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Rabble Rousers
Author/Editor: Webb, Clive
Author/Editor: Benedict, Ruth
Race and Nation in the Age of Emancipations
Author/Editor: Stewart, Whitney; Marks, John Garrison
Race and the Atlanta Cotton States Exposition of 1895
Author/Editor: Perdue, Theda
Racing in Place
Author/Editor: Martone, Michael
Rafael Carrera and the Emergence of the Republic of Guatemala, 1821�1871
Author/Editor: Woodward, Ralph Lee
Series Title: Default Book Series
Rafael Carrera and the Emergence of the Republic of Guatemala, 1821–1871
Author/Editor: Woodward, Ralph Lee
Rage in the Gate City
Author/Editor: Burns, Rebecca
Reading Essays
Author/Editor: Atkins, G. Douglas
Reading for the Body
Author/Editor: Watson, Jay
Reading These United States
Author/Editor: KERI HOLT
Real Phonies
Author/Editor: Cheever, Abigail
Rebecca Harding Davis's Stories of the Civil War Era
Author/Editor: Davis, Rebecca Harding; Cadwallader, Robin L.; Harris, Sharon M
Recipes for Respect
Author/Editor: Zafar, Rafia
Reclaiming the Great World House: The Global Vision of Martin Luther King Jr.
Reconnecting with John Muir
Author/Editor: Gifford, Terry
Reconsidering Roots
Author/Editor: Ball, Erica L.; Jackson, Kellie Carter
Reconstructing Democracy
Author/Editor: Behrend, Justin
Reconstructing the Native South
Author/Editor: Taylor, Melanie Benson
Red, Black, White
Author/Editor: Stanton, Mary
Red Clay, White Water, and Blues
Author/Editor: Causey, Virginia E
Redeeming the Southern Family
Author/Editor: Stephan, Scott
Redrawing the Historical Past
Author/Editor: Cutter, Martha J.; Schlund-Vials, Cathy J
Red States
Author/Editor: Gina Caison
Red, White, and Black Make Blue
Author/Editor: Feeser, Andrea
Reflections on Hanging
Author/Editor: Koestler, Arthur
Regional Pathways to Nuclear Nonproliferation
Author/Editor: Wan, Wilfred
Relational Poverty Politics
Author/Editor: Lawson, Victoria; Elwood, Sarah
Religion Enters the Academy
Author/Editor: Turner, James
Remaking Home Economics
Author/Editor: Nickols, Sharon Y.; Kay, Gwen
Remaking Radicalism: A Grassroots Documentary Reader of the United States, 1973–2001
Author/Editor: Dan Berger,Emily K. Hobson
Remaking the Rural South
Author/Editor: Ferguson, Robert Hunt
Remaking Wormsloe Plantation
Author/Editor: Swanson, Drew A
Remapping Second-Wave Feminism
Author/Editor: Allured, Janet
Remapping Southern Literature
Author/Editor: Brinkmeyer, Robert H
Remember Me
Author/Editor: Joyner, Charles
Rethinking Rufus
Author/Editor: Foster, Thomas A
Rethinking the South African Crisis
Author/Editor: Hart, Gillian
Retrofitting Sprawl
Author/Editor: Talen, Emily
Revolting New York
Author/Editor: Smith, Neil; Mitchell, Don
Revolution and Regeneration: Life Cycle and the Historical Vision of the Generation of 1776
Author/Editor: PETER CHARLES HOFFER ,Gerald Moran
Revolutionizing Expectations
Author/Editor: Blair, Melissa Estes
Rich Man's War
Author/Editor: Williams, David
Riding the Demon
Author/Editor: Chilson, Peter
Righteous Violence
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Larry J
Rights in Transit
Author/Editor: Attoh, Kafui Ablode
The Riots
Author/Editor: Deulen, Danielle Cadena
The Rise and Decline of the Redneck Riviera
Author/Editor: Jackson, Harvey H
Risen Sons
Author/Editor: Desmond, John F
The Rise of Judicial Management in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas, 1955–2000
Author/Editor: Wilson, Steven Harmon
Rising China and Its Postmodern Fate
Author/Editor: Horner, Charles
Rituals to Observe
Author/Editor: Laughman, Ethan
River of Lakes
Author/Editor: Belleville, Bill
Romancing the Vote
Author/Editor: Petty, Leslie
Roppongi Crossing
Author/Editor: Cybriwsky, Roman Adrian
Rosalie Edge, Hawk of Mercy
Author/Editor: Furmansky, Dyana Z
Ruin Nation
Author/Editor: Nelson, Megan Kate
Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom
Author/Editor: Craft, William; Craft, Ellen