaux de voyage II. Italie
Author/Editor: Anglade, René
Series Title: Heinrich Heine
A Table for All
Author/Editor: Neufeld-Erdman, Chris
Table for One
Author/Editor: Hayden, Ava
Table for One
Author/Editor: Connie Bailey
A Table in the Wilderness
Author/Editor: Watchman Nee
Table Matters
Author/Editor: LaBoy, Felicia Howell
Table Money
Author/Editor: Breslin, Jimmy
Table Settings
Author/Editor: Symonds, James
Table Talk
Author/Editor: Flammang, Janet A.; Project Muse.
Table Talk
Author/Editor: Graves, Mike
Table Talk
Author/Editor: Moudarres, Christiana Purdy.; Northeast Modern Language Association (U.S.)
The Table Talk of Martin Luther
Author/Editor: Martin Luther-Thomas S. Kepler
Table Tennis
Author/Editor: Gross, Bernd Ulrich-Schlager, Werner
Table Tennis Tactics
Author/Editor: Geske, Klaus-M.-Mueller, Jens
Tabloid Century
Author/Editor: Bingham, Adrian; Conboy, Martin
Tabloid Lies
Author/Editor: RJ Astruc
Tabloid Tales
Author/Editor: Tulloch, John-Sparks, Colin
Series Title: Critical Media Studies
Author/Editor: Rickel, Boyer.
Author/Editor: Cabell, James Branch.
Author/Editor: Stefo Nantsou-Tom Lycos
Taboo: A Legend Retold From the Dirghic of Saevius Nicanor, With Prolegomena, Notes, and a Preliminary Memoir
Author/Editor: Cabell, James Branch
Taboo in Advertising
Author/Editor: Freitas, Elsa Simões Lucas.
Taboo Memories, Diasporic Voices
Author/Editor: Shohat, Ella; American Council of Learned Societies.
Taboo or Not Taboo? Forbidden Thoughts, Forbidden Acts in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
Author/Editor: Bohm, Lori C.; Curtis, Rebecca C.; Willock, Brent.
Taboo Pushkin
Author/Editor: Dinega, Alyssa W.
Tabucchi postumo
Author/Editor: Rimini, Thea; Tabucchi, Antonio
Tabuisierte Sprachvarietaeten im Russischen und ihre Uebersetzung ins Deutsche
Author/Editor: Wagner, Sebastian.
Author/Editor: Siegel, Steffen-Savigny, Christophe de
Tabu Obsceno 2 (Histórias Eróticas Proibidas)
Author/Editor: Simone Holloway
Tabu Obsceno 3 (Histórias Eróticas Proibidas)
Author/Editor: Simone Holloway
Tabu Obsceno 4 (Histórias Eróticas Proibidas)
Author/Editor: Simone Holloway
Tabu Obsceno 5 (Histórias Eróticas Proibidas)
Author/Editor: Simone Holloway
Tabu Obsceno (Histórias Eróticas Proibidas)
Author/Editor: Simone Holloway
Author/Editor: Rübel, Johanna-Bueno, Miguel-Sperling, Wolf-Walter, Franz-Bebnowski, David-Micus, Matthias
Series Title: INDES
Tabu und Übersetzung
Author/Editor: Jekatherina Lebedewa
Author/Editor: Traykov, Vasil B.
A Tacit Alliance
Author/Editor: Crosbie, Sylvia K
Series Title: Modern Middle East Series
A Tacit Alliance: France and Israel From Suez to the Six Day War
Author/Editor: Crosbie, Sylvia K.
Tacit and Explicit Knowledge
Author/Editor: Collins, H. M.
Tacit Knowledge and Spoken Discourse
Author/Editor: Zappavigna, Michele.
Tacit Knowledge in Organizations
Author/Editor: Baumard, Philippe.
Tacit Subjects
Author/Editor: Decena, Carlos Ulises
The Taciturn Man
Author/Editor: Gibson, Geoffrey-Violante, Susan
Series Title: World Voices
Author/Editor: Pagan, Victoria Emma
Tacitus' Agricola, Germany, and Dialogue on Orators, Rev. ed
Author/Editor: Tacitus, Cornelius.; Benario, Herbert W.
Tacitus, Agricola - Lehrerband
Author/Editor: Horstmann, Henning
Series Title: classica.
Tacitus and the Tacitean Tradition
Author/Editor: Luce, Torrey James.; Woodman, Anthony John.
Tackle Office Nightmares
Author/Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
Tackling America's Toughest Questions
Author/Editor: Boyle, Francis Anthony
Tackling Bullying in Athletics
Author/Editor: Kevorkian, Meline M.; D'Antona, Robin
Tackling Child Sexual Abuse
Author/Editor: Nelson, Sarah.
Tackling College Admissions
Author/Editor: Paradis, Cheryl; Siminoff, Faren Rhea.
Tackling Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Climate Change
Author/Editor: Merrill, Laura-Bassi, Ana M.-Bridle, Richard-Christensen, Lasse T
Tackling HIV-related Stigma and Discrimination in South Asia
Author/Editor: Stang, Anne.; World Bank.
Tackling Inequalities
Author/Editor: Gordon, David; Pantazis, Christina.
Tackling Institutional Racism
Author/Editor: Penketh, Laura.
Tackling Men's Violence in Families
Author/Editor: Eriksson, Maria
Tackling Noncommunicable Diseases in Bangladesh
Author/Editor: El-Saharty, Sameh.; World Bank.
Tackling Prison Overcrowding
Author/Editor: Solomon, Enver.; Allen, Robert; Hough, J. M.
Tackling Social Disadvantage Through Teacher Education
Author/Editor: Thompson, Ian
Series Title: Critical Guides for Teacher Educators
Tackling the Team
Author/Editor: Vassi, Marco
Series Title: The Vassi Collection
Tackling the Tight End
Author/Editor: Tara Lain
Series Title: The Long Pass Chronicles
Tackling Timewasters
Author/Editor: Stack, Laura
Tackling Truth
Author/Editor: Compiled by Barbour Staff; Mike Yorkey
Tackling Unemployment
Author/Editor: Wasem, Ruth Ellen
Tackling Youth Unemployment
Author/Editor: Fazio, Francesca; Gunderson, Morley
Tacoma Curiosities
Author/Editor: Karla Stover
Tacoma Rail
Author/Editor: David J. Cantlin
Series Title: Images of Rail
Tacoma's Haunted History
Author/Editor: Ross Allison-Teresa Nordheim
Series Title: Images of America
Tacoma's Proctor District
Author/Editor: Caroline Gallacci-Bill Evans
Series Title: Images of America
Tacoma's Salmon Beach
Author/Editor: Roger Cushman Edwards
Series Title: Images of America
Tacoma's Theater District
Author/Editor: Kimberly M. Davenport
Series Title: Images of America
Tacoma's Waterfront
Author/Editor: Caroline Gallacci-Ron Karabaich
Series Title: Images of America
T.A. Crerer
Author/Editor: Rea, J. E
Author/Editor: Pramateftakis, Manousos-Georgios.; Raptis, Dimitrios.
Author/Editor: Russell, David
Tactical Biopolitics
Author/Editor: Philip, Kavita; Da Costa, Beatriz.
Tactical Counterterrorism
Author/Editor: Olson, Dean T
Tactical Defeat Or Strategic Victory: The Battle Of Wake Island, 8-23 December 1941
Author/Editor: Pierce, Marlyn. R
Tactical Globalization
Author/Editor: Koh, Aaron
Tactical Helicopter Missions
Author/Editor: Means, Kevin P
Tactical Intelligence In The Army Of The Potomac During The Overland Campaign
Author/Editor: Morgan, Todd T
Tactical Management in the Secular Bear Market
Author/Editor: Mjigal Tahar
Tactical Principles for the Employment of Machine-gun Sections
Author/Editor: Great Britain
Tactical Rape in War and Conflict
Author/Editor: Fitzpatrick, Brenda
Tactical Reconnaissance in the Cold War
Author/Editor: Gordon, Doug
Tactical Responses To Concentrated Artillery
Author/Editor: James R. Holbrook-Michael E. Dunn
Tactical SEO
Author/Editor: Wilson, Lee
Tactical Urbanism
Author/Editor: Lydon, Mike; Garcia, Anthony
Tactical Victory Leading To Operational Failure: Rommel In North Africa
Author/Editor: LaFace, Jeffrey L
The Tactician's Handbook
Author/Editor: Victor Charushin
The Tactics of Aelian
Author/Editor: Matthew, Christopher Anthony.-Aelianus
Tactics of the Human
Author/Editor: Shackelford, Laura
The Tactics of Toleration
Author/Editor: Spohnholz, Jesse
Tactics to Win, 1
Author/Editor: Nick Craig
Tactile Poetics
Author/Editor: Jackson, Sarah
Tadeusz Kantor Today
Author/Editor: Fazan, Katarzyna; Burzyńska, Anna R.; Bryś, Marta; MacBride, Anda
Tad Lincoln's Father
Author/Editor: Bayne, Julia Taft
Tae Kwon Do
Author/Editor: Adamson, Thomas K.; Heather
Author/Editor: Cook, Doug
Taekwondo Kids
Author/Editor: Dornemann, Volker-Rumpf, Wolfgang
Taetertypologien in der Wirtschaftskriminologie
Author/Editor: Hugendubel, Julia
Tafeln im flexiblen Überfluss
Author/Editor: Stephan Lorenz
Series Title: Sozialtheorie
Tafeln im flexiblen Überfluss, Aufl.
Author/Editor: Stephan Lorenz
Taffe Kommissarinnen und emanzipierte Kommissare?
Author/Editor: Raphaela Tkotzyk
Series Title: Gender Studies
The Taft Ranch
Author/Editor: Stephens, A. Ray
Author/Editor: Heard, Barry
Tag Against Time
Author/Editor: Vick, H. H.
Tagalog (Pilipino) Made Nice & Easy
Author/Editor: REA, The Editors of
Series Title: Language Learning
Tagebuch einer Reise nach Konstantinopel und Kleinasien (1553/55)
Author/Editor: Dernschwam, Hans; Riecke, Jörg.; Babinger, Franz
Tagebuch eines beinahe coolen Mädchens - Triff die Verwandtschaft (Buch 2)
Author/Editor: Campbell, Bill-Bauermeister, Anja
Series Title: Tagebuch eines Beinahe Coolen Mädchens
Tagebuch von Mr. Groß, Dunkel und Gutaussehend
Author/Editor: Campbell, Kaz-Bauermeister, Anja-Veiland, Carolin
Series Title: Tagebuch von Mr. Groß, Dunkel und Gutaussehend
Tagebuch von Wetti Teuschl (1870–1885)
Author/Editor: Nikola Langreiter
Series Title: L'HOMME Archiv
Tagebuch zum Kirchenkampf in Thüringen 1933-1938
Author/Editor: Marie Begas-Hans-Werner Koch-Folkert Rickers-Hannelore Schneider
Tage der Nacht
Author/Editor: Yorck Kronenberg
Tage des Zorns
Author/Editor: Lüders, Michael
Tage, Kurse und Projekte mit Kindern in der Kirche
Author/Editor: Gaby Deibert-Dam
Tagelanger Schneefall
Author/Editor: David Albahari
Tageslicht - Kunstlicht
Author/Editor: Licht, Ulrike Brandi
Series Title: Detail praxis
Tagespflege und der MDK
Author/Editor: Jutta König
Tagespflege und der MDK, 2., aktualisierte Auflage
Author/Editor: Jutta König
Tagore and the Feminine
Author/Editor: Tagore, Rabindranath; Lal, Malashri
Tagore-At Home in the World
Author/Editor: Sanjukta Dasgupta; Chinmoy Guha
Tag Rugby
Author/Editor: Liddiard, Jane.
Tag Team
Author/Editor: SJD Peterson
Series Title: Guards of Folsom
Tag Teaming the Press
Author/Editor: Mueller, James E.
Tagungsband STeP 2008
Author/Editor: Bernhard Hollunder-Mohsen Rezagholi
Tag, You're Dead
Author/Editor: Lane, J C
Tahoe Heritage
Author/Editor: Wheeler, Sessions S.; Bliss, William W.
Taichi : 50 questions-réponses
Author/Editor: Paul Read
Tai Chi - Balance and Functional Autonomy in Old Age
Author/Editor: Hay Arruda-Hélio Coelho Filho
The Tai Chi Book
Author/Editor: Chuckrow, Robert.-Sober, Harvey I.-Cheng, Man-chʼing.-Chen, William C. C
Tai Chi Chin Na
Author/Editor: Jwing-Ming Yang
T’ai Chi Ch’uan
Author/Editor: Cheng Man-ch’ing
T’ai Chi Chu’an: Body And Mind In Harmony
Author/Editor: Sophia Delza
Tai Chi Chuan Martial Applications
Author/Editor: Jwing-Ming Yang
Tai Chi for Depression
Author/Editor: Aihan Kuhn
Tai Chi For Health
Author/Editor: Edward Maisel
The Tai Chi Space
Author/Editor: Paul Cavel
Tai Chi Walking
Author/Editor: Robert Chuckrow
Taiji-Qigong - Bewegte Stille
Author/Editor: Ryżek, Jürgen.
Taiko Boom
Author/Editor: Bender, Shawn Morgan.
Tail End Charlie
Author/Editor: Jensen, Ronald John
Tailgate to Heaven
Author/Editor: Goldstein, Adam.
Tailgating Cookbook
Series Title: Cookbooklet
Tail Gunner [Illustrated Edition]
Author/Editor: Rivaz DFC, Sqd. Ldr. Richard
Tail Gunner Takes Over [Illustrated Edition]
Author/Editor: Rivaz, Richard
Tail Gunner Takes Over [Illustrated Edition], [Illustrated Edition]
Author/Editor: Rivaz, Richard
Author/Editor: Schwehn, Kaethe
Tail of the Storm
Author/Editor: Cockrell, Alan
Tailored Learning
Author/Editor: Hofmann, Jennifer; Miner, Nanette
Tailoring the Global Network for Real Burden Sharing at Sea
Author/Editor: Lawrence, Mark W.; Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, D.C.); CSIS International Security Program
Tailoring Truth
Author/Editor: Olsen, Jon Berndt.
Tails I Lose
Author/Editor: Larcombe, Justyn Rees
Tails of Spring Break
Author/Editor: Smith, Anne Warren
Tails on the Hill
Author/Editor: Thornton, Carol-Harrison, Vicky Williams
Author/Editor: Russell, Michel
Author/Editor: Michel Russell
Tails to Wag
Author/Editor: Butler, Nancy
Tails Up!
Author/Editor: Middleton, Edgar Charles.-Buchan, Colonel John
The Tain
The Tain of Hamlet
Author/Editor: Johnson, Laurie.
Tainted Blood
Author/Editor: Sam C. Leonhard
Series Title: Tainted Blood and Tainted Soul
The Tainted Coin
Author/Editor: Starr, Melvin R
Series Title: The Chronicles of Hugh De Singleton, Surgeon; 5
The Tainted Coin
Author/Editor: Starr, Melvin R
Series Title: Chronicle of Hugh De Singleton, Surgeon
Tainted Earth
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Marianne
Tainted Love Collection
Author/Editor: Gibson, Marley.-Green, Chris Marie.-Cornelison, Beth
Tainted Soul
Author/Editor: Sam C. Leonhard
Series Title: Tainted Blood and Tainted Soul
The Tainted Trial of Farah Jama
Author/Editor: Szego, Julie
Author/Editor: Hermann Melville
Series Title: Classics To Go
Author/Editor: Huang, Michael L.; U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.
Author/Editor: Roberts, Lachlan N.; Lewis, Cooper R.
Taiwan and the Rise of China
Author/Editor: Teng, Chung-Chian.; Guo, Baogang
Taiwan at a Tipping Point
Author/Editor: John F. Copper
Taiwan in Transformation 1895-2005
Author/Editor: Huang, Junjie
Taiwan in Transformation, Second edition, completely revised
Author/Editor: Huang, Junjie; Huang, Chün-chieh
Taiwan's Democracy on Trial
Author/Editor: Copper, John Franklin.
Taiwan's Marginalized Role in International Security
Author/Editor: Glaser, Bonnie S.; Vitello, Jacqueline A.; Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, D.C.)
Taiwan's Quest for Greater Participation in the International Community
Author/Editor: Glaser, Bonnie S.
Taiwan's Struggle
Author/Editor: Williams, Jack Francis.; Lee, Shyu-tu.
Taiwan Straits
Author/Editor: Elleman, Bruce A.
Taiwans unvergänglicher Antikolonialismus
Author/Editor: Thomas Fröhlich-Yishan Liu
Series Title: Kultur und soziale Praxis
Taiwans unvergänglicher Antikolonialismus, Aufl.
Author/Editor: Thomas Fröhlich; Yishan Liu
Taiwan Today
Author/Editor: Chakrabarti, Sreemati; Sharma, Anita; University of Delhi.
Taiwan-U.S. Relations
Author/Editor: Marshall, Samantha E.
The Taiwan Voter
Author/Editor: Achen, Christopher H.-Wang, Te-Yu
Series Title: New Comparative Politics
Tajikistan in the New Central Asia
Author/Editor: Jonson, Lena
Tajikistan's Winter Energy Crisis
Author/Editor: Fields, Daryl.
Tāj Mahal
Author/Editor: Henzel, Cynthia Kennedy
Taj Mahal
Author/Editor: Tillotson, G. H. R.
Taj Mahal
Author/Editor: Grace Hansen
Tajna Velikog medveda
Author/Editor: Gordana Maletić
Tajne službe sveta
Author/Editor: Marko Lopušina
Takaful and Islamic Cooperative Finance
Author/Editor: Ali, Syed Nazim; Nisar, Shariq
Takaful and Mutual Insurance
Author/Editor: Oguz Gonulal, Serap.
Takahata Isao
Author/Editor: Grăjdian, Maria.
Author/Editor: Robertson, Jennifer Ellen.
Take a Bath!: Healthy Body Habits
Author/Editor: Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth
Take a Chance on It
Author/Editor: K.A. Mitchell
Series Title: Ready or Knot
Take a Chance on Me
Author/Editor: Debbie Flint
Take a Closer Look
Author/Editor: Arasse, Daniel.; Waters, Alyson
The Take-Action Guide to World Class Learners Book 2
Author/Editor: Zhao, Yong
The Take-Action Guide to World Class Learners Book 3
Author/Editor: Zhao, Yong; Tavangar, Homa Sabet; McCarren, Emily; Rshaid, Gabriel; Tucker, Kay
Take a Good Look Around
Author/Editor: Wofford, James C.; Gaston, Jane.
Take a Good Look at These
Author/Editor: Sandra Iversen
Take a Load off Your Heart
Author/Editor: Piscatella, Joseph C.; Franklin, Barry A.
Take a Look
Author/Editor: Gene Taylor
Take a Murder, Darling
Author/Editor: Prather, Richard S
Series Title: The Shell Scott Mysteries
Take a Nap! Change Your Life.
Author/Editor: Mednick, Sara C.; Ehrman, Mark.
Take a Number
Author/Editor: Lillian R. Lieber-Hugh Gray Lieber
Take A Number Darling
Author/Editor: Jack Sharkey
Take a Seat
Author/Editor: Gill, Dominic
Take a Seat, 1st FalconGuides ed
Author/Editor: Gill, Dominic.
Take Back the Center
Author/Editor: Wenz, Peter S.
Take Back the Night
Author/Editor: Foley, Dennis
Series Title: Jim Hollister Trilogy
Take Back Time: Bringing Time Management to Medicine
Author/Editor: Judy Capko
Take Back Your Time
Author/Editor: De Graaf, John
Take Care of the Living
Author/Editor: McClurken, Jeffrey W.
Take Charge!
Author/Editor: Vinton, John.
Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain
Author/Editor: Abaci, Peter.
Take Charge of Your Destiny
Author/Editor: Jim Donovan
Take Charge of Your Eating
Author/Editor: Pirott, Laura
Series Title: Elf-help
Take Charge of Your Nursing Career
Author/Editor: Marshall, Lois; Sigma Theta Tau International.
Take Charge of Your Nursing Career: Open the Door to Your Dreams
Author/Editor: Marshall, Lois-Sigma Theta Tau International
Take Charge of Your Talent
Author/Editor: Maruska, Don.; Perry, Jay.
Take Command, Captain Farragut!
Author/Editor: Roop, Peter.-McCurdy, Michael
“Take Courage, O Jerusalem…”
Author/Editor: Géza G. Xeravits
Series Title: Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature Studies
Author/Editor: Kengor, Paul
The Takedown of Osama Bin Laden
Author/Editor: Lunis, Natalie.-Pushies, Fred J
Series Title: Special Ops
‘Take Every Creature In, of Every Kind’
Author/Editor: Granata, Silvia.
Take God to Work
Author/Editor: Moreau, Gary L.
Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Lende, Heather
Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs, 1st pbk. ed
Author/Editor: Lende, Heather
Take-home Chemistry
Author/Editor: Horton, Michael
Take It or Leave It, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Federman, Raymond.; Fiction Collective (U.S.)
Take It Outside
Author/Editor: J.M. Snyder
Series Title: Vic and Matt
Takelma Texts and Grammar
Author/Editor: Sapir, Edward-Golla, Victor
Series Title: The Collected Works of Edward Sapir
Take Me
Author/Editor: Shelli Stevens
Take Me Back
Author/Editor: J.D. Walker
Take Me, Break Me
Author/Editor: H.C. Brown
Take Me to My Paradise
Author/Editor: Cohen, Colleen Ballerino.
Take My Hand
Author/Editor: Tia Amdurer
Take My Hand Again
Author/Editor: Nancy Parker Brummet
Take My Picture
Author/Editor: Giselle Ellis
Take My Word
Author/Editor: Goldman, Anne E.
Author/Editor: Koepel, Brian L.; Marlkin, Jason P.
The Taken
Author/Editor: Inger Ash Wolfe
The Taken
Author/Editor: Valdez, Javier-Meade, Everard
Author/Editor: Andrew Grey
Series Title: Stranded
Taken By a Killer
Author/Editor: Miranda Stowe
Series Title: The Snatcher
Taken by Bear in Yellowstone
Author/Editor: Snow, Kathleen.
Taken by Speed
Author/Editor: Kirk, Connie Ann
Taken by Storm, 1938
Author/Editor: Lourdes B. Avilés
Taken by Storm, 1938, First edition
Author/Editor: Avilés, Lourdes B.
Taken By The MC
Author/Editor: Devyn Douglas
Series Title: Penetrators MC
The Taken, First Edition, New Edition, First English edition with new introduction
Author/Editor: Javier Valdez Cárdenas
Taken for English
Author/Editor: Newport, Olivia
Series Title: Valley of Choice
Taken for Granted
Author/Editor: Eviatar Zerubavel
Taken for Grantedness
Author/Editor: Ling, Richard Seyler.
Taken From the Paradise Isle
Author/Editor: Hoshida, George; Hoshida, Tamae; Kim, Heidi Kathleen.; Project Muse.
Taken Hostage
Author/Editor: Farber, David R
Series Title: Politics and Society in Twentieth-century America
Taken Hostage: The Iran Hostage Crisis and America's First Encounter with Radical Islam
Author/Editor: Farber, David R.
Take No Prisoners, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Davis, Marvin A.
Take Nothing With You
Author/Editor: Schweig, Sarah V.
Taken Somehow By Surprise
Author/Editor: Clewell, David
Taken to the Limit
Author/Editor: Nico Rosso
Series Title: The Limit War
The Takeover
Author/Editor: Gisolfi, Monica R.
Author/Editor: Viguerie, Richard A
Author/Editor: Critchlow, Donald.-Rorabaugh, W.J
Author/Editor: Evans, Jonathan
The Takeover
Author/Editor: Spark, Muriel
The Takeover of Public Companies As a Mode of Exercising EU Treaty Freedoms
Author/Editor: Mataczyński, Maciej
Takeovers in English and German Law
Author/Editor: Payne, Jennifer.
TAKEOVER. Und sie dankte den Göttern ..
Author/Editor: Adler-Olsen, Jussi-Thiess, Hannes-Heimburger, Marieke-Adler-Olsen, Jussi
TAKEOVER. Und sie dankte den Göttern ..., Deutsche Erstausgabe
Author/Editor: Adler-Olsen, Jussi; Thiess, Hannes; Heimburger, Marieke; Adler-Olsen, Jussi.
Takes Two to Tango
Author/Editor: Vicky Heysham
The Take That Quiz Book
Author/Editor: Cowlin, Chris
Take the Lead
Author/Editor: Johnny Diaz
Take the Mummy and Run
Author/Editor: Mary Amato
Series Title: The Riot Brothers
Take the Plunge
Author/Editor: Radcliffe, Timothy.
Take Two
Author/Editor: Shira Anthony
Take Two
Author/Editor: Jim Cangany
Series Title: Irving University Series
Take Two and... Rolling!
Author/Editor: Pfeffer, Susan Beth
Series Title: Make Me a Star
Take Two Aspirin.. .and Call Me in Hawaii
Author/Editor: David McLaughlan
Take Two Tablets Medicine From the Bible
Author/Editor: Peter M. Kash, Ed.D.-Shmuel Einav, Ph.D.-Linda Friedland, M.D
Take Up Your Mat and Walk
Author/Editor: Mah, Mark
Take Your Best Shot by Starlight
Author/Editor: Yolande Kleinn
Take Your Kids to Europe, 8th ed
Author/Editor: Harriman, Cynthia.
Take Your Library Workshops Online!
Author/Editor: Grant, Anne-Finkle, Diana
Takfir in Islamic Thought
Author/Editor: Timani, Hussam S
Taking Account of Charter Schools
Author/Editor: Bulkley, Katrina E.; Wohlstetter, Priscilla
Taking A Chance
Author/Editor: Hake, Kelly Eileen
Series Title: Heartsong Presents
Taking Action
Author/Editor: Johnson-Frey, Scott H.
Taking Action on Internet Gambling
Author/Editor: Mayer, Russell K.
Taking Action to Reduce Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author/Editor: World Bank.
Taking a Hard Look
Author/Editor: Du Preez, Amanda.
Taking Aim at the Arms Trade
Author/Editor: Stavrianakis, Anna.
Taking a Risk on Love
Author/Editor: Brand, Irene
Series Title: Truly Yours Digital Editions
Taking a Shot
Author/Editor: Gayle, Catherine
Taking Assimilation to Heart
Author/Editor: Ellinghaus, Katherine.
Taking a Stand
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Taking Baby Steps
Author/Editor: Madeira, Jody Lyneé
Taking Back Eden
Author/Editor: Houck, Oliver A.
Taking Back Our Lives in the Age of Corporate Dominance
Author/Editor: Schwartz, Ellen; Stoddard, Suzanne
Taking Back the Streets
Author/Editor: Kaplan, Temma
Taking Back Your Life
Author/Editor: David William Dolberg
Taking Back Your Thought at a Time
Author/Editor: Chapman, Annie
Taking Biology Seriously
Author/Editor: Melo-Martín, Inmaculada de.
Taking Care
Author/Editor: Smail, David.
Taking Care
Author/Editor: Mason, Mary Grimley.
Taking Care of Business
Author/Editor: Lee Jenkins
Taking Care of Mrs. Carroll
Author/Editor: Monette, Paul
Taking Care of What We Have
Author/Editor: Christie, Patrick.-International Development Research Centre (Canada)-Centro de Investigaciones y Documentación de la Costa Atlántica (Nicaragua)
Taking Care of Your Teeth
Author/Editor: Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth
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Taking Chances
Author/Editor: Cullen, Clarence L.
Taking Chances
Author/Editor: O'Neill, Karen M.; Van Abs, Daniel J.
Taking Chances
Author/Editor: John Goode
Series Title: Tales From Foster High
Taking Charge
Author/Editor: Cruz, Manuel-Jacques, Richard
Taking Charge of Breast Cancer
Author/Editor: Ericksen, Julia A.
Taking Charge of Curriculum
Author/Editor: Adams, Jacob E.
Taking Charge of Your Emotions
Author/Editor: Primavera, Louis H.-Pascale, Rob
Taking Charge of Your Own Health
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Taking Children Seriously
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Author/Editor: Ye, Wei
Series Title: New Perspectives on Language and Education
Taking Christianity to China
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Author/Editor: Jennifer Leeland
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Author/Editor: Pemberton, Richard
Taking Control
Author/Editor: Haig-Brown, Celia
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Taking Economics Seriously
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Taking Faith Seriously
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Taking Flight
Author/Editor: Green, Julia; Cope, Jane
Taking Flight
Author/Editor: Maggie Kavanagh
Taking God At His Word
Author/Editor: Kevin DeYoung
Taking God Seriously
Author/Editor: Packer, J. I
Taking God Seriously
Author/Editor: Briscoe, D. Stuart.
Taking Haiti
Author/Editor: Renda, Mary A
Taking Hawaii
Author/Editor: Dando-Collins, Stephen
Taking History to Heart
Author/Editor: Green, James R.
Taking Hold of the Real
Author/Editor: Harvey, Barry
Taking Indian Lands
Author/Editor: Hagan, William Thomas.
Taking It
Author/Editor: Cadnum, Michael
Taking It Big
Author/Editor: Dandaneau, Steven P.
Taking It Like a Man
Author/Editor: Savran, David
Taking It Like a Man
Author/Editor: Savran, David
Taking It Personally
Author/Editor: Berlack, Ann.; Berlak, Ann.; Moyenda, Sekani.
Taking It to the Bridge
Author/Editor: Cook, Nicholas; Pettengill, Richard
Taking Japan Seriously
Author/Editor: Dore, Ronald
Taking Journalism Seriously
Author/Editor: Zelizer, Barbie.
Taking Leave of Your Home
Author/Editor: Boyer, Mark G
Taking Liberty
Author/Editor: Dunning, Lawrence
Taking Measure of Charter Schools
Author/Editor: Hill, Paul T.; Betts, Julian R.
Taking Medicine
Author/Editor: Burnett, Kristin
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Author/Editor: Gutmann, Joanna
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Taking Minutes of Meetings, Third edition
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Taking Morgan
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Taking My God for a Walk: A Publisher on Pilgrimage
Author/Editor: Collins, Tony
Taking My Place in Medicine
Author/Editor: Webb, Carmen.
The Taking of American Indian Lands in the Southeast
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The Taking of Getty Oil
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Author/Editor: McCloskey, Erin
Taking Out the Trash
Author/Editor: Carless, Jennifer
Taking Out Your Emotional Trash
Author/Editor: Shaffer, Georgia
Taking Over the Family Business
Author/Editor: Dominique Otten-Pappas
Series Title: Wittener Schriften Zu Familienunternehmen.
Taking Over the Family Business, Aufl.
Author/Editor: Dominique Otten-Pappas
Taking Parenting Public
Author/Editor: West, Cornel.; Rankin, Nancy.; Hewlett, Sylvia Ann
Taking Part
Author/Editor: Josephy, Robert
Taking Play Seriously
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Taking Position
Author/Editor: Hans-Günter Heimbrock
Series Title: Religious Diversity and Education in Europe
Taking Power Back
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Taking Private Use Seriously
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Taking Responsibility for Learning and Teaching
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Taking Rights Seriously
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Author/Editor: Tulchinsky, Gerald J. J.
Taking Root
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Taking Science to the People
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Taking Scope
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Taking Sides
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Taking Small Classes One Step Further
Author/Editor: Wang, Margaret C.; Finn, Jeremy D.
Taking Social Development Seriously
Author/Editor: Jayasuriya, Laksiri.
Taking Socialism Seriously
Author/Editor: Schmitt, Richard; Anton, Anatole.
Taking Society's Measure
Author/Editor: Hyman, Herbert Hiram; Singer, Eleanor; O'Gorman, Hubert J.
Taking Stance in English As a Lingua Franca
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Taking Stands
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Taking Stock
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Taking Stock
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Author/Editor: Portney, Kent E.
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Author/Editor: Portney, Kent E.
Taking the Adventure
Author/Editor: Ellwood, Gracia Fay
Taking the Air
Author/Editor: Kopas, Paul Sheldon
Taking the Back Road Home
Author/Editor: Louis Daniel Brodsky
Taking the Bastile: Ange Pitou: A Historical Story of the Great French Revolution
Author/Editor: Dumas, Alexandre
Taking the Bully by the Horns
Author/Editor: Noll, Kathy.-Carter, Jay
Taking the Constitution Away From the Courts
Author/Editor: Tushnet, Mark V.
Taking the Constitution Away From the Courts
Author/Editor: Tushnet, Mark V.
Taking the Crime Out of Sex Work
Author/Editor: Abel, Gillian; Fitzgerald, Lisa; Healy, Catherine; Taylor, Aline
Taking the Environment Seriously
Author/Editor: Meiners, Roger E.; Yandle, Bruce.
Taking the Fight to the Enemy
Author/Editor: Fuller, Adam.
Taking the Gardener
Author/Editor: T.J. Masters
Taking the Guesswork Out of School Success
Author/Editor: Samples, Joni
Taking the Hard Road
Author/Editor: Maynes, Mary Jo.
Taking the Heat
Author/Editor: Harris, Deborah Ann.; Giuffre, Patti
Taking the High Road
Author/Editor: Ram Buxani
Taking the Initiative
Author/Editor: Bader, John B.
Taking the Lead
Author/Editor: Stephanie Perry Moore-Derrick C. Moore
Series Title: Alec London Series
Taking the Lead on Adolescent Literacy
Author/Editor: Irvin, Judith L.
Taking the Long Way
Author/Editor: Max MacGowan
Taking the Measure, 1st ed
Author/Editor: Shields, Todd G.; Kelley, Donald R.
Taking the Measure of Work
Author/Editor: Fields, Dail L.
Taking the Reins
Author/Editor: al-Qasimi, Sultan bin Muhammad
Taking the Risk Out of Democracy
Author/Editor: Carey, Alex.; Lohrey, Andrew.
Taking the Sea
Author/Editor: Powers, Dennis M.
Taking the Square
Author/Editor: Rovisco, Maria; Ong, Jonathan Corpus
Taking the Transference, Reaching Toward Dreams
Author/Editor: Fromm, Gerard.
Taking the Waters in Texas
Author/Editor: Valenza, Janet
Taking Time
Author/Editor: Fried, Mindy.
Taking Time to Relax
Author/Editor: Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth
Series Title: Healthy Habits
Taking Trade to the Streets
Author/Editor: Aaronson, Susan A.
Taking Turns
Author/Editor: MK Czerwiec
Taking What I Like
Author/Editor: Linda Bamber
Taking Wittgenstein at His Word
Author/Editor: Fogelin, Robert J
Series Title: Princeton Monographs in Philosophy
Taking Wittgenstein at His Word: A Textual Study
Author/Editor: Fogelin, Robert J.
Taking You Home
Author/Editor: Cooper Davis
Taking Your Course Online
Author/Editor: Amador, José A.; Torrens, Kathleen M.
Takin' Over the Asylum
Author/Editor: Franceschild, Donna.
Takoma Park
Author/Editor: Inc. Historic Takoma
Series Title: Images of America
Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy
Author/Editor: Lynch, Marvin
Taktik ist keine Pfefferminzsorte!
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Series Title: Raid
Talaat Pasha
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Talal Abu-Ghazaleh ICT Dictionary
Author/Editor: ابو غزالة، طلال،
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