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Ideas Across Cultures, 1
Identity Reflections, 1
Author/Editor: Brian R. Dott
Illusory Abiding, 1
Author/Editor: Natasha Heller
Imaginative Mapping: Landscape and Japanese Identity in the Tokugawa and Meiji Eras
Author/Editor: Nobuko Toyosawa
An Imperial Path to Modernity, 1
Author/Editor: Jung-Sun N. Han
An Imperial Path to Modernity: Yoshino Sakuzō and a New Liberal Order in East Asia, 1905–1937, Vol. 346
Author/Editor: Jung-Sun N. Han
Imperiled Destinies: The Daoist Quest for Deliverance in Medieval China
Author/Editor: Franciscus Verellen
Income Inequality in Korea, 1
Author/Editor: Chong-Bum An,Barry Bosworth
Individualism and Socialism: The Life and Thought of Kawai Eijirō (1891–1944), 1
Author/Editor: ATSUKO HIRAI
Information, Territory, and Elite Networks, 1
Author/Editor: Hilde De Weerdt
Inklings of Democracy in China, 1
Author/Editor: Suzanne Ogden
The Inner Opium War, 1
Author/Editor: JAMES M. POLACHEK
The Inner Opium War, Vol. 151
Author/Editor: JAMES M. POLACHEK
In Pursuit of Status, 1
Author/Editor: Denise Potrzeba Lett
In Search of Justice, 1
Author/Editor: Guanhua Wang
In Search of Justice: The 1905–1906 Chinese Anti-American Boycott, Vol. 204
Author/Editor: Guanhua Wang
Inside a Service Trade, 1
Author/Editor: RUDOLF G. WAGNER
In the Wake of the Mongols: The Making of a New Social Order in North China, 1200–1600
Author/Editor: Jinping Wang
Intimate Politics, 1
Author/Editor: Sara L. Friedman
An Introduction to Chinese Poetry: From the Canon of Poetry to the Lyrics of the Song Dynasty
Author/Editor: Michael A. Fuller
An Introduction to Literary Chinese, 2
Author/Editor: Michael A. Fuller
Investing Japan, 1
Author/Editor: Simon James Bytheway
Investing Japan: Foreign Capital, Monetary Standards, and Economic Development, 1859–2011, Vol. 370
Author/Editor: Simon James Bytheway
Islands of Eight Million Smiles, 1
Author/Editor: Hiroshi Aoyagi
Itineraries of Power
Author/Editor: Terry Kawashima