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Lachlan McIntosh Papers in the University of Georgia Libraries
Author/Editor: LILLA MILLS HAWES ,Harvey H. Jackson III
Ladies Night at the Dreamland
Author/Editor: Livingston, Sonja
Lancelot; or, The Knight of the Cart
Author/Editor: de Troyes, Chrétien
Landscape with Reptile
Author/Editor: Palmer, Thomas
The Larder
Author/Editor: Edge, John T.; Engelhardt, Elizabeth S. D.; Ownby, Ted
Large Animals in Everyday Life
Author/Editor: Brenner, Wendy
Last Day on Earth
Author/Editor: Vann, David
A Late Encounter with the Civil War
Author/Editor: Kreyling, Michael
Late Thoughts on an Old War
Author/Editor: Beidler, Philip D
The Latin Deli
Author/Editor: Cofer, Judith Ortiz
Latining America
Author/Editor: Milian, Claudia
Laws of the Creek Nation
Author/Editor: ANTONIO J. WARING ,Sarah Deer
The Leader and the Crowd
Author/Editor: Frezza, Daria
Learning from Thoreau
Author/Editor: Menard, Andrew
Lee's Tarnished Lieutenant
Author/Editor: Piston, William Garrett
The Legal Ideology of Removal
Author/Editor: Garrison, Tim Alan
Legba's Crossing
Author/Editor: Russell, Heather
Lens of War
Author/Editor: Gallman, J. Matthew; Gallagher, Gary W
The Letters of Flannery O'Connor and Caroline Gordon
Author/Editor: Flanagan, Christine
The Letters of Mark Twain and Joseph Hopkins Twichell
Author/Editor: Bush, Harold; Courtney, Steve; Messent, Peter
Let Them Eat Data
Author/Editor: Bowers, C. A
Let Us Build Us a City
Author/Editor: Daugherty, Tracy
Let Us Now Praise Famous Gullies
Author/Editor: Sutter, Paul S
Liberation in Print
Author/Editor: Agatha Beins
The Life and Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves
Author/Editor: Smollett, Tobias; Pettit, Alexander; Fitzpatrick, Barbara Laning
Life of Miracles along the Yangtze and Mississippi
Author/Editor: Wang, Ping
The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D
Author/Editor: Hawkins, John; Brack, O M
Life's Philosophy
Author/Editor: Naess, Arne
A Lillian Smith Reader
Author/Editor: Gladney, Margaret Rose; Hodgens, Lisa; Smith, Lillian
The Line of the Sun
Author/Editor: Cofer, Judith Ortiz
Listening to the Land
Author/Editor: Schweninger, Lee
Listening to the Savage
Author/Editor: Hurd, Barbara
Literary Celebrity and Public Life in the Nineteenth-Century United States
Author/Editor: O'Neill, Bonnie Carr
Literary Cultures of the Civil War
Author/Editor: Sweet, Timothy
Literary Symbiosis
Author/Editor: Cowart, David
Little Women Abroad
Author/Editor: Shealy, Daniel; Alcott, Louisa May; Alcott, May
Author/Editor: McKenna, Erin
Living with Snakes
Author/Editor: Curley, Daniel
Local Matters
Author/Editor: Waldrep, Christopher; Nieman, Donald G
Lockheed, Atlanta, and the Struggle for Racial Integration
Author/Editor: Patton, Randall L
Loisaida as Urban Laboratory: Puerto Rican Community Activism in New York
Author/Editor: TIMO SCHRADER
The Long American Revolution and Its Legacy
Author/Editor: Langley, Lester D
The Longer We Were There
Author/Editor: Moore, Steven
Long Green
Author/Editor: Prince, Eldred E.; Simpson, Robert R
The Long, Lingering Shadow
Author/Editor: Cottrol, Robert J
The Long War
Author/Editor: Morrissey, John
Losing Power: African Americans and Racial Polarization in Tennessee Politics
The Lost Boys of Sudan
Author/Editor: Bixler, Mark
The Lost President
Author/Editor: Dunley, Ruth
Lost Wax
Author/Editor: Parms, Jericho
Louisiana Women
Author/Editor: Frystak, Shannon; Farmer-Kaiser, Mary
Love and Narrative Form in Toni Morrison’s Later Novels
Author/Editor: Wyatt, Jean
Love and Narrative Form in Toni Morrison’s Later Novels
Author/Editor: JEAN WYATT
Love, in Theory
Author/Editor: Levy, E. J
Love, Liberation, and Escaping Slavery
Author/Editor: McCaskill, Barbara
Loyalty on the Line
Author/Editor: DAVID K. GRAHAM