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Calculating Property Relations
Author/Editor: Lewis, Robert
Camille, 1969
Author/Editor: Smith, Mark M
Campus Sexpot
Author/Editor: Carkeet, David
Canada and the United States
Author/Editor: Thompson, John Herd; Randall, Stephen J
Can't I Love What I Criticize?
Author/Editor: Mayberry, Susan Neal
Author/Editor: Cogan, Frances B
The Carpetbaggers of Kabul and Other American-Afghan Entanglements
Author/Editor: Fluri, Jennifer L.; Lehr, Rachel
Catfish Dream
Author/Editor: Rankin, Julian
CAUTION Men in Trees
Author/Editor: Spencer, Darrell
Celia, a Slave
Author/Editor: McLaurin, Melton A
Challenging Boundaries
Author/Editor: Warren, Joyce W.; Dickie, Margaret
Charleston and the Emergence of Middle-Class Culture in the Revolutionary Era
Author/Editor: Goloboy, Jennifer L
Charles W. Chesnutt and the Fictions of Race
Author/Editor: McWilliams, Dean
Charlotte, NC
Author/Editor: Graves, William; Smith, Heather A
Chattahoochee River User's Guide
Author/Editor: Cook, Joe
Author/Editor: Lane, John
Chicken Dreaming Corn
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Roy
The Child and the World: Child-Soldiers and the Claim for Progress
Author/Editor: Jana Tabak
The Children's Table
Author/Editor: Duane, Anna
Chouteau's Chalk
Author/Editor: Lane, Rosa
Christian Ritual and the Creation of British Slave Societies, 1650–1780
Author/Editor: Beasley, Nicholas M
Circling Home
Author/Editor: Lane, John
City of Refuge: Slavery and Petit Marronage in the Great Dismal Swamp, 1763–1856
Author/Editor: MARCUS P. NEVIUS
Civil Rights and Beyond
Author/Editor: Behnken, Brian D
The Civil War in Georgia
Author/Editor: Inscoe, John C
The Civil War Letters of Joseph Hopkins Twichell
Author/Editor: Twichell, Joseph Hopkins; Messent, Peter; Courtney, Steve
The Civil War Letters of Joshua K. Callaway
Author/Editor: Callaway, Joshua K.; Hallock, Judith Lee
Civil War Time
Author/Editor: Wells, Cheryl A
Author/Editor: de Troyes, Chrétien
Closer to the Truth Than Any Fact
Author/Editor: Wallach, Jennifer Jensen
Author/Editor: Thompson, Sandra
Coastal Nature, Coastal Culture
Author/Editor: Sutter, Paul S.; Pressly, Paul M
Cold War Dixie
Author/Editor: Frederickson, Kari
Colonial Records of the State of Georgia: Volume 20: Original Papers, Correspondence to the Trustees, James Oglethorpe, and Others, 1732-1735
Author/Editor: Kenneth Coleman ,Milton Ready ,Julie Anne Sweet
Colonial Records of the State of Georgia: Volume 27: Original Papers of Governor John Reynolds, 1754-1756
Colonial Records of the State of Georgia: Volume 28, Part 2: Original Papers of Governor Wright, President Habersham, and Others, 1764-1782
Colonial Records of the State of Georgia: Volume 29: Trustees Letter Book, 1732-1738
Author/Editor: KENNETH COLEMAN ,MILTON READY ,Julie Anne Sweet
Colonial Records of the State of Georgia: Volume 30: Trustees Letter Book, 1738-1745
Author/Editor: KENNETH COLEMAN ,Julie Anne Sweet
Colonial Records of the State of Georgia: Volume 31: Trustees Letter Book, 1745-1752
Author/Editor: KENNETH COLEMAN ,Julie Anne Sweet
Colonial Records of the State of Georgia: Volume 32: Entry Books of Commissions, Powers, Instructions, Leases, Grants of Land, Etc. by the Trustees
Author/Editor: KENNETH COLEMAN ,Julie Anne Sweet
A Colonial Southern Bookshelf: Reading in the Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: RICHARD BEALE DAVIS ,Catherine Kerrison
Colors of Africa
Author/Editor: Kilgo, James
Coming into Contact
Author/Editor: Ingram, Annie Merrill; Marshall, Ian; Philippon, Daniel J
Coming of Age in a Hardscrabble World
Author/Editor: Atwood, Nancy C.; Atwood, Roger
Coming to Pass
Author/Editor: Cerulean, Susan
A Common Thread
Author/Editor: English, Beth
Companion to an Untold Story
Author/Editor: Aldrich, Marcia
A Companion to The Crying of Lot 49
Author/Editor: Grant, J. Kerry
A Companion to V
Author/Editor: Grant, J. Kerry
Company Towns in the Americas
Author/Editor: Dinius, Oliver; Vergara, Angela
Complexion of Empire in Natchez: Race and Slavery in the Mississippi Borderlands
Author/Editor: Christian Pinnen
Compression Scars
Author/Editor: Wells, Kellie
Confederate Statues and Memorialization
Author/Editor: Clinton, Catherine; Brundage, W. Fitzhugh; Cox, Karen L
Conflict Dynamics
Author/Editor: Alethia H. Cook,Marie Olson Lounsbery,Sara Z. Kutchesfahani,Scott A. Jones
Conquistador’s Wake
Author/Editor: Blanton, Dennis B
Conquistador’s Wake
Author/Editor: Blanton, Dennis B
Conscientious Thinking
Author/Editor: Bosworth, David
The Consequences of Desire
Author/Editor: Hathaway, Dennis
Conserving Southern Longleaf
Author/Editor: Way, Albert G
A Consuming Fire
Author/Editor: Genovese, Eugene D
Containing Russia's Nuclear Firebirds
Author/Editor: Schweitzer, Glenn E
Contentious Liberties
Author/Editor: Kenny, Gale L
Conventional Wisdom
Author/Editor: JOHN R. VILE
Conversations with Miloševic
Author/Editor: Roberts, Ivor
Copy Cats
Author/Editor: Crouse, David
Cornbread Nation 7
Author/Editor: Lam, Francis
Cornerstones of Georgia History
Author/Editor: Scott, Thomas A
The Coup and the Palm Trees: Agrarian Conflict and Political Power in Honduras
Coyote Settles the South
Author/Editor: Lane, John
Creating Flannery O'Connor
Author/Editor: Moran, Daniel
Creating the Big Easy
Author/Editor: Stanonis, Anthony J
Creating the Culture of Reform in Antebellum America
Author/Editor: Garvey, T. Gregory
The Creation-Evolution Debate
Author/Editor: Larson, Edward J
Creole Feast
Creole Italian
Author/Editor: Nystrom, Justin A
Creolization and Contraband
Author/Editor: Rupert, Linda M
The Cruel Country
Author/Editor: Cofer, Judith Ortiz
A Cry of Angels
Author/Editor: Fields, Jeff
Cuba and the United States
Author/Editor: Pérez, Louis A
The Culture of Property
Author/Editor: Lands, LeeAnn
Author/Editor: Trotter, Robert T.; Chavira, Juan Antonio
Curled in the Bed of Love
Author/Editor: Brady, Catherine
The Current That Carries
Author/Editor: Graley, Lisa
A Curse upon the Nation
Author/Editor: Lewis, Kay Wright