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Sabbath Creek
Author/Editor: Mitcham, Judson
Sacral Grooves, Limbo Gateways
Author/Editor: Cartwright, Keith
Sacred Mission, Worldly Ambition
Author/Editor: Oltman, Adele
Salzburgers and Their Descendants
Author/Editor: P. A. Strobel ,Edward D. Wells
Savage Barbecue
Author/Editor: Warnes, Andrew
Savannah's Midnight Hour: Boosterism, Growth, and Commerce in a Nineteenth-Century American City
Author/Editor: LISA L. DENMARK
Saving the Georgia Coast: A Political History of the Coastal Marshlands Protection Act
Author/Editor: Paul Bolster
Saving the Soul of Georgia
Author/Editor: Daniels, Maurice C
Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607–1785
Author/Editor: Dobson, David
Scottish Highlanders in Colonial Georgia
Author/Editor: Parker, Anthony W
Sea Turtles of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States
Author/Editor: Shoop, C. Robert; Ruckdeschel, Carol; Hoyle, Meg
Secession as an International Phenomenon
Author/Editor: Doyle, Don
Selling Mrs. Consumer
Author/Editor: Rutherford, Janice Williams
Selling the Serengeti
Author/Editor: Gardner, Benjamin
A Sense of Regard
Author/Editor: McCullough, Laura
Separate Pasts
Author/Editor: McLaurin, Melton A
Author/Editor: Toner, Jim
Sexuality and Slavery
Author/Editor: Daina Ramey Berry,Leslie M. Harris
Shadows of a Sunbelt City
Author/Editor: Tretter, Eliot M
Shared Histories
Author/Editor: Potter, Angela; Reynolds, Virginia Dickinson; Potter, Virginia
Shout Because You're Free
Author/Editor: Rosenbaum, Art
The Signifying Eye
Author/Editor: Waid, Candace
Author/Editor: Hadden, Sally E.; Minter, Patricia Hagler
Silent Retreats
Author/Editor: Deaver, Philip F
Singing to the Dead
Author/Editor: Armour-Hileman, Victoria
Sitting In and Speaking Out
Author/Editor: Turner, Jeffrey A
Slavery and Freedom in Savannah
Author/Editor: Harris, Leslie M.; Berry, Daina Ramey
Slavery and Freedom in Texas
Author/Editor: Gillmer, Jason A
Slavery, Childhood, and Abolition in Jamaica, 1788–1838
Author/Editor: Vasconcellos, Colleen A
Slavery in the Caribbean Francophone World
Author/Editor: Kadish, Doris
Slavery on the Periphery
Author/Editor: Epps, Kristen
The Slave-Trader's Letter-Book
Author/Editor: Jordan, Jim
Slaying the Nuclear Dragon
Author/Editor: Ogilvie-White, Tanya; Santoro, David
The Slow Release
Author/Editor: Laughman, Ethan
The Small Heart of Things
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Julian
Snowbird Cherokees
Author/Editor: Neely, Sharlotte
Social Justice and the City
Author/Editor: Harvey, David
Social Reproduction and the City: Welfare Reform, Child Care, and Resistance in Neoliberal New York
Author/Editor: SIMON BLACK
Solitary Goose
Author/Editor: Plum, Sydney Landon
Some Account of the Design of the Trustees for Establishing Colonys in America
Author/Editor: James Edward Oglethorpe ,Rodney M. Baine ,Phinizy Spalding ,Noeleen McIlvenna
Some Far and Distant Place
Author/Editor: Addleton, Jonathan S
Somewhat More Independent
Author/Editor: White, Shane
Sorry I Worried You
Author/Editor: Fincke, Gary
The Souls of Jewish Folk: W. E. B. Du Bois, Anti-Semitism, and the Color Line
Author/Editor: James M. Thomas
Sounding the Color Line
Author/Editor: Nunn, Erich
Sounds American
Author/Editor: Ostendorf, Ann
Sound Wormy
Author/Editor: Gennett, Andrew; Hayler, Nicole
South Carolina Women
Author/Editor: Spruill, Marjorie Julian; Littlefield, Valinda W.; Johnson, Joan Marie
South Carolina Women
Author/Editor: Spruill, Marjorie Julian; Littlefield, Valinda W.; Johnson, Joan Marie
Southern Civil Religions
Author/Editor: Remillard, Arthur
Southern Communities
Author/Editor: Nash, Steven E.; Stewart, Bruce E
The Southern Hospitality Myth
Author/Editor: Anthony Szczesiul,Jon Smith,Riché Richardson
The Southern Judicial Tradition
Author/Editor: Huebner, Timothy S
Southern Manhood
Author/Editor: Friend, Craig Thompson; Glover, Lorri
Southern Masculinity
Author/Editor: Friend, Craig Thompson
Southern Prohibition
Author/Editor: Willis, Lee L
Southern Religion in the World
Author/Editor: Harvey, Paul
South of Tradition
Author/Editor: Harris, Trudier
Spaces of Capital/Spaces of Resistance
Author/Editor: Hesketh, Chris
Spaces of Danger
Author/Editor: Merrill, Heather; Hoffman, Lisa M
Spaces of Law in American Foreign Relations
Author/Editor: Margolies, Daniel S
Author/Editor: McKain, David
Spinning Away from the Center
Author/Editor: Laughman, Ethan
The Spirit of International Law
Author/Editor: Bederman, David J
Spirit Seizures
Author/Editor: Pritchard, Melissa
Spit Baths
Author/Editor: Downs, Greg
Sprawling Places
Author/Editor: Kolb, David
The Star Creek Papers
Author/Editor: Fairclough, Adam; Bond, Horace Mann; Bond, Julia W
State Behavior and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime
Author/Editor: Fields, Jeffrey R
St. Catherines
Author/Editor: Thomas, David Hurst
Steal This Music
Author/Editor: Demers, Joanna
Stepping Lively in Place
Author/Editor: Broussard, Joyce L
Stories from the Flannery O'Connor Award
Author/Editor: East, Charles
Stories from the Flannery O'Connor Award
Author/Editor: Zafris, Nancy
Storm over Savannah: The Story of Count d'Estaing and the Siege of the Town in 1779
Author/Editor: ALEXANDER A. LAWRENCE ,Jim Piecuch
A Stranger's Journey
Author/Editor: Mura, David
Striking Beauties
Author/Editor: Haberland, Michelle
The Struggle and the Urban South
Author/Editor: Terry, David Taft
Author/Editor: Sommers, Marc
Study in Perfect
Author/Editor: Gorham, Sarah
Subaltern Geographies
Author/Editor: TARIQ JAZEEL,STEPHEN LEGG,Mathew Coleman,Sapana Doshi
Sudden Music
Author/Editor: Rothenberg, David
Sudden Spring
Author/Editor: Van Noy, Rick
Suffering Childhood in Early America
Author/Editor: Duane, Anna Mae
The Suicide Club
Author/Editor: Graham, Toni
Sun & Urn
Author/Editor: Salerno, Christopher
Super America
Author/Editor: Panning, Anne
Surrendered Child
Author/Editor: McElmurray, Karen Salyer
The Sweet Everlasting
Author/Editor: Mitcham, Judson